Monica Won Our Fall Transformation Challenge!

unnamedWe are very proud to introduce our women’s winner of the Body Transformation Challenge, Monica Oliver!
She started the challenge with her husband and sister-in-law, feeling like she needed to get back into a routine after summer left her feeling “blah.” She ended up losing 20.1 lbs of fat and gaining 5.3 pounds of muscle!
“It was a way for us to have some accountability and goals to meet together, especially for my husband and I, so we did the whole thing start to finish together,” Monica said. “I didn’t have any goal of winning in mind — but I also didn’t account for gaining as much muscle and losing fat the way I did. After the first weigh-in, I thought, ‘Yeah, I can totally win this.'”
Monica, like all our transformers, had her challenges: Work and life (she’s a mom, which is a full-time job itself) both presented obstacles for her to get through. But she and her husband kept each other accountable, and they powered through.
“We had our game face on from the beginning. We were committed 110% to eating right and not cheating and working out, and we held each other to it,” she said. “There was holiday temptation thrown in there, a lot of social situations with wine, maybe you’re tired, but it was about just sucking it up and doing it.”
Perhaps Monica’s biggest challenge was with her new meal plan — she admitted to panicking when she saw that she would have to eat six times a day. For someone who previously never ate breakfast and often had a hard time making herself eat, it was a leap of faith. It paid off.
“I think I ate more through the challenge than I’ve ever eaten in my life. I learned how to fuel my body how I should be. I found out how much I should eat and train to gain muscle, and that was huge. It was very scary to me to think about eating every three hours, but once you make it a habit, you realize you’re using it for fuel.”
Monica learned even more about herself in the gym, especially when it came to her own capabilities. She didn’t miss workouts, and the results showed.
“I learned I’m a lot stronger than I thought I was. You go into a workout thinking, ‘There’s no way I can do that,’ but yeah, I actually can if I put my mind to it and be positive.”

 With Nutrishop behind her for support and advice, Monica was unstoppable! She found that she went from dreading her weigh-ins to looking forward to them, because she knew she had a positive environment and people who had her back.

“They were so helpful — that was the first conversation I had with Carly, right when I was starting the challenge, was about eating. She had so much useful information that worked specifically for me,” she said. “It was mind-blowing. The encouragement you get from everyone at Nutrishop is amazing. I started getting excited to go to weigh-ins.”

Monica said the whole experience started off as an aesthetic goal, but now realized she has more energy than ever, is sleeping better and has her whole family excited to be fitness-conscious.

“On top of just the physical part, where it feels amazing to play with my kids, not be drained, and know I look better,” Monica said, “there’s the emotional part of connecting with my family and making healthy choices together. It feels so good. There’s an incredibly positive energy in our house because of this.”

Once again, congrats on a job well done, Monica!

DJ Lost 78 Pounds With Nutrishop

File Jan 07, 1 08 40 PM File Jan 07, 1 08 53 PMDJ Bradway has lost over 78 pounds since he started working with Toby at Nutrishop CDA – great strides for anyone, let alone a diabetic. Starting in June, DJ had his epiphany – it was time to do something different.

“I walked in, told Toby ‘I’m fat, I need to lose some weight,’ and he sat down with me for an hour and a half,” DJ said. “We went over my eating habits, and he explained how the body works with metabolizing food. He showed me some products and laid out a meal plan. It’s been great.”

DJ dropped fat fast – he lost 60 pounds between June 1 and Sept. 1 – and got most of his exercise from his construction job. Truly, he said, the greatest impact came from the changes to his diet.

“I’ve stuck with it pretty closely and I do the best I can,” DJ said. “I still have cheat days to look forward to, but even with those, they’re few and far between. I notice how it’s affected me all around – I sleep better, I have more energy, I’m a lot more flexible. It’s an entire lifestyle change.”

DJ never put a number on his fitness goals, since, as he learned from Toby, his weight would be influenced by muscle gain as well as fat loss. But the results have been there, both physically and mentally.

“The biggest effect is the ability to say ‘No’ when I go out with people,” DJ said. “Most people don’t realize how many sugars and processed foods are presented to us all the time. I’m more wary of it now and I’m really cautious about what I eat – I need to make sure I maintain my meal plan.”

