The Body Transformation Challenge Winners Are In!

We have some great results from the NUTRISHOP Body Transformation Challenge, and we want to share the winners with you all this week!

Every category winner won $75, with the exception of the overall winner, who wins FREE PROTEIN from us for a year!

First, an honorable mention: Jessica Rayner, who had a total fat loss-muscle gain swing of 6.26 pounds!

unnamed (1)A new mom in July, Jessica took second in her class after connecting with NUTRISHOP’s Josh. The two had known each other for a long time and Jessica heard about the Body Transformation Challenge, she knew it would be a good thing to do to drop the baby weight and get motivated.

“The guys that work at NUTRISHOP are great — I used to be really intimidated in that kind of environment, because a lot of the people that you see there are really fit already,” Jessica said. “But Matt and Josh helped me out a lot. They’re really supportive, and that’s important to me because I have a crazy schedule with a baby, I work graveyard, I don’t have a set time that I sleep. They helped me do the best I could given the situation.”

When Jessica had her son, she was weighing in at 176 pounds, and after she returned to work, she got down to 147. She set a goal before the Transformation Challenge to get down to 125, and while she didn’t quite make it to that number, she dropped the excess fat around her stomach with a clean meal plan that Josh wrote for her, plus supplementing with FORZA PRO protein powder.

“I’m really happy that I was able to stick to it,” she said. “It wasn’t too hard for me to eat the food he wanted me to — the challenge was more in eating every three hours because of my schedule. I’m a huge fan of chocolate and sugar, and I think the meal plan he gave me seemed to curb those cravings.”

Jessica is looking forward to the spring’s Transformation Challenge, when she plans to incorporate more physical training into her schedule while maintaining her new diet. With a hectic schedule and sporadic sleeping habits due to her job and new child, Jessica still is finding that her cleaner eating habits are giving her more energy. She feels more fit and healthy,

“I just wanted to be fit. I used to be into sports and as I got older I went down the wrong road. It’s too easy for me to gain weight,” Jessica said. “I just wanted to be healthier for my son and my own health.”

Our overall winner and winner of the Male 30-49 Category: Keith Babor!unnamed

Keith lost 25.93 pounds of fat and 11.07 pounds of muscle for a total transformation of 14.88 pounds! With two months of training and dieting throughout the PEAK Biggest Loser Challenge and the Body Transformation Challenge — a perfect storm of motivation — Keith and his wife Tracie (see her story below) knew they had to work together, and fast, to get their lives back on track.

unnamed (1)

Keith had held pretty firm between the 205- and 220-pound range for years as he worked construction, and also had aches and pains related to his line of work. His right shoulder partially separates from doing drywall and construction for so long. His left shoulder was constantly aching. He had a right knee reconstruction, a meniscus repair and an ACL replacement at 40. Keith, once an AAU basketball coach, all but quit playing basketball or racquetball, or even running or jumping, because it hurt too much. The biggest thing, though, was the real-life application of all that pain — “It used to just kill me to sit on the floor and read my kids books,” Keith said.

He set an ambitious weight goal from the outset: 175 pounds. A nutritionist he had been seeing told him to be realistic. Instead of changing his goals, Keith worked hard — he got his diet set up at NUTRISHOP with the help of Josh and Toby, made sure to incorporate protein, BCAAs and 1-XPM into his supplement plans and started training to build muscle, and then stuck to his regimen.

He ended up weighing in at 170 after the challenge.

“We really held ourselves accountable and did it together, and everyone at NUTRISHOP has just been awesome to help us do it,” Keith said. “They’re just full of information and that really helped us meet and exceed our goals. When you do something like this, people tell you that you can’t do it, but they tell you not only that you can, but how you can.”

For Keith, it was never about the number on the scale — he just wanted to feel healthy and strong. And perhaps best of all, the real life stuff is back in play for him and Tracie — Keith can read to his kids or play with them without pain. He’s no longer afraid of being 50 and unable to throw around a ball with his children.

“I’m getting stronger every day, and at 47 I’m healthier than I was 15 years ago, and that to me is amazing,” he said. “I feel better than I have in years. That’s attributed to making a lifestyle change.”

