Meet the Nutrishop Team: Christina Barbieri

We have a newly appointed assistant manager! Many of you know Christina, and why she’s a great person for the job. If you haven’t gotten the chance to meet her yet, here it is!
We did a quick Q&A session with her to find out what makes her tick!
NS: What first made you interested in working for Nutrishop?
CB: The people, and how they care about each and every person that walks into the store! I love building relationships with clients and striving to help everyone be the best version of themselves.
NS: What do you like most about working with Nutrishop staff and clients?
CB: Each and every staff member is part of a team and a family. We have each others’ backs, and learn from each other as we help clients reach their goals. All of our clients become friends and continue to reach out to us for any help they need.
NS: What are your Top 5 favorite Nutrishop supplements?
CB: BCAAs, Hypercor, Lipocor, Liver Complex, and Nature’s Fuel. There are more! But these are just a few of the supplements I take to help me feel at my healthiest.
NS: What interests do you have outside of work?
CB: Spending time outdoors with friends and family! I love spending time camping, hiking, fishing and so much more while making memories and learning new places in my beautiful Idahome.
NS: What is your favorite thing to do or place to go in CDA? 
CB: I love hiking Tubbs Hill and the beautiful views, and I love getting out in nature and enjoying God’s creation!
We hope you all get a chance to say hello to Christina the next time you stop by!

Meet the Nutrishop Team: Alexa Derby

We are pleased to introduce a new member to our team, Alexa!
Like many of our staff over the years, Alexa started as a customer and grew to see what makes us tick. She wanted in, and we are happy to have her on board!
“Nutrishop has made a big impact on my life as far as nutrition goes,” she said. “I have always been drawn to the fact that they focus on whole health and nutrition, as well as how important supplements are to reach your goals.”
Expanding her knowledge base will be huge for Alexa, who plans on attending school to earn a degree in nutrition or health coaching. With hands-on experience every day here, she is getting a leg up on her education as she works to help our community.
“I love the fact that I get to help people every day in achieving their health goals,” she said. “I love getting to know all the clients and being a part of their journey with diet and nutrition.”
With a fondness for hiking, snowboarding, running, yoga, and spending time on the lake and in the mountains, Alexa is right at home here in Coeur d’Alene, with plenty of inspiration and activity to help her stay active. She fuels her active lifestyle with some of her favorite supplements, including BCAA, Detoxin, curcumin/hemp, Nature’s Fuel, and Fiburn!
She’s a valuable and talented addition to our team, and we’re pumped to have her with us!
“I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to work for Toby and Lisa,” she said. “They are so knowledgeable in nutrition and they make the workplace a very positive atmosphere for the employees and clients!”

Frank is down 125 pounds and counting!

Frank Quates, 47, finally reached his breaking point this last January, almost a year ago: He was sick and tired of being big.

“I was either going to die a young man with a large coffin, or I was going to change my lifestyle,” Frank said. “I started to seriously pursue that change, and that started with the advice of the folks at Nutrishop.

Frank Quates came to us in January of 2018 weighing more than 100 pounds than his last weigh-in!

Frank came to us at 335 pounds last January 17, and today weighs in at 210 pounds! Equipped with a healthy meal plan and regular exercise program, he knew he had to be in it for the long run to see success.

“I wanted to be the tortoise, and not the hare,” he said. “That was my attitude, just to maintain consistency throughout the past year. It’s paid off.”

Frank helped his own cause by supplementing his lifestyle change with some key products, specifically chosen for his goals and meal plan. Throughout this time working with us, he’s supplemented with Hypercor, 1-XD, Stance BCAAs, ForzaPro protein, N’Rage, Detoxin and Lipocor. He would sip BCAAs during and after his workouts, meal replace breakfast with protein to supplement a keto diet, and then adjusted once he switched to the Clean Eating plan.

While all the credit of course belongs to Frank for his hard work, he said there certainly were noticeable benefits to the products he tried.

“The 1-XD really made a huge difference, and I know for sure some workouts wouldn’t have gotten done without the N’Rage,” Frank said. “It really helps my energy level and performance. But the biggest thing was that I wasn’t taking anything that I felt wasn’t going to help me. Some stores will sell you anything whether you need it or not.”

That approach is ultimately what helped Frank know he was in the right place to make progress. He said he immediately noticed that we made a “personal investment” in him when he came in, and that he felt like an individual who could make real changes. The encouragement was immediate.

