Build Your Perfect Stack During NUTRISHOP’s July Sale!

Nutrishop July sale 2014There are less than two weeks left to capitalize on the NUTRISHOP July Special savings, and it will be the last chance before September to get prices like this!

To help you get the most value for your dollar, we’re putting together a list of the best stacks you can make depending on your goal. With progressive savings on non-sale items — 10 percent off any two items, 15 percent off three and an amazing 20 percent off four items — plus a 5-percent discount for VIP members, this is the perfect time to build your personalized supplement stack.

One reminder: A limit of one protein IS included in this deal! With that out of the way, let’s get to the stacks. First up this week, probably our most popular goal: Fat loss!


Four items:


One of the most common questions we get at NUTRISHOP isn’t a surprising one: “How can I lose the most fat?”

Whether you have a lot of work to do to get down to a slimmer size, or you’re trying to get your abs to show, almost everybody has some fat they’d like to get rid of. We’ve got a stack for that.

The Contour Elite Weight Loss System combines a powerful fat-burner with HYPERCOR, helps reduce stress-based cortisol with the nighttime supplement SOMNILEAN and keeps the body running clean and efficiently with DETOXIN. We’ll show how they all work together here, and later in the week show the benefits of each product in more detail.

By adding HYPERCORSOMNILEAN and DETOXIN to your diet and exercise regimen, the weight will come flying off and you will get a much healthier system. All three of these supplements are designed to work hand-in-hand with the others. HYPERCOR is one of the best mood-boosting, fat-torching supplements available, and we got a look at DETOXIN and how good it can be for “opening up” the body to better digestion and absorption, as well as waste excretion.

But imagine pairing the two together: You’ll get a clean, flushed system that’s primed for supplement uptake, and at the same time you’ll be powering it with HYPERCOR, which will really start the fat igniting. We know DETOXIN helps improve kidney function and therefore blood flow, for example.

HYPERCOR can take advantage of this within the system by efficiently breaking down the fatty acids and controlling the blood sugar without being bound up by those nasty waste products in the blood and organs that would have been there without DETOXIN. They are MADE to work together!

On top of those two, the Contour Elite Weight Loss System includes SOMNILEAN, a nighttime metabolism booster that further allows your body to burn fat at a high rate while you sleep. Insufficient sleep is one of the sneakiest reasons behind fat gain, and most people fail to account for adequate sleep levels when putting together a weight-loss plan. SOMNILEAN not only has indirect fat-burning properties that take place while you sleep, but it promotes deeper sleep and better sleep patterns, helping clear your head as soon as it hits the pillow. High levels of stress related to poor sleeping pattern promote production of a fat-producing hormone called cortisol, which signals the body to store fat.

That’s another benefit of taking this stack together: Both SOMNILEAN and HYPERCOR include ingredients designed to improve well-being (we’ve even had HYPERCOR referred to as a “happy pill” before!), reducing stress and the fat-promoting cortisol that comes with it. With a clear mind and positive energy, you’ll find you’re much more likely to achieve your fat-loss goals.

With all three stacked together, people seeking to accelerate their fat loss and digestive efficiency can really see the difference! Talk to any of the certified staff, and they will get you burning fat in no time!


Four items:augment

  • 1-XD
  • HGH-191

The Ursolic Acid and Arachidonic Acid blend in AUGMENT that makes it such an animal of a supplement goes perfectly with a few other products, and we’ll show how.

AUGMENT contains AA, from the Omega-6 family. This increases inflammation in the muscles for further breakdown and better repair, meaning more muscle mass — this is why AA holds a U.S. patent for it!

You can pair AUGMENT with the rest of NUTRISHOP’s outstanding anabolic growth line. 1-XD, which has been proven to increase testosterone in males by up to 42 percent, makes a perfect partner. Because AUGMENT not only helps increase muscle mass and the sensitivity to testosterone, it makes sense to stack it with a natural testosterone-booster like 1-XD. They complement each other perfectly.

ANITEST, which unbinds free testosterone within the body to make it more readily available, is also an ideal choice. Similar to how it works with ARABOL, ANITEST provides more of this essential muscle-building hormone and leaves it up to AUGMENT’s awesome uptake properties to put it to best use. Remember, just having extra testosterone isn’t enough. Your body has to be ready to use it. This is where stacking ANITEST and AUGMENT will really give you an advantage.

