Pre-Workouts, Stimulants and How They Help You

Not every pre-workout formula is created equal. While many share similar nutritional profiles and contain ingredients that give them similar effects, there are big differences from one to the other that make each one at NUTRISHOP unique.

This week, our running blog will focus on the stimulant levels of our most popular pre-workout supplements — not only reviewing the product profile that makes each one great, but also examining the caffeine levels in each and parsing out the advantages between them all.

anxp3Since “zero” seems like a good place to start, we’ll lead off with the one non-stimulant pre-workout that can and should be stacked with all others: ANX-P3. Not only is ANX-P3 perfect for a morning workout after you’ve already had your coffee (since it has no caffeine or other stimulants), but it can be safely used in conjunction with other products.

The story on ANX-P3 is this: Most pre-workout nitric oxide boosters are taken immediately before exercise to achieve the full effect. This is OK. But research has shown a better way, and the best part is that it can be combined with the existing NO products out there for a maximum benefit.

If the L-Arginine NO Synthase pathway, used primarily in standard pre-workouts, is the fastest way, consider what we’d call the “scenic route”: The Nitrate-Nitrite-Nitric Oxide Pathway (or, for our purposes here, the N3O pathway). It takes longer, but you’ll be glad you went this way, too! Arginine Nitrate uses this pathway, and FORZAONE has created ANX-P3 as an answer to all the short-lived nitric oxide boosters out there.

Arginine Nitrate is the newest approach to nitric oxide boosters, utilizing this secondary pathway for a more sustained, long-lasting effect. You might be wondering the difference between these two pathways, and it’s this: While the first depends on oxygen for its effectiveness, the second does not nearly as much. The takeaway for the consumer is that during intense exercise, in the middle or toward the end of your workout when your body is low on oxygen anyway, the L-Arginine NO Synthase pathway is much less effective, and NO production won’t last as long. You’ll have a great start to the workout, but it may not last. The N3O pathway, accessed by Arginine Nitrate, doesn’t rely on oxygen nearly as much, meaning a longer, sustained effect that will last through your final reps.

You might be wondering why Arginine Nitrate is important, or what it does. First, we’ll start off with pure L-Arginine, an essential amino acid that plays a big part in many important bodily functions, including immune function and muscle building. But it’s also an immediate precursor to nitric oxide, and as a peer-reviewed article in Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy points out, this makes it crucial when vasodilation — the expansion of blood vessels for better blood flow — is needed. Bonded with a nitrate, this provides improved blood flow to and from the heart, maximizing that sought-after pump and vascularity.

With improved vasodilation and blood flow over a longer period, the end product for the athlete is the highest possible nutrient delivery during the workout. This is important because of the muscles’ desperate need for vital nutrients to recover, rebuild and sustain strength and endurance.

Because it contains no stimulants and uses a different pathway for Arginine Nitrate, it’s recommended that ANX-P3 be stacked with other, stimulant-based pre-workouts for a superior pump.

NOXP3_HdlnThe next-lowest caffeine level among NUTRISHOP’s quality pre-workout supplements is NO-XP3. With 100 mg of caffeine, it’s about equivalent to a cup of coffee, making it a solid choice for your mid-morning workouts even if you’ve had some actual coffee earlier on. Specifically, NO-XP3 has advantages over other, more stimulant-dependent pre-workouts, namely vasodilation.

What you’re looking for with a nitric oxide supplement is a product that will improve your body’s ability to deliver nutrient-rich blood to the muscles — that’s the “pump” effect we’re talking about. The problem with many products is they don’t actually dilate the blood vessels to do this; instead, they constrict them, providing a higher heart rate and a fake pump. That’s NOT what you’re after — you actually want the blood moving!

Five blends in N.O.XP3 are designed to help promote the pump and gains in strength, size, vascularity and workout focus:

Pump Blend: This is the crown jewel, so to speak, of N.O.XP3! This blend is aimed at increasing blood flow, not just simulating it, with a specifically dosed blend of L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AAKG), Citrulline Nitrate and GlycoCarn, among others. Citrulline Nitrate (more on it later this week) is an important, natural precursor to nitric oxide, AAKG helps to metabolize nitric oxide faster and also helps in protein synthesis, and GlyoCarn is quite simply one of the best nitric oxide boosters available.

