Why Late-Night Eating Isn’t Actually So Bad

The idea that “when you eat” matters just as much as quality and quantity of it is a popular one.

Lots of research has proven that the 2-to-3-hour period after a workout, for example, is ideal for protein and carbohydrate consumption, as the body can most effectively metabolize food during this anabolic state — some studies suggest this period can last anywhere from 8 to 24 hours, depending on the workout and the individual’s metabolism.

So, if eating around a workout is so beneficial because your body is instantly using the calories you’re giving it, then eating before bed must be an automatic no-no, right? Well, no. Still, this concept has become quite the rage, in fact, over the last few years; it’s not uncommon to see even educated bodybuilder and athlete types avoiding calories altogether in the hours before going to sleep.

This is a mistake.

Yes, the type of calories that are usually consumed at this time are low-quality calories. This is dessert time, when a person is most likely to be on the couch, mindlessly destroying chips or cookies. Let’s say you do this the second you wake up instead. Would you really consider this “better?” Of course not. So chalking up weight gain because of nighttime eating in this case would not be telling the whole story. The quality and quantity of the food being eaten is what matters. The U.S. Department of Agriculture is not known for being the bastion of health knowledge we once thought it was, but we would side with it on its support of a “calorie-in, calorie-out” concept of eating to fight obesity.

Not everybody can sleep on a full stomach — loss of sleep or restlessness while digesting would be an example of bad evidence against nighttime eating. But the calorie consumption itself isn’t the culprit.  Sleep deprivation and the rise in cortisol levels that comes with it can affect body fat negatively. Ideally, you wouldn’t eat a large, energy-packed meal right before bed (so a stack of pancakes is out). But a small serving of cottage cheese or a protein shake? It’s highly unlikely these would contribute to body fat gain overnight.

Additionally, the concept of periodic eating every few hours seems to be ignored when considering nighttime eating. While eating these frequent small meals will not directly assist in weight loss, it does help prevent the gigantic binge meal most of us have at dinner after not having eaten in 6-8 hours. Consistent, frequent eating of small snacks regulates blood sugar and controls hunger. A real-life example of how not to do this would be swearing off all food after 8 p.m.; your best-case scenario (if you’re getting adequate sleep, eating your last bite at 8 p.m. and waking up with a forkful of food in your mouth) would be nine to 10 consecutive hours of fasting. Not exactly keeping in stride with the plan there, is it?

It can be intriguing to follow in-vogue nutrition concepts as the health and food industries continue to evolve, and research will continue to suggest new methods for people to try in the effort to control their physiques and health. But in this case, the relation to eating before bed and weight gain has mostly shown to be anecdotal, and more of an indictment against the amount and type of food being eaten than the time at which it is consumed.

The Top 5 Supplements to Jump-start Your Resolutions

PicMonkey Collage

If your resolutions are fitness- or health-based again this year, we’ve got you covered.

Many people wish they could start from scratch — much in the way it’s easier to keep your house clean once it’s already been thoroughly tidied up, it’s easier to make sure your fitness is on-point without weighing it down with excess waste, toxins or other buildup lingering in your body. If you partied this holiday season — and that includes calorie splurges at Thanksgiving, indulging in sweets around Christmas and boozing hard for New Year’s — you could probably use some detoxifying in your life.

This leads us to our first New Year’s must-have supplement: DETOXIN.

DETOXINThe “Synergistic Blend” in DETOXIN targets all four detoxifying organs (kidneys, liver, gall bladder and colon) specifically, boosting support to your system:

Liver Detox and Support Blend: Your liver plays a huge role in almost everything health-related you can imagine in your digestive system. It synthesizes amino acids to help build muscle, it processes insulin and other hormones and it breaks down fats. When your liver is burdened with excess toxins, it simply cannot do these things as efficiently as possible, meaning you have waste that needs to be broken down but is instead just sitting there. Ever hear people say “My liver’s going to hate me” after a night of heavy drinking? Well, they’re right. Alcohol toxins in the liver are pure poison, and your body sees it as a priority to get rid of it first and foremost. Many processes get put on hold to deal with these alcohol toxins; the result is often a hangover. Bonus: Consider DETOXIN a hangover helper!