And lastly, everyone’s favorite nighttime supplement, HGH-191, also belongs in this stack. A great deal of growth hormone, luteinizing hormone and testosterone are released during deep sleep. The brain signals the sex hormones to release during this period, leading to full recovery during rest. HGH-191 helps induce that necessary deep sleep, allowing for better sleep patterns and a deeper sleep environment for the brain to signal muscle growth unimpeded.


Four items:

  • N’RAGE
  • N’SANE
  • N’FUZE

Starting with electrolyte-loaded BCAA Sport and finishing with the Training Trifecta, this stack is designed to turn your workouts into the most optimal training sessions possible.

Ideally, you would want to stack N’SANE with N’RAGE, a premium blood flow enhancer that will optimize the delivery of your other supplements to the body and really provide a massive pump and vascularity, and N’FUZE, a concentrated dose of KreAlkalyn buffered creatine compound.

By stacking these three products, you will get the most effective total dosage of each important compound and allow them to work with the others to their maximum potential. You will not only be providing your body with the formulas necessary to increase results, but also its ability to shuttle those formulas to the muscles. The result: Massive increases in power on explosive lifts, focus and intensity throughout an entire workout, and the ability to recover faster and come back better-prepared for your next workout.

One thing you might notice between all three of these products is some overlap between the compounds — that’s why they work so well together. Both N’RAGE AND N’SANE contain L-Arginine AKG and the GlycoCarn compounds, but with staggered release timing and precise amounts of each, they complement each other to maximize the benefits of each formula.

Likewise, both N’SANE and N’FUZE contain the buffered creatine product KreAlkalyn, but again, in different levels of concentration so your body can handle and use the most creatine possible over the course of your intense workout.


Four items:

  • NO-XP3

As all skinny guys know, fitness isn’t all about weight loss. Instead, some of us have the opposite problem, where we can eat seemingly anything and work out tirelessly but not gain the muscle mass we’re after. If you’ve experienced this problem, the Hard Gainer stack is for you. A good introduction to a few key components of muscle mass gain, this stack will help put you in some bigger clothes in no time.

The approach: Start with a high-quality gainer like GAINER7 for an increase in calories and protein, and add the proven benefits of creatine with KRE-ALKALYN and N’FUZE, both of which improve strength and size. Coupled with an optimizing multivitamin like NATURE’S FUEL and a workout enhancer like NO-XP3, you will be equipped to have intense, muscle-building workouts with the nutrition to put on mass fast.

The THERMOVEX Stack — Part of Huge Savings All Week

NUTRISHOP Chico has massive savings on our best supplement stacks ALL WEEK! Save as much as $54.90 when you buy! With our Fat Loss/Muscle Gain Challenge weigh-ins kicking off this week, there’s no better time to save HUGE!

Here are the stacks, what’s included and how much $$$ you save!

TOTAL: $119.95 PRE TAX
 SAVE: $54.90
TOTAL: $99.95
TOTAL: $159.95
SAVE: $44.98
N’SANE; or Fuzion or Hemovex
TOTAL: $129.95
SAVE: 29.98
Here’s some info on the THERMOVEX stack, which is similar to the CONTOUR ELITE stack, but with one major difference: THERMOVEX is non-stimulant-based. YOU SAVE $44.90 ON THIS STACK! 

Because fat loss is such a common goal, it’s easy to look at Evochem’s THERMOVEX and its CLA formula and just jot it down as a fat burner. However, THERMOVEX is also a popular choice for many NUTRISHOP customers as a pre-workout product.

Part of THERMOVEX’s formula is designed to help increase overall metabolism rate, and this is primarily for fat loss purposes — the faster the metabolism runs, the more efficient it is at processing nutrients instead of storing them as body fat. However, because of certain aspects of THERMOVEX’s profile, it doubles as a fine energy booster before a workout, too.

Like a cup of coffee, THERMOVEX contains caffeine (in the form of caffeine anhydrous), which helps counteract the chemical adenosine, which plays a role in suppressing neural activity. In other words, it increases alertness and focus.

On top of that, THERMOVEX has a blend of energy-boosting B vitamins (1, 2, 3, 6 and 12), without any sugar content that usually comes associated with these high-energy helpers. These water-soluble vitamins are best-known for cell metabolism, but can greatly add to pre-workout energy levels.

The nighttime metabolic agent SOMNILEAN is known for a powerhouse combination of four ingredients: Melatonin, L-Theanine, 5-HTP and GABA. While all great in their own rights, today is meant to focus on GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid). Why? Because it’s the one most directly responsible to helping you catch those all-important Zs at night.

