Success Stories

NUTRISHOP™ caters to an extremely broad demographic.  Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain lean muscle, tone-up, increase energy levels, improve general health or to simply look and feel better, NUTRISHOP™ has what you are looking for.  We stay current on all of the latest product developments, trends and technology in the nutrition industry which allows us to keep our customers properly informed.  In addition, the trained staff and Certified Sports Nutritionists at each location spend quality time with each customer to ensure optimal results.  Our goal is to not only educate, but motivate each and every customer so they are able to meet and many times exceed their fitness goals.  We are a “results” driven company which is the reason for our customer loyalty.

Justin Fredericks 2008 Chico Bodybuilding Champion

Many things go into preparing for a show and Toby at Nutrishop helped me in all aspects of my preparation for the show. Beginning with my time spent in the gym, Toby designed a custom workout specifically for me so that I could target weak points and eliminate any potential flaws. Toby also helped with my posing routine, having the right color/tan on stage as well as mentally preparing me for the competition. And the most important part of my preparation that Toby helped with was my diet. He designed a specific diet and implemented specific supplements for my body type that would enable me to make solid gains in lean muscle mass and be in the best possible shape on stage come competition day. Afterall, having the right diet & supplement plan and staying consistent with it is what can make or break your physique.  And as far as the recommended supplements…the PRO5 Protein Powder, GL6 Glutamine Blend, FUZION K-AKG3, Kre-Alkalyn Complex, NOC and Nature’s Fuel did wonders for my physique!

I want to sincerely thank Toby and Nutrishop Chico for all their help and support as I trained for the Mr. Chico Bodybuilding show. There is no way I could have won the heavy weight division with out their help!


Justin Fredericks;
1st Place Mr. Chico Bodybuilding Competition (Heavyweight Division) & NUTRISHOP Chico, CA Customer


Hi, my name is Jeff Carlucci, or Lucci, pronounced “Luchi.” I am a professional beach volleyball player who has several hobbies on the side. Rock climbing, skydiving, scuba diving, and skiing are just a few things I do when I’m not training for the tour. Nutrishop Redondo Beach is my second home because the shop owner Ronnie Villanueva has made it possible for a 34 year old extremely active athlete to perform at the highest level. My knowledge base regarding supplements and vitamins prior to meeting Ronnie, and finding Nutrishop was almost nonexistent. My friends at Nutrishop taught me that with the proper supplements and hard work, anything is possible. Ronnie, and Nutrishop helped me gain 10 lbs of solid muscle and get down to 6% body fat! The experience was and is completely different than that of other nutrition stores I have ever visited. Having the owner know and understand my personal goals is something I never got from any other store. I am and will always be grateful for what Ronnie and Nutrishop Redondo Beach has done to improve my quality of life, not to mention my career!


Jeff Carlucci;
Pro Beach Volleyball Player & NUTRISHOP Redondo Beach, CA Customer


Nutrishop is the place to go for all of your essential vitamins and supplements for the pro-athlete, to the “weekend warrior,” as well as for the daily “go getter.”  The supplements I get from Nutrishop have been a great addition to my workouts and my recovery.  As a 13-year pro-beach volleyball tour veteran, I have had my share of aches and pains from training and competition.  The GL6 glutamine blend by Vitasport is dramatically helping me with my recovery from training and keeping my mind focused on the positive results.  During the off-season I like to take the Kre-Alkalyn Complex from Vitasport.  This helps helps with my muscle volume as well as enhances my strength and vascularity.  This is definitely a must for my off-season strength and lean muscle mass building. 

So for all of your training and workout supplements as well as your daily vitamins, go to Nutrishop in Redondo Beach off Palos Verdes Boulevard and tell them, “Adam Jewell sent me.” Oh yeah, Nutrishop has the best prices in the South Bay!


Adam Jewell;
Pro Beach Volleyball Tour Champion & NUTRISHOP Redondo Beach, CA Customer


Hi, my Name is Barbara Godfrey. I am a mother of three boys, a fitness model and author of a health and fitness book “Being Fit Feels Better Than Food Tastes” due out in March.  I am extremely disciplined in my workouts and eating habits. I am always looking for the best nutritional supplements and vitamins to balance out my diet. I have found that most products taste so terrible I end up wasting half of the product because I cannot finish it!

After coming across a Nutrishop store, I was pleasantly surprised at how knowledgeable the staff was at helping me fulfill my needs with products that not only work but taste great! My favorite is the Pro5 Hers protein powder. This product helped me drop body fat while maintaining lean muscle which is almost impossible when a person’s body fat is really low to begin with. Yet I needed this edge to stay competitive in the fitness modeling industry. I highly recommend visiting your local Nutrishop! No other nutrition store compares!

Barbara Godfrey;
Mother of 3, Model, Author & NUTRISHOP Customer


Over the past several years I have had many changes in my lifestyle.  Not only did I turn 40, but I also entered the work force and began working full time which equated to eating out more, drinking wine every evening, and not having as much time to devote to working out.  I ultimately gained 23 pounds. I felt horrible! Once I got settled into my new job it was time to implement my new workout routine in August of ’08.   I was very consistent with my workouts for 2 months, but did not see
the results I desired.  

I met Bill Henry who owned Nutrishop in Lake Forest at a networking event where he promoted several products.  I was interested in the protein powder he sold, so I went to his shop to purchase it.  Bill used his expertise and took the time to discuss with me my daily routine.  He came up with an eating plan that worked with my schedule.  The plan included eating every 3 hours (meals, healthy snacks or protein shakes) and taking a variety of nutritional supplements that maximized my metabolism and maintained my energy throughout the day.  I lost 8 pounds of body fat in the 1st month!  It felt great to finally see results!  I am sticking to this plan until I lose the full 23 pounds! I am confident I will get there with the plan Bill Henry created for me!  

Maureen Tschopp;

Retail Personal Banker & NUTRISHOP Lake Forest, CA Customer


This place is excellent! Immediately upon walking in, the owner, Harrison Sander, met me halfway from the door and shook my hand and introduced himself.  He asked me if there were any questions and if he could help me find something I may need.  I had a hundred questions for this man and he guidingly and helpfully answered every one.  From what would be best for lean muscle to what is the best no-gimmicks condroitin product to this-makes-me-sick-what-is-something-else-with-the same-beneficial-effect-without-the-gnarly-side-eff ects.  SO HELPFUL and ATTENTIVE!  He even said, “I love questions, please, ask!”

He went through EVERYTHING I could throw at him.  I said I wanted to do a detox sometime soon and he introduced a detox program INCLUDING a suggested diet HE created to accompany it.  Harrison shared that he is also a personal trainer.  This is about as knowledgeable as a nutrition/supplement store owner can get.  

He didn’t push fancy uppers on me so I’d go to the gym and give myself a heart-attack.  He didn’t push any ridiculous supplements that I had no desire or reason to touch he only suggested what was relevant and helpful.  Not to mention, what he did suggest was affordable!

Mandi F.;
NUTRISHOP Pasadena, CA Customer


As a new NUTRISHOP customer, I am submitting my comments regarding the use of a product called “Joint Therapeutics”.  I have been a disabled veteran since 1981.  My injury was a broken back and crushed hips as a result of being run over by a vehicle.  Both hips are missing and require replacing, as well as needing decompression back surgery.   Being in the VA system, I have been seen by numerous doctors, been subscribed numerous medications and given numerous treatments for my condition, none of which have been successful.  Since 1981, I have lived in chronic pain!

I met Vince approximately one month ago and was introduced to this product.  On the second day of consuming this product, I have been pain free.  I am still unable to walk and I did not expect to do so but, to be free of chronic pain is certainly a plus! The product works on what I would consider the worst case  possible. 

My next comments are regarding the professionalism demonstrated by Vince.  He has a great deal invested, but his personal sales skills, knowledge and non-pushy attitude is truly a pleasant change from old school nutrition stores.  There is no gimmicks, no promises, just a great person with a great product who is going to take the retail nutrition business to a new level of honor.

Pastor Danny Lee Ballard;
Disabled Air Force Veteran & NUTRISHOP Brandon, FL Customer   


I wanted to share this with you.  I find it absolutely incredible what has been going on with my body.  I’ve been taking Vitasport’s Kre-Alkalyn Complex as recommended, 2 pre and 2 post work out.  Then at night when I take the 3 Metabolix PM, I also take 2 more Kre-Alkalyn Complex.  I’ve been waking up every morning (about a week now) completely pain free from arthritis in my legs and hands.  Between the Joint Therapeutics product and now this, it’s almost unbelievable!  I just want to share this information with you so it may help someone else.  The added bonus is my workout routines are greatly improved and my strength has dramatically increased! I absolutely believe in you and NUTRISHOP.  Thanks Vince! 

Pastor Danny Lee Ballard;
Disabled Air Force Veteran & NUTRISHOP Brandon, FL Customer


As a professional chef, I have problems keeping my weight in check and eating properly throughout my day. That all changed when I visited Nutrishop and got nutritional advice about keeping my weight from getting out of hand. Their professional and friendly staff listened to what I was trying to achieve and made suggestions about how to reach my goals.  Once product that really helped me was a protein powder called Pro5. The variety of flavors not only tasted great, but also provided the energy that I needed to get through my busy day.

Thank you Nutrishop for your help. I know that with a sensible diet plan, regular exercise and proper supplementation, I can honestly say that I will reach my over-all goals!  I am a customer for life!

45 years of age, a professional chef & NUTRISHOP Chino Hills, CA Customer


Hi, my name is Nicole and I’m 29 years old. About nine (9) months ago I wanted to lose some weight, tone-up and get my body back into “bikini shape”. I had seen advertisements for a NUTRISHOP location near my house and decided to pay them a visit. As advertised, I was hoping to speak to someone who could really give me the personal attention I needed, put a plan together for me and hold me accountable. That is when I met Rick at the Glendora NUTRISHOP. He was awesome! He spent time with me going over my current eating habits, exercise routine and my overall lifestyle in general. He put a plan together for me that fit my schedule and was easy to follow and is now a part of mine and my family’s everyday life. 

I not only learned about healthy weight loss, but how to have a healthy new way of eating and living. He spoke to me in ways I could understand and made me feel confident about the results I would see in time. I was introduced to several supplements that are healthy and make me feel great!  I am happy to say that the body fat is coming off faster than expected! I am so thankful for the way they do business and care about the customers they have.  Thank you Rick and Thank you NUTRISHOP!

Nicole Covarrubias;
Human Resources Manager& NUTRISHOP Glendora, CA Customer


Thanks to a friend of mine who was already a loyal Nutrishop customer, I stumbled upon a great nutrition product that not only works as advertised, but has also taken my training and body to another level. Okay, I know what you are thinking already, this is just some lame sales pitch or I am being paid to say it, but in actuality I actually paid for this product and bought another supply today. I have always known the benefit of Protein supplements but have only used them sparingly in the past because I didn’t feel any real benefit from them or didn’t care much for the taste. Well thanks to Vince guiding me over at Nutrishop, I have found the perfect protein supplement. It is called Pro5 by Nu-Tek and I chose the Cookies & Cream flavor because it literally tastes like a milk shake. Also, based off of Vince’s advice, I mix a product called GL6 with the protein and this dramatically speeds up my recovery from my workouts. My recovery time has literally been cut in half. Even after hard workouts, I am no longer sore the next day. I have increase lean muscle and gotten leaner and more defined which the wife loves! The best part is all I do is mix the Pro5 and the GL6 in a little hand blender with a little cold water in the morning, after a workout, and at night before bed and I am good to go. I highly recommend these products. Go see Vince as he is highly knowledgeable about the products and also very passionate. Tell him Ken sent you!

NUTRISHOP Brandon, FL Customer


It has been 6 days now that I have been on the products you suggested based on my desired goal (Fuzion, GL6, Kre-Alkalyn Complex).  I have already gained 5 solid pounds of lean muscle and have increased the poundage on my dumbbell curls and flat bench! And my energy levels are through of the roof! Before taking the products you suggested, I could not do more than 100 crunches with a 25lb weight, now I do 100-120 with a 45lb weight! This stuff is awesome! I will keep you posted when I hit the 1 month mark. Thanks Vince!

Brandon Stanley;
NUTRISHOP Brandon, FL Customer


Over the years I have shopped at several different local nutrition stores as well as the internet for my supplements. By far the best experience I have ever had was at Nutrishop in the city of Orange with a gentleman named Spyrus. He and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. The products are top quality and the product selection is huge! And as far as prices go, they are by far the cheapest I have found.

I would absolutely recommend Nutrishop in Orange to anyone looking for top quality products, the best prices and courteous and informed help. Thank you Spyrus!

Jason Fair;
NUTRISHOP Orange, CA Customer


This is just a quick note to let your company know how wonderful a protein product is that I purchased from your store called Pro5.   I was hesitant to purchase at first thinking all protein powders are the same, “BOY” was I wrong!  The first thing I noticed is that the container was actually filled to the top! It has always been a pet peeve of mine when companies mislead you with large containers that are only halfway full once you open it! Second was the taste.  O MY GOSH!  The banana flavor is excellent with water, juice or whatever…. it’s amazing!  And the ingredient profile is top notch. Needless to say, I will be a loyal customer of yours for years to come.  Thank you for carrying such a great selection of quality products!

Jason List;
NUTRISHOP Lake Elsinore, CA Customer