Power Blend: With Beta-Alanine and Kre-Alkalyn as some key players in this blend, your system gets a shot of ATP-boosting creatine to improve muscular strength and endurance during your workout and the benefit of an energy “buffer” in Beta-Alanine, which will also help provide energy and strength.

Performance Blend: A Modified Glucose Tri-Polymer Blend, along with Phenylethylamine HCI (PEA) and Caffeine Anhydrous, make for the energy-boosting effects needed to have outstanding focus from a pre-workout product. PEAs are well-known for mood-boosting properties and non-liquid-form caffeine is effective for focus as well.

Recovery Blend: L-Taurine and L-Glutamine AKG are amino acids that help rebuild your muscle tissue AS you work them — not many pre-workout formulas can also help you DURING your lifts! Your muscles need high-quality recovery acids to build and keep you anabolic if you want to grow and prevent injury.

Electrolyte Blend: The four ingredients in this blend are all about keeping your most important cells hydrated during your workout so as to maximize their function.

vasocorThe next substantial boost in caffeine in the NUTRISHOP line of pre-workouts is found in VASOCOR, which has about 175mg. The beta-alanine in this product is actually included in one of its blends, the pH Correction Strength and Endurance blend, where it works with L-taurine AKG and kre-alkalyn to keep the carnosine levels high in the muscles. But VASOCOR also has a nitric oxide precursor blend, complete with GlycoCarn and citrulline malate, plus ingredients designed to imitate anabolic hormonal releases that will boost strength and power output.

Move beyond VASOCOR and you’re into the big-boy realm of pre-workout products, with HEMOVEX and ERRATIC at 300mg and N’SANE beyond even that. These are for the workouts you really need to pump up intensity and focus — perhaps you’re an early riser and the first thing in the morning is your workout. You’ll definitely want to take these early in the day, and not after coffee!




It’s true that many nitric oxide boosters also have creatine in them, but many times it’s micronized monohydrate in small doses that don’t get absorbed nearly effectively enough. HEMOVEX gets around this with a more modern approach, using creatine magnapower and citrulline nitrate to boost strength and muscular endurance during the workout. We’ll look at these ingredients and show why they’re important, and how you can take advantage of them:

  • Creatine Magnapower: Known to lab nerds as creatine magnesium chelate, a completely different compound form of creatine that delivers the vital supplement to the muscles in a different way. Typically, creatine monohydrate and even Krealkalyn reach the muscles in a very specific pathway, with Krealkalyn being a much more stable option between those two. However, creatine magnapower delivers it via a different pathway. The upshot: You could theoretically stack two forms of creatine at once and increase the amount of it in the muscles, creating more strength and power.
  • Citrulline Nitrate: During the absorption process, it’s converted into nitric oxide in the body. The immediate result is an increased blood flow due to expanded blood vessels, and better delivery of creatine throughout the system. This is one of the most effective vasodilation products around.


ERRATIC begins with its proprietary blend, the P4 Complex: Beta-Alanine (Carnosyn), Arginine Nitrate, Citrulline Nitrate, Agmatine Sulfate.

Beta-Alanine (Carnosyn): Beta-alanine is one of the most important pre-workout ingredients around; if it’s not in your pre-workout, well, you need a new one. A pre-cursor for carnosine, a protein building block that bonds with histidine (another amino acid), beta-alanine is shown in studies to reduce fatigue in athletes while increasing total muscle work and power.

Arginine Nitrate: Arginine Nitrate is backed by some pretty heady research. It was found by a 1999 study in Cardiovascular Researchto be a bona fide precursor to nitric oxide; German research from 2003 indicates that it plays a role in wound-healing and recovery; in 1998, The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism that arginine can even stimulate growth hormone secretion.