GABA is often referred to as the brain’s natural calming agent. Technically an amino acid, GABA helps in controlling the firing of neurons from the brain that create anxiety, restlessness and the mile-a-minute thought patterns that come from stress and other factors. Of course, when they happen while you’re trying to sleep, it becomes a problem.

By helping to alleviate over-firing neurons that cause these symptoms, GABA essentially serves as a sleep aid, with a huge added bonus: Studies have shown it to increase the amount of growth hormone production, which plays a large role in muscle tone and growth, indirectly leading to fat loss via improved metabolism. One 2008 collegiate study out of Virginia found that “GABA elevates resting and postexercise (growth hormone) concentrations.” (Source)

DETOXIN™ is the strongest, most complete, all natural detox formula available. Detoxin is designed to detoxify, cleanse and rejuvenate the body’s filtration system (Liver, Gallbladder, Colon and Kidneys) so that various toxins, waste and toxic build-up can be safely and effectively eliminated from the body resulting in improved overall health and metabolism. DETOXIN™ was also designed with weight loss goals in mind for an improved metabolism, flattened midsection and enhanced immune system for an overall feeling of wellbeing when used in conjunction with proper nutrition and a regular exercise program. DETOXIN™ contains Synergistic Ultra Support Technology™ to ensure a complete, high quality, effective detox supplement.† Regardless of how effective the weight loss supplement or other dietary supplements you are currently taking are touted to be; if you have not done a proper Liver, Gallbladder, Kidney and Colon cleanse, your supplement uptake will be hindered and your results WILL be compromised. DETOXIN™ was designed to be used in conjunction with most diet and weight loss regimens. DETOXIN™ will allow your body to effectively absorb, utilize and maximize nutrients as well as your dietary supplements, allowing you to achieve maximum results.

The Contour Elite Stack — Part of Huge Savings All Week

NUTRISHOP Chico has massive savings on our best supplement stacks ALL WEEK! Save as much as $54.90 when you buy! With our Fat Loss/Muscle Gain Challenge weigh-ins kicking off today, there’s no better time to save HUGE!

Here are the stacks, what’s included and how much $$$ you save!

TOTAL: $119.95 PRE TAX
 SAVE: $54.90
TOTAL: $99.95
TOTAL: $159.95
SAVE: $44.98
N’SANE; or Fuzion or Hemovex
TOTAL: $129.95
SAVE: 29.98

Here are the details from the CONTOUR ELITE WEIGHT LOSS SYSTEM!

Diet and exercise are obvious; some people want more results and FASTER. The Contour Elite Weight Loss System, comprised of HYPERCOR, DETOXIN and SOMNILEAN, is the headline fat-loss stack at NUTRISHOP in Chico. Here’s just how each one is designed to work to help get you the lean body you’ve always wanted.

  • HYPERCOR is designed to attack the fat-storing and producing properties in your body specifically, in a number of ways:

Taking HYPERCOR is basically telling your body, “Look, we have all this extra blood sugar floating around and a bunch of fatty acids. Don’t let it get stored up as fat — get it out of here!” It does this with its Thermo-Lipolysis Blend, a blend of compounds that controls the levels of blood sugar in the body, promotes better break-down of fatty acids and improves the availability of oxygen in the bloodstream to allow for more fat and carb breakdown into energy, instead of storage.

Not only that, but within the adipose tissue (cellulite, love handles, beer gut — FAT) in your body are beta-3 receptors, serving as “activators” for the process of fat-burning. The National Center for Biotechnology Information confirms that these receptors are stimulated by naturally occurring adrenaline in the body; HYPERCOR provides the stimulation for the hormonal release necessary to start the fat breakdown with the Lipo-Adrenaline Blend.

Of course, there’s the issue of just flat-out eating too much. This often is what makes a reduced-calorie diet the hardest for most people to stomach — they don’t feel full with the smaller portions, etc. What HYPERCOR does is suppress the appetite by ultimately signaling to the brain that you are full (drinking a large glass of water, for instance, also does the same thing just by virtue of filling up your stomach). HYPERCOR actually does it by reducing serotonin absorption and setting the blood’s sugar to a level that fools the body into feeling full, with the P57 Appetite Suppression Blend.  If you’re not as hungry, you probably won’t eat as much, probably won’t take in as many calories and definitely won’t have those calories left over to burn tomorrow.

