Deadlines, homework, tests, quizzes, meetings: Whether you’re in school or doing the daily work grind (or both), there are plenty of opportunities for stress to invade your life. We know all too well how stress can negatively impact not only your mental state of mind, but also your body — the stress hormone cortisol can wreak havoc on body fat levels and metabolism, and even affect digestion and sleep habits, which in turn does even more damage to your energy levels. And that’s all not to mention what it does to your mood, which, when degraded for long enough, can seriously damage your social and home life. It’s a vicious cycle. Fighting stress is the name of the game this week, and we’ll have some of the best supplements you can use to both improve your body and your state of mind. Bookmark this blog post, and check back throughout the week to see which products can help banish stress and ease the tension of ¬†external pressures, and get you back to your productive, clear-minded self.


A high-quality multivitamin is first and foremost on this list. Because of its many and various uses, NATURE’S FUEL should be part of everyone’s daily supplementation anyway. But, speaking specifically to stress, its unique formula makes it a wonder against stress. By including a few well-known stress-busters, NATURE’S FUEL is a no-brainer when it comes to fighting off the anxiety associated with busy schedules and high demands. For example, vitamin C, magnesium and the amino acid L-tryptophan are renowned stress reducers, and you can commonly find them in many foods. However, the quick and more efficient way is to find them in NATURE’S FUEL, all at once, in a formula that’s one of the most effectively absorbed on the market. This ensures that you actually get the nutrients you’re ingesting. One of the most common reviews we hear about NATURE’S FUEL is how much energy and clear-headedness it provides. Fighting off cortisol to relieve stress is just one part of this great formula, though; it also is a prime choice to help avoid sickness and promote overall health. If you need an everyday mood-booster that also amps up your immune function, Square One is with NATURE’S FUEL.


bcaa, muscle building, muscle

The branched-chain amino acids Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine are directly related not only to muscle size and recovery, but energy as well, and that ties in to our discussion here on stress. Simply put, physical energy and stress — the actual recovery by the central nervous system and skeletal muscle after a workout, for example — can play a role in mental stress, too, because it can increase cortisol production. Healthful post-workout supplementation and nutrition can be a way to counteract this. Plenty of protein, quality carbohydrates and BCAAs can speed up the recovery process in your body, quickly reducing cortisol levels that may influence your mood and energy levels.


On top of being NUTRISHOP’s most popular and effective fat-burner, HYPERCOR is an elite option for boosting your mood and melting away stress.

This is because of several blends within HYPERCOR’s formula, specifically the patented Adrenal-Cortical Suppression Blend, designed to work with your own metabolism and control your cortisol levels. Plus, as a mood-booster, HYPERCOR is second to none because of its Neuro-Phoric Blend. Studies suggest there is a significant link between mental and physical health, meaning happy people are healthy people, and vice versa — you can help control your energy and mood with HYPERCOR while fighting body fat. Three major players in this product help improve your sense of well-being, including Beta-PEA (which helps signal the brain to produce more dopamine) and two other very long-worded ingredients that stimulate production of norepinephrine and the “feel-good” chemical found naturally in dark chocolate.

Yes, while HYPERCOR is best-known as a fat fighter, it’s also a tremendous option for melting away stress.


forzaone 1XDThis one’s for the guys. We’ve been over stress pretty thoroughly to this point, and it’s clear that cortisol, for all intents and purposes, is the enemy when it comes to the stress we feel. We over-worry, feel stressed out, produce cortisol and, in turn, our testosterone production actually decreases and body fat increases. For men, especially those 30 or older, these effects can snowball into a cyclical problem, where mood and physique both suffer.

That’s why 1-XD, our best-selling testosterone booster, is such a vital choice for guys. Not only does it boost testosterone, by up to 42 percent in 12 days, but its main ingredient, D-Aspartic Acid (DAA), has been shown in recent studies to not only improve the body’s musculature and strength, but also to reduce cortisol and stress levels. Plus, 1-XD contains its own anti-aromatase — this keeps the body from converting newly produced testosterone, which you need as a man, into a form of estrogen, which can, in abundance, make you gain body fat and drastically lose muscle tone.