Sara Dominated Her Half Marathon With NUTRISHOP’s Help

When Sara McElhiney was younger, she says, she was the “big girl.” Fed up with the teasing, she picked up sports and begin to clean up her eating habits, and after school she began to get into distance running — which leads us to Sara today, running half marathons competitively.
“I changed everything in my life,” says Sara, now 25. “Running distance became a new hobby, especially after I was told I’d never be able to run 13 miles. The drive to prove everyone wrong, along with proving to myself I could do it, was enough to keep me pushing forward to become stronger and better.”
unnamedWe think it’s safe to say she’s arrived: Sara finished first in her age group (the competitive 25-29 class) in the recent Negative Split half marathon in Spokane, Wash.! Not only did she best her peers, but she bested herself, too. Her goal was to beat her last time of 1:56 by 2 minutes; she clocked in at 1:51.
“I was stoked to shave off more time than I expected,” Sara says.
Sara accomplished her goals with a sound diet and training plan, lifting four days a week, running four days a week and cross-training twice a week, while simply making sure she has six high-protein meals a day and that she doesn’t eat any foods with corn syrup. She also supplements with NUTRISHOP products like FORZA PRO, HYPERCOR and BCAA SPORT.
On top of the goods she gets from NUTRISHOP, she’s also been able to turn to us for some advice when she’s needed it.
“They are an awesome crew,” Sara says. “They always answer my questions and help me find whatever I need. Due to the crew and care they put towards their customers, I don’t go anywhere else for supplements anymore.”
Congratulations again, Sara!


Amanda Goulart frontAmanda Goulart back Amanda Goulart, 22

Coeur D’Alene

NUTRISHOP CDA customer Amanda Goulart was 21, and doing the kinds of things 21-year-olds like to do — partying, drinking and eating whatever she felt like eating. Not until the end of last year, though, did it hit her: She wasn’t healthy. She was overweight. And it was affecting her happiness.

“I was pretty closed off to the fitness world. I wasn’t interested in it,” Amanda says. “I was more consumed with eating and drinking, playing and having a good time. My body was not healthy, at all. I was 156 pounds and I decided I needed to change something and be healthier.”

That’s when Amanda met Toby at NUTRISHOP CDA through a business connection, and instantly, she had her motivation. A conversation later, and she was on board. She decided she wanted to do a fitness competition, with NUTRISHOP’s motivation and sponsorship behind her.

“Toby pushed me in the right direction, and I just said, ‘I’m ready to move forward,'” she says.

Starting in the middle of the summer, Amanda instantly began dieting and training, and didn’t stop. In the first couple months, she dropped 20 pounds and saw an instant change in her overall health. She says she “didn’t do anything but eat, work out and sleep,” and in the process, she learned a lot about herself.

“It was reallly hard. I was 21, and all of my friends were too, and all they do is party, go out, hang out in the summer sun, and I wasn’t doing any of it,” Amanda says. “I’d be running outside, running down trails, and if I wasn’t, I was resting or preparing food.”

At the time of the figure competition that Amanda was in on Sept. 28th, she was down to 124 pounds.

The work she put in is all hers, but she says the motivation came from Toby’s staff at NUTRISHOP.

“The teamwork there is amazing, with how much they invest in you. It’s awesome,” she says. “Once you have somebody on your team, helping you out, they don’t stop until you get where you want to go. I had a lot of accountability held, having it over me as good motivation.”

With a powerful supplementation regimen of Thermovex, Detoxin, BCAA, Nature’s Fuel and, of course, FORZA PRO protein powder, Amanda was armed to fight fat and transform her body and mindset. She learned how to make protein pancakes among other recipes, creating a whole new world of food for herself. Even when she wanted a cheat meal, she’d make sure it had protein in it. And the knowledge she gained from NUTRISHOP concerning her diet was a life-long lesson that she says she’ll have forever.

“I had no idea about how it worked. I didn’t realize the strategy behind meal planning and how to lose weight,” Amanda says. “It was interesting. I didn’t realize how unhealthy you can be when you don’t know anything about nutrition, and I didn’t realize how unhealthy I was.”

NUTRISHOP has helped give Amanda the knowledge to accomplish her fitness goals on her own, and she says it’s changed her life.

“I was very down on myself for how my body was,” she says. “Afterward, I felt on top of the world. My body looks amazing, I have so much more energy and I know I can motivate myself to do something when I want it bad.”