Gall Bladder Detox and Support Blend: If you’ve ever wondered where “kidney stones” or “gall stones” come from, look no further. And if you’ve heard of people who have had them — some say the word “excruciating” is putting it gently — they all say their doctors told them the same thing: They should have watched the crap they were putting in their bodies. People who routinely don’t drink enough water or take in boatloads of chemicals and toxins fall in this category, meaning we’re more at risk than we might think. Your gall bladder serves as a backup to the bile the liver produces, and when too many toxins interact with that bile over time, they form stones. And you don’t want to have to pass one to know how painful they can be.

Kidney Detox and Support Blend: “House” fans should recognize the phrase “renal failure,” but even if you’re not into hospital drama on TV, you’ve got to know how important the kidneys are to your entire body. They’re responsible at least to some degree for your body’s waste management, blood pressure, water management and a ton of other filtering processes that are crucial to your system. Because they serve as filters, they bear the burden perhaps the heaviest when you overload your system with toxins — they take on all the unprocessed garbage your other organs can’t handle. It is essential to take care of your kidneys, and this blend helps promote kidney health.

Colon Detox and Support Blend: As you might have suspected, some of us are more full of crap than others — literally! The waste storage unit in the lower intestines, the colon is responsible for doing the final clean-up job of your digestive system. The problem with many people’s digestive tracts, though, is that they are so full of toxins and insoluble waste that they never do get processed. Instead, the accumulate in the colon, giving the feeling and appearance of bloating and distension. In some people, up to 20 POUNDS of excess waste can be stored, severely blocking the body’s ability to further rid itself of toxins and harmful bacteria in the colon.

Second on our list of products to start your year off right with is STANCE, available both in men’s and women’s thermogenic formulas.

10696237_773786932683574_8051124138704284245_nThe two big ingredients in STANCE are Dicana and R-beta phenylethamine.

Dicana is a potent non-stimulant metabolic booster developed to dramatically increase fat burning by raising basal metabolic rate, thus, increasing oxygen and energy consumption by the body. Dicana increases the rate of caloric burning through pro-thyroid mechanics, causing a shift from fat mass in favor of lean muscle. This is accomplished by strategically repurposing calories, increasing muscle protein synthesis while simultaneously annihilating body fat.

Dicana is found in STANCE, in the form of DIOXITONE T4; its purpose is to synthesize proteins, which in turn helps build muscle and ultimately leads to decreased body fat. This is how hormones can affect your physique and well-being, and Dicana can play a vital role in the process.


Post-Thanksgiving Recovery Week

We hope you had a great Thanksgiving, taking full advantage of the day-long dietary cheat you’ve worked so hard to enjoy!

But now that you’ve sufficiently loaded up on gravy and pie, it’s a new week and time to get back at it. Do you need to do anything drastic? Assuming you went into the holiday following a consistent plan, the answer is no. But our goal this week is to provide you a quick jolt that will get you right back into the flow anyway, because establishing consistency quickly is the key to rebounding from those breaks where you fall off the wagon a bit.

Bookmark this page for this week, as we’ll have updates to it daily with workouts, supplement suggestions and more!

Hit a full-body fat detox workout to get the blood flowing and your whole musculature involved to shake it up from the holiday slumber.

Additionally, consider introducing a fat-burning supplement stack:

As directed –

  • LIPOCOR: A lipid replacement system that provides your body with the fats it needs so it can get rid of the stored ones it doesn’t. Improves skin, hair and muscle tone as well.
  • HYPERCOR: Effective fat-burners that work in several different stages to attack body fat on multiple fronts. Great to stack with LIPOCOR!
  • DETOXIN: Flushes the kidneys and liver, ridding the body of excess water, waste and toxins that cause bloating and distention. Increases digestive effectiveness.

Upon waking –

  • BCAA: Branched-chain amino acids help repair and rebuild muscle tissue, plus save already-existing tissue from catabolism. CRUCIAL when trying to lose body fat because they force the body to use it as energy instead of turning to muscle tissue for it.

