Want a great, effective workout you can get done in 40 minutes that will both burn fat and challenge your muscles? Here’s our Workout of the Week, a lower-body day that will test muscular endurance while building strength, toning and burning fat. Print it out and take it with you!


All straight sets, but keep your rest periods between sets to 60 seconds at most and 90 seconds between exercises.

Squats: 4×12

Hamstring Curls: 4×12

Bulgarian Split Squats: 4×6 each leg

Romanian Deadlifts: 3×8

8 minutes of High-Intensity Interval Training — Treadmill, elliptical or swimming, do 30 seconds of moderate pace (this would be a jog), 30 seconds of 90-percent effort (sprint), 2 minutes of 75-percent effort (run), 1 minute of 85-percent effort (sprint). Repeat twice.