Our Transformation Challenge Women’s Winner: Lori Perry

IMG_0702Our women’s winner of our 6-Week New Year’s Challenge is Lori Perry! Lori lost 15 pounds of fat and gained 5.2 pounds of muscle, making a tremendous 6-week turnaround!

“It’s night and day. I sleep so well. I’ve had so much energy and I feel like myself again,” said Lori, who went from a vicious cycle of working 11-hour days – mostly out of her car – and eating fast food to becoming our challenge champion. “I’m a bubbly, energetic person and I really think I was borderline depressed because of the diet I was on. I had no energy. Making these fixes to your diet changes your outlook – everything goes in a positive direction and it feels awesome.”

In December, Lori was at what she called “rock-bottom” – she was eating too much junk food, and her long work days had her feeling too exhausted to exercise. One day, she and her daughter saw our flier for our challenge, and her daughter encouraged her to join. That was the beginning of Lori’s transformation. She came in, met with DJ, and got the meal plan, supplements (BCAAs, protein and a thermogenic fat burner) and advice to guide her along her path.

“DJ was so helpful, and so excited about the challenge – I felt like it was contagious!” Lori said. “I really got motivated to do it and I really looked forward to seeing my progress every week. I never liked the scale; now I love it.”

In the beginning, Lori’s progress was a bit slower – but she realized that her weight gain was actually a good thing, because she was putting on muscle, and also made the adjustment to a stimulant-free fat burner since she did her exercise in the afternoons. Her sleep improved vastly, and so did her results. Those fixes, paired with the support of her Nutrishop friends at the shop, had her on her way.

Lori had always gotten a decent amount of activity in, but nothing that she would consider real exercise. Once she started treated food as fuel, she found she had the energy to work in cardio and resistance training. Getting back to basics was a big step for Lori: more vegetables, better protein sources and a lot less junk food.

“They’re so motivating. They’re genuinely excited for everyone in there,” Lori said. “They’re so supportive. They never made me feel like any question was silly. They really helped me get back on schedule in my own life.”


Now that Lori’s established a routine, she can’t believe she did anything else before. She’s found that her meal prepping for the week makes things even easier than the drive-thru – and that’s not to mention it’s a whole lot healthier. Now she’s trying to get friends to join her so they can experience the same results.

“If I can do it, you can do it. It’s not rocket science,” she said. “You just need a little help getting started sometimes. I got mine from Nutrishop, and it’s been amazing.”


The NUTRISHOP 2015 Fall Challenge Winner!

Congratulations to Jesse Ebert, our overall winner of our Fall Weight Loss & Muscle Gain Challenge! Jesse put on 12.05 pounds of muscle and lost 7.85 pounds of fat, for a total swing of 19.9 pounds – impressive! For his great results, he wins a year’s supply of protein!

Jesse before and after the NUTRISHOP Fall Challenge.

Jesse before and after the NUTRISHOP Fall Challenge.

“I got so tired of being skinny all the time,” Jesse said. “I was motivated from the beginning, but after my first weigh-in, I realized, ‘Holy crap, something’s happening.’ That really motivated me to push harder and I could see the numbers and evidence to prove it was working.”

A year ago, Jesse started his gym membership, but he didn’t really have much direction – he would go to the gym and work out, trying to figure things out on his own. A friend told him about the Challenge, and he decided to go for it. Then he started taking things seriously, doing research on power-lifting workouts that would get him stronger and bigger, and working with Josh at NUTRISHOP to get his diet and supplements on point.

“It was all pretty new. I’d never even done squats before – I thought about it, maybe walked over to the bar a couple times,” Jesse said. “Starting this challenge encouraged me to talk myself into it. Once I started challenging myself, that’s when I started seeing muscle mass.”

Paired with an introduction to protein and BCAAs and full-body, compound lifts, Jesse saw results right away. He started off eating salads and watching his calories, and he dropped 5 percent body fat over four weeks. He soon discovered he needed to eat as much quality food as he could get, and that’s where Josh fit in. They worked together on what Jesse should eat and when, and Jesse took it to heart.

“Everybody at NUTRISHOP has been great – any questions I’ve had, they’ve answered, and they always give tips that actually help,” Jesse said. “There’s always a fear when you’re trying something new that someone is just trying to sell you something, but I always felt like they were being genuine and really wanted to help me.”

