Everyone likes finding out that one of their favorite foods is healthy. Grapes, those delicious, candy-like fruits you probably don’t eat enough of, are just another example!

GrapesOne of the amazing things about grapes is that, despite their relatively high sugar content (it’s a fruit, after all), they actually help burn fat — provided you don’t skin them. Grape skin is loaded with nutrients, including resveratrol, a nutrient that not only can help ease cellular inflammation and reduce the fat-storing capability of existing cells, but that can also improve the dilation of blood vessels and even decrease risk of heart attack.

Plus, the edible seeds in grape are chock full of antioxidants, eliminating free radicals that might cause cellular harm, and in many instances grapeseed extract is used as treatment for those with, or those hoping to prevent, vascular problems. And, to top it off, grapes are a top source of vitamin K.

Next time you’re browsing the produce section, grab a bag of red grapes. They’re great any time (and when frozen, they’re an amazing, guilt-free dessert)!