30 mins. pre-workout–

  • BCAA
  • THERMOVEX/NOX-P3/STANCE: Energy boost and increased blood flow for your workout to maximize results and let you get a more intense session in — perfect for high-intensity workouts.

Immediately post-workout–

  • PRO7EIN SYNTHESIS: Complete protein blend to restore, replenish muscles.
  • 1 Banana. This is basically the only time simple sugars will be beneficial to you!


4 Tri-Sets: Pull-Ups to Failure/12 Squats/12 Bench Press

4 Supersets: 8 Clean-to-Push Press/5 Box Jumps (technically a tri-set, with three movements, but the clean-to-push press is a compound movement)

Burnouts (complete two sets of each movement to failure, resting just :15 seconds between sets, before moving on to the next movement)

-Plyometric Pushups

-Squat Jumps

-Inverted (Hanging) Rows


15 minutes high-intensity interval training on the treadmill or elliptical. Alternate in this order: 1 minute of running (about 70-80 percent intensity), 30 seconds of sprinting (100 percent intensity), 30 minutes of jogging. Repeat 5-7 times.


4 Tri-Sets: 12 Bent-Over Rows/12 Stiff-Legged Deadlifts/12 Incline Bench

4 Supersets: 8 Clean-to-Push Press/5 Box Jumps

Burnouts (complete two sets of each movement to failure, resting just :15 seconds between sets, before moving on to the next movement)

-Plyometric Pushups

-Squat Jumps

-Inverted (Hanging) Rows


15 minutes high-intensity interval training on the treadmill or elliptical. Alternate in this order: 1 minute of running (about 70-80 percent intensity), 30 seconds of sprinting (100 percent intensity), 30 minutes of jogging. Repeat 5-7 times.

-Core Circuit: 3 Tri-Sets — 8 Hanging Leg Raises/15-30 crunches (or 10-12 Janda sit-ups for the more advanced)/:30-:45 planks

-Additionally, use today to get some high-quality, extensive stretching in. Foam-roll the hamstrings, calves, upper back and quads; this will alleviate and prevent soreness and tightness.


4 Tri-Sets: Pull-Ups to Failure/12 Squats/12 Bench Press

4 Supersets: 8 Clean-to-Push Press/5 Box Jumps

Burnouts (complete two sets of each movement to failure, resting just :15 seconds between sets, before moving on to the next movement)