Jesse’s goals for 2016 are to keep on the same track – if he can gain 12 pounds of muscle in two months, he said, imagine what he can do in a year.

“I feel great – I’ve got a positive attitude and a lot more self-confidence,” Jesse said. “There’s no way I’m going to stop now, right when I’ve got it figured out.”

How to Stay On Track With Your Diet and Training


It can be the hardest thing about fitness: You’ve got your diet plan, you’ve got your training plan, you’ve got your supplements … and you just can’t get motivated to get that first foot out the door.

This is not uncommon for even intermediate-level athletes. Let’s face it, it is simply easier to not do something than to follow through. That’s why we wanted to started this blog — to keep a running list of tips throughout the week to help you stay focused and reach your goals.

Consistency is key in doing this, so finding excuses and reasons not to hit the gym or talking yourself into an extra cheat meal here or there will absolutely hinder your progress. To that end, let us suggest a few ways you can stay disciplined and motivated, so your goals become reality.

  •  Talk it out. One of the most powerful forms of motivation, we’ve found, is finding a community that you can relate to, that will share your goals and push you to accomplish yours. Sometimes, just putting them out in the open gives you something to strive for — after all, when it’s just you that you have to be accountable to, you know whether or not you’ll be able to handle your own judgment. We’d recommend finding a friend, a mentor, even a trainer if necessary, and sharing your thoughts and motivations so you can have a record of why you started this whole process in the first place. Then, if you find yourself tempted to stray off course, you’ll have a “fitness network,” so to speak, that you can be sure isn’t skipping their workouts. It makes it much tougher to skip yours.
  • Write it down. Simple enough, and so few people do it. Keep a journal! Track your weight, your body fat percentage, your strength … track everything. Your own results can absolutely be a source of motivation. When you see that you’re getting stronger, it’s unlikely that you’ll reach a point where you think, “Well, that was OK, but I’m done now.” Success will breed confidence and, and having a visual record of it will keep the momentum going.
  • Be mindful. Always, always remember the “why” behind fitness. Whether it’s to get your blood pressure to a safer level, to lose your belly, to impress your spouse or feel better throughout the work day, keep your eye on the prize. Sure, a donut is appealing, but it can’t compete with the 6-pack you set out to build.
  • Don’t rationalize anything. You need to be stubborn when it comes time to getting your workouts in. “I can push it til tomorrow,” or “I ate clean today so missing this one won’t be the end of the world,” are examples of rationalizing to make yourself feel better about what you’re really ultimately doing — failing in your goal to be consistent. Write down your workout days, and make sure you get them in before your head hits the pillow at night.
  • Keep your goals the same. Two weeks into your mission to cut body fat and get a 6-pack, you can’t decide that you want to bulk instead and expect to see the same kind of results you would if you’d remained consistent to your plan. Most people do this as a way to get around clean eating. This is how once-a-week cheat meals turn into cheat days, or why somebody would stop packing healthy lunches knowing they can get something fast and easy on the go. Remember from the tip mentioned above: Write it down, and when you do, follow it to the letter.
  • Think of the future. There is a phrase a gym chain uses for its motto that we really like: “Nobody ever says, ‘I wish I hadn’t worked out today.” Think of this when you are on the fence about getting your workout in! Try to think of how you felt the last time you skipped the gym — it probably didn’t leave you overflowing with pride, right? That won’t change. It never feels good to display a lack of accountability, even to yourself. Instead, imagine how good you’ll feel when the workout is done and you have the knowledge that you set a goal for that day and accomplished it.
  • Set smaller goals first. Know that the end goal will happen, but it is way more motivating to continue when you accomplish each small goal as it comes. – (from Nutrishop CDA Facebook fan Bret Spencer – thanks Bret!)

Why Late-Night Eating Isn’t Actually So Bad

The idea that “when you eat” matters just as much as quality and quantity of it is a popular one.

Lots of research has proven that the 2-to-3-hour period after a workout, for example, is ideal for protein and carbohydrate consumption, as the body can most effectively metabolize food during this anabolic state — some studies suggest this period can last anywhere from 8 to 24 hours, depending on the workout and the individual’s metabolism.

So, if eating around a workout is so beneficial because your body is instantly using the calories you’re giving it, then eating before bed must be an automatic no-no, right? Well, no. Still, this concept has become quite the rage, in fact, over the last few years; it’s not uncommon to see even educated bodybuilder and athlete types avoiding calories altogether in the hours before going to sleep.

