The Post-V-Day Workout You Need

Wine, chocolates. We get it. Valentine’s Day is a day to indulge.

February 15th is a day to make up for it! Hit this full-body workout today to get a sweat going, focusing on compound movements and low rest periods. You’ll forget all about those bad diet decisions with guilt-filled centers.


5 Tri-Sets: 

3 Power Cleans to Front Squats/Max Pull-Ups (overhand grip)/8 Dumbbell Bench Press. Rest 1-2 minutes max between tri-sets, with no rest between exercises within the set.

4 Tri-Sets:

8 Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press/6 each, alternating DB Walking Lunges/1 minute planks

3 Supersets:

Dips (max, to technical failure)/cable curls, 21s (7 bottom portion, 7 top portion, 7 full range of motion)