Focus on Nutrition and Supplements to Fight Aging we age, our bodies’ important systems slowly start to become less and less efficient. This is true for just about everything — and, as it turns out, this includes how well we can metabolize and use the nutrients we’re eating.

A 2013 publication from Germany hypothesized that older people needed to increase their protein intake to make up for a diminished ability to create muscle (slowed anabolic response to food), and then brought forth evidence backing up this claim:

New evidence shows that older adults need more dietary protein than do younger adults to support good health, promote recovery from illness, and maintain functionality. Older people need to make up for age-related changes in protein metabolism, such as high splanchnic extraction and declining anabolic responses to ingested protein. They also need more protein to offset inflammatory and catabolic conditions associated with chronic and acute diseases that occur commonly with aging.

Today begins our series on nutrition and supplements for those 50 and older. Many forget that NUTRISHOP does not just cater to athletes, but to a wide range of people who simply are trying to optimize their nutrition to live the best, healthiest lives possible. Right off the bat, we can tell you this: Increasing your protein intake, as suggested in the study above, will work wonders for improving your livelihood even as you age.

Our two most popular options, PRO7EIN SYNTHESIS and FORZA PRO, are popular for a reason: They work. Ensuring you have enough protein in your daily diet is key to not only improving the way you look, but how you function and feel on a day-to-day basis.

There’s more to feeling healthy than just your muscle tone, of course: body fat, joint health, vitality, etc. We will hit all those topics this week, right here in this running blog entry. Stay tuned!


According to the University of Rochester Medical Center, the older we get, the less effective our bodies get at absorbing critical nutrients. We also just eat fewer of them:

…Several aspects of aging may increase the likelihood of a deficiency in key vitamins and minerals, according to the National Institute on Aging. These include having a reduced sense of taste and smell; spending more time indoors; difficulty chewing; following a restricted diet because of a health condition; eating alone; experiencing loss of appetite; and taking medications that may prevent absorption of vitamins and minerals. Older adults also are at higher risk for dehydration because they may not notice when they are thirsty. (Source)

This might not only be applicable to senior citizens, too; even as young as 50, these aspects may start affecting our diets. That said, one of the best vitamin investments you can make to account for deficiencies in calcium, vitamins A, C and E, vitamin B12 and vitamin D, is NATURE’S FUEL. Its formula is among the best in terms of complete efficacy and there is no match for its absorption, meaning you get what you pay for when you take your vitamins. And for those who would tell you multivitamins are useless, we beg to differ: The American Cancer Society, referencing Harvard research, noted that over an 11-year study involving more than 14,000 subjects, there was an 8-percent decrease in cancer risk for men 50 and older:

Harvard researchers have found a possible link between taking a daily multivitamin over a long period of time and a small reduction in cancer. They analyzed data from the Physicians’ Health Study (PHS) II, which tested the effects of multivitamins in 14,641 male doctors 50 years of age or older. PHS II participants received either a multivitamin or a placebo for an average of about 11 years. The study was published early online Oct. 17, 2012 in the Journal of the American Medical Association. (Source)


As we age, the moving parts in our bodies that consistently are worn down, every day, little by little, start to go. Our joints are first and foremost on this list; it’s estimated that 37 million Americans suffer from some form of arthritis and that by 2020, it could be such an impactful malady that it could even affect the nation’s workforce:

 In 1994 the Centers for Disease Control reported that by year 2020, when one out of every two Americans will be over the age of 50, there will be a larger increase in new cases of arthritis than of any other disease in the United States. Among the leading causes of disability, arthritis heads the list; osteoarthritis is the most prevalent form and has the greatest economic impact. (Source)

JOINTHTHERAPEUTICSObviously, joint health is a huge concern. How can you help save yours? For starters, perfecting your exercise form and movements can help a great deal, making sure you are not exerting undue stress on joints or ligaments as you train. And while getting that down may take some time, there’s an easier fix still: supplementing for joint health.

JOINT THERAPEUTICS is the strongest, most complete joint support formula available designed to support healthy joints, relieve sore joints, improve mobility, strengthen and repair cartilage and connective tissue as well as reduce inflammation that leads to joint pain and discomfort. On top of actually helping to strengthen your joints for the future, JOINT THERAPEUTICS provides inflammation relief as well. Inflammation, one of the body’s responses to irritation or injury, has been associated with many conditions. It usually includes pain and sometimes redness and swelling in the area of the damage. The pain relieving, anti-inflammatory ingredients in our Anti-Inflammatory Complex are designed to support healthy joint function, assist in the healing of minor sprains, strains, muscle injuries, and the pain, swelling and tenderness that accompany sports injuries. This is accomplished by significantly reducing inflammation which can also bring effective relief to arthritic and sore joints as well as improve flexibility and mobility. These properties make this a popular alternative to prescription painkillers for the treatment of pain associated with arthritic joints.