This is a mistake.

Yes, the type of calories that are usually consumed at this time are low-quality calories. This is dessert time, when a person is most likely to be on the couch, mindlessly destroying chips or cookies. Let’s say you do this the second you wake up instead. Would you really consider this “better?” Of course not. So chalking up weight gain because of nighttime eating in this case would not be telling the whole story. The quality and quantity of the food being eaten is what matters. The U.S. Department of Agriculture is not known for being the bastion of health knowledge we once thought it was, but we would side with it on its support of a “calorie-in, calorie-out” concept of eating to fight obesity.

Not everybody can sleep on a full stomach — loss of sleep or restlessness while digesting would be an example of bad evidence against nighttime eating. But the calorie consumption itself isn’t the culprit.  Sleep deprivation and the rise in cortisol levels that comes with it can affect body fat negatively. Ideally, you wouldn’t eat a large, energy-packed meal right before bed (so a stack of pancakes is out). But a small serving of cottage cheese or a protein shake? It’s highly unlikely these would contribute to body fat gain overnight.

Additionally, the concept of periodic eating every few hours seems to be ignored when considering nighttime eating. While eating these frequent small meals will not directly assist in weight loss, it does help prevent the gigantic binge meal most of us have at dinner after not having eaten in 6-8 hours. Consistent, frequent eating of small snacks regulates blood sugar and controls hunger. A real-life example of how not to do this would be swearing off all food after 8 p.m.; your best-case scenario (if you’re getting adequate sleep, eating your last bite at 8 p.m. and waking up with a forkful of food in your mouth) would be nine to 10 consecutive hours of fasting. Not exactly keeping in stride with the plan there, is it?

It can be intriguing to follow in-vogue nutrition concepts as the health and food industries continue to evolve, and research will continue to suggest new methods for people to try in the effort to control their physiques and health. But in this case, the relation to eating before bed and weight gain has mostly shown to be anecdotal, and more of an indictment against the amount and type of food being eaten than the time at which it is consumed.

Post-Thanksgiving Recovery Week

We hope you had a great Thanksgiving, taking full advantage of the day-long dietary cheat you’ve worked so hard to enjoy!

But now that you’ve sufficiently loaded up on gravy and pie, it’s a new week and time to get back at it. Do you need to do anything drastic? Assuming you went into the holiday following a consistent plan, the answer is no. But our goal this week is to provide you a quick jolt that will get you right back into the flow anyway, because establishing consistency quickly is the key to rebounding from those breaks where you fall off the wagon a bit.

Bookmark this page for this week, as we’ll have updates to it daily with workouts, supplement suggestions and more!

Hit a full-body fat detox workout to get the blood flowing and your whole musculature involved to shake it up from the holiday slumber.

Additionally, consider introducing a fat-burning supplement stack:

As directed –

  • LIPOCOR: A lipid replacement system that provides your body with the fats it needs so it can get rid of the stored ones it doesn’t. Improves skin, hair and muscle tone as well.
  • HYPERCOR: Effective fat-burners that work in several different stages to attack body fat on multiple fronts. Great to stack with LIPOCOR!
  • DETOXIN: Flushes the kidneys and liver, ridding the body of excess water, waste and toxins that cause bloating and distention. Increases digestive effectiveness.

Upon waking –

  • BCAA: Branched-chain amino acids help repair and rebuild muscle tissue, plus save already-existing tissue from catabolism. CRUCIAL when trying to lose body fat because they force the body to use it as energy instead of turning to muscle tissue for it.

30 mins. pre-workout–

  • BCAA
  • THERMOVEX/NOX-P3/STANCE: Energy boost and increased blood flow for your workout to maximize results and let you get a more intense session in — perfect for high-intensity workouts.

Immediately post-workout–

  • PRO7EIN SYNTHESIS: Complete protein blend to restore, replenish muscles.
  • 1 Banana. This is basically the only time simple sugars will be beneficial to you!


4 Tri-Sets: Pull-Ups to Failure/12 Squats/12 Bench Press

4 Supersets: 8 Clean-to-Push Press/5 Box Jumps (technically a tri-set, with three movements, but the clean-to-push press is a compound movement)

Burnouts (complete two sets of each movement to failure, resting just :15 seconds between sets, before moving on to the next movement)

-Plyometric Pushups

-Squat Jumps

-Inverted (Hanging) Rows


15 minutes high-intensity interval training on the treadmill or elliptical. Alternate in this order: 1 minute of running (about 70-80 percent intensity), 30 seconds of sprinting (100 percent intensity), 30 minutes of jogging. Repeat 5-7 times.