Plus, HYPERCOR is also known as a “happy pill” thanks to the Neuro-Phoric Blend. It contains several herbal extracts, including 3 from chocolate, that give you clean energy, mental alertness, and an elevation of your mood for a greater sense of well-being. With all the stress we have in our lives, being able to take an all-natural capsule that makes us feel awesome is a no-brainer! In addition, a happy person with less stress is less likely to binge on the wrong kinds of food.

  • SOMNILEAN’s combination of four powerful ingredients is the backbone to this nighttime metabolic formula:

Melatonin, L-Theanine, 5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan) and GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) support proper sleep by regulating the body’s pattern of day and night. GABA also promotes a calming effect while assisting the brain to naturally inhibit the high number of neurons over-firing, a main culprit in mental over-thinking. GABA is referred to as the “brain’s natural calming agent.”  By inhibiting over-stimulation of the brain, GABA may help promote relaxation and ease nervous tension. By inducing deeper stage sleep patterns, many GABA users notice indirect increased fat loss and lean muscle growth which, when combined, leads to an increase in daytime energy levels.

SOMNILEAN also contains a blend of Valerian Root, Mucuna Pruriens and Chamomile Flower extracts engineered for anyone looking to achieve ultimate, restful sleep. Without deep sleep, you can’t maximize proper recovery or the optimal environment necessary to support intense exercise and fitness requirements for a healthier, better you. Poor sleep also reduces immune system function, protein synthesis and growth hormone levels. SOMNILEAN launches athletes into a deep sleep faster, so their muscles can properly heal and recover for the next round at the gym, athletic event or even to deal with the daily stresses of life.

Plus, the Mucuna Pruriens extract found in SOMNILEAN contain the highest grade of L-DOPA, a powerful brain neurotransmitter that has been used in the traditional Ayurvedic systems in India for thousands of years. Mucuna can be a very beneficial supplement for weight-trained athletes but increasing dopamine may also have other benefits including maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, balancing blood sugar levels, natural diuretic effects and increasing the production of HGH (Human Growth Hormone). An increase in HGH levels can increase the body’s ability to build lean muscle and break down fat. Additionally, its powerful metabolic sleep action, SOMNILEAN takes its effectiveness one step further with a specific ratio of potent extracts of Green Tea, Guggul Lipid, Apple Cider Vinegar and Acetyl L-Carnitine to fuel lipolysis, pushing your metabolism into high-gear amplifying calorie burning and muscle definition.

  • The “Synergistic Blend” in DETOXIN targets all four detoxifying organs (kidneys, liver, gall bladder and colon) specifically, boosting support to your system:

Liver Detox and Support Blend: Your liver plays a huge role in almost everything health-related you can imagine in your digestive system. It synthesizes amino acids to help build muscle, it processes insulin and other hormones and it breaks down fats. When your liver is burdened with excess toxins, it simply cannot do these things as efficiently as possible, meaning you have waste that needs to be broken down but is instead just sitting there. Ever hear people say “My liver’s going to hate me” after a night of heavy drinking? Well, they’re right. Alcohol toxins in the liver are pure poison, and your body sees it as a priority to get rid of it first and foremost. Many processes get put on hold to deal with these alcohol toxins; the result is often a hangover. Bonus: Consider DETOXIN a hangover helper!

Gall Bladder Detox and Support Blend: If you’ve ever wondered where “kidney stones” or “gall stones” come from, look no further. And if you’ve heard of people who have had them — some say the word “excruciating” is putting it gently — they all say their doctors told them the same thing: They should have watched the crap they were putting in their bodies. People who routinely don’t drink enough water or take in boatloads of chemicals and toxins fall in this category, meaning we’re more at risk than we might think. Your gall bladder serves as a backup to the bile the liver produces, and when too many toxins interact with that bile over time, they form stones. And you don’t want to have to pass one to know how painful they can be.

Kidney Detox and Support Blend: “House” fans should recognize the phrase “renal failure,” but even if you’re not into hospital drama on TV, you’ve got to know how important the kidneys are to your entire body. They’re responsible at least to some degree for your body’s waste management, blood pressure, water management and a ton of other filtering processes that are crucial to your system. Because they serve as filters, they bear the burden perhaps the heaviest when you overload your system with toxins — they take on all the unprocessed garbage your other organs can’t handle. It is essential to take care of your kidneys, and this blend helps promote kidney health.

