FEM-FIRE: The Safer Pre-Workout Meant for Women

Ever since supplement companies using DMAA 1,3 in its pre-workout formulas were warned by the FDA after cases of heart attack, increased blood pressure and other complaints, the pre-workout market has been under some change. DMAA is a form of caffeine that was used commonly used in pre-workouts like Jack3d and Hemo Rage, among others. For a full list of which companies have been warned to stop marketing this product as a safe, active ingredient, just click the link above.

We warned long ago that DMAA was facing scrutiny (check it out here) and categorically noted that it is unsafe, and recommended against it. At that time, all major sports institutions, professional and collegiate, had already banned it, and now the FDA is against it, too. Now, those other companies have reformulated their products, and many are noting they’re not getting what they paid for anymore. That doesn’t mean there are no safe pre-workouts, though!

The great thing about FEM-FIRE, the newest pre-workout at NUTRISHOP that’s designed for women, is it was formulated well after the FDA’s warnings and didn’t have to come up with new tweaks on its ingredients just to get it OK’d — in fact, its entire ingredient list is posted on the NUTRISHOP USA website, and we’ve shared it here. No secrets with FEM-FIRE!

If you’re looking for a pre-workout to try and you don’t want to worry if it has harmful ingredients or about its efficacy, come in and sample FEM-FIRE before your next workout.

Build a Fat-Burning Stack with FEM-FIRE

So you’ve got your workout plan set up and you’ve picked up your FREE diet plan and FEM-FIRE from NUTRISHOP. Now what?

If you’re serious about losing body fat and toning up your body, you should consider grouping this awesome pre-workout with a few other supplements, to enhance its effects and boost your results.

As a caffeine stimulant, FEM-FIRE will help you achieve sharp focus during your workouts, meaning you can really focus on your pace, form and rest periods, and the energy boost you also get will allow for better workout performance — strength, endurance of strength and stamina. As you lift heavier, or more, or at a higher intensity, the body breaks down more fully. This is a plus, since microscopic muscle tears mark the beginning of growth. But the big second stage is recovery.

Accelerate that stage by pairing FEM-FIRE with BCAA SPORT during your workout, to both replenish electrolytes, keeping you hydrated, and speed up muscle recovery by fighting off catabolism (muscle wasting). A hydrated cell is a better-functioning cell, and when its function is muscle-building, you want them working at their best.

After your intense workout, down a PRO7EIN SYNTHESIS shake with a scoop of GLUTACOR or GLUTAMIC. A complete, well-rounded protein source like PRO7 provides immediate muscle recovery fuel and also a “slow-drip” source for up to eight hours, as your body continues to rebuild muscle and burn fat well after your last rep. And pairing it with a glutamine supplement is an even more complete way to speed up your recovery, meaning you can go at your next workout with just as much intensity.

Fat Loss, Workout Performance, Energy: A Closer Look at FEM-FIRE

There’s never been a female-specific pre-workout formula quite like the new FEM-FIRE that’s now at NUTRISHOP. All that time spent trying to figure out which one is the way to go is over! Check out the details on this great new performance supplement; we break it down blend by blend, showing you what this product does and how it helps you.

LIPO-K: A professional lipotropic formulation developed to open up the stored fat cells “superhighway”, triggering lipolysis and sparking your calorie-burning inferno; effectively targeting stubborn, unwanted body fat. Comprised mainly of L-Carnitite Tartrate, L-Carnitine Fumerate and raspberrry ketones extract, this blend is designed for fat-loss purposes unlike many male-specific pre-workouts. One 2011 study from the Journal of Physiology showed that researchers using L-carnitine L-tartrate supplementation for six months positively impacted muscle metabolism and performance. L-Carnitine Fumerate has been suggested in studies by the University of Maryland to decrease fat mass, reduce fatigue and increase muscle mass, thus promoting decreased weight. And raspberry ketones help raise the body’s temperature by releasing norepinephrine and also limits the amount of available blood sugar by signaling the release of adiponectin. What this does is 1) create a warmer internal temperature that encourages fat melting and 2) limits the available blood sugar that is most easily converted to fat stores.

Performance: A compilation of proven ingredients all targeted to smash the middle of the workout “wall” so often hit. Push harder, push further, push longer without compromising a women’s No. 1 body fat burner: her own muscle! The top ingredient here is Beta-Alanine, a non-essential amino acid, meaning it occurs naturally on some level in the body, but is also found in meat products. This should be a major hint, as this is also a property of creatine, carnosine and histidine — other amino acids that are essential in creating and maintaining muscular energy and sparking growth. Beta-alanine fits in as a “precursor”: When it arrives to the muscle, it puts everything in motion.

For your muscles to function properly (contract and expand with each rep), they must be at a proper pH level. Ever noticed how much they burn as you’re closer to your final reps? We sure hope you have! You might know this as “lactic acid flush,” and you’d be correct; the acidity, however, is also a byproduct of some other chemical reactions going on in the muscle — and these are the important ones, where beta-alanine can make a huge difference.

Energy and Focus: Designed to hot-wire your energy levels and maximize the desire to keep working out as well as give a razor-sharp focus and intensity like you’ve never experienced before. Marked mostly by caffeine anhydrous, a waterless, effective form of caffeine, this blend will prevent you from dragging through your workouts for the best results possible.

Water Extraction: Incorporated into FEM-FIRE as a definition catalyst, driving out water from unwanted areas to unveil a more defined you! Green tea extract, a potent all-natural ingredient, is the active part of this blend that prevents bloating.

FRC (Female Response Complex): Specifically developed to naturally assist you in addressing shifting hormone levels and daily stress. By understanding the needs of an active woman, our formulators were able to design a compound that will maintain inner balance, prepping you to conquer the day!

CS-Suppress: Working out naturally increases insulin levels in response to glucose (muscle “fuel”) but can also cause a dramatic drop in insulin levels immediately following strenuous exercise. By keeping the blood sugar levels regulated, insulin levels stay in check, allowing the muscles to utilize glucose more effectively; giving them the fuel needed to keep working without a sudden spike or dip that could compromise recovery and energy levels, ultimately, leading to post workout sugar cravings.