During intense exercise, in the middle or toward the end of your workout when your body is low on oxygen anyway, the L-Arginine NO Synthase pathway — the more common route for typical pre-workouts — is much less effective, and nitric oxide production won’t last as long. The effect of this process is usually seen early in the workout, when energy and stored oxygen levels are high.

Citrulline Nitrate: Citrulline is an amino acid that does a few things, including helping support L-Arginine in the body and also serving as a precursor to nitric oxide production. Imagine there is a line of dominos that has to fall before the effect of nitric oxide can take place — the presence of Citrulline is one of the first dominos. The end result of taking a Citrulline Nitrate product is gains in strength, endurance and faster recovery. Recent studies have proven that citrulline helps to relax the blood vessels, making it an essential ingredient  in any vasodilatory (blood-flow increasing) supplement.

Agmatine Sulfate: Basically arginine with the carboxylic acid end removed, agmatine produces several byproducts directly involved with cell growth. Many see it as an exciting new ingredient, particularly for its potential as a “novel neurotransmitter,” according to one scientific review.

HOW IT HELPS YOU: The long story made short on the blend above is that each ingredient in the formula works in synergy to improve athletic endurance and performance, while providing a crazy, impressive pump you can see. Have you ever had a workout so intense — muscles swollen, veins popping — that you almost don’t recognize yourself in the mirror? That’s the pump — and the results you can expect with ERRATIC.

The second important blend in ERRATIC is the S5 complex, featuring instantized leucine, glycine, Betaine HCI, Kre-Alkalyn and Vanadyl Sulfate.

Instantized Leucine:  Leucine, an essential amino acid, is crucial because of its ability to activate key pathways in the body that lead to protein synthesis, which is proven to increase the amount of skeletal muscle hypertrophy, or growth. Leucine plays an important role in activating your muscle building processes, which prevents using muscle tissue for fuel during exercise.

Glycine: Some neat trivia on glycine — it’s the smallest of the amino acids. But it still plays an important role in protein synthesis, serving as a pre-cursor for proteins, which of course are key to muscle-building.

Betaine HCI: Betaine is an important vitamin derived from choline, a protein-and-fat-based dietary component that adds structural integrity to cell membranes. Naturally occurring in sugar beets, Betaine regulates the body’s levels of homocysteine, a potentially toxic substance that is a byproduct of meat digestion.

Kre-Alkalyn: Unlike creatine monohydrate, Kre-Alkalyn is a pH-buffered creatine which ensures the highest level of creatine availability delivered to muscles.  Studies show that nearly 100 percent of creatine from Kre-Alkalyn is absorbed and none is converted to toxic impurities and never biodegrades to creatinine.  This allows the highest level of absorption and utilization with levels up to 10 times that of other creatine forms.  Essentially, you need to take far less product, while saving your kidneys from excreting high levels of toxic creatinine.

Vanadyl Sulfate: Known primarily for its mimicking effect of insulin, it becomes clear why this ingredient is part of ERRATIC. Insulin’s role is to help quickly shuttle nutrients through the bloodstream to recovering tissues, and in the case of your workouts, this means your muscles. The result is faster recovery on the spot, and more energy.

HOW IT HELPS YOU: The S5 Complex, with its inclusion of energy-boosting creatine (which increases ATP, cellular energy) and vanadyl sulfate as an insulin-mimicker, obviously is a great way to improve energy and power for your workout, while amino acids in the blend help to preserve muscle tissue as you fatigue.

The final blend in ERRATIC we’ll go over is the E6 Complex, comprised of n-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, Caffeine Anhydrous, Advantra-Z, and Pikamilon.

N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine: The body uses tyrosine to create the brain’s chemical messengers involving feelings of energy. It’s used to help treat people with depression, ADHD, sleep deprivation, narcolepsy, PMS and even Parkinson’s because of its ability to be converted into dopamine and norepinephrine. An article in Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior revealed studies that have shown tyrosine to aid the body during times of stress or fatigue, both primary symptoms of adrenal fatigue.

