The NUTRISHOP Hard-Gainer Trainer

Those of us who are naturally more thin and lean and have trouble adding and maintaining weight of any kind are called “hard gainers,” and we’ve got the workout and supplement plan for you!

The goal every time you hit the gym should be hypertrophy — the increase in muscle volume. To achieve this on a lean frame, you won’t be able to simply use a generic workout plan. Like all lanky guys experience when we clothes shop, you need something a bit more custom-fitted, tailored to you. Forget three sets of 10. We need to reach deep muscle fibers, building the slow-twitch ones larger and the fast-twitch ones stronger. To do that, we’ve set up this workout plan that will not only add size, strength and endurance of strength, but will provide just enough of a calorie burn to ensure that you’re not storing up fat.

Follow this plan for 4-6 weeks, and DO NOT cheat yourself — make every workout, do every set and get every rep. Anything less than full effort is a failure! It is a four-day split, with three rest days, ample time to get both physical and mental rest before you’re back in the gym, so there are no “burnout” excuses here.

Download and print out the .PDF version of this workout for easy gym use!

The supplement plan that works best for hard gainers is one that addresses the need for a calorie surplus, muscle recovery and rebuilding and even hormonal issues that aren’t as uncommon as you might think.

Absolutely, if you’re a hard gainer trying to build muscle fast, we recommend:

  • GAINER7, MASS COMPLEX, KARBOLYN or MASS FUZION — all effective at delivering quality calories in a hurry post-workout.

  • BCAA SPORT. Around the clock, your body needs amino acids to prevent catabolism, where the body feeds on muscle storage for energy.

  • N’FUZE  — Abundantly researched and shown to increase muscle volume and strength, there is no reason to pick a low-quality version of creatine anymore — it’s mostly a very affordable supplement. Kre-Alkalyn is a buffered form of creatine that ensures nearly 100 percent of this product goes to the muscles and doesn’t get converted into useless creatinin.

  • ANITEST, ARABOL, AUGMENT, 1-XD and HGH-191 are outstanding options to get your body back to growing, the natural way. Hard gainers are hard-wired to simply not produce much muscle mass. This can be changed with more natural testosterone production. As many lean guys can attest, during puberty there was one massive growth spike where we got taller and filled out (at least as much as we were going to). Natural testosterone, which caused that spike, decreases dramatically as men get older, leading to increases in body fat and decreases in muscle  mass.

  • Pre-workout products like N’SANE, NOX-P3, ANX-P3, STANCE and THERMOVEX deliver more energy, both of mind and body, for the most high-quality workouts you can get. Plus, the increased blood flow means your other supplements are working more efficiently.


MONDAY (Chest and Back)

5 Supersets: Wide-grip pull-ups (failure)/barbell bench press (x12). Clear the bar with your chin and lower yourself all the way down; likewise, on bench, pull the bar down to your chest and, without bouncing it, drive it back up. Perfect form is the biggest key.

5 Supersets: T-bar rows (x12)/dumbbell incline press (x12).

5 Supersets: Seated cable rows (x12)/dumbbell flys (x12).

TUESDAY (Legs and Abs)

5 Supersets: Wide-stance squats (x12)/narrow-stance leg press (x12). On the leg press, keeping your feet close together, toes pointed straight forward, will target the upper leg’s outer sweep more, while a wider squat with the toes pointed slightly outward allows for a deeper, more engaging movement.

5 Supersets: Romanian deadlifts (x12)/wall sits (x15 seconds).

5 Supersets: Hamstring curls (x12)/seated calf raises (x20).

3 Supersets: Hanging leg raises (x8)/decline crunches (x10)/planks (x30 seconds).


5 Trisets: EZ Bar Curls (x6)/French triceps press (x12)/Reverse-grip curls (x6)

3 Supersets: Weighted dips (to failure)/preacher curl machine (x25)

3 Trisets: Hammer curls (x10 per arm)/V-bar cable pushdowns (x20)/incline dumbbell curls (x10 per arm)

THURSDAY (Shoulders and Abs)

4 Supersets: Arnold Presses (x12)/Upright rows (x12)

Standing overhead press: 4×12

5 Supersets: Lateral raises (x15)/front raises (x15)

3 Trisets: Hanging leg raises (x10)/decline crunches (x12)/planks (x30 seconds)


Another Dr. Oz Miracle? Not Quite

The famous TV doctor, Dr. Oz, is at it again, with yet another “exciting” “miracle” fat-burner known as Garcinia Cambogia Extract. One of its most popular claims is that it will help you lose weight while doing nothing. He went so far as to call it the “holy grail” of weight loss. Let’s take a second and breathe before we lose our minds over a fruit extract.

This, of course, sounds like bunk to us — we firmly believe that diet and exercise are two pillars of body fat loss. We are not doubting the efficacy of a product without looking into it (which we will here shortly), but it serves as a good reminder: There are no miracles, and there are no shortcuts! That said, let’s take a look at Garcinia Cambogia, what it is and what it does.

