For the hard-earned money you spend on supplements, wouldn’t it be nice to know that they’re getting properly absorbed?

If your protein powder of choice comes from NUTRISHOP — Vitasport’s PRO7EIN SYNTHESIS — then you can rest assured that you’re getting what you pay for.

That’s because PRO7’s formula includes the patented enzyme Aminogen, a naturally derived plant enzyme ingredient that helps the body naturally liberate free-form amino acids from food protein — much like breaking the links of a chain.

Consider that, when you consume proteins, your body must first break them down into amino acids, converting them into building blocks of muscle so that they can be metabolized properly. These amino acids are attached to the protein you consume by peptide bonds, which are broken down in digestion — but not always completely.

This is where Aminogen comes in. This enzyme ingredient seeks out protein molecules and breaks those peptide bonds, “unchaining” the amino acids from the proteins much more effectively than the digestion process would without it. This, in turn, makes it easier for the body to absorb the much smaller amino acids, rather than the larger protein molecules.

The upshot of Aminogen being included in PRO7 is ABSORPTION RATE. When you take a post-workout protein shake, the immediacy of the protein being delivered to your muscles is the most important part about it, because your broken-down muscles are crying out for repair and amino acids are the right tools for the job. Aminogen simply helps those aminos become instantly available for absorption and delivery to the muscle tissue.