Caffeine Anhydrous: One of the most popular fast acting stimulants. Caffeine Anhydrous acts as a central nervous system stimulant, increases the release of adrenaline, acts as a thermogenic agent (raises metabolic rate and core body temperature), increases the use of body fat for fuel, and spares muscle glycogen increasing endurance. Studies suggest Caffeine Anhydrous has significant effects on physiological response and performance of trained athletes. Caffeine Anhydrous is primarily used as a power and energy accelerant. This fast-acting substance delivers the right molecular structure to your energy systems for maximum energy and power output. Caffeine Anhydrous is fast-acting because it stimulates the central nervous system so you’re neurologically charged to increased levels of alertness and focus.

Advantra-Z: An extract of a citrus fruit that helps stimulate metabolic processes, favor uptake of amino acids into muscle, increase lipolysis (breakdown of fat) and exert mild hunger-suppressant effects. Advantra Z is the only patented thermogenic ingredient for weight loss and physical performance on the market today.

Pikamilon: Once in the body, it causes the release of GABA and niacin, and this ingredient serves two ways — first as a vasodilator, expanding the blood vessels for that insane pump we talked about earlier, and also as an anti-anxiety focus-enhancer.

So, who will benefit most from ERRATIC?  Basically, anyone wanting to gain muscle, get focused and energized for a workout, get a great pump, and lose body fat.  With the three aforementioned blends working as 1) a mood enhancer, 2) a way to increase blood flow for athletic performance and 3) a surefire way to get that coveted pump you only achieve on your best workout days. As always, the work you put into your training will be the deciding factor in what you get out of it — don’t leave your energy and performance up to chance with the same-ol’, same-ol’ pre-workouts. Deviate from the ordinary.


A natural promoter of nitric oxide in your own body is L-Arginine AKG, and this compound is a primary ingredient in CellShock’s N’SANE, a powerful pre-workout formula designed to increase your focus and intensity during the workout as well as provide enhanced blood flow and vascularity. N’SANE aims to be the BEST pre-workout product available, and its 9.3 out of 10 rating on Supplement Reviews online indicates that it is a premier formula.

While “other” pre-workout formulas rely on inhuman levels of caffeine or stimulants alone to achieve this effect, N’SANE relies primarily on two patented compounds designed to increase not only energy and focus, but strength and muscle endurance itself:

GlycoCarn: Working in conjunction with the L-Arginine AKG also in N’SANE, GlycoCarn is a highly effective precursor of nitric oxide production in the system. Its ingredients signal to your body to increase the nitric oxide levels in your blood naturally, helping to promote expansion of the blood vessels for better circulation to the muscles. That means stronger lifts, the ability to have longer workouts and better training sessions, and an overall increase in muscular performance.

KreAlkalyn: Creatine is one of the most-researched muscle improvement supplements available, and one of the things all that research has shown is that in its normal form (creatine monohydrate), it is incredibly unstable and breaks down once its pH is altered within the body. Creatine is transformed into creatinine, a benefit-less byproduct, with most creatine products because of that instability. What KreAlkalyn does is provide a pH-buffered version of creatine, meaning that it will not break down the way normal creatine products would; instead, nearly 100 percent of it is absorbed to help increase muscle mass and strength.

With your body pumping blood more efficiently while also containing anabolic compounds, you can count on increased intensity in your workouts, stronger lifts, improved vascularity and a great pump.


Fight School and Work Stress with the Right Supplements

Deadlines, homework, tests, quizzes, meetings: Whether you’re in school or doing the daily work grind (or both), there are plenty of opportunities for stress to invade your life. We know all too well how stress can negatively impact not only your mental state of mind, but also your body — the stress hormone cortisol can wreak havoc on body fat levels and metabolism, and even affect digestion and sleep habits, which in turn does even more damage to your energy levels. And that’s all not to mention what it does to your mood, which, when degraded for long enough, can seriously damage your social and home life. It’s a vicious cycle. Fighting stress is the name of the game this week, and we’ll have some of the best supplements you can use to both improve your body and your state of mind. Bookmark this blog post, and check back throughout the week to see which products can help banish stress and ease the tension of  external pressures, and get you back to your productive, clear-minded self.