4 Tri-Sets: 12 Bent-Over Rows/12 Stiff-Legged Deadlifts/12 Incline Bench

4 Supersets: 8 Clean-to-Push Press/5 Box Jumps

Burnouts (complete two sets of each movement to failure, resting just :15 seconds between sets, before moving on to the next movement)

-Plyometric Pushups

-Squat Jumps

-Inverted (Hanging) Rows


15 minutes high-intensity interval training on the treadmill or elliptical. Alternate in this order: 1 minute of running (about 70-80 percent intensity), 30 seconds of sprinting (100 percent intensity), 30 minutes of jogging. Repeat 5-7 times.

-Core Circuit: 3 Tri-Sets — 8 Hanging Leg Raises/15-30 crunches (or 10-12 Janda sit-ups for the more advanced)/:30-:45 planks

-Additionally, use today to get some high-quality, extensive stretching in. Foam-roll the hamstrings, calves, upper back and quads; this will alleviate and prevent soreness and tightness.


4 Tri-Sets: Pull-Ups to Failure/12 Squats/12 Bench Press

4 Supersets: 8 Clean-to-Push Press/5 Box Jumps

Burnouts (complete two sets of each movement to failure, resting just :15 seconds between sets, before moving on to the next movement)

-Plyometric Pushups

-Squat Jumps

-Inverted (Hanging) Rows

Fight Holiday Fat — Starting Now

Did you know the average American gains 7 pounds of fat between Thanksgiving and New Year’s? Let NUTRISHOP show you how to start NOW to prevent and even lose fat this holiday season!
Over the next three weeks, we’ll break down the supplements, training and diet tips that can help you avoid joining that dubious statistic and carve out the body you want while everyone else is packing on the pounds.
We’ll be updating this running blog with a new entry regularly, so be sure to bookmark it and save it as an easy fat-loss guide this holiday season!
The best fat-loss supplements that NUTRISHOP provides will aid your fight even as sugar-and-fat-loaded foods surround you. Yes, some self-control will make the biggest difference, but if you do find yourself “socially indulging,” stock up on products that contain CLA, green coffee bean and L-Carnitine. You can find those in the form of KETOLEAN 7, LIPOCOR, THERMOVEX and METABOLIC SPIKE. All of those except THERMOVEX are stimulant-free, and any person can take these regardless of stimulant sensitivites — come in and find out how and when to take these.
KETOLEAN 7: Found in the EVOLVE Metabolic Triad System, KETOLEAN 7’s star ingredient is CLA. Conjugated linoleic acid is a naturally occurring fatty acid found in meat and certain dairy sources. CLA is a clinically studied weight loss aid that assists the body in effectively burning more calories. In a 2007 meta-analysis, CLA demonstrated significant support for healthy body composition, resulting in a reduction in total body fat and an increase in lean body mass. In addition to its fat loss properties, CLA’s health benefits include being an anti-catabolic agent, an antioxidant and has also been shown to support immune function.
LIPOCOR: LIPOCOR is a comprehensive formula of essential fatty acids based on natural oils from fish (for EPA and DHA) and flaxseed oil (for ALA and LA), mainly. We’ve come to understand that healthy fats in your diet are outstanding for your overall health and have a major impact on fat-loss capabilities.Where LIPOCOR differs from other essential fatty acid products is that it also promotes muscle toning — the byproduct of this very well could be a decrease in body fat, since more muscle on the body’s frame means a faster metabolism. The faster the body’s metabolism works, the quicker it burns through carbs — and then it can start to focus on torching those final five pounds. LIPOCOR’s muscular support formula comes from lipids that occur in meat and dairy products naturally.LIPOCOR also supports muscle recovery with L-Carnitine, which has been shown in a 2002 study to have a “significant antioxidant effect,” along with its more commonly known benefit of being a catalyst for fatty acid oxidation — meaning it helps your body turn to fatty acids for energy faster. LIPOCOR also functions as an appetite suppressant, making it easier to create the needed calorie deficit for fat-burning.THERMOVEX: THERMOVEX was designed to activate the fat burning mechanisms in your body while stimulating the biochemistry that burns stored body fat. This is accomplished by combining a high dosage of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) with LCLT (L-Carnitine L-Tartrate) in order to help increase the metabolic rate at which the body can burn calories and carry stored energy from fat cells into the mitochondria of the muscle cells for fuel. By providing just the right amount of CNSS (central nervous system stimulation), THERMOVEX targets fat loss and improved muscle definition via multiple metabolic pathways. THERMOVEX is also fortified with a blend of effective and natural Chinese and ayurvedic herbal extracts. This is designed to help provide further thermogenic activity and muscle support to insure the body has the proper furnace to burn those extra calories all day long while eliminating free radicals with powerful proven antioxidant extracts. Also included is a blend of powerful appetite suppressing extracts of Hoodia and products currently available rely on tricky marketing ploys rather than solid scientific formulas. Designed to deliver professional strength results, THERMOVEX is the next generation of metabolic artillery when used in conjunction with proper nutrition and a regular exercise program.Additionally, there is a nighttime fat-burning version of this product, THERMOVEX PM!This product is a great-tasting, stimulant-free nighttime metabolic support formula that is specifically designed to optimize your resting metabolic rate, which increases stored body fat utilization. In addition, Thermovex PM is designed to improve sleep patterns and preserve lean muscle.Thermovex PM also contains fiber to manage weight control, a powdered formula that’s quicker to take effect than pill products and two great flavors — Green Apple and Watermelon!METABOLIC SPIKE:  One active ingredient of note is the METABOLIC SPIKE Proprietary Complex, a blend of ingredients including L-Carnitine L-Tartrate, Choline Bitartrate and raspberry ketones.A 2011 Dutch study suggests that L-Carnitine L-Tartrate can be used to increase muscle and impact muscle metabolism. Research has indicated that LCLT reduces fat mass — the actual size of the fat cells in your body — and increases muscle mass and reduces fatigue. Choline bitartrate is a compound that can help improve the transfer of fats and proteins to the liver, for more efficient metabolism, and the virtues of raspberry ketones have been gaining popularity, too.