He also has received ever-important support from his family and friends throughout his transformation, for the rare times he does have a craving. Even his boss at work helps encourage him – the two might keep an eye on each other to make sure the other isn’t sneaking a dessert in for lunch, for example.

On top of his conscientious dieting, DJ has seen great benefits from Nutrishop supplements – including the metabolism-boosting Thermovex, muscle-building protein powders like Pro7ein Synthesis and Forza Pro and Detoxin. The most important tool at his disposal now, though, is knowledge, combined with a support system in place at Nutrishop.

“Toby’s very forthcoming and knowledgeable, and talking with him about how all of it works is really great,” DJ said. “I was a little apprehensive at first because I was so overweight. I thought I was going to get judged, but I didn’t feel any negativity toward me.

“The vibe I got was really just, ‘Here’s a guy that wants to get his life on track and we’re going to help him,’” DJ said. “Nutrishop helps the way a friend would help, not like some businessman pushing whatever he can on you so he can make more money. It’s a great relationship I have there.”

Testimonial: Scotty Added 30 Pounds of Muscle in a Year!

Scotty put on 30 pounds of muscle in a year!

Scotty put on 30 pounds of muscle in a year!

A year ago, Scotty was a pretty typical 20-year-old skinny kid.

Weighing in at 142 pounds and a self-proclaimed video game junkie, Scotty would begin each day with a bowl of Fruity Pebbles, and that would usually hold him over until dinner time. A naturally fast metabolism ensured that Scotty stayed skinny.

And then, one day, he felt a challenge to get into the gym. And once he started, he didn’t want to stop.

“I was just motivated to get in there. Once I started going, I saw results – putting on 5 pounds, 10 pounds, 15,” he said. “I was just stoked to see it happening and excited to go every day. I realized that what I put into it, I got back out of it, and that really appealed to me.”

That same week, he visited us at Nutrishop to get his plan rolling – and we were happy to help! Toby set him up with a basic gainer stack – N’FUZE, PRO7EIN SYNTHESIS, KARBOLYN and BCAA – and a meal plan that drastically increased Scotty’s protein intake. He went from starting out around six eggs a day and thinking there was no way it was possible to recently taking in 18 daily. Of course, he started putting on muscle mass.

“I went from literally eating only Fruity or Cocoa Pebbles and dinner to eating with a solid plan every day,” Scotty said. “I focused on eating good carbs because it’s so hard for me to gain weight, and I still try to eat whatever I can, whenever I can, as long as it’s clean. They really got me going in the right direction.”

Combined with monthly workout plans that vary his sets and reps, Scotty stayed consistent above all else and continued to see gains. When he would hit plateaus, he would come into Nutrishop for advice, and find a way to get past them.

“It’s a great partnership, I think,” he said. “Instead of going in there to buy my supplements and just leave, I can talk with them for as long as I want. They’re so knowledgeable – they’d help me revise my meal plan or offer some other advice that I didn’t even think about to keep me moving forward.”

Scotty didn’t even truly notice his gains until he compared recent photos of himself to ones from a year ago – quite the difference! But the biggest reward for Scotty is in how he feels, not just physically, but in his self-evaluation too.

“I do feel a higher sense of confidence – more than anything it affects me mentally,” he said. “I feel like in the gym, I can apply myself, go all-in 100 percent and achieve my goals, and that’s a powerful feeling. That’s something I can apply that to other aspects of my life.”

Way to go, Scotty!

60 Pounds Down, Many More to Go – Keep up With Jake’s Body Transformation

Note from Nutrishop: Jake Edlund has gone through an amazing weight loss journey, with a little help from us and a lot of motivation and discipline. We were so interested by his success that we decided to keep following up with him as he continues his transformation. This is the first of a series of blogs by Jake, who is continuing to check in with the Nutrishop CDA store and use Nutrishop products to aid his journey.
Week 9: September 22, 2015
CaptureThis week we are going to be starting a new program that is provided through Bodyspace. The program that I will be starting is Kris Gethin’s 12 Week Daily Trainer. The main goal with it is going to be to cut fat through building as much muscle as possible. For the past year or so I have been in a constant mode of cutting with a fairly strict diet, and to be honest the diet, along with the cut, gets very strenuous on your body. For this program my goal is to eat an even amount of protein and carbs, along with a healthy fat intake. The ratio I am looking at is a 40-40-20, protein carbs fats. I am doing this to build more muscle with a steady fat burn. Along with weights I will be shooting for around an hour and 45 minutes of cardio a week. At the end of the build I plan on going back into a cut for summer. My goal is to have a lean healthy body on graduation day. Let’s get it! Also going to be posting a video of my progress and updates every week on the YouTube channel so look out for that!
Video: Jake’s Meal Preparation