Female Over 50 Category: Laurie Littman

unnamed (4)unnamed (3)Laurie lost 3.93 pouns of fat and gainpounds of muscle for a 4.86-pound swing. Also a competitor in the PEAK challenge, Laurie did not come into this competition as a novice. In fact, she was a NUTRISHOP Transformation Challenge contestant in the past, and had great success then, too. Motivated by her past results and the knowledge that her hard work would pay off, Laurie signed up again.

“I kind of already knew what I was doing, and I knew the results would come,” Laurie said, noting that she stuck with the same supplement usage of BCAA SPORT, N’FUZE, NATURE’S FUEL and PRO 7. “I’ve kind of kept up with it, worked out the same, and pushed a little bit more with the weights this time.”

Laurie was still able to achieve success without hitting a weight-loss plateau, thanks to a revamped diet and new focus on ensuring she was getting enough protein. She had initially gotten a meal plan created at NUTRISHOP when she first competed in the challenge and applied the same principles this time around.

“As far as my diet I tried to eat more protein – I had gotten kind of lax on that, so I watched it a little bit more,” she said. “When you’re in a contest you don’t want to let things go like you might have when you’re not in a contest, so I worked on it.”

One major change Laurie also made was to implement five days a week of heavy weight lifting with her friend and workout partner Sarah. She had been training with weights before, but never with the intensity or frequency with which she’s training now.

“It’s fun and going with a partner helps a lot,” Laurie said. “It’s easy for me to get to the gym every morning.”

Her success this time around, she said, all started when she first gained the knowledge she’s still using. She knows the diet is the most important thing — “probably 80 percent of the important work I’ve done is eating right” — and in this case, knowledge definitely is power.

“I had a better grasp of what I was doing,” she said, “with the help of everyone there at NUTRISHOP.”

Female 30-49 Category: Tracie Babor


Tracie Babor lost more than 16 pounds of fat during the NUTRISHOP Transformation Challenge.

With eight kids, including two young ones, Tracie and her husband Keith had struggled over the course of the last year to stay in shape, each putting on about 10-15 pounds and feeling too tired for exercise. Along came two huge motivating factors, though: The PEAK Biggest Loser contest, and of course, the NUTRISHOP Body Transformation contest, and the couple decided to do both together.

A couple of years ago, Tracie had started to do the Biggest Loser contest, but soon became pregnant and it stalled out her goals. Instead of giving up on them altogether, though, she and Keith came back to challenge themselves and are now seeing the rewards.

“We have lots of years left that we need to live and be healthy,” said Tracie, who lost 16.94 pounds of fat and 5.06 pounds of muscle for a 11.88-pound swing. “I’m feeling fantastic. We used to be super active — we hike, we bike, we fish, and we take the kids with us and spend the day running around, but this last summer we got away from that. The first weekend of the challenge, we found a hiking trail that was about 10 miles. The kids couldn’t do it obviously, and once we went up it, I didn’t know we’d make it out again.

“We’re looking forward to tackling that trail in the spring.”

Like many people looking for motivation do, Tracie experienced a bit of nervousness in her first trip into NUTRISHOP, not knowing what to expect and surrounded by nutrition experts. She left with the knowledge necessary to get her and her husband’s diets right, and also was able to keep an eye on her weight loss as she stocked up on protein, BCAAs and, more recently, 1-XPM. The goals in her sights have now changed from losing weight to challenging herself more: She wants to start training for a mini-triathlon, mixing in even more weight lifting, and putting on more muscle.

“I feel really good, I’m loving the stuff I’m doing and the lifestyle that we’re able to have again,” Tracie said. “I’m excited to see what the next couple months bring for me. We’re sticking with it.”

Male Under 30 Category: Bryce Degelman

PicMonkey CollageBryce, 27, was able to turn in a 5.34-pound swing as he lost 1.67 pounds of fat and put on 3.67 pounds of muscle during the challenge, all part of a year-long transformation for him. Nine years ago, he was a hockey player in high school, but injuries and a desk job put his health and fitness in jeopardy until he decided to change it in March.

