More Natural, Vegan-Friendly: Trailhead Modern Source Protein is Here!

As the nutrition and supplementation industries continue to evolve, more and more fitness enthusiasts are considering vegetarian or vegan diets. While there are some interesting points to consider about making such a change, one thing is obvious: Traditionally produced whey protein products — key staples in the diets of bodybuilders, lifters and protein-conscious dieters — don’t fit the vegan lifestyle. Whey, obviously, counts as an animal byproduct.

This is why we’re happy to announce that we’re now carrying a great-tasting vegan protein with no artificial sweeteners, no gluten, no GMOs, no artificial colors, no artificial flavors and no allergens! Let us introduce Trailhead Nutrition Modern Source Protein.

This is a huge win for us, and for anyone who wants to go in a more “natural” direction with their diet. If you have been taking expensive veggie proteins like RAW, than you need to try this! It comes in Vanilla and Chocolate, and actually tastes good!

Here is the rundown from Trailhead:

MODERN SOURCE PROTEIN by Trailhead Nutrition offers a great alternate for consumers who are willing to give Rice and Pea Protein Isolates a try and see for themselves.

Comprised of not only these new isolates, but with the addition of two other proteins (Potato and Cranberry), this protein is sure to have consumers trading up or adding to their current protein regiment. MODERN SOURCE PROTEIN is a great alternative or addition to your current protein regiment.
Do not be fooled by inferior vegan protein supplements that utilize Pea Protein Concentrate or Rice Protein Concentrate as their sources of protein

Until recently, Whey and other Dairy based protein powders have been the preferred choice as far as protein supplements go, and one of the only options in the industry for helping athletes and fitness minded individuals get the extra protein they need.
This was true because for many years, one of the only other readily available alternatives to dairy based protein has been Soy, and with some of the more recent studies deterring consumers who may have soy allergies or are trying to eliminate soy from their diet, many have not had much of a choice.
Now, while these are still a great source of protein, and are without a doubt the most popular to date, they are not the only ones being used by consumers today. Two of the newest proteins to hit the market in recent years have been Rice Protein Isolate and Pea Protein Isolate. Some of the studies behind the combination of these two proteins have in many cases shown results similar to those who consume Whey and Dairy based protein powders. Plus, it is a great option for consumers who want to take a break every now and then from their current proteins to get away from any issues that may be experienced by those with dairy allergies. Modern Source Protein is made with NO artificial flavors, NO artificial sweeteners, NO artificial colors, and is Gluten free, Allergen free and NON-GMO.


Megan Burgess

A five-year Navy veteran, Megan was having a significant problem about a year ago: She was passing out while eating. After a glucose tolerance test that revealed she had diabetes, she still had no explanation for her symptom, plus she was developing others — IBS, acid reflux and skin changes — at her knee and ankle joints, the skin was turning black. Whatever was happening was extremely pervasive, and a disabled veteran like Megan could ill afford to keep running up hospital bills.

Ultimately, Megan was diagnosed with gluten sensitivity, a disease with many of the same antibodies as celiac disease.

“I did the elimination diet, and a month and a half ago at an eye appointment at the Veterans Affairs office, I was hungry and wanted to eat something before I left,” she said. “At the hospital, they had tuna at the cafeteria, but only three bites in I found it had noodles. Not 45 minutes later, my eyes were rolling in my head and I felt myself almost passing out again. Just sheer will got me home, and once I was, I was on the ground for three hours.”

A fast diet correction was in order, and Megan came in to NUTRISHOP looking for help. She got a meal plan, some NATURE’S FUEL and FORZA ONE protein, and then started going to the gym every other day, beginning in June.

Before fall hit, she ended up losing 50 pounds by removing any and all grain sources, all MSG and all processed foods. Megan eats plenty of meat and 5-6 small meals a day — on dessert plates, even — and all the negative symptoms she had have all but reversed themselves.

The diabetes, skin changes, acid reflux and IBS — gone. The migraines Megan used to get, too, have been reduced by, she estimates, 80 percent or so.

“It feels great that everything is back to normal,” she said. “The help I got at NUTRISHOP has been absolutely essential. They’ve been very encouraging to me, with all my personal trials, and I go in to hang out with them half the time. Every time I discover something new, and they help me out with facts and planning. I can describe a symptom or issue, they can tell me what’s useful. It’s essential for me.”

Stories like Megan’s are the inspirational ones that make this line of work amazing, and we at NUTRISHOP are more than happy to help.

“I had a really complicated situation and they helped me feel a lot less overwhelmed,” Megan says. “They really helped me figure out what I could afford, just do a little at a time and I managed it.”