The NUTRISHOP Tight-and-Toned Women’s Training Plan

If a strong-but-slim body is what you’re after and you’re tired of finding only workouts that resemble either a women’s bodybuilding plan or the training regimen of an elite athlete, look no further. We get it — you want to tighten and tone, finding a nice middle ground for your figure that includes not only burning fat, but building the muscle that comes with a sleek, lean look. That’s why we’ve put together this workout plan: The NUTRISHOP Tight-and Toned Training Plan for women.

For a .PDF version of this file you can print out and take to the gym with you, click here!

With five days a week of weight training (three lower-body, two upper-body), followed by a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) session, the focus will be on short-but-effective workouts that limit rest periods. Keep them to no longer than 60 seconds between sets; if a superset is listed, you take no rest between exercises within the superset and rest only after the superset is complete.

You want "tight and toned?" We've got you covered.

You want “tight and toned?” We’ve got you covered.

After every workout, perform 15 minutes of HIIT, using a 45-15 method — that is, go 45 seconds at 70-75 percent effort, followed by 15 seconds of all-out effort. Then ramp it back down and repeat.

We’ve included recommended supplements to take as well, and the timing of them, to maximize your results.

Pre-Workouts: THERMOVEX, 1 serving of BCAA SPORT


5 Supersets: 12 Stiff-Legged Romanian Deadlifts/12 Alternating Forward Lunges (per leg)

5 Supersets: 12 Wide-Stance Goblet Squats/12 Alternating Backward Lunges (per leg)

3×12 Jump Squats

3×12 Hamstring Curls

*Take 5 minutes to stretch quads and hamstrings, and have 1 serving of BCAA SPORT*

15 mins HIIT



Pushups-for-training-the-upper-bodyPre-Workouts: THERMOVEX, 1 serving of BCAA SPORT

5 Supersets: 12 DB Incline Bench Press/12 Pull-Ups (or assisted pull-ups)

5 Supersets: 12 Bent-Over BB Rows/12 Push-Ups (or modified push-ups)

3×12 Overhead DB Press

3 Supersets: 8 DB Curls/12 Triceps Rope Pushdowns

*Take 5 minutes to stretch pectorals and lats, and have 1 serving of BCAA SPORT*

15 mins HIIT



Pre-Workouts: THERMOVEX, 1 serving of BCAA SPORT

4 Supersets: 8 Front Squats/8 Lying Hamstring Curls

5×5 One-Legged Romanian Deadlifts (per leg)

4×6 Lateral Lunges (per leg)

4x :30, Planks

4×8, Hanging Leg Raises

*Take 5 minutes to stretch quads, calves and hamstrings, and have 1 serving of BCAA SPORT*

15 mins HIIT




Pre-Workouts: THERMOVEX, 1 serving of BCAA SPORT

3 Supersets: Alternating One-Arm DB Bench Press (8 per arm)/Alternating One-Arm DB Rows (8 per arm) — on the bench press, hold two dumbbells, with the off-hand stabilizing one just above your chest, not resting on it, while the other works.

3 Tri-Sets: 8 DB Standing Press/8 Flat-Bar Triceps Cable Pushdowns/8 Reverse-Grip Pull-Ups (use the assisted pull-up machine if necessary)

*Take 5 minutes to stretch pectorals and lats, and have 1 serving of BCAA SPORT*

15 mins HIIT



Pre-Workouts: THERMOVEX, 1 serving of BCAA SPORT
4 Supersets: 5 Squats/12 Leg Extensions (heavy on squats, light on extensions)

4 Supersets: 5 Deadlifts/12 Hamstring Curls (heavy on DLs, light on curls)

3 Supersets: 8 Alternating Forward Lunges (per leg)/8 Seated Calf Raises

*Take 5 minutes to stretch quads, calves and hamstrings, and have 1 serving of BCAA SPORT*

15 mins HIIT



Two Key Supplements for Women’s Health: HER ESSENTIALS and PRO5 HERS!

Continuing with our theme of top women’s fitness and health this week, we’d be shortchanging our readers to not point out that while exercise is crucial for a good figure — hence all the help we’ve gotten from Chico Sports Club trainer Allie Campagna, who’s written a great workout and top training tips for women this week —  there is no more important phase of good health than a solid nutritional plan and a good diet.

But sometimes, even with a personalized menu designed to drop the fat and build muscle, you need to fill in the blanks to maximize the benefits — to get the most bang for your buck, in other words. That’s where NUTRISHOP comes in, and for women, there are few better options than HER ESSENTIALS and PRO5 HERS. These products are specifically designed for women’s health, because as we know, what works for men is totally different. NUTRISHOP is after giving a fully customized plan, and that includes specific products as well, not just “one-size-fits-all” advice.

HER ESSENTIALS is designed to supplement your nutrition to provide healthier hair and stronger nails, as well as improved skin appearance. HER ESSENTIALS is based on a formula called Synergistic Ultra Support Technology, combined with superior delivery nutrients to provide one of the best all-in-one hair, skin and nail products available.

Synergistic Ultra Support Technology is a comprehensive blend of  minerals, amino acids, collagen and antioxidants, as well as a formula of herbal extracts that helps provide a top-notch overall women’s supplement:

  • Three vitamins crucial to proper health and growth of hair, skin, and nails. Not only that, but HER offers added immune, antioxidant and hormonal support to help keep the body healthy and fight the aging process.
  • A stress support formula that reduces daily stress factors that can affect the nervous system, leading to stress and advanced aging — both factors that reduce your overall appearance and well-being. Scientific research has shown that nerve care and stress reduction both play a part in energy, happiness and beauty, and HER provides both with a special blend of B-vitamins.
  • Calcium, Zinc, Copper, Manganese and a full spectrum 72 trace mineral complex are part of an advanced formula that has been proven to strengthen skin, hair and nails, improving their overall look and feel. These essential minerals are often missing in most people’s everyday diet, especially if that diet isn’t clean. HER ESSENTIALS fills in those gaps, offering a noticeable difference where it counts for women.

We also are sure that our loyal followers know that protein is one of the most important supplements and macronutrients you can take. But that doesn’t mean you should just find whatever’s cheapest in the grocery store or big box wholesaler. PRO5 HERS offers not only the five-protein blend that has made PRO5 NUTRISHOP customer favorite, but it’s also specifically formulated the recipe just for women.

With five different types of protein, PRO5 offers five different absorption rates, which create the best overall effect as your muscles are searching for amino acids to convert and rebuild tissue. This process, known as protein synthesis, relies on more than just one hour of protein absorption, as is offered with most whey isolate products. Instead, PRO5 has five different stages of protein absorption, meaning a longer, more sustained protein delivery system that is much more beneficial.

Now, NuTek could have simply kept the formula the same, thrown on a pink lid and said it’s “for women.” Instead, this product is definitely designed for the fairer sex (and no, men, you should not take this product — it’s not for you!).

The big difference is with the inclusion of soy protein isolate, which has been shown to help fight bone loss, particularly in women 30 and older, and also may significantly reduce the risk of breast cancer. Osteoporosis and breast cancer are two giant health issues middle-aged women face all around the world, and studies have shown that soy protein isolate supplementation can address them directly (though men are not advised to consume soy protein, as it can have anti-testosterone properties).

On top of all this, PRO5 HERS contains a digestive enzyme that helps process the product smoothly, removing the bloating that women often experience with low-grade, Mickey Mouse protein powders bought from big box stores.

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You’ve dieted, you’ve exercised, and you still want more results because the fat’s not coming off? It’s not uncommon at all; in fact, fat loss is probably the most common goal most people have when they start getting involved in self-improvement. But it’s not easy. That’s why NUTRISHOP has the Extreme Fat Loss Stack, developed to help burn off fat stores and prevent the body from taking on new fat cells. In this stack:

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Advanced Lean Muscle Build

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Branch Chain Amino Acid Matrix BCAA-GT
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