Follow the workout below for a great chest pump, or download and print the .pdf!

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DB Bench Press: 4×12, drop each set for 6-8 more. Perform 12 reps, then lower the dumbbells to a weight you can get 6-8 more times.

Incline BB Bench Press: 14, 12, 10, 8 (increase weight). Progressively load the bar as you lower your reps with each barbell set. Your goal is to get each rep, but the last 2-3 of each set should be fairly tough.

Cable Flys or Pec Deck: 4×20, light weight and stretch. Stretch and contraction is the key here, so go light with the weight and use a full range of motion. Adjust the machine to allow your arms to go back about 15-20 degrees behind you, and concentrate on using the chest, not the arms, to bring the handles together in front of you.

Weighted Pushups: 4 sets to failure, drop-set each. Place a plate on your back and perform as many perfect, face-to-ground pushups as you can before your form fails. Once it does, remove the plate and repeat.