A high-quality multivitamin is first and foremost on this list. Because of its many and various uses, NATURE’S FUEL should be part of everyone’s daily supplementation anyway. But, speaking specifically to stress, its unique formula makes it a wonder against stress. By including a few well-known stress-busters, NATURE’S FUEL is a no-brainer when it comes to fighting off the anxiety associated with busy schedules and high demands. For example, vitamin C, magnesium and the amino acid L-tryptophan are renowned stress reducers, and you can commonly find them in many foods. However, the quick and more efficient way is to find them in NATURE’S FUEL, all at once, in a formula that’s one of the most effectively absorbed on the market. This ensures that you actually get the nutrients you’re ingesting. One of the most common reviews we hear about NATURE’S FUEL is how much energy and clear-headedness it provides. Fighting off cortisol to relieve stress is just one part of this great formula, though; it also is a prime choice to help avoid sickness and promote overall health. If you need an everyday mood-booster that also amps up your immune function, Square One is with NATURE’S FUEL.


bcaa, muscle building, muscle

The branched-chain amino acids Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine are directly related not only to muscle size and recovery, but energy as well, and that ties in to our discussion here on stress. Simply put, physical energy and stress — the actual recovery by the central nervous system and skeletal muscle after a workout, for example — can play a role in mental stress, too, because it can increase cortisol production. Healthful post-workout supplementation and nutrition can be a way to counteract this. Plenty of protein, quality carbohydrates and BCAAs can speed up the recovery process in your body, quickly reducing cortisol levels that may influence your mood and energy levels.


On top of being NUTRISHOP’s most popular and effective fat-burner, HYPERCOR is an elite option for boosting your mood and melting away stress.

This is because of several blends within HYPERCOR’s formula, specifically the patented Adrenal-Cortical Suppression Blend, designed to work with your own metabolism and control your cortisol levels. Plus, as a mood-booster, HYPERCOR is second to none because of its Neuro-Phoric Blend. Studies suggest there is a significant link between mental and physical health, meaning happy people are healthy people, and vice versa — you can help control your energy and mood with HYPERCOR while fighting body fat. Three major players in this product help improve your sense of well-being, including Beta-PEA (which helps signal the brain to produce more dopamine) and two other very long-worded ingredients that stimulate production of norepinephrine and the “feel-good” chemical found naturally in dark chocolate.

Yes, while HYPERCOR is best-known as a fat fighter, it’s also a tremendous option for melting away stress.


forzaone 1XDThis one’s for the guys. We’ve been over stress pretty thoroughly to this point, and it’s clear that cortisol, for all intents and purposes, is the enemy when it comes to the stress we feel. We over-worry, feel stressed out, produce cortisol and, in turn, our testosterone production actually decreases and body fat increases. For men, especially those 30 or older, these effects can snowball into a cyclical problem, where mood and physique both suffer.

That’s why 1-XD, our best-selling testosterone booster, is such a vital choice for guys. Not only does it boost testosterone, by up to 42 percent in 12 days, but its main ingredient, D-Aspartic Acid (DAA), has been shown in recent studies to not only improve the body’s musculature and strength, but also to reduce cortisol and stress levels. Plus, 1-XD contains its own anti-aromatase — this keeps the body from converting newly produced testosterone, which you need as a man, into a form of estrogen, which can, in abundance, make you gain body fat and drastically lose muscle tone.

What Are Your Vitamins Doing For You?

“Loaded with vitamins and minerals” is a popular catch phrase in seemingly every healthy food or supplement choice these days, it seems, but what exactly are you putting in your body, and why? Understanding why it’s important to fill in certain dietary gaps with a supplement is one of many aspects to achieving better overall health.

Of course, sometimes it seems easier with some vitamins than others. For example, we all know vitamin C is good for the immune system, and therefore we try to boost our consumption of it with plenty of fruits and veggies or, in case of emergency, we might load up on a vitamin C supplement to try to chase off a common cold or flu. What if we had that kind of basic, no-brainer response to more of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are just as important?

That’s the aim of our blog this week: To highlight some of the more important vitamins that can be obtained through regular supplementation. Today, we’ll start off with the underrated, under-consumed powerhouse mineral magnesium.

The USDA claims that only 32 percent of the American population meets the daily requirements for magnesium, and this could be one of many telltale signs behind American obesity rates — magnesium is required for ALL cellular energy (ATP) production, and a lack of it is directly related to a lack of energy, and we all know how tough it is to work out when you can’t bring yourself to get off the couch. Moreover, proper magnesium consumption is shown to reduce risk of stroke and heart attack, while shortening the length and severity of migraine and PMS symptoms. To these ends, magnesium is readily available in NATURE’S FUEL, which is almost completely bioavailable and is one of the most potent daily multivitamins available.

Another important role magnesium plays is in the sleep cycle — simply put, enough of it helps aid sleep while a deficiency hinders it. Stress is often a noted cause of sleep deficiency, and this is partially due to the hormonal response caused by lack of magnesium; when stress hormone levels are elevated, the body’s magnesium and calcium stores are depleted, causing a lack of physical energy but also mental restlessness.  This is why many sleep-aid supplements, like 1-XPM, rely on magnesium as part of their blends to aid recovery and growth hormone production as well.

Magnesium can mostly be found in leafy greens, as it’s abundant in chlorophyll, but is also available in spices, nuts, coffee, cocoa and tea, and taken as food, is almost impossible to over-consume. A good magnesium supplement can go a long way!



naturesEFAWe’ll spare you the long scientific name, but DHA is commonly found in essential fatty acids, particularly fish oils and some fruits and nuts. Perhaps known best for its anti-inflammatory properties, DHA-rich EFA products (like NATURE’S EFAs) are directed at preventing bloating and excess body fat retention. But it has other valuable benefits, too.

Some research suggests that DHA deficiency is linked to ADHD, cystic fibrosis, phenylketonuria and myriad mental imbalances; most of these can be explained by the brain’s dependency on DHA for not only childhood development, but adult maintenance. Found abundantly in fatty fish like salmon and mackerel, DHA’s role in the body seems to be largely beneficial — a decrease in it is linked with the proliferation of Alzheimer’s, and some studies back EFA-rich foods as prevention against hypertension, arthritis and even some cancers. (Source)


One underrated facet of maintaining good health is caring for your bones — honestly, when was the last time you mindfully took a supplement or ate any kind of food with your skeleton as the motivation? Yet bone density is an important part of longevity and health, and can also help prevent injuries and promote the support of more more skeletal muscle.

K2′s largest claim to fame to date is its strong correlation to fighting off osteoporosis. Originally, a calcium deficiency was thought to be the main culprit, and indeed it does play a role in brittle bones, but in cases where there was actually calcium build-up (calcification) around the heart but not the arteries, osteoporosis was still present despite a heavy calcium content in the body. Newer research has shown that this is because of Vitamin K2 deficiency. In one Japanese research example, a particular region of the country that did not eat large amounts of the K2-rich soybean food natto was found to have significantly more broken hip cases.

The relatively rare occurrence of K2 in foods makes it somewhat difficult to get into one’s diet regularly, though. It is found most in natto, which is actually fermented soybeans, but also shows up in other curdled or fermented food protein-rich foods, like cottage cheese. More easily, of course, it can be found in NATURE’S GREENS.

A New BLUEPRINT for Pre-Workout Products

Looking for a pre-workout fitting for an elite-level athlete, but without the jittery, “cracked-out” feeling? You’re going to want to keep an eye out for the upcoming release of BLUEPRINT, which has been sampled early by athletes like Chael Sonnen and is already receiving rave reviews. It just may be your new favorite pre-workout supplement!

BLUEPRINT is not just another one of those also-ran pre-workout supplements flooding the market today, nor is it just a Creatine Nitrate/Beta-Alanine blend (more on those important ingredients later this week)….it is so much more! As the name states, this is the new blueprint for pre- training supplementation. Using a unique, dose-specific blend of only the finest and most potent, cutting-edge ingredients of their kind, BLUEPRINT is a maximum strength, properly dosed, Creatine Nitrate infused pre-training formula designed to enhance and produce dramatic increases in strength, lean muscle gains, performance levels, training intensity, endurance, mental focus and non-stop smooth energy levels for the most incredible training sessions ever!