“I decided I wanted to get back into shape and get healthy again,” he said, “and up to the point of that competition I’d come down about 25 pounds from my original weight. I figured I was already in the mix of the working out, so it kind of fit together — too bad it wasn’t a few months earlier!”

With the support from his wife Kira, who started encouraging the couple to work out back in March, Bryce started hitting the gym as soon as it opens, 5-6 times a week, mixing up his workouts with dedicated splits like upper-body pull and push days, leg days and even mixing in spin classes or other forms of cardio.

Adopting a supplement regiment of HEMOVEX, FORZA ONE BCAAs and PRO7 protein powder, Bryce is still burning off the fat he wants to and is excited to start getting even more serious about his fitness.

“I feel great now. I got to the point where I blew my knee up and had to have surgery on it, four days before our first kid was born, and during my recovery I was physically in a really low point, and now I feel way stronger,” Bryce said. “I feel like I’m almost back to what my peak was before.”

Female Under 30 Category: Alana Harvey


Female Under 30 winner Alana Harvey

Alana lost 3.12 pounds of fat and gained .52 pounds of muscle for a 3.64-pound swing! At 20 years old, she said she was surprised with her results, given that she weighed in at only 121 pounds.

Already an avid weight lifter with her husband Jeramy, Alana was encouraged to join the competition after talking with NUTRISHOP’s Matt one day. The first fix was getting her diet right, but with Jeramy out of the state for work for seven weeks, Alana had to take things into her own hands to prepare the food that she normally relied on her husband to make for them both.

“I started eating healthier right away, changed my diet pretty much completely and upped my workout days to six instead of four,” Alana said. “I was cooking for myself, preparing everything, and that was the hardest thing. I had to learn to eat small portions every hour — I was full but also hungry all the time!”

Working in the 15-rep range with the heaviest weights she could handle, Alana was focused on building muscle and strength over the 60-day transformation period. The biggest challenge she faced was Thanksgiving, of course, but she had a strategy.

“There was a fruit tray and vegetable dish, so I got full on that before the bad stuff,” she said. “Mashed potatoes are my absolute favorite, so I had a little bit of those, but otherwise that pretty much was it. It’s easier to not crave the sweets and junk food if you never eat them in the first place.”

Alana is looking forward to seeing Jeramy soon, because he’s refused to let her send any pictures of her transformation! And in the meantime, it’s easy for her to stay motivated. She works at the hospital, where she sees plenty of poor health, and refuses to let herself succumb to it at this point in her life. Fitness has become her feel-good drug.

As for the $75 she won at NUTRISHOP, she knows it’ll go toward one of the favorites she used to get in shape for the contest: N’FUZE, FEMFIRE, FORZA PRO or AUGMENT!

Way to go, Alana! Congrats!


Stop Fat Absorption As You Eat: Fat Grabbers


What if there was a way to eliminate unhealthy dietary fats from your body before they ever got the chance to settle in in the first place?

Well, you could simply not eat them. But with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, let’s face it: You’re going to chow down. That’s why NUTRISHOP is now carrying Fat Grabbers, a weight loss product designed to be taken with a high-fat meal to trap fat and eliminate it, instead of letting it be absorbed.

Also a powerful tool for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels and stabilizing blood sugar levels, Fat Grabbers is available now, just in time for the holidays!


  • Helps decrease the body’s absorption of fat.
  • Helps maintain cholesterol levels that are already within the normal range.

Guar Gum, Psyllium Hulls: The fat-binding properties of fiber from guar gum and psyllium hulls interfere with the absorption of the emulsified fat from the small intestine. The bound fat molecules are then eliminated. Unlike some other types of fiber, guar gum does not affect mineral absorption. However, this fiber does slow down sugar absorption, which helps to maintain blood sugar levels already within the normal range. It also swells with fluid intake, promoting a feeling of satiety. (Source)

Nathalie Gained 7 Pounds of Muscle With NUTRISHOP’s Help!

Nathalie 3Nathalie Fernimen, 40, has always been into fitness, but decided she wanted to take it to another level.

NUTRISHOP CDA’s Transformation Challenge earlier this year was the kick-start she needed.

“I’ve always been into exercising and staying in shape, but the guys at NUTRISHOP really helped me transition into a different league,” Nathalie says. “My whole issue was that I’ve always trained, and trained hard, but I’ve never seen really big gains from anything.”

One discussion with certified, knowledgeable NUTRISHOP employees cleared things up. They told her about the Challenge, and with that motivation, plus their knowledge, advice and help, Nathalie stuck with a brand-new diet plan and got the best results she’d ever seen.

She gained more muscle mass, and found that she simply wasn’t eating enough. At the end of the Challenge, Nathalie had put on seven pounds of muscle and dropped 3.5 percent of her body fat in the three months the Challenge ran. Some days were harder than others – she travels with her girls a lot on the weekends for sports, so weekends were difficult for her – but Monday through Friday were nothing but hard work.

“During the week, I was religious with it,” she says. “I trained five days a week, at least, kept my diet strong on those days and really saw a big difference.”

She also saw a difference in how NUTRISHOP handled her as a customer. She’d shopped all over before, looking for supplements and fitness and nutrition help. None were like NUTRISHOP.

“The difference with NUTRISHOP is the fact they are very welcoming,” Nathalie says. “They’re just really friendly, very welcoming and they make you feel at home. If you have any questions they’re there to answer them. It almost feels like a family, just a great atmosphere. Toby’s chosen good people for his staff and they’re there to help you out, and that’s what kept me coming back.”

NathalieThe staff even helped her out with motivation, getting her over the speed bumps in her diet where she was certain she couldn’t do the work necessary to keep healthy food available at all times. For example, she’d go into the store, say “I can’t do this anymore,” and instead of letting her throw in the towel, they’d share stories — about their traveling competitions and how they would pack coolers and bags of food, just to stick with their diets.

“It made me realize that there’s no reason I can’t do it. They’d challenge me that way, and I could do it,” Nathalie says. “They kept me on track, so I’d go in more often to keep myself motivated.”

Great job, Nathalie!

How to Burn Fat Through Exercise

We’ve said it a million times: The fastest way to losing body fat is through diet (or “Abs are made in the kitchen.” Take your pick). And it’s still true. Our estimate is that about 75 percent of the body fat you’ll lose has to do with what and when you’re eating. But that doesn’t mean that other 25 percent — your training — can’t figure in massively, too.

This week, we will examine four ways you can train to start burning fat: prolonged cardio, HIIT cardio, super-, tri- and giant-sets and skilled recreational training, plus we’ll provide a sample of each one and list the best supplements you can use to complement your fat-loss training. Each day, we’ll have an addition to this running blog with a way to burn fat through exercise. We’ll start today with No. 1: Distance cardio.


Cardio-RoutinesThe most popular, long-touted form of aerobic exercise is about as simple as it gets: You just run around for anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour, and that’s your workout. You maintain a steady pace, focus on your breathing and keeping your legs and, sure enough, you’re beat when you’re done.

Is this our favorite form of cardio? No. But it can be effective in spots. Plus, some people really do find the run itself to be a time to decompress and think lucidly. A 2-to-3-mile jog has its benefits; runs that long definitely can start burning up fat, provided you allow your body to do so instead of catabolizing and eating muscle.

Our basic say on distance cardio wants you to follow just a couple rules:

  1. Don’t do it before your weight training, or as a warm-up. Your muscles need all the energy (glycogen) they can get for weight training. When you run before you lift, yes, you use up blood sugar and body fat for energy, which is what you want. But if you use your glycogen stores for your weight training first, your cardio will get to body fat anyway, and without the risk for catabolism. (That’s provided you supplement correctly … which leads us to our next point.)
  2. Take BCAAs before prolonged, static-state cardio, and even during if your sessions are extended. Most distance runners have a certain look: Very skinny, yes, with low body fat levels and scant musculature to go with it. Prolonged aerobic running/elliptical/treadmill activity eats up body tissue, fat and muscle, alike. Once your body is done with glucose, it turns to muscle BEFORE it turns to fat for energy. If you invest in branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), however, you can provide a “buffer” — your muscles are protected, and fat stores are targeted instead.
  3. Challenge yourself. Our experiences, and those of the thousands of clients we’ve helped, have yielded one truism above all else when it comes to training: Intensity matters. A 3-mile jog is not as good as a 3-mile run; a 3-mile run with intervals or a “kick” of high-intensity speed at the end is even better.


imagesWe’ll come out and say it: This is the best cardio you can do for fat loss — our apologies if you just really love running long distances. The basic principle is that you bust your butt as hard as you can for a minute, then take another minute to slow it down or rest before cranking up the intensity again. The idea isn’t that you run a certain distance in a certain amount of time; it’s that you run for specific amounts of time at varying degrees of intensity.

Studies across the board show that HIIT is superior to prolonged, single-state cardio for fat loss, metabolic change and muscle support. It’s harder — you go for about 85-90 percent of what you can do given your state of fatigue in your “on” intervals — but it is much less time-consuming and much more effective. The calorie burn, additionally, can last up to 24 hours. A few notes on HIIT:

  1. Sprint, swim, jump rope, use a machine — whatever. Anything that gets your heart rate up and your body moving is a good option. Swimming is particularly good for you, given that it requires full-body support and it’s easy on the joints compared to pounding the pavement.
  2. Use a stopwatch. Simply put, there is no other way to keep yourself accountable than to actually know that you’re going for a full minute of all-out intensity (followed by a minute of rest, or low-intensity cardio). You’d be surprised at how long a minute actually is, and how horrible your mind can be at “counting” seconds when your body is exerting itself.
  3. Supplement properly. Just as with distance cardio, HIIT is much more effective at burning fat when body fat becomes the primary energy source. Try to avoid all carbs in the period before your cardio workout; instead, take a dose of BCAAs and stack regularly with KETOLEAN (for advanced lipid replacement to further promote body fat loss) and METABOLIC SPIKE. This trio will help ensure that your fat stores are getting targeted through exercise and from within.


Supersetting pull-ups and push-ups: Classic antagonistic work.

Supersetting pull-ups and push-ups: Classic antagonistic work.

Not all fat loss has to come from running, swimming, hiking or other forms of cardio. In fact, many cardiophobes prefer this very method for that reason: You can still get your heart rate up and avoid traditional aerobic exercise with your weight lifting — it’s all about blood flow.

Super sets involve consecutive sets, with no rest in between (trisets feature three sets, and giant sets four or more). It’s particularly effective for rushing blood all over the body to mix an upper-body lift with a lower-body one; say, pull-ups and Romanian deadlifts. Other supersets depend on your goal, but none of them are bad for fat loss as long as reps are toward the high side (usually a minimum of eight reps per set; so 16 per superset, is what you want).

Versatility is one of the keys of this type of exercise; how you pair them can mean quite a lot. An explosive movement, like box jumps, could pair well with a heavy one, like deadlifts; likewise, you can get a great pump and build strength by working antagonistic muscles (a set of bent-over rows, paired with incline dumbbell press).

Finally, super-, tri- and giant sets are a great way to shake up your workout routine. I’ve always found that when things are stagnating a bit, throwing in a few supersets gets the blood flowing and energy going (plus, it saves on time).


Some people like putting in the time for cardio, but playing a competitive sport like basketball, soccer or football is an outstanding way to not only burn fat through exercise, but to have fun while doing it.

Basketball and soccer, in particular, are fantastic options because they offer a very similar approach to HIIT — lots of full-speed sprinting, plenty of endurance training and the added benefit of lateral and backward movement. Running and jumping competitively, for even short periods of time, provides an excellent aerobic workout, and when you add in things like body control and skilled movement — necessary in sports — it becomes even more challenging and rewarding. Other extremely underrated sports for fat loss (and, obviously, muscle gain) are wrestling, boxing and variations of mixed martial arts. If you can find a good trainer or gym, you’ll see just how hard of a workout these sports can provide.

Even if you’re not looking to play sports, you can train like an athlete would. Basketball wind sprints (“suicides”) are renowned for their HIIT style and can torch the fat in no time, and they’re a personal favorite of ours for in-the-gym cardio when you don’t want to give a bunch of time to aerobics.

The Power of a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleeping Puppy

Are you sleeping well?

One of the most important processes our body must go through daily is sleep, but it doesn’t get the attention our waking-hours activities do. We tend to skew our health focus toward the aspects of our health we actively control — diet, exercise, supplementation, etc. — and assume we’ll just go to bed when we’re tired and wake up when we have to. Why not take the same approach with sleep?

In short, sleep is not only critical to our mental and physical well-being, but a major indicator of both, too. It’s somewhat circular: How you sleep determines your health, and your health determines how you sleep.


Getting too little or too much sleep at night increases the risk of obesity. A study from Laval University in Quebec found that nightly sleep duration predicted future weigh gain. It examined nearly 300 adults, organized according to their typical sleep duration: short, 5-6 hours; average, 7-8 hours; and long, 9-10 hours.

Short sleep duration increased the risk of obesity by 27 percent, while long sleep duration increased by 21 percent compared to the average sleep duration. The results were not influenced by energy intake or daily exercise. During the six-year study, short and long duration sleepers were more likely to gain 11 pounds or more than the people who slept 7-8 hours per night. Good sleep patterns are critical for weight control. Get a good night’s sleep every night. Avoid caffeine in the late afternoon and evening. Sleep in a dark, quiet room, avoid vigorous exercise before bedtime and get up at the same time every morning. Establishing consistent sleep patterns will make your feel better and helps control body fat.

On top of controlling your sleep patterns with your own self-discipline, you can add a couple supplement choices in to help (DO NOT be one of those people who chug NyQuil or have a few p.m. beers to send you to sleep. Seriously. Yes, people do this).

The nighttime metabolic agent SOMNILEAN is known for a powerhouse combination of four ingredients: Melatonin, L-Theanine, 5-HTP and GABA. While all great in their own rights, our purposes within the framework of this article is to concentrate on GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid). Why? Because it’s the one most directly responsible to helping you catch those all-important Zs at night.

GABA is often referred to as the brain’s natural calming agent. Technically an amino acid, GABA helps in controlling the firing of neurons from the brain that create anxiety, restlessness and the mile-a-minute thought patterns that come from stress and other factors. Of course, when they happen while you’re trying to sleep, it becomes a problem.

By helping to alleviate over-firing neurons that cause these symptoms, GABA essentially serves as a sleep aid, with a huge added bonus: Studies have shown it to increase the amount of growth hormone production, which plays a large role in muscle tone and growth, indirectly leading to fat loss via improved metabolism. One 2008 collegiate study out of Virginia found that “GABA elevates resting and postexercise (growth hormone) concentrations.” (Source)

THERMOVEX PM is another product to consider if you’re trying to control your body fat through proper sleep habits.

There is a correlation between quality sleep and two hormones which regulate appetite: leptin and ghrelin.  Studies have been increasingly showing that these two substances play crucial roles in weight loss and your body’s sleep.

THERMOVEX PM is a great-tasting, stimulant-free nighttime metabolic support formula that is specifically designed to optimize your resting metabolic rate, which increases stored body fat utilization. In addition, it is designed to improve sleep patterns and preserve lean muscle. THERMOVEX PM also contains fiber to manage weight control, and comes in a powdered formula that’s quicker to take effect than pill products.


The data available over time immemorial has concluded: Sleep is crucial. Most of the recovery, rebuilding and refreshing comes during this overlooked stage, which many Americans disregard as a necessary evil. In reality, that 8-hours-a-night mantra is hard to achieve, and most people are content to get 6. The problem with this is that the less overall sleep you get, the less deep sleep you get, and that is the stage we are most concerned with.

The benefits of deep sleep are numerous, not just for the mind, but for the body. And, if you’re trying to add muscle, sleep is incredibly important. One article by Dr. John Cline, titled “Sleepless in America,” notes deep sleep’s role in muscle building:

Human growth hormone is released in a pulsed manner during deep sleep and interruption of this stage abruptly stops release of this hormone. … With this increase in deep sleep there is also a release of growth hormone. In adults growth hormone promotes cell repair that is necessary after the stress of weight training.

This is why we’ve added 1-XPM to our pro-sleep lineup. Its role: “SLEEPING TO GROW.” 

For those looking to increase muscle mass, decrease body fat and improve REM sleep patterns, this nighttime anabolic agent just may be the advantage you need to maximize your training, dieting and supplementation.

A blend primarily fueled by long-proven stand-bys zinc, magnesium aspartate and B-6, 1-XPM that has an impact on testosterone production in males, as well as countering ill effects in muscle building often associated with deficiencies in important minerals. One study, conducted on college athletes, showed significant increases in testosterone production and strength in the test group that was given zinc and magnesium aspartate. Here’s a rundown on those ingredients:

  • Zinc: It’s one of the oldest, most well-known supplements around. Beneficial to just about every bodily function, it also aids protein synthesis and boosts the immune system. It’s essential for liver function and organ health. More to the point for males is that it has been shown in studies to influence testosterone levels, and how testosterone itself behaves in the body. However, it’s even more beneficial when combined with …
  • Magnesium (aspartate): Given its wonder properties, it’s a shame and somewhat unbelievable that the USDA estimates that almost three out of four people take in less than the recommended daily value of magnesium. It’s critical for heart function, sodium/potassium cellular balance, muscle function and mood regulation.

The big research behind these two in conjunction with each other (as aspartates, and with the addition of B-6, which improves uptake of the others)  stems from a study done on college football players. The bottom line numbers: The athletes achieved 43.7 percent higher testosterone levels over eight weeks and strength gains that were 2.5 times greater than the test group that did not take the blend.

So, if you want to SLEEP TO GROW, and get the sound, deep sleep you need to do it, 1-XPM is an option you definitely should consider.


A regular sleep cycle and plenty of REM sleep are responsible for many of the body’s important processes, and hormone production is no exception. Particularly in men, the body depends on testosterone and growth hormone for the regulation of body fat and muscle growth.

The testosterone-boosting HGH-191, available at NUTRISHOP, helps facilitate a better sleep environment for testosterone production with a powerful blend of ingredients. HGH-191 doesn’t try to duplicate growth hormone and definitely IS not growth hormone — but it does inspire the production of it by pituitary-prompting ingredients. We’ll highlight the key compounds in HGH-191 to make it clear just how this supplement can help you:

Gamma Amino Butyric Acid (GABA): It’s an amino acid that tells your pituitary gland (that crucial part of the body that regulates hormone production and release) it’s time to release some growth hormone. Your body releases, it produces Somatotropin (think of it as “good” GH) and Somatostatin (“bad”) in order to balance them out. The “bad” one basically wants to immediately break down the good GH.
So what?: GABA limits how much Somatostatin (“bad”) is released. What it means to you: Elevated GH without the inhibition, meaning more lean muscle, less fat. MOST GH PRODUCTS DO NOT DO THIS.

Colostrum: A supplement sometimes called “the promise of life” can’t be anything but good. With over 5,000 studies backing it, some have shown it to stimulate cellular muscle expansion and regeneration, increase growth hormone levels that correlate to lean muscle gain, help with bone integrity and mass, improve anaerobic strength and help immune function. It might sound familiar; you probably know it better as “first milk.” That makes sense, because it is the first natural food every human takes in. It is crucial to the immune system and growth.
So what?: If you can’t do with more lean muscle, stronger bones and a better immune system, you might be beyond help. Think of colostrum as a way to bring your body back to the days when it NEEDED to grow.

L-Theanine: It’s an amino acid that comes from tea plants and helps regulate the levels of serotonin and dopamine (calmness and happiness chemicals, basically speaking) in the brain. This is done with the help of GABA, which we mentioned earlier, because it is an inhibitory neurotransmitter — in other words, the GABA sets your dopamine and serotonin at optimal levels.
So what?: The short answer, research suggests, is that L-Theanine creates a sense of relaxation and a strong environment for GH to be released without being compromised by inhibitory factors.