DJ Lost 78 Pounds With Nutrishop

File Jan 07, 1 08 40 PM File Jan 07, 1 08 53 PMDJ Bradway has lost over 78 pounds since he started working with Toby at Nutrishop CDA – great strides for anyone, let alone a diabetic. Starting in June, DJ had his epiphany – it was time to do something different.

“I walked in, told Toby ‘I’m fat, I need to lose some weight,’ and he sat down with me for an hour and a half,” DJ said. “We went over my eating habits, and he explained how the body works with metabolizing food. He showed me some products and laid out a meal plan. It’s been great.”

DJ dropped fat fast – he lost 60 pounds between June 1 and Sept. 1 – and got most of his exercise from his construction job. Truly, he said, the greatest impact came from the changes to his diet.

“I’ve stuck with it pretty closely and I do the best I can,” DJ said. “I still have cheat days to look forward to, but even with those, they’re few and far between. I notice how it’s affected me all around – I sleep better, I have more energy, I’m a lot more flexible. It’s an entire lifestyle change.”

DJ never put a number on his fitness goals, since, as he learned from Toby, his weight would be influenced by muscle gain as well as fat loss. But the results have been there, both physically and mentally.

“The biggest effect is the ability to say ‘No’ when I go out with people,” DJ said. “Most people don’t realize how many sugars and processed foods are presented to us all the time. I’m more wary of it now and I’m really cautious about what I eat – I need to make sure I maintain my meal plan.”

He also has received ever-important support from his family and friends throughout his transformation, for the rare times he does have a craving. Even his boss at work helps encourage him – the two might keep an eye on each other to make sure the other isn’t sneaking a dessert in for lunch, for example.

On top of his conscientious dieting, DJ has seen great benefits from Nutrishop supplements – including the metabolism-boosting Thermovex, muscle-building protein powders like Pro7ein Synthesis and Forza Pro and Detoxin. The most important tool at his disposal now, though, is knowledge, combined with a support system in place at Nutrishop.

“Toby’s very forthcoming and knowledgeable, and talking with him about how all of it works is really great,” DJ said. “I was a little apprehensive at first because I was so overweight. I thought I was going to get judged, but I didn’t feel any negativity toward me.

“The vibe I got was really just, ‘Here’s a guy that wants to get his life on track and we’re going to help him,’” DJ said. “Nutrishop helps the way a friend would help, not like some businessman pushing whatever he can on you so he can make more money. It’s a great relationship I have there.”

The Top 5 Supplements to Jump-start Your Resolutions

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If your resolutions are fitness- or health-based again this year, we’ve got you covered.

Many people wish they could start from scratch — much in the way it’s easier to keep your house clean once it’s already been thoroughly tidied up, it’s easier to make sure your fitness is on-point without weighing it down with excess waste, toxins or other buildup lingering in your body. If you partied this holiday season — and that includes calorie splurges at Thanksgiving, indulging in sweets around Christmas and boozing hard for New Year’s — you could probably use some detoxifying in your life.

This leads us to our first New Year’s must-have supplement: DETOXIN.

DETOXINThe “Synergistic Blend” in DETOXIN targets all four detoxifying organs (kidneys, liver, gall bladder and colon) specifically, boosting support to your system:

Liver Detox and Support Blend: Your liver plays a huge role in almost everything health-related you can imagine in your digestive system. It synthesizes amino acids to help build muscle, it processes insulin and other hormones and it breaks down fats. When your liver is burdened with excess toxins, it simply cannot do these things as efficiently as possible, meaning you have waste that needs to be broken down but is instead just sitting there. Ever hear people say “My liver’s going to hate me” after a night of heavy drinking? Well, they’re right. Alcohol toxins in the liver are pure poison, and your body sees it as a priority to get rid of it first and foremost. Many processes get put on hold to deal with these alcohol toxins; the result is often a hangover. Bonus: Consider DETOXIN a hangover helper!

Gall Bladder Detox and Support Blend: If you’ve ever wondered where “kidney stones” or “gall stones” come from, look no further. And if you’ve heard of people who have had them — some say the word “excruciating” is putting it gently — they all say their doctors told them the same thing: They should have watched the crap they were putting in their bodies. People who routinely don’t drink enough water or take in boatloads of chemicals and toxins fall in this category, meaning we’re more at risk than we might think. Your gall bladder serves as a backup to the bile the liver produces, and when too many toxins interact with that bile over time, they form stones. And you don’t want to have to pass one to know how painful they can be.