BLUEPRINT is designed for serious athletes striving to push their bodies beyond their genetic limits. BLUEPRINT was not designed for those merely looking for that “jittery, anxiety producing, cracked-out feeling” with minimal performance benefits. Don’t be mistaken: BLUEPRINT will give you plenty of non-stop energy for serious training intensity along with enhanced performance benefits…and then some! It is designed to provide mooth energy, sustained performance levels, increased vasodilation, enhanced oxygen recovery and ATP production while minimizing lactic acid build-up. You can also expect to notice a clear, intense focus; a “keeping your eyes on the prize” feeling through your entire training session.

With all this anticipation, you might be wondering how BLUEPRINT is different from the hundreds of other products that seem to be flooding the pre-workout supplement market today.

In addition to containing the following powerhouse ingredients in proper ratios — Carnosyn, Agmatine Sulfate, L-Norvaline, L-Glycine, L-Taurine, Caffeine Anhydrous, Synephrine HCl, Calcium Phosphate, Potassium Phosphate, and Magnesium Phosphate — we felt it necessary to focus on the following additional compounds:

Pure Cordyceps Super: Cordyceps has two major functions associated with it. One is that it increases oxygen capacity and the other is that it increases ATP levels.

Modified Potato Starch: Included to promote an insulin spike for increased absorption and uptake. MPS also acts as a nutrient transporter, delivering nutrients directly to the muscle with minimal potency lost in the harsh acidic environment of the stomach.

REV-PEA:An advanced blend of energy and focus enhancing phenylethylamines which promote the release of epinephrine and norepinephrine, 2 powerful neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters boost cognitive energy (focus) and promote thermogenesis without much stimulant effect.

Creatine Nitrate: More on this amazing ingredient later this week.

We can’t wait to give you more info on BLUEPRINT, and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed when it arrives.

FEM-FIRE: The Safer Pre-Workout Meant for Women

Ever since supplement companies using DMAA 1,3 in its pre-workout formulas were warned by the FDA after cases of heart attack, increased blood pressure and other complaints, the pre-workout market has been under some change. DMAA is a form of caffeine that was used commonly used in pre-workouts like Jack3d and Hemo Rage, among others. For a full list of which companies have been warned to stop marketing this product as a safe, active ingredient, just click the link above.

We warned long ago that DMAA was facing scrutiny (check it out here) and categorically noted that it is unsafe, and recommended against it. At that time, all major sports institutions, professional and collegiate, had already banned it, and now the FDA is against it, too. Now, those other companies have reformulated their products, and many are noting they’re not getting what they paid for anymore. That doesn’t mean there are no safe pre-workouts, though!

The great thing about FEM-FIRE, the newest pre-workout at NUTRISHOP that’s designed for women, is it was formulated well after the FDA’s warnings and didn’t have to come up with new tweaks on its ingredients just to get it OK’d — in fact, its entire ingredient list is posted on the NUTRISHOP USA website, and we’ve shared it here. No secrets with FEM-FIRE!

If you’re looking for a pre-workout to try and you don’t want to worry if it has harmful ingredients or about its efficacy, come in and sample FEM-FIRE before your next workout.

Build a Fat-Burning Stack with FEM-FIRE

So you’ve got your workout plan set up and you’ve picked up your FREE diet plan and FEM-FIRE from NUTRISHOP. Now what?

If you’re serious about losing body fat and toning up your body, you should consider grouping this awesome pre-workout with a few other supplements, to enhance its effects and boost your results.

As a caffeine stimulant, FEM-FIRE will help you achieve sharp focus during your workouts, meaning you can really focus on your pace, form and rest periods, and the energy boost you also get will allow for better workout performance — strength, endurance of strength and stamina. As you lift heavier, or more, or at a higher intensity, the body breaks down more fully. This is a plus, since microscopic muscle tears mark the beginning of growth. But the big second stage is recovery.