“In any organization, the way customers feel comes from the top down,” Frank said. “Toby and his wife practice what they preach. They believe it’s their mission to help people be healthy and they have a caring attitude that helps them do that.

“I recommend them all the time,” he continued. “My energy’s up, my self-esteem is better, I’m no longer depressed, lethargic. I have restored passion for the things I love. Hiking, being physically active, are things I can do again. I fit into clothes I haven’t worn in 20 years.

“I see people who haven’t seen me for a year,” Frank said, “and they see me now and say, ‘What the hell happened to you?’ I tell them, ‘Nutrishop did.'”

Friends of Nutrishop: Slick Rock Tanning & Spa!

9479-newTime to share more love for our Transformation Challenge partner-sponsors. Today we want to introduce Slick Rock Tanning & Spa!
Great folks over there at Slick Rock, and they are offering a $250 one-month VIP All-Access package to our first-place finisher, and a $90 VIP Day to second and third place!
As always: PLEASE support locally owned businesses. Every dollar you spend here stays right here in the CDA area – help support our community!

Friends of Nutrishop: Elements Massage!

elements-massage-logo-fullWe love spreading the word about our amazing Transformation Challenge partner-sponsors!

Up today: Elements Massage!

Elements is offering a 90-minute massage to our first-place finisher, and a 60-minute massage to second place — THANK YOU, friends!

We really can’t overstate how much it means when you support locally owned businesses. Every dollar you spend here stays right here in the CDA area – help support our community!

Friends of Nutrishop: Snap Fitness!

We want to dedicate this week to bragging about our Transformation Challenge partner-sponsors!
Our friends at Snap are donating a 6-month membership for our first-place finisher, and 1-month memberships for our second- and third-place finishers!
Additionally, Nutrishop customers can try Snap free for a week and get $0 enrollment!

Our Spring Transformation Challenge Women’s Winner: Brandi Lish

unnamedOur women’s winner of the Spring Challenge is Brandi Lish! Brandi lost 19 pounds of fat and 7.6 percent body fat, and she gained .8 pounds of muscle!

Brandi’s fitness journey began when she met Lisa from Nutrishop out in the community, and the two started talking fitness and supplements. Brandi has Crohn’s disease, which comes with a lot of stomach irritation, and Lisa encouraged her to look into products she could take and a diet that would work for her. Once Brandi learned about the challenge, she thought it sounded like a great opportunity, and came in to meet Carly and DJ to get going! With her husband Cody also doing the challenge alongside her, they were ready to go.

“We got the lowdown of how it all works, and we’ve done other diets and challenges, and they were hard to stick to,” Brandi said. “This seemed like one we could make into a lifestyle and keep it, so we signed up and started it and really enjoyed it. The meal prepping wasn’t overbearing – it was doable.”

Brandi and Cody came into Nutrishop once a week to keep themselves accountable, and Brandi in particular wanted to see if she needed to change anything.unnamed (1)

“Carly and Lisa were awesome and supportive, and at one point during the challenge about halfway through my weight was creeping up and I wasn’t feeling the best,” she said. “They switched my diet up a little bit and I was back on the track of losing weight.

“They pointed out I was in the lead, and that really kept me motivated and wanting to continue on,” Brandi said. “I love my pizza and desserts and everything, but they kept me on track!”

Brandi did face her challenges – Cody recently graduated from college, and with that came a big party. Brandi asked us, “Can I have cake?” Carly put it to her this way: “Brandi – is $1,100 worth of prizes worth a piece of cake?”

“They really helped me keep myself focused,” said Brandi, who complemented her diet with training at Peak several days a week. She switched her workout schedule to the mornings, having never been a morning person, and found she loved the freedom it allowed her the rest of the day. She could finish her spin class or boot camp early in the morning, get her evenings back, and know she got her work in.

“I’m feeling a lot better after the challenge,” Brandi said. “I was kind of was in a slump of feeling down; I’d gained weight; I felt bloated and ‘ugh,'” she said. “I wanted to get back to my go-getter self. This has definitely helped me do that.”

Portion control and not having junk or processed food were the primary factors in her new outlook, she said. The food you eat definitely fuels your activity, and Brandi said she can feel that difference now.

“It’s hard – it can be hard to step in those doors and start something, but Nutrishop, after everything I’ve tried and done, is totally a family,” Brandi said. “They want you to have the life you want – they ask what your goals are, what will make you happy, and they help you get that.”