Kidney Detox and Support Blend: “House” fans should recognize the phrase “renal failure,” but even if you’re not into hospital drama on TV, you’ve got to know how important the kidneys are to your entire body. They’re responsible at least to some degree for your body’s waste management, blood pressure, water management and a ton of other filtering processes that are crucial to your system. Because they serve as filters, they bear the burden perhaps the heaviest when you overload your system with toxins — they take on all the unprocessed garbage your other organs can’t handle. It is essential to take care of your kidneys, and this blend helps promote kidney health.

Colon Detox and Support Blend: As you might have suspected, some of us are more full of crap than others — literally! The waste storage unit in the lower intestines, the colon is responsible for doing the final clean-up job of your digestive system. The problem with many people’s digestive tracts, though, is that they are so full of toxins and insoluble waste that they never do get processed. Instead, the accumulate in the colon, giving the feeling and appearance of bloating and distension. In some people, up to 20 POUNDS of excess waste can be stored, severely blocking the body’s ability to further rid itself of toxins and harmful bacteria in the colon.

Second on our list of products to start your year off right with is STANCE, available both in men’s and women’s thermogenic formulas.

10696237_773786932683574_8051124138704284245_nThe two big ingredients in STANCE are Dicana and R-beta phenylethamine.

Dicana is a potent non-stimulant metabolic booster developed to dramatically increase fat burning by raising basal metabolic rate, thus, increasing oxygen and energy consumption by the body. Dicana increases the rate of caloric burning through pro-thyroid mechanics, causing a shift from fat mass in favor of lean muscle. This is accomplished by strategically repurposing calories, increasing muscle protein synthesis while simultaneously annihilating body fat.

Dicana is found in STANCE, in the form of DIOXITONE T4; its purpose is to synthesize proteins, which in turn helps build muscle and ultimately leads to decreased body fat. This is how hormones can affect your physique and well-being, and Dicana can play a vital role in the process.


How Detoxifying Helps With Muscle Gain and Fat Loss

The many benefits of detoxifying the system — colon, gall bladder, liver, kidneys — are seen throughout the body, in almost every important function it does. A more effective digestive and endocrine system helps the entire operation run much more smoothly. But we know our clients have goals. One of them is muscle gain, and it’s not an uncommon question: Can a detox help?

The short answer is yes. But we’ll explain how.

As your kidneys and liver work to filter out toxins, they also are performing a ton of other jobs — these organs are some of the most versatile, hard-working ones you have! The liver is believed to have as many as 500 separate functions, from hormone production and breakdown to nutrient metabolism. But two of the most important things it does, at least to a person who wants to build muscle, are synthesizing amino acids and metabolizing proteins, two essential steps for muscle growth and recovery.

It might help to think of your liver as an employee, even, who is really good at just about everything he does — but he has a lot on his plate. In fact, when it comes to one job, he’s almost TOO good. That job is waste filtration, and he’s the best. What happens when the liver is overwhelmed with bacteria, waste and toxins is that it cannot perform the rest of its jobs as efficiently. This goes for fat digestion, blood sugar regulation and, yes, protein synthesis. So not only do toxins and waste harm your muscle-building goals, but they slow your fat-burning processes, too.

A large part of how we introduce these toxins comes from food chemicals, airborne waste and bacterial imbalances in the gut. Nutritionist Byron Richards explained how these can contribute to fat gain even further (original research credits included):

The scientific theory of how these chemicals cause weight gain8 and difficulty losing weight has now been established.  They bind to gene signaling within white adipose tissue and induce new fat cells to form9 while simultaneously increasing inflammation10. Oftentimes, the newly formed fat cells are themselves damaged by the toxins11 so that they cannot metabolically perform12, which includes an inability to make leptin normally13. These damaged fat cells can fill up with excess fat14 and toxins, but are not able to efficiently carry out normal functions of fat cells, leading directly to increased risk for type 2 diabetes15 via the suppression of the important fat cell hormone16 known as adiponectin 17. Several human studies confirm that PCBs increase diabetes risk.18 These chemicals pose a serious problem to the thyroid gland19 and the efficient utilization of thyroid hormone throughout your body.  Furthermore, they can cause either hypothyroidism20 or hyperthyroidism. Trying to get the fat and toxins out of these damaged fat cells is no small challenge in terms of successful weight loss, yet it is vital to restore normal metabolism. (Source)

If you want to give your liver some help in doing its hundreds of jobs, strongly consider a natural detox and cleanse. A great place to start is with NUTRISHOP’s Detox Stack. It works to help flush toxins and waste within the organs, making the system more efficient so you can start making more gains!