Accelerate that stage by pairing FEM-FIRE with BCAA SPORT during your workout, to both replenish electrolytes, keeping you hydrated, and speed up muscle recovery by fighting off catabolism (muscle wasting). A hydrated cell is a better-functioning cell, and when its function is muscle-building, you want them working at their best.

After your intense workout, down a PRO7EIN SYNTHESIS shake with a scoop of GLUTACOR or GLUTAMIC. A complete, well-rounded protein source like PRO7 provides immediate muscle recovery fuel and also a “slow-drip” source for up to eight hours, as your body continues to rebuild muscle and burn fat well after your last rep. And pairing it with a glutamine supplement is an even more complete way to speed up your recovery, meaning you can go at your next workout with just as much intensity.

Fat Loss, Workout Performance, Energy: A Closer Look at FEM-FIRE

There’s never been a female-specific pre-workout formula quite like the new FEM-FIRE that’s now at NUTRISHOP. All that time spent trying to figure out which one is the way to go is over! Check out the details on this great new performance supplement; we break it down blend by blend, showing you what this product does and how it helps you.

LIPO-K: A professional lipotropic formulation developed to open up the stored fat cells “superhighway”, triggering lipolysis and sparking your calorie-burning inferno; effectively targeting stubborn, unwanted body fat. Comprised mainly of L-Carnitite Tartrate, L-Carnitine Fumerate and raspberrry ketones extract, this blend is designed for fat-loss purposes unlike many male-specific pre-workouts. One 2011 study from the Journal of Physiology showed that researchers using L-carnitine L-tartrate supplementation for six months positively impacted muscle metabolism and performance. L-Carnitine Fumerate has been suggested in studies by the University of Maryland to decrease fat mass, reduce fatigue and increase muscle mass, thus promoting decreased weight. And raspberry ketones help raise the body’s temperature by releasing norepinephrine and also limits the amount of available blood sugar by signaling the release of adiponectin. What this does is 1) create a warmer internal temperature that encourages fat melting and 2) limits the available blood sugar that is most easily converted to fat stores.

Performance: A compilation of proven ingredients all targeted to smash the middle of the workout “wall” so often hit. Push harder, push further, push longer without compromising a women’s No. 1 body fat burner: her own muscle! The top ingredient here is Beta-Alanine, a non-essential amino acid, meaning it occurs naturally on some level in the body, but is also found in meat products. This should be a major hint, as this is also a property of creatine, carnosine and histidine — other amino acids that are essential in creating and maintaining muscular energy and sparking growth. Beta-alanine fits in as a “precursor”: When it arrives to the muscle, it puts everything in motion.

For your muscles to function properly (contract and expand with each rep), they must be at a proper pH level. Ever noticed how much they burn as you’re closer to your final reps? We sure hope you have! You might know this as “lactic acid flush,” and you’d be correct; the acidity, however, is also a byproduct of some other chemical reactions going on in the muscle — and these are the important ones, where beta-alanine can make a huge difference.

Energy and Focus: Designed to hot-wire your energy levels and maximize the desire to keep working out as well as give a razor-sharp focus and intensity like you’ve never experienced before. Marked mostly by caffeine anhydrous, a waterless, effective form of caffeine, this blend will prevent you from dragging through your workouts for the best results possible.

Water Extraction: Incorporated into FEM-FIRE as a definition catalyst, driving out water from unwanted areas to unveil a more defined you! Green tea extract, a potent all-natural ingredient, is the active part of this blend that prevents bloating.

FRC (Female Response Complex): Specifically developed to naturally assist you in addressing shifting hormone levels and daily stress. By understanding the needs of an active woman, our formulators were able to design a compound that will maintain inner balance, prepping you to conquer the day!

CS-Suppress: Working out naturally increases insulin levels in response to glucose (muscle “fuel”) but can also cause a dramatic drop in insulin levels immediately following strenuous exercise. By keeping the blood sugar levels regulated, insulin levels stay in check, allowing the muscles to utilize glucose more effectively; giving them the fuel needed to keep working without a sudden spike or dip that could compromise recovery and energy levels, ultimately, leading to post workout sugar cravings.