Meet the Nutrishop Staff: DJ Bradway

unnamedMeet DJ! DJ is a Certified sports nutritionist, who has held an interest in bodybuilding and weight training for 15 years.

I wanted to work at Nutrishop because Nutrishop, and more specifically Toby, helped me change my life around. I came in June 1st 2015 and I was 318 lbs. Toby went over a meal plan and some supplements to help me turn my life around. In one year I lost over 102 lbs of fat and embarked on a whole new path in my life.

When I found out Nutrishop was hiring I wanted to help others turn their life around like Toby did for me. I want to see our community make a positive and healthy shift, for each person that looks different – no one person fits into the same mold, but most everyone wants to live a happier healthier life and I want to help them achieve their health and fitness goals.

Outside of work I love working out and weight training. When the weather is nice I love going camping with my family and hiking in the mountains. I have been a competitive shooter for 17 years, have trained in martial arts for 12 years, and played paintball for 18 years.

My favorite thing to do in CDA is go to the beach and swim, BBQ, and enjoy this beautiful country and state we live in.

We have an excellent work environment, the whole Nutrishop team is like a family. I look forward to coming to work every day. I look forward to figuring out how to help each individual and trouble shoot to figure out the right product and the right plan for them.

Meet the Nutrishop Staff: Darby Perry

unnamedTime for an introductory Q&A with our own Darby Perry!

Q: What experience do you have in the health and fitness field?

I took 3 years of sports medicine in high school, and that’s where my love for fitness started. After high school I worked for an online supplement retailer, and learned how to counsel customers with nutrition and fitness. I am currently in school pursuing a degree in the health care field.

Q: What made you interested in working at Nutrishop?

I participated in a challenge with my mom this January. Toby, Lisa, Carly and DJ were so helpful and positive – it’s contagious. I love the products we have at Nutrishop and how well they’ve worked for me in my own life, and I want to share how amazing the products are with everyone. When I was still a customer I remember thinking that everyone seemed so passionate about their job and helping others reach their goals, so I jumped at the chance when I saw they were hiring.

Q: What do you like most about working with Nutrishop staff and clients?

I love coming to my job every day. I’m excited to help our clients reach their goals – it’s so inspiring to see that you can really make a difference. I really enjoy working along my coworkers. They have so much knowledge and passion!

Q: What is your favorite thing to do or place in CDA?

My favorite thing to do in CDA is hiking Tubbs Hill. The view is gorgeous! Being out on the lake in the summer is pretty amazing too.

Q: What interests do you have outside of work?

I’m a college student so I don’t have a ton of free time. However, I love working out when I can find time. Finess and health are very important to me, and I love spending time with my family.

Meet the Nutrishop Staff: Carly Williams

IMG_7923Carly Williams, our Business Promotions Manager, is originally from Spokane, Wa and has been an active member in the Coeur d’Alene community since 2011. With a diverse background she offers insight in the dynamic environment that we have the privilege of providing. In addition to studying Business at Gonzaga University and Visual Communications at ITT Technical Institute, she is a “lifetime learner.”

She has a background in holistic health and sports nutrition, and has provided nutritional and supplement consulting since 2008, being a Marketing Director and Wellness Advocate for a International Wellness Co-op. Through personal research due to her own digestive intolerances and environmental allergies, she has studied and applied different methods to fitness and nutrition to maximize one’s vitality.

Since 2014, she spent nearly three years care taking for a disabled Army Veteran helping him lose weight, get out of a wheel chair bound future, nearly eliminate the effects of PTSD and TBI and get off harmful and synthetic medications through proper nutrition and positive lifestyle changes. Consequently, this later lead to helping many other Veterans, at varying degrees of disability, in the surrounding areas in their road to recovery. Through meal planning, life coaching, and connecting with local non-profits she was able to make a lasting and measurable impact on many lives in restoring health and mental/physical wellness.

She looks at being part of the Nutrishop team as a great privilege to helping her community in a REAL and tangible way. The honor to be able to build rapport, gain trust, ask the right questions, make an educated and thorough health game plan, and give valuable insight is a “win-win”. By providing teaching both one on one and in class settings at local business and organizations, she loves the ability to provide accountability, share resources and to be able to instill lasting positive lifestyle changes and healthy habits to the people of Coeur d’ Alene and the surrounding areas.

Carly uses her knowledge and applies it to her own active lifestyle. Outside of the store, she enjoys all types of recreation and interests. Among the top are snowboarding, drag racing, soccer, kayaking, lifting weights, cooking, shooting, camping, hiking, photography, and more.

With so much to do in the surrounding area, its difficult to say which activity is her favorite in Coeur d’Alene. But, one of her favorite places to be is on the lake in a kayak or boat at sunset.

Our Transformation Challenge Men’s Winner: Luke Dingman

IMG_0698Our men’s winner of our New Year’s Transformation Challenge is Luke Dingman! He lost 23.5lbs of fat and gained 1.3lbs of muscle.

