DJ Lost 78 Pounds With Nutrishop

File Jan 07, 1 08 40 PM File Jan 07, 1 08 53 PMDJ Bradway has lost over 78 pounds since he started working with Toby at Nutrishop CDA – great strides for anyone, let alone a diabetic. Starting in June, DJ had his epiphany – it was time to do something different.

“I walked in, told Toby ‘I’m fat, I need to lose some weight,’ and he sat down with me for an hour and a half,” DJ said. “We went over my eating habits, and he explained how the body works with metabolizing food. He showed me some products and laid out a meal plan. It’s been great.”

DJ dropped fat fast – he lost 60 pounds between June 1 and Sept. 1 – and got most of his exercise from his construction job. Truly, he said, the greatest impact came from the changes to his diet.

“I’ve stuck with it pretty closely and I do the best I can,” DJ said. “I still have cheat days to look forward to, but even with those, they’re few and far between. I notice how it’s affected me all around – I sleep better, I have more energy, I’m a lot more flexible. It’s an entire lifestyle change.”

DJ never put a number on his fitness goals, since, as he learned from Toby, his weight would be influenced by muscle gain as well as fat loss. But the results have been there, both physically and mentally.

“The biggest effect is the ability to say ‘No’ when I go out with people,” DJ said. “Most people don’t realize how many sugars and processed foods are presented to us all the time. I’m more wary of it now and I’m really cautious about what I eat – I need to make sure I maintain my meal plan.”

He also has received ever-important support from his family and friends throughout his transformation, for the rare times he does have a craving. Even his boss at work helps encourage him – the two might keep an eye on each other to make sure the other isn’t sneaking a dessert in for lunch, for example.

On top of his conscientious dieting, DJ has seen great benefits from Nutrishop supplements – including the metabolism-boosting Thermovex, muscle-building protein powders like Pro7ein Synthesis and Forza Pro and Detoxin. The most important tool at his disposal now, though, is knowledge, combined with a support system in place at Nutrishop.

“Toby’s very forthcoming and knowledgeable, and talking with him about how all of it works is really great,” DJ said. “I was a little apprehensive at first because I was so overweight. I thought I was going to get judged, but I didn’t feel any negativity toward me.

“The vibe I got was really just, ‘Here’s a guy that wants to get his life on track and we’re going to help him,’” DJ said. “Nutrishop helps the way a friend would help, not like some businessman pushing whatever he can on you so he can make more money. It’s a great relationship I have there.”