First, Garcinia Cambogia is a fancy name for a type of tamarind — in this case, a small, pumpkin-shaped fruit usually native to Indonesia. As an herbal remedy, the extract of it has indeed been used as a weight-loss product, but there are two key caveats to this. One, its biggest attribute to that end is that it is an appetite suppressant, meaning that it itself doesn’t cause you to directly lose body fat — you just cease to be hungry when it’s consumed. This is not to be confused for satiety! It is one thing to feel full after a high-protein, high-fiber meal, because you have provided the body with nutrients it needs; the chemical reaction produced with appetite suppressants, naturally occurring or not, is entirely different and can cause health problems. In fact, the World Journal of Gastroenterology published a review of Garcinia Cambogia that linked it to hepatotoxicity — chemical-driven liver damage.

The second is that it is far from proven, and in some cases, disproved, as a weight-loss supplement. The active ingredient, supposedly, in tamarind is hydroxycitric acid; studies of it as an anti-obesity product were far from conclusive and, to a degree, found that it does nothing to fight fat: The Journal of the American Medical Association surmised that “Garcinia cambogia failed to produce significant weight loss and fat mass loss beyond that observed with placebo” after surveying 135 test subjects. Source

Remember: There are no miracles, and there are no shortcuts!

The Only “No-Fat” Diet Plan You Need

Low-fat and no-fat is a bad idea. Your body needs fats for multiple purposes, including lowering bad cholesterol, raising the good kind, and improving the health and vitality of many organs and functions in the body.

However, today is meant to show you the kind of fat you can feel comfortable crossing off your list, forever: trans fats.

Trans fat is made by injecting hydrogen into natural oils, usually vegetable oil, through hydrogenation, in order to increase shelf life (because the longer something lasts before spoiling, the more it can sell).

This chemical reformatting of a perfectly good food product comes with a cost: It increases your cholesterol more than regular food fats do.  The Mayo Clinic says scientists are led to believe that adding hydrogen to oil makes the oil more difficult to digest, and the body recognizes trans fats as saturated fats. (Source)

So, why’s it so dangerous? In short, trans fat has a double-negative effect on the body’s cholesterol levels, raising the bad (LDL) and lowering the good (HDL). Out-of-balance cholesterol levels can lead to heart disease, which has long been identified as the No. 1 killer of Americans.

Trans fats can be tough to avoid, too, because they are often hidden in items you wouldn’t suspect. Most store-bought nacho cheese seems like a dead giveaway, and it is in there, but the big culprit is commercial baked goods — cupcakes, muffins, cakes, crackers, chips, etc. Because trans fat is less greasy than its natural counterparts (oil is oily, fat is greasy — this is how natural fat looks), it is appealing to food manufacturers to include in these products. And, because of an FDA loophole that allows anything less than .5 a gram of trans fats to be included as “0 grams” on the nutrition facts label (Source), people often scarf them down without even knowing it.

By paying close attention to ingredient labels, though, you can be clued in to where trans fats lie. The key words “partially hydrogenated” oils are red flags; though fully hydrogenated oils actually do not contain trans fats. If a label simply says “hydrogenated vegetable (or any other type of) oil”, it is safest to assume it is partially hydrogenated and therefore contains trans fat. And then, of course, there is food that has no label — restaurant food. The Mayo Clinic estimates that, because some of the oils that restaurants use for fried foods contains trans fat,  a serving of French fries may contain up to five grams of it. And, considering their nasty attributes, that’s a lot.

The American Heart Association recommends that no more than 1 percent of a person’s daily calorie intake come from trans fat (there is no daily value established for them by the FDA). For most people, that works out to about two grams, at most, a day. Because there are actually trace amounts of trans fats produced naturally in meats and dairy products — scant in comparison to manufacturer-produced foods, though — this guideline insinuates rather clearly that commercial treats containing trans fats are to be avoided.

Eating to Balance Blood Sugar, for Diabetics and General Health

One of the most feared and affecting diseases associated with Americans is diabetes. The “Western diet” has introduced myriad health problems, one of the largest of which is unnatural insensitivity to insulin, which forces high blood sugar. Diabetes has gone hand-in-hand with hypertension, metabolic syndrome and morbid obesity, and many lives have been ruined or even claimed by this debilitating disease.

So, while we love the aesthetic benefits of lowering dietary sugar — namely, reduced body fat and a leaner frame — there are big-time health benefits to it as well. And that’s why we want to make this our Diabetes Nutrition Week: To show how dietary changes can make a big difference in your everyday life.
To begin with, we want to explain why protein is needed with each meal to balance blood sugar. The digestion process normally works this way: The body absorbs the sugars from food and converts them to glycogen (blood sugar); then, the pancreas releases the hormone insulin to help carry glycogen as fuel to the muscles and other cells for function. Diabetics’ bodies either don’t respond to the insulin enough, or the pancreas doesn’t make enough (or both).

Over time, too many high-glycemic foods (sugars) blunt the body’s sensitivity to insulin, and that sugar gets stored in the blood and as fat cells. This, fortunately, can be countered with some wise eating habits.

Glycemic weight can be lowered in meals by a higher protein content. Because glucose helps to shuttle protein to the muscles, it is less likely to be stored as fat, and over time, this adds up. The body will not be so used to sugar spikes that it is desensitized to insulin — the very culprit behind diabetes. This is why our advice is to eat some protein with every meal. Keeping your sugar intake low, while balancing it with protein, is a great way to manage blood sugar and body fat.

That is why our meal plans (always FREE with purchase) that help you lose fat are designed to balance blood sugar as well — because that is the best way to burn body fat. We customize these for everyone, and we can tailor your plan to include the healthiest possible plan for you.

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