-Plyometric Pushups

-Squat Jumps

-Inverted (Hanging) Rows

Fight Holiday Fat — Starting Now

Did you know the average American gains 7 pounds of fat between Thanksgiving and New Year’s? Let NUTRISHOP show you how to start NOW to prevent and even lose fat this holiday season!
Over the next three weeks, we’ll break down the supplements, training and diet tips that can help you avoid joining that dubious statistic and carve out the body you want while everyone else is packing on the pounds.
We’ll be updating this running blog with a new entry regularly, so be sure to bookmark it and save it as an easy fat-loss guide this holiday season!
The best fat-loss supplements that NUTRISHOP provides will aid your fight even as sugar-and-fat-loaded foods surround you. Yes, some self-control will make the biggest difference, but if you do find yourself “socially indulging,” stock up on products that contain CLA, green coffee bean and L-Carnitine. You can find those in the form of KETOLEAN 7, LIPOCOR, THERMOVEX and METABOLIC SPIKE. All of those except THERMOVEX are stimulant-free, and any person can take these regardless of stimulant sensitivites — come in and find out how and when to take these.
KETOLEAN 7: Found in the EVOLVE Metabolic Triad System, KETOLEAN 7’s star ingredient is CLA. Conjugated linoleic acid is a naturally occurring fatty acid found in meat and certain dairy sources. CLA is a clinically studied weight loss aid that assists the body in effectively burning more calories. In a 2007 meta-analysis, CLA demonstrated significant support for healthy body composition, resulting in a reduction in total body fat and an increase in lean body mass. In addition to its fat loss properties, CLA’s health benefits include being an anti-catabolic agent, an antioxidant and has also been shown to support immune function.
LIPOCOR: LIPOCOR is a comprehensive formula of essential fatty acids based on natural oils from fish (for EPA and DHA) and flaxseed oil (for ALA and LA), mainly. We’ve come to understand that healthy fats in your diet are outstanding for your overall health and have a major impact on fat-loss capabilities.Where LIPOCOR differs from other essential fatty acid products is that it also promotes muscle toning — the byproduct of this very well could be a decrease in body fat, since more muscle on the body’s frame means a faster metabolism. The faster the body’s metabolism works, the quicker it burns through carbs — and then it can start to focus on torching those final five pounds. LIPOCOR’s muscular support formula comes from lipids that occur in meat and dairy products naturally.LIPOCOR also supports muscle recovery with L-Carnitine, which has been shown in a 2002 study to have a “significant antioxidant effect,” along with its more commonly known benefit of being a catalyst for fatty acid oxidation — meaning it helps your body turn to fatty acids for energy faster. LIPOCOR also functions as an appetite suppressant, making it easier to create the needed calorie deficit for fat-burning.THERMOVEX: THERMOVEX was designed to activate the fat burning mechanisms in your body while stimulating the biochemistry that burns stored body fat. This is accomplished by combining a high dosage of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) with LCLT (L-Carnitine L-Tartrate) in order to help increase the metabolic rate at which the body can burn calories and carry stored energy from fat cells into the mitochondria of the muscle cells for fuel. By providing just the right amount of CNSS (central nervous system stimulation), THERMOVEX targets fat loss and improved muscle definition via multiple metabolic pathways. THERMOVEX is also fortified with a blend of effective and natural Chinese and ayurvedic herbal extracts. This is designed to help provide further thermogenic activity and muscle support to insure the body has the proper furnace to burn those extra calories all day long while eliminating free radicals with powerful proven antioxidant extracts. Also included is a blend of powerful appetite suppressing extracts of Hoodia and products currently available rely on tricky marketing ploys rather than solid scientific formulas. Designed to deliver professional strength results, THERMOVEX is the next generation of metabolic artillery when used in conjunction with proper nutrition and a regular exercise program.Additionally, there is a nighttime fat-burning version of this product, THERMOVEX PM!This product is a great-tasting, stimulant-free nighttime metabolic support formula that is specifically designed to optimize your resting metabolic rate, which increases stored body fat utilization. In addition, Thermovex PM is designed to improve sleep patterns and preserve lean muscle.Thermovex PM also contains fiber to manage weight control, a powdered formula that’s quicker to take effect than pill products and two great flavors — Green Apple and Watermelon!METABOLIC SPIKE:  One active ingredient of note is the METABOLIC SPIKE Proprietary Complex, a blend of ingredients including L-Carnitine L-Tartrate, Choline Bitartrate and raspberry ketones.A 2011 Dutch study suggests that L-Carnitine L-Tartrate can be used to increase muscle and impact muscle metabolism. Research has indicated that LCLT reduces fat mass — the actual size of the fat cells in your body — and increases muscle mass and reduces fatigue. Choline bitartrate is a compound that can help improve the transfer of fats and proteins to the liver, for more efficient metabolism, and the virtues of raspberry ketones have been gaining popularity, too.

The main benefit of raspberry ketones, a supplement that, no surprise, comes from red raspberries, is that it helps release norepinephrine in the body, which in turn raises the body’s temperature slightly. It might not sound like much, but a slightly higher body temperature is what’s responsible for the “thermogenic” effect: Fat cells shrink, and adipose tissue  decreases, with a warmer temperature.

Raspberry ketones are also believed to release adiponectin, a hormone that can help decrease glycogen levels, meaning less sugar in the bloodstream and, naturally, less available blood glucose that can be saved as fat.


clap-push-upAn ideal training plan for those who want to lose fat but still maintain their muscle mass during the stressful holiday periods would be one that focuses on efficiency and caloric burn, without overdoing it. To that end, a “fat loss blast” workout is recommended, focusing on torching one muscle group/functional group per workout, then following up with high-intensity interