Meet the Nutrishop Staff: Alyssa Campbell

unnamedI have worked at Nutrishop for almost a year now. In high school I doubled on sciences almost every year and am currently studying towards a dietetics degree.

I first came into Nutrishop as a client and was baffled by the amount of knowledge that the employees had. Also due to my background in science I was able to discern whether the information was true or not. (It was!) Since Nutrishop is based on nutrition and not just supplements it seemed like a good fit for me.

We are very family oriented! Even though it is important to maintain a certain level of business attitude in the workplace, we are all good friends and love each other like family! Everyone that works for Nutrishop also has a heart to serve and that is what we want to show clients when we come in! We always just look to serve everyone as best as we can!

I like spending time with family and with my super supportive boyfriend. We do a lot of community service together and spend a lot of time together as a family! I am very blessed to be where I am at now.

My favorite thing to do in CDA is walking the boardwalk and the beach. I like being active (with BCAA’s in hand of course!) and spending as much time in the sun is always preferable!