We discussed earlier how muscle maintenance is important via diet, and why protein is so vital. However, as older people age, it does become more difficult to consume the same amount of calories and keep weight off, simply because exercise becomes more difficult (either to perform, or to schedule in). The deterioration of muscle tissue to fuel the body’s energy supplies is called “catabolism,” and it is a significant concern of fitness-minded folks — we call it “muscle-wasting,” as an example of how we view it.

The reasons someone 50 or older might worry about muscle-wasting include general day-to-day movement, easing the stress on joints and ligaments and decreasing pain and increasing agility associated with full-body movements you do routinely (standing up, getting out of bed, getting into a car, etc.). One newer supplement that is becoming more and more popular with the plus-50 crowd is HMB — even drinks like Ensure are now including it. And it’s the star of BETABOL at NUTRISHOP.

betabolHMB is a naturally occurring compound produced when our bodies metabolize the amino acid leucine. Its main role has been found to be the repair, growth and preservation of muscle tissue, as well as the capacity to burn fat. The body spends precious resources with muscle repair — each rep you do results in microscopic muscle-fiber tears; the regrowth of these tears puts a huge energy strain on the body. Leucine is the only essential amino acid with the capacity to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, but it is essentially used primarily to repair muscle damage incurred while lifting. When it is metabolized, HMB is produced as a natural byproduct and aids in recovery.

What if, however, you could “free up” the leucine to stimulate muscle protein synthesis to develop NEW muscle, instead of merely repairing the damaged tissue? That is precisely where an HMB supplement like BETABOL comes in. An increase in HMB is designed to allow essential leucine to build new muscle tissue, in turn burning more fat.

In the Journal of Applied Physiology,  an Iowa State University study from 1996 examined the effects of HMB in detail, providing specific ratios to test subjects who engaged in weight-training exercise and also supplemented with protein (rich with leucine). The conclusion: “Supplementation with either 1.5 or 3 g HMB/day can partly prevent exercise-induced proteolysis and/or muscle damage and result in larger gains in muscle function associated with resistance training.” (SOURCE.)

The study points out that the muscle-building benefits of leucine have been scientifically backed for the 45 years, but that only recently has the byproduct HMB gotten any attention for its role in the process. By the end of the study, researchers found that the subjects that were using enhanced doses of HMB were experience higher levels of anti-catabolism, more fat loss and an increase in strength, muscle volume and recovery speed.

What Are Your Vitamins Doing For You?

“Loaded with vitamins and minerals” is a popular catch phrase in seemingly every healthy food or supplement choice these days, it seems, but what exactly are you putting in your body, and why? Understanding why it’s important to fill in certain dietary gaps with a supplement is one of many aspects to achieving better overall health.

Of course, sometimes it seems easier with some vitamins than others. For example, we all know vitamin C is good for the immune system, and therefore we try to boost our consumption of it with plenty of fruits and veggies or, in case of emergency, we might load up on a vitamin C supplement to try to chase off a common cold or flu. What if we had that kind of basic, no-brainer response to more of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are just as important?

That’s the aim of our blog this week: To highlight some of the more important vitamins that can be obtained through regular supplementation. Today, we’ll start off with the underrated, under-consumed powerhouse mineral magnesium.

The USDA claims that only 32 percent of the American population meets the daily requirements for magnesium, and this could be one of many telltale signs behind American obesity rates — magnesium is required for ALL cellular energy (ATP) production, and a lack of it is directly related to a lack of energy, and we all know how tough it is to work out when you can’t bring yourself to get off the couch. Moreover, proper magnesium consumption is shown to reduce risk of stroke and heart attack, while shortening the length and severity of migraine and PMS symptoms. To these ends, magnesium is readily available in NATURE’S FUEL, which is almost completely bioavailable and is one of the most potent daily multivitamins available.

Another important role magnesium plays is in the sleep cycle — simply put, enough of it helps aid sleep while a deficiency hinders it. Stress is often a noted cause of sleep deficiency, and this is partially due to the hormonal response caused by lack of magnesium; when stress hormone levels are elevated, the body’s magnesium and calcium stores are depleted, causing a lack of physical energy but also mental restlessness.  This is why many sleep-aid supplements, like 1-XPM, rely on magnesium as part of their blends to aid recovery and growth hormone production as well.

Magnesium can mostly be found in leafy greens, as it’s abundant in chlorophyll, but is also available in spices, nuts, coffee, cocoa and tea, and taken as food, is almost impossible to over-consume. A good magnesium supplement can go a long way!



naturesEFAWe’ll spare you the long scientific name, but DHA is commonly found in essential fatty acids, particularly fish oils and some fruits and nuts. Perhaps known best for its anti-inflammatory properties, DHA-rich EFA products (like NATURE’S EFAs) are directed at preventing bloating and excess body fat retention. But it has other valuable benefits, too.

Some research suggests that DHA deficiency is linked to ADHD, cystic fibrosis, phenylketonuria and myriad mental imbalances; most of these can be explained by the brain’s dependency on DHA for not only childhood development, but adult maintenance. Found abundantly in fatty fish like salmon and mackerel, DHA’s role in the body seems to be largely beneficial — a decrease in it is linked with the proliferation of Alzheimer’s, and some studies back EFA-rich foods as prevention against hypertension, arthritis and even some cancers. (Source)


One underrated facet of maintaining good health is caring for your bones — honestly, when was the last time you mindfully took a supplement or ate any kind of food with your skeleton as the motivation? Yet bone density is an important part of longevity and health, and can also help prevent injuries and promote the support of more more skeletal muscle.

K2′s largest claim to fame to date is its strong correlation to fighting off osteoporosis. Originally, a calcium deficiency was thought to be the main culprit, and indeed it does play a role in brittle bones, but in cases where there was actually calcium build-up (calcification) around the heart but not the arteries, osteoporosis was still present despite a heavy calcium content in the body. Newer research has shown that this is because of Vitamin K2 deficiency. In one Japanese research example, a particular region of the country that did not eat large amounts of the K2-rich soybean food natto was found to have significantly more broken hip cases.

The relatively rare occurrence of K2 in foods makes it somewhat difficult to get into one’s diet regularly, though. It is found most in natto, which is actually fermented soybeans, but also shows up in other curdled or fermented food protein-rich foods, like cottage cheese. More easily, of course, it can be found in NATURE’S GREENS.

Bolster Your Diet With Zinc, Magnesium

Of the essential minerals we need in our diet, perhaps few are as overlooked as zinc and magnesium. This is a crime — not only do they provide huge support to the bones, muscle growth and the immune system, but each plays an important role in regulating blood pressure and growth hormone regulation and production. Many NUTRISHOP products will help bolster this deficiency, but really, foods rich in these two minerals should also be a part of your diet plans.

The easiest (and tastiest) way to do so is by getting it through your food — and there are a few prime sources you can turn to to do it.

Shellfish are one of the best sources of both minerals there is, oysters in particular. Just 3 ounces of this food (and you can cook it, too, instead of dealing with them raw) provides enough zinc for a 2,000-calorie diet — for 10 days — and a substantial chunk of the RDA of magnesium, too. Crab, scallops and mussels are also prime sources of both minerals.

Not into seafood? Not a problem — nuts, seeds and legumes help provide magnesium and zinc, too. Pumpkin seeds are the best source, followed by sesame seeds; Brazil nuts and cashews lead the way for the nut family. And soybeans, while they should be in enjoyed in moderation because of their pro-estrogen profile, are also a fine source for both zinc and magnesium. An app of edamame, followed by some sushi, is actually quite the muscle-building meal!

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The Complete NATURE’s Stack

The nutrients we need from food don’t always come easy. Whether it’s a busy schedule or just the struggle to always find time to eat the right foods, it can be a chore to get the vegetables, fruits and healthy fats we need, let alone the wide spectrum of vitamins and minerals that are necessary for immune function and general health.

That said, Nu-Tek’s NATURE’S line (Fruits, Greens, EFAs and Fuel) is meant to fill in those gaps that are bound to happen. Whether it’s kids cooped up in germ-filled classrooms or athletes touching germ-covered gym equipment for hours at a time, we all need boosts to our immune systems. We’ve talked about NATURE’S FRUITS and FUEL this week. Make yourself as healthy as possible by filling in with the GREENS and EFAs, with vegetable nutrition and the healthy fats you need.

NATURE’S GREENS: If ever there was a food group that needed to be condensed into a nutrition-rich, tasty drink, it’s vegetables. We love how healthy veggies are, and the vast spectrum of vitamins (A-K) in them make them hard to pass up. Unfortunately, they’re not always quick and easy to prepare, many are tough to eat raw and, let’s face it, they don’t all taste great. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still get the nutrition! Vegetables are essential to keeping the system clean and green veggies have been shown to have anti-cancer properties. Because NATURE’S GREENS is made directly from real, vitamin-and-mineral-stocked vegetables, you get all the benefits without the unpleasant aspect of real vegetables that some people experience. Plus, it tastes great.

NATURE’S EFA: If there’s one place you can really pack on calories, it’s by consuming fatty foods. Even the healthy fat foods can add up quickly. However, the Omega-6 and Omega-3 oils that can be found in seeds, fish, avocado and other sources are crucial to helping the body burn “bad” fat stores, improve hair, skin and nail quality and improve brain function and cholesterol levels.

No Time for 5-9 Fruit Servings a Day? Hello, NATURE’S FRUITS

Fruit is a tricky food when considering it for health purposes. You need it for the tons of vitamins and nutrients, but the sugars that usually come along with berries, citrus and other fruit can be troublesome for those trying to maintain low body fat levels.

Still, the USDA recommends 5-9 servings a day. Even if we weren’t concerned with the amount of fructose we’d take in, it just becomes very cumbersome to prepare and eat that much fruit! That’s why NUTRISHOP has NATURE’S FRUITS — to stack beautifully with NATURE’S FUEL, using flash-frozen real fruit that slashes the carbs and sugars but preserves the nutrients you want.

With a full day’s servings of just about everything from Vitamin A-K, NATURE’S FRUITS fills in the gaps left open by the “Western diet” and does it with real, organic fruit. That makes it a natural, potent way to get your fruits, at the same time drastically lowering the sugar intake you’d get if you were to eat, say, four apples, two bananas and some strawberries every day (can’t say we recommend that if you’re trying to keep your body fat down!).

With a Fiber Blend for improved digestion, a Probiotic Blend for improved intestinal health and an Energy Blend to keep you vital and active, NATURE’S FRUITS stands out as not only a strong complementary supplement to NATURE’S FUEL, but a wonderful addition to your daily health routine.

The Supplement Even Kids Should Be Taking: NATURE’S FUEL

Many of NUTRISHOP’s products are goal-specific, aimed to help someone gain muscle mass, lose fat, etc. But when it comes to good, general health and immune function, everybody can benefit — even kids. Scratch that — ESPECIALLY kids.

Children are not only in need of the crucial vitamins and minerals found in NATURE’S FUEL during their critical growth stages, but they also find themselves much more susceptible to cold and flu viruses during the school year because of the amount of time they’re cooped up with others. Think about it: They jump on the school bus with 40 other kids, all touching the same handrail (and God knows what else on and under the seats), then immediately shuffle into a classroom with 30 more kids.

And since cold and flu viruses tend to spread like wildfire in enclosed spaces, this is why we so often have kids coming home with bugs. It has nothing to do with the cold weather — it’s just that fall and winter are school seasons.

This is why a strong immune system is so important: to fend off the myraid illnesses that children can not only suffer from themselves, but bring back into your house and get your whole family sick! NATURE’S FUEL is a complete blend of important nutrients and vitamins that boost immunity and help the body handle the maladies that come with the rigors of everyday life. Fatigue, lack of sleep, illnesses — they’re all directly related to the immune system.

On top of that, NATURE’S FUEL is designed to simply make you feel better, more vital and energetic. We miss out on a lot of important nutrients through what has become known as the ‘Western diet’ — a lot of this can be addressed by eating healthier, but there will still be gaps. NATURE’S FUEL’s blend is meant to fill in those gaps and give you the complete nutrition you need to be at optimal health.

Why You Shouldn’t Take “Just Any” Multivitamin

Time for a personal question: Have you ever noticed that, when you take generic, store-brand multivitamins, or even ones you’ve seen on TV, that your urine is bright yellow — sometimes even greenish?

If so, you’re not alone. This is a pretty common occurrence with multivitamins, and there’s a reason for it. Most have a hard coating or casing that requires the stomach to break the table down, resulting in more stomach acid and the degradation of the minerals and vitamins you took in the first place. When they pass on through, their structure causes them to appear to be neon yellow in water (or your pee). Now, here’s the million-dollar question: If you’re taking a multi for the nutrients, why on Earth would you want to literally flush those nutrients down the toilet instead of having a blend your body can absorb?

We don’t have a good answer for it, either. But we do have a good alternative in NATURE’S FUEL. Because it’s in powdered form, almost 100 percent of it is absorbed by the body because the nutrients are in their most stable, accessible form. Even aside from the cost benefit, this is simply better a way to take a multi, especially for athletes or body competitors.

Because NATURE’S FUEL is megadosed with vegetable and fruit vitamins, it is a good way to fill in the nutritional gaps left by dieters who are looking to avoid the starches in veggies and the fructose in fruit. By skipping out on things like broccoli, kale, squash, and other green vegetables, and also the high-vitamin C content of oranges, apples, strawberries and other fruits, it’s possible to cut down on sugars and lose fat. But it’s also a sacrifice in vitamins that the body really can’t afford. The immune system, all the way from muscle recovery to sickness prevention, relies on “essential” vitamins (meaning they must be obtained from outside of the body) to function.

NATURE’S FUEL is a way to provide them, without having to take in all the calories or prepare 5-6 fruit and vegetable meals a day. With this added focus and importance of these crucial vitamins, it then becomes clear that a multi that is hardly absorbed at all simply won’t suffice.