The many benefits of detoxifying the system — colon, gall bladder, liver, kidneys — are seen throughout the body, in almost every important function it does. A more effective digestive and endocrine system helps the entire operation run much more smoothly. But we know our clients have goals. One of them is muscle gain, and it’s not an uncommon question: Can a detox help?

The short answer is yes. But we’ll explain how.

As your kidneys and liver work to filter out toxins, they also are performing a ton of other jobs — these organs are some of the most versatile, hard-working ones you have! The liver is believed to have as many as 500 separate functions, from hormone production and breakdown to nutrient metabolism. But two of the most important things it does, at least to a person who wants to build muscle, are synthesizing amino acids and metabolizing proteins, two essential steps for muscle growth and recovery.

It might help to think of your liver as an employee, even, who is really good at just about everything he does — but he has a lot on his plate. In fact, when it comes to one job, he’s almost TOO good. That job is waste filtration, and he’s the best. What happens when the liver is overwhelmed with bacteria, waste and toxins is that it cannot perform the rest of its jobs as efficiently. This goes for fat digestion, blood sugar regulation and, yes, protein synthesis. So not only do toxins and waste harm your muscle-building goals, but they slow your fat-burning processes, too.

A large part of how we introduce these toxins comes from food chemicals, airborne waste and bacterial imbalances in the gut. Nutritionist Byron Richards explained how these can contribute to fat gain even further (original research credits included):

The scientific theory of how these chemicals cause weight gain8 and difficulty losing weight has now been established.  They bind to gene signaling within white adipose tissue and induce new fat cells to form9 while simultaneously increasing inflammation10. Oftentimes, the newly formed fat cells are themselves damaged by the toxins11 so that they cannot metabolically perform12, which includes an inability to make leptin normally13. These damaged fat cells can fill up with excess fat14 and toxins, but are not able to efficiently carry out normal functions of fat cells, leading directly to increased risk for type 2 diabetes15 via the suppression of the important fat cell hormone16 known as adiponectin 17. Several human studies confirm that PCBs increase diabetes risk.18 These chemicals pose a serious problem to the thyroid gland19 and the efficient utilization of thyroid hormone throughout your body.  Furthermore, they can cause either hypothyroidism20 or hyperthyroidism. Trying to get the fat and toxins out of these damaged fat cells is no small challenge in terms of successful weight loss, yet it is vital to restore normal metabolism. (Source)

If you want to give your liver some help in doing its hundreds of jobs, strongly consider a natural detox and cleanse. A great place to start is with NUTRISHOP’s Detox Stack. It works to help flush toxins and waste within the organs, making the system more efficient so you can start making more gains!