The main benefit of raspberry ketones, a supplement that, no surprise, comes from red raspberries, is that it helps release norepinephrine in the body, which in turn raises the body’s temperature slightly. It might not sound like much, but a slightly higher body temperature is what’s responsible for the “thermogenic” effect: Fat cells shrink, and adipose tissue  decreases, with a warmer temperature.

Raspberry ketones are also believed to release adiponectin, a hormone that can help decrease glycogen levels, meaning less sugar in the bloodstream and, naturally, less available blood glucose that can be saved as fat.


clap-push-upAn ideal training plan for those who want to lose fat but still maintain their muscle mass during the stressful holiday periods would be one that focuses on efficiency and caloric burn, without overdoing it. To that end, a “fat loss blast” workout is recommended, focusing on torching one muscle group/functional group per workout, then following up with high-intensity interval training. The workouts will be listed the rest of the week!

DAY 1: Push and HIIT

5-6 Giant Sets: Explosive Plyometric “Clapping” Push-Ups to Failure/12 Alternating DB Standing Presses (per arm)/Triceps Dips to Failure/12 Incline DB Flys

Follow with 15 minutes of HIIT, with a 45-15 split — that is, 45 minutes of a brisk run, followed by 15 seconds of an all-out sprint intensity.

 DAY 2: Pull and HIIT

5-6 Giant Sets: Pull-Ups to Failure/12 Alternating One-Arm DB Rows (per arm)/Close, Reverse-Grip Chin-Ups to Failure/12 Standing Barbell Curls

Follow with 15 minutes of HIIT, with a 45-15 split — that is, 45 minutes of a brisk run, followed by 15 seconds of an all-out sprint intensity.

DAY 3: Legs and HIIT

4-5 Giant Sets: 8 Squats/12 Stiff-Legged Deadlifts/12 Alternating Forward Lunges (per leg)/Squat Jumps to failure

Follow with 15 minutes of HIIT, with a 45-15 split — that is, 45 minutes of a brisk run, followed by 15 seconds of an all-out sprint intensity.

DAY 4: Shoulders/Arms and HIIT

4-5 Giant Sets: 12 Standing Overhead Press/12 Incline DB Curls (per arm)/12 Overhead DB Triceps Extensions/Dips to Failure

Follow with 15 minutes of HIIT, with a 45-15 split — that is, 45 minutes of a brisk run, followed by 15 seconds of an all-out sprint intensity.

The NUTRISHOP Hard-Gainer Trainer

Those of us who are naturally more thin and lean and have trouble adding and maintaining weight of any kind are called “hard gainers,” and we’ve got the workout and supplement plan for you!

The goal every time you hit the gym should be hypertrophy — the increase in muscle volume. To achieve this on a lean frame, you won’t be able to simply use a generic workout plan. Like all lanky guys experience when we clothes shop, you need something a bit more custom-fitted, tailored to you. Forget three sets of 10. We need to reach deep muscle fibers, building the slow-twitch ones larger and the fast-twitch ones stronger. To do that, we’ve set up this workout plan that will not only add size, strength and endurance of strength, but will provide just enough of a calorie burn to ensure that you’re not storing up fat.

Follow this plan for 4-6 weeks, and DO NOT cheat yourself — make every workout, do every set and get every rep. Anything less than full effort is a failure! It is a four-day split, with three rest days, ample time to get both physical and mental rest before you’re back in the gym, so there are no “burnout” excuses here.

Download and print out the .PDF version of this workout for easy gym use!

The supplement plan that works best for hard gainers is one that addresses the need for a calorie surplus, muscle recovery and rebuilding and even hormonal issues that aren’t as uncommon as you might think.

Absolutely, if you’re a hard gainer trying to build muscle fast, we recommend:

  • GAINER7, MASS COMPLEX, KARBOLYN or MASS FUZION — all effective at delivering quality calories in a hurry post-workout.

  • BCAA SPORT. Around the clock, your body needs amino acids to prevent catabolism, where the body feeds on muscle storage for energy.

  • N’FUZE  — Abundantly researched and shown to increase muscle volume and strength, there is no reason to pick a low-quality version of creatine anymore — it’s mostly a very affordable supplement. Kre-Alkalyn is a buffered form of creatine that ensures nearly 100 percent of this product goes to the muscles and doesn’t get converted into useless creatinin.

  • ANITEST, ARABOL, AUGMENT, 1-XD and HGH-191 are outstanding options to get your body back to growing, the natural way. Hard gainers are hard-wired to simply not produce much muscle mass. This can be changed with more natural testosterone production. As many lean guys can attest, during puberty there was one massive growth spike where we got taller and filled out (at least as much as we were going to). Natural testosterone, which caused that spike, decreases dramatically as men get older, leading to increases in body fat and decreases in muscle  mass.

  • Pre-workout products like N’SANE, NOX-P3, ANX-P3, STANCE and THERMOVEX deliver more energy, both of mind and body, for the most high-quality workouts you can get. Plus, the increased blood flow means your other supplements are working more efficiently.


MONDAY (Chest and Back)

5 Supersets: Wide-grip pull-ups (failure)/barbell bench press (x12). Clear the bar with your chin and lower yourself all the way down; likewise, on bench, pull the bar down to your chest and, without bouncing it, drive it back up. Perfect form is the biggest key.

5 Supersets: T-bar rows (x12)/dumbbell incline press (x12).

5 Supersets: Seated cable rows (x12)/dumbbell flys (x12).

TUESDAY (Legs and Abs)

5 Supersets: Wide-stance squats (x12)/narrow-stance leg press (x12). On the leg press, keeping your feet close together, toes pointed straight forward, will target the upper leg’s outer sweep more, while a wider squat with the toes pointed slightly outward allows for a deeper, more engaging movement.

5 Supersets: Romanian deadlifts (x12)/wall sits (x15 seconds).

5 Supersets: Hamstring curls (x12)/seated calf raises (x20).

3 Supersets: Hanging leg raises (x8)/decline crunches (x10)/planks (x30 seconds).


5 Trisets: EZ Bar Curls (x6)/French triceps press (x12)/Reverse-grip curls (x6)

3 Supersets: Weighted dips (to failure)/preacher curl machine (x25)

3 Trisets: Hammer curls (x10 per arm)/V-bar cable pushdowns (x20)/incline dumbbell curls (x10 per arm)

THURSDAY (Shoulders and Abs)

4 Supersets: Arnold Presses (x12)/Upright rows (x12)

Standing overhead press: 4×12

5 Supersets: Lateral raises (x15)/front raises (x15)

3 Trisets: Hanging leg raises (x10)/decline crunches (x12)/planks (x30 seconds)