Week 9: September 15, 2015
Jake 9-15This week is going to be a big week. As classes get harder the intensity of the workouts are going to increase. With the increased work load there is going to be more stress on my body so I am going to focus this week on mitigating stress through tackling one day at a time. I plan on getting all of my workouts and meals in the best that I can. One big topic that I am going to be focusing on this week is sustainability. I am going to make things work the best that I can with what I have. When you are on a fitness journey with strict goals and a strict regimen, it is hard to always get everything right every time. You cannot let the little failures of missing a meal or a workout get to you, and lead to one big failure. You have to work through the journey one day at a time and make it all work out. This is true with fitness as much as it is true with life. The real transformation of a fitness journey not only happens with the body but also with the mind. It forms a sense of mental vigor, with an increasing sense of vitality to achieve goals, and ultimately form you into an amazing human.
Week 7: September 8, 2015
In my last video, The Ultimate Disclaimer, I told you all what I have been up to for the past couple weeks and the struggles I have been having. Go check out the video for more details! This week will be focused on building back some of my lost strength along with promoting an increased metabolism. I’m going to pull out of the last two weeks of funk and sickness and have some sort of a kickstart for my fitness again. I’ve found that this happens to me once in awhile but the best thing to do is just pick up and keep going and re develop a sense of symmetry and oneness in your life. When you have a goal and are working towards it at a steady rate, all of the smaller parts of your life start to fall into place.
Week 6: September 5, 2015
Jake checks in on his weekly video log with an update on his results.

Week 5: August 31, 2015
This week I plan on getting back on track with the full fitness regimen. The past two weeks of being sick have left me feeling weak and unhealthy. I plan on getting everything back together by getting my meal timing and prep down to a science. After 10 days of not getting in the gym I can finally get back to it this week. This sickness has really knocked me back but when it comes to fitness persistence is key and staying committed to the end goal is what matters.

Week 4: August 24, 2015
Today is the first day of fall semester and I’m ready to kick it into high gear! I have classes along with my lifting schedule, diet and work. Retrospectively, the last month has been amazing! I have been making small, consistent gains in my lifting and fat loss with help from Nutrishop. I am down to around 24.5 percent body fat and feeling good. My losses have slowed but consistency and determination are key! I have been dealing with being sick for the last week or so and have been maintaining as well as possible. My goals for the week are to figure out the best times to get my lifts in and to manage my new hectic lifestyle while doing school. Time management is going to be key in doing this and I am ready to rise to the challenge! New video should be up on Friday of this week along with uploads to my Instagram! Go big or go home!
Week 3: Jake followed his diet well, but some distractions slowed his gym progress mentally.

Week 3: Jake followed his diet well, but some distractions slowed his gym progress mentally.

Week 3: August 17, 2015

This week has been one of slow progression and consistent effort. Weeks like this keep me reminded of what the ultimate goal is with my weight loss, and that dedication and consistency are the keys to success in losing weight overall. I have been eating all the meals that I need to this week; that being said, my macros seem to fall a little short every day. Other than that, the goals that I set for myself last week have stuck and I have been progressing and keeping up the consistency.
My work in the gym, however, has been a tough mental game this week. Normally I have the unique ability to turn my brain off and just power through workouts without directly thinking about all the negative thoughts that can be involved with the workout. However, this week it seemed to be the direct opposite and some negative thoughts found their way into my head when I was in my workouts. This was somewhat impacting on my workout but I did not let it ruin my entire workout. This is a new week and a fresh start and it’s time to kick it up another notch! This week’s goals are going to start with setting strength marks and spending the next two weeks after to try to break through and build those marks higher. As always, go big or go home!
Video: Jake’s Daily Supplements
Check out the NUTRISHOP products Jake prefers to take as he moves toward his goals:

Week 2: August 10, 2015
CaptureThis week has been a very hectic week when it comes to fitness. I have been in the transition process of moving back to college and have been going through constant transition. The diet has been off this week due to the constant transition. I have been trying to track my calorie intake the best I can, but can honestly say that I have not been hitting my macros this week.
When it comes to getting in the gym I have been getting in the gym every other day and been doing high volume and short rest times to get my heart rate up and burn fat. As far as supplementation goes, I have been cutting back – I have been using creatine, Vasocor preworkout, and glutamine. I follow that up with a daily regimen of fish oil, daily multivitamin, and HYPERCOR.
This is the last week and what’s been happening. Main goals for next week are eat all my meals, eat all my macros, and do one thing daily to improve my overall health. Go big or go home.
Introduction: August 5, 2015
jake1My name is Jake and I am native to the Northwest. Currently I weigh 270lbs and have the current fitness goal of cutting that weight down to around the 225- to 235-pound range
by October 1st. While doing this cut I want to make sure that it is comprised completely of fat and that I am not losing any of the lean muscle mass that I have built. I want to
ensure that I keep my strength up and continue to progress in becoming stronger and having more and more endurance with my strength training. This comprises my current
fitness goal sheet.
image2I got started with fitness when I was around 17-18 years old. When I started I was extremely overweight and felt little to no self-confidence. I decided that it was time to do something
about it one day when I looked down at the big number of 338.6lbs on the scale staring back at me. I got a gym membership and began doing cardio and a light lifting regimen. This persisted
for around 6 months or so until I lost motivation and “fell off the wagon”. I went through a period of off-and-on workouts and dieting for the next two years. Right after my 20th birthday is when the
biggest change in my life really happened. This is when the life journey of sustainable fitness started for me. I began to go to the gym regularly and began to diet with a fierce intensity. I went from
330 pounds down to 300 within the first month and a half of this schedule that I had set for myself and have not stopped since. Mind you, it has not been an easy journey, with many high and low periods.
image3The lightest that I have ever been is 256.4 pounds, but due to some complications and worldwide travel that number has gone back up to 270. Regardless, this has been my self taught, journey with sustainable
weight loss so far.
The main motivation that got me into fitness was purely health. I wanted to be fit and happy and not have to worry about diseases that could have been caused by my size. As I progressed
in fitness, my goals began to shift to building muscle and being bigger in a better way. When people ask me what motivates me I tell them, “If I am going to be a big dude, it should be in the
good way,” so for this reason I have continued to cut weight and build more muscle while chasing my goals. For future motivation I have focused on becoming more and more fit and envision
the physique of greatness that I see under my residual fat when I look in the mirror.
Nutrishop has been a huge help in me attaining my goals of sustainable weight loss and physical fitness overall. I have become more knowledgeable from the tips from the staff in the shop along
with being provided a valuable resource for supplementation to my diet. Diet is 80 percent of weight loss, and with the help of the staff at the shop I have developed a sustainable diet for me to
cut a large portion of fat off of my body, with continued support and easy access to information on changes or challenges that might occur. Nutrishop in CDA Idaho is one of the best stores out
there that will personally help you reach any fitness goal that you are aiming to achieve, and have the knowledge and power to help make it happen.
Check out Jake’s intro video here:


Nathalie Gained 7 Pounds of Muscle With NUTRISHOP’s Help!

Nathalie 3Nathalie Fernimen, 40, has always been into fitness, but decided she wanted to take it to another level.

NUTRISHOP CDA’s Transformation Challenge earlier this year was the kick-start she needed.

“I’ve always been into exercising and staying in shape, but the guys at NUTRISHOP really helped me transition into a different league,” Nathalie says. “My whole issue was that I’ve always trained, and trained hard, but I’ve never seen really big gains from anything.”

One discussion with certified, knowledgeable NUTRISHOP employees cleared things up. They told her about the Challenge, and with that motivation, plus their knowledge, advice and help, Nathalie stuck with a brand-new diet plan and got the best results she’d ever seen.

She gained more muscle mass, and found that she simply wasn’t eating enough. At the end of the Challenge, Nathalie had put on seven pounds of muscle and dropped 3.5 percent of her body fat in the three months the Challenge ran. Some days were harder than others – she travels with her girls a lot on the weekends for sports, so weekends were difficult for her – but Monday through Friday were nothing but hard work.

“During the week, I was religious with it,” she says. “I trained five days a week, at least, kept my diet strong on those days and really saw a big difference.”

She also saw a difference in how NUTRISHOP handled her as a customer. She’d shopped all over before, looking for supplements and fitness and nutrition help. None were like NUTRISHOP.

“The difference with NUTRISHOP is the fact they are very welcoming,” Nathalie says. “They’re just really friendly, very welcoming and they make you feel at home. If you have any questions they’re there to answer them. It almost feels like a family, just a great atmosphere. Toby’s chosen good people for his staff and they’re there to help you out, and that’s what kept me coming back.”

NathalieThe staff even helped her out with motivation, getting her over the speed bumps in her diet where she was certain she couldn’t do the work necessary to keep healthy food available at all times. For example, she’d go into the store, say “I can’t do this anymore,” and instead of letting her throw in the towel, they’d share stories — about their traveling competitions and how they would pack coolers and bags of food, just to stick with their diets.

“It made me realize that there’s no reason I can’t do it. They’d challenge me that way, and I could do it,” Nathalie says. “They kept me on track, so I’d go in more often to keep myself motivated.”

Great job, Nathalie!

Sara Dominated Her Half Marathon With NUTRISHOP’s Help

When Sara McElhiney was younger, she says, she was the “big girl.” Fed up with the teasing, she picked up sports and begin to clean up her eating habits, and after school she began to get into distance running — which leads us to Sara today, running half marathons competitively.
“I changed everything in my life,” says Sara, now 25. “Running distance became a new hobby, especially after I was told I’d never be able to run 13 miles. The drive to prove everyone wrong, along with proving to myself I could do it, was enough to keep me pushing forward to become stronger and better.”
unnamedWe think it’s safe to say she’s arrived: Sara finished first in her age group (the competitive 25-29 class) in the recent Negative Split half marathon in Spokane, Wash.! Not only did she best her peers, but she bested herself, too. Her goal was to beat her last time of 1:56 by 2 minutes; she clocked in at 1:51.
“I was stoked to shave off more time than I expected,” Sara says.
Sara accomplished her goals with a sound diet and training plan, lifting four days a week, running four days a week and cross-training twice a week, while simply making sure she has six high-protein meals a day and that she doesn’t eat any foods with corn syrup. She also supplements with NUTRISHOP products like FORZA PRO, HYPERCOR and BCAA SPORT.
On top of the goods she gets from NUTRISHOP, she’s also been able to turn to us for some advice when she’s needed it.
“They are an awesome crew,” Sara says. “They always answer my questions and help me find whatever I need. Due to the crew and care they put towards their customers, I don’t go anywhere else for supplements anymore.”
Congratulations again, Sara!

The NUTRISHOP Weight Loss Challenge Winners!

The winners have been announced for the NUTRISHOP CDA Weight Loss/Muscle Gain Challenge! Great job by everyone who participated, especially our winners!

Zack Jones was the overall winner of the NUTRISHOP Transformation Challenge!

Zack Jones was the overall winner of the NUTRISHOP Transformation Challenge!

ZACK JONES, 28, is our overall contest winner and wins FREE PROTEIN FOR A YEAR! Zack gained 2.33 pounds of muscle and lost 12.24 pounds of fat, for a 14.57-pound swing!

“I’ve always lifted and to be honest,” Zack says, “I just always wanted a six-pack. I was more motivated to go for that and just needed some structure to follow basically.”

Joining the Transformation Challenge certainly helped him do that. Already a NUTRISHOP client by the time to challenge came around, Zack thought he may as well try — he had been lifting with no goals in mind, and he knew it would give him something to shoot for and push himself harder.

His training stayed virtually the same — in fact, many of his workouts were the ones we post all the time —and he just hit it consistently, about an hour or so, five to six days a week, hitting legs twice.

“I’d been shooting from the hip as far as workouts go, but then I started following NUTRISHOP’s workouts,” he explains. “I’ll go heavy on my chest and leg days, and back is really more of a pull-up, higher-reps-and-endurance style. And I do a lot of supersets after the heavy core lifts.”

As with most people who lost a lot of body fat, the dietary changes for Zack were the most important. The timing and intake of his carbohydrates, for instance, was something he wasn’t familiar with until NUTRISHOP set him up with an individualized meal plan, which was “by far the most valuable thing for me to follow,” he says. “And it was easier to stick to than I thought it would be.”

All of his results and the process has made Zack not only a Transformation Challenge winner, but a NUTRISHOP loyalist.

“The place is fantastic, by far my favorite shop that I’ve ever been to,” Zack says. “Once I met the guys there and got to know them, I haven’t bought supplements anywhere else. I can stop in after work with questions and they’ll just talk with me for a half-hour.

“Everything was easily laid out for me and the knowledge they had was awesome,” Zack continues. “Once they gave me a structure to follow, it was just a matter of doing it.”

Congratulations, Zack — and enjoy the protein!

Before Mike McConnell decided to change his life for the better, he was suffering back pain from a military injury and had gained 100 pounds in six months.

Before Mike McConnell decided to change his life for the better, he was suffering back pain from a military injury and had gained 100 pounds in six months.

MIKE MCCONNELL, 34, is a former Marine who saw his health slipping when he returned home from the service. He gained 100 pounds six months after getting out of the military, having hurt his back in service, and decided it was time to make a change.

“I just want to be healthy,” Mike says. “It’s been dragging me down and I decided this is something I need to do. I want to be healthy for my kids. When I sit on the couch and I’m in pain, my back’s bothering me, I know I’ve got to be more active.”

A couple years ago, Mike moved to Coeur D’Alene and he and his wife decided to choose a healthier lifestyle, making a fresh start in a new area. One of his first stops was NUTRISHOP, where he saw experienced nutrition and fitness experts not only giving advice, but practicing what they preached.

“A lot of people can feed you the diet stuff they read from a book,” Mike says, “but the guys at NUTRISHOP had experienced it and done it themselves.”


Mike has lost almost 60 pounds since October, when he began working with NUTRISHOP's help.

Mike has lost almost 60 pounds since October, when he began working with NUTRISHOP’s help.

Since October, when Mike first started getting involved with NUTRISHOP, he has lost 60 pounds and won $75 in store credit with muscle gain and fat loss that netted him a 7.72-pound swing in body mass. He won his category in the NUTRISHOP Weight Loss Challenge with a ferocious approach to training, a personalized diet plan and some of his favorite supplements including glutamine, BCAAs and ERRATIC for his pre-workouts.

He was training seven days a week, twice a day, with heavy sessions in the morning and volume-based training later on. He did fasted cardio early in the day, with BCAAs to help prevent muscle breakdown, and high-intensity interval training after his weight sessions.

Such an intense regimen had him close to a plateau, he says — and then the Weight Loss Challenge breathed new life into it.

“I was doing that routine four months before I started the contest, and I felt like I was maybe peaking,” Mike says. “The contest just kept me going.

“I need to show up at that gym parking lot every day,” he continues. “As long as I walk in and do something, at least I’m not going backward. And that’s important to me.”

Great job, Mike!

LAURIE LITTMAN, 55, won her category and $75 in credit with a 2.4-pound swing. She had been building good fitness momentum beforehand, and saw the Weight Loss/Muscle Gain Challenge as a way to up her results.

“I’ve been working toward all this anyway, so it was nothing really new to me,” Laurie says. “I’ve done the Biggest Loser at the gym, and came in second on that in my category, and I’ve just been working on it ever since. Exercising and eating right has become a big goal of mine.”

Laurie has always been into exercise, but had never concentrated on building muscle and suddenly found herself with 15 pounds of fat she wanted to lose. She knew that implementing a lifestyle of clean eating would be the first step, and that she could accelerate her progress with weight training.

“I logged all my food and that helped quite a bit — realizing what I was eating and what was in everything I was eating,” she says. “At first it was a little strange — I wasn’t used to eating that much protein. I didn’t use to measure things. Now I am much better about knowing exactly what I’m eating and how much.”

Laurie’s goals and motivations throughout were simple enough: trying to stay in shape and feel healthy, keeping up with her grandkids and, of course, looking good. But most of all it was all about simply feeling good.

NUTRISHOP helped get her on track with her eating and showed her which supplements would be best for her. Laurie still uses FORZA PRO, PRO7, N’FUZE, GLUTAMIC and BCAAs. And of course, on top of the products, Laurie says she could always rely on NUTRISHOP for encouragement and expertise.

“They’re always very encouraging and knowledgeable with what they have there. That was very helpful,” Laurie says. “They’re all just very positive. I could ask anything and they’d spend time telling me. I like a store that knows what they’re doing.”

Way to go, Laurie!