“I’ve been wanting to get into shape for awhile. I planned a through-hike of the Wonderland Trail, and I don’t want to die when I do it.”

When Luke started, he set a goal to lose his pack weight – about 45 pounds – and that’s when his wife Emily told him about Nutrishop’s challenge. (Emily went on to tie for 9th place in the women’s category!)

“We went in and talked to DJ, and he’s awesome. He hooked us up with all the supplements and got us on the right foot. We followed the diet plan and it really worked out for me,” Luke said.

“I’m a horrible eater, but that’s changed. This is a new beginning for me. The first week I lost a ton of weight and after that it was steady all the way through.”

With Emily pushing him and vice versa, Luke was able to maintain consistent gains throughout the course of the challenge. It wasn’t without its trying moments – mostly in the form of temptation – but Luke resisted.

“We were both holding each other accountable. We’d both get home from the gym, look at each other and want to eat a piece of candy,” Luke said with a laugh. “There might’ve been a couple arguments here and there just because we were hungry, but really it was just a chance for us to support each other. We’d say, ‘We can do this, we don’t need McDonald’s or junk food.’ We really helped each other make smart choices and leaned on each other.”

Now that Luke has had such great success, he’s not going to slow down any time soon.

“It’s a life change for me, and I’m still trying to learn. I learn by doing, and I’m learning to become a better cook, learning how the body processes fuel,” Luke said. “It’s a huge thing – learning about macros and how the body works, it’s awesome. I can’t get enough of it and I still have a ton to learn.”

On top of the aesthetic and physical changes, Luke said he’s feeling better, “hands-down,” than he has in years. He has more energy and self-confidence, and he is in no rush to give it up.

“I don’t ever want to go back. I feel good,” he said. “I’m seeing results and it transfers to my family life. If I’m happy, the people around me are happy. That’s a great feeling.”

Our Transformation Challenge Women’s Winner: Lori Perry

IMG_0702Our women’s winner of our 6-Week New Year’s Challenge is Lori Perry! Lori lost 15 pounds of fat and gained 5.2 pounds of muscle, making a tremendous 6-week turnaround!

“It’s night and day. I sleep so well. I’ve had so much energy and I feel like myself again,” said Lori, who went from a vicious cycle of working 11-hour days – mostly out of her car – and eating fast food to becoming our challenge champion. “I’m a bubbly, energetic person and I really think I was borderline depressed because of the diet I was on. I had no energy. Making these fixes to your diet changes your outlook – everything goes in a positive direction and it feels awesome.”

In December, Lori was at what she called “rock-bottom” – she was eating too much junk food, and her long work days had her feeling too exhausted to exercise. One day, she and her daughter saw our flier for our challenge, and her daughter encouraged her to join. That was the beginning of Lori’s transformation. She came in, met with DJ, and got the meal plan, supplements (BCAAs, protein and a thermogenic fat burner) and advice to guide her along her path.

“DJ was so helpful, and so excited about the challenge – I felt like it was contagious!” Lori said. “I really got motivated to do it and I really looked forward to seeing my progress every week. I never liked the scale; now I love it.”

In the beginning, Lori’s progress was a bit slower – but she realized that her weight gain was actually a good thing, because she was putting on muscle, and also made the adjustment to a stimulant-free fat burner since she did her exercise in the afternoons. Her sleep improved vastly, and so did her results. Those fixes, paired with the support of her Nutrishop friends at the shop, had her on her way.

Lori had always gotten a decent amount of activity in, but nothing that she would consider real exercise. Once she started treated food as fuel, she found she had the energy to work in cardio and resistance training. Getting back to basics was a big step for Lori: more vegetables, better protein sources and a lot less junk food.

“They’re so motivating. They’re genuinely excited for everyone in there,” Lori said. “They’re so supportive. They never made me feel like any question was silly. They really helped me get back on schedule in my own life.”


Now that Lori’s established a routine, she can’t believe she did anything else before. She’s found that her meal prepping for the week makes things even easier than the drive-thru – and that’s not to mention it’s a whole lot healthier. Now she’s trying to get friends to join her so they can experience the same results.

“If I can do it, you can do it. It’s not rocket science,” she said. “You just need a little help getting started sometimes. I got mine from Nutrishop, and it’s been amazing.”


Brett Lost Almost 36 Pounds of Fat to Win Our Challenge!

img_0528We’re pleased to announce the men’s winner of our Fall Transformation Challenge was Brett Harris! Brett Lost 35.9 pounds of fat to take home the prize — and the Harris household came close to a clean sweep!

Brett’s wife Karrie tied for second — with the two of them pushing each other, Brett and Karrie are great examples of what dedication and support can do for you.