Colon Detox and Support Blend: As you might have suspected, some of us are more full of crap than others — literally! The waste storage unit in the lower intestines, the colon is responsible for doing the final clean-up job of your digestive system. The problem with many people’s digestive tracts, though, is that they are so full of toxins and insoluble waste that they never do get processed. Instead, the accumulate in the colon, giving the feeling and appearance of bloating and distension. In some people, up to 20 POUNDS of excess waste can be stored, severely blocking the body’s ability to further rid itself of toxins and harmful bacteria in the colon.

Cyber Monday Progressive MEGA SALE!

We had a HUGE response for our Black Friday sale, but we also heard from customers who couldn’t make it because they were visiting family or friends out of town.

So, since we don’t sell online, we decided that we will have a Cyber Monday sale in-store. This will be the same exact sale that we ran on Friday, so the earlier you get in the more you save.

***If you can’t make it in, just call either store during the sale and we can lock in your discount at the time of your call with a credit card!! So don’t worry, if you work all day, just call before 12pm to lock in the 30%!
ITEMS WITH 30% DISCOUNT (From 10am to 12pm)  

                          sale price            amount saved
1-XD                     $48.97                        $20.98
HYPERCOR        $62.97                         $26.98
DETOXIN            $ 31.47                         $13.48
SOMNILEAN       $27.97                         $11.98
N.O. XP3                $48.97                        $20.98
FUZION                 $41.97                         $17.97
N’SANE                  $34.99                       $14.96
N’FUZE                  $38.49                        $16.46
PHENADREN        $45.47                         $14.98
ARABOL                $55.99                         $ 23.96
ANITEST                $48.97                         $20.98
NATURES FUEL     $24.49                      $10.46

***These are just a few examples of all of our best-selling products!
ITEMS WITH 25% DISCOUNT (12pm to 3pm)  

sale price            amount saved
1-XD                     $52.42                        $17.53
HYPERCOR         $67.46                        $22.49
DETOXIN            $33.71                        $11.24
NOXP3                $52.46                         $17.49
FUZION              $37.46                         $12.49
VASOCOR          $44.96                          $14.99
N’SANE              $37.49                          $12.49
N’FUZE             $41.21                           $13.74
PHENADREN       $47.46                       $12.49
ARABOL             $59.99                         $20.00
ANITEST            $52.49                         $17.46
NATURES FUEL    $26.24                    $8.71

***These are just a few examples of all of our best-selling products!
ITEMS WITH 20% DISCOUNT (3pm to 7pm)

 sale price            amount saved
1-XD                    $55.72                      $14.23
HYPERCOR       $71.96                      $17.99
DETOXIN          $35.96                      $8.99
NOXP3              $55.96                      $13.99
FUZION            $39.96                      $9.99
VASOCOR         $47.96                     $11.99
N’SANE             $39.99                     $9.96
N’FUZE              $43.99                    $10.96
PHENADREN    $51.96                     $12.99
HGH – 191          $39.96                      $9.99
ARABOL             $55.99                      $13.96
NATURES FUEL   $27.99                      $6.95

Happy Halloween Sale at NUTRISHOP Chico!

The little kids usually have all the fun on Halloween, but this year, NUTRISHOP Chico is offering the big kids some free treats too!

We have 3 different deals going on ALL day 10/31 at BOTH locations in Chico! Here they are:

  1. Buy 2 and get 1 FREE! The 3rd FREE item must be of equal or lesser value! (Example: Buy 2 BCAA Sports and get the 3rd one FREE. Or buy a NOXP3, a 1-XD, and get a 1-XPM FREE!) The combinations are endless.*
  2. Buy 1 Get 1 for 50% OFF! Second item must be equal or lesser value.*
  3. Proteins are 15% off all day long! This is good on ALL proteins, including weight gainers and MRP’s. Limit 1 per person. (Proteins are not valid with the BOGO deals above, but they are 15% off all day long.)




Summer is now officially here, and NUTRISHOP Chico is making it easy for you to stock up on all the fat burners, protein, weight gainers, creatine, testosterone boosters, and more that you need to get into shape quickly and safely!
Monday only, we are having a Memorial Day Blowout sale at the Forest Ave Location (East will be closed for the Holiday).

  • Save 30% from 10am to 12pm
  • Save 25% from 12pm to 3pm
  • Save 20% from 3pm to 7pm.
  • Protein will be 15% OFF all day long!
  • Sale is good on all of our best testosterone boosters including 1-XD, Anitest, Arabol and HGH-191 and more. It is also good on Chico’s best selling fat burners like HYPERCOR, Lipocor, Detoxin, Phenadren and more!

Stock up on everything you need for your Summer body. See the ad below!