Of the essential minerals we need in our diet, perhaps few are as overlooked as zinc and magnesium. This is a crime — not only do they provide huge support to the bones, muscle growth and the immune system, but each plays an important role in regulating blood pressure and growth hormone regulation and production. Many NUTRISHOP products will help bolster this deficiency, but really, foods rich in these two minerals should also be a part of your diet plans.

The easiest (and tastiest) way to do so is by getting it through your food — and there are a few prime sources you can turn to to do it.

Shellfish are one of the best sources of both minerals there is, oysters in particular. Just 3 ounces of this food (and you can cook it, too, instead of dealing with them raw) provides enough zinc for a 2,000-calorie diet — for 10 days — and a substantial chunk of the RDA of magnesium, too. Crab, scallops and mussels are also prime sources of both minerals.

Not into seafood? Not a problem — nuts, seeds and legumes help provide magnesium and zinc, too. Pumpkin seeds are the best source, followed by sesame seeds; Brazil nuts and cashews lead the way for the nut family. And soybeans, while they should be in enjoyed in moderation because of their pro-estrogen profile, are also a fine source for both zinc and magnesium. An app of edamame, followed by some sushi, is actually quite the muscle-building meal!

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