Three major factors helped push Brett to get involved with our challenge: First, he wants to keep up with his young kids and raise them to know their dad as a healthy person — Brett saw a recent family photo and simply didn’t like the way he looked in it. He also got the news that his blood pressure was much too high, and “that was an eye-opener,” he said. And lastly, Brett wanted to be able to go hunting with his brother-in-law without getting fatigued too fast. All three motivations came together with the fact that he and Karrie could keep each other disciplined.

“My whole life, I’ve fought my weight,” Brett said, “But now, I’m the same weight now I was probably in ninth grade, so I feel like I’ve set the clock back a few years. I knew what it takes, but I’d never done it in this short amount of time. Nutrishop gave me the meal plan and supplements I needed to achieve the goals I’d set for myself.”

Brett found that he was surprised that the Nutrishop meal plan created for his specific goals held his hunger over. A reliance on clean proteins, including ForzaPro shakes regularly, curbed his hunger, and that was the first indication to Brett that he would be able to stick with his new diet plan.

“As my stomach shrank, I wouldn’t feel as hungry and it became a lot easier,” he said. “That first week, I lost 13 pounds, and I was right down to a T. I didn’t cheat at all, and we did everything we were supposed to to reach our goals.”

It wasn’t always easy for Brett. A limited-calorie diet, by the end of the challenge, definitely took its toll on his moods — “A grown man’s just gotta eat more than I was eating sometimes,” he said with a laugh. And Brett likes beer — cutting that out to avoid the calories was difficult, especially after long days hunting, when he’d go with friends to beer camp or just want to relax.

“It was a challenge, but I knew I’d have to answer to myself at the end of it,” Brett said.

He said he and Karrie will definitely be doing Nutrishop’s next challenge, even if the extremely impressive results they got this time aren’t going to necessarily be the goal then. Brett said that it’s not only a bonding experience for the two of them, but it also helps the build good habits and stay in shape together as part of a healthy lifestyle.

“I’ll be excited during hunting season to hike for miles and not be huffing and puffing and sucking wind,” he said.

“Overall I feel great. I feel more confident. My clothes fit, some shirts I’ve left tags on for awhile because I couldn’t fit into them, I fit into them. I look and feel a lot better. I feel like I can keep up with my kids and I’m not a burden to my brother-in-law while we’re hunting.”

We can’t wait to see what Brett and Karrie do next — way to go, guys!

Monica Won Our Fall Transformation Challenge!

unnamedWe are very proud to introduce our women’s winner of the Body Transformation Challenge, Monica Oliver!
She started the challenge with her husband and sister-in-law, feeling like she needed to get back into a routine after summer left her feeling “blah.” She ended up losing 20.1 lbs of fat and gaining 5.3 pounds of muscle!
“It was a way for us to have some accountability and goals to meet together, especially for my husband and I, so we did the whole thing start to finish together,” Monica said. “I didn’t have any goal of winning in mind — but I also didn’t account for gaining as much muscle and losing fat the way I did. After the first weigh-in, I thought, ‘Yeah, I can totally win this.'”
Monica, like all our transformers, had her challenges: Work and life (she’s a mom, which is a full-time job itself) both presented obstacles for her to get through. But she and her husband kept each other accountable, and they powered through.
“We had our game face on from the beginning. We were committed 110% to eating right and not cheating and working out, and we held each other to it,” she said. “There was holiday temptation thrown in there, a lot of social situations with wine, maybe you’re tired, but it was about just sucking it up and doing it.”
Perhaps Monica’s biggest challenge was with her new meal plan — she admitted to panicking when she saw that she would have to eat six times a day. For someone who previously never ate breakfast and often had a hard time making herself eat, it was a leap of faith. It paid off.
“I think I ate more through the challenge than I’ve ever eaten in my life. I learned how to fuel my body how I should be. I found out how much I should eat and train to gain muscle, and that was huge. It was very scary to me to think about eating every three hours, but once you make it a habit, you realize you’re using it for fuel.”
Monica learned even more about herself in the gym, especially when it came to her own capabilities. She didn’t miss workouts, and the results showed.
“I learned I’m a lot stronger than I thought I was. You go into a workout thinking, ‘There’s no way I can do that,’ but yeah, I actually can if I put my mind to it and be positive.”

 With Nutrishop behind her for support and advice, Monica was unstoppable! She found that she went from dreading her weigh-ins to looking forward to them, because she knew she had a positive environment and people who had her back.

“They were so helpful — that was the first conversation I had with Carly, right when I was starting the challenge, was about eating. She had so much useful information that worked specifically for me,” she said. “It was mind-blowing. The encouragement you get from everyone at Nutrishop is amazing. I started getting excited to go to weigh-ins.”

Monica said the whole experience started off as an aesthetic goal, but now realized she has more energy than ever, is sleeping better and has her whole family excited to be fitness-conscious.

“On top of just the physical part, where it feels amazing to play with my kids, not be drained, and know I look better,” Monica said, “there’s the emotional part of connecting with my family and making healthy choices together. It feels so good. There’s an incredibly positive energy in our house because of this.”

Once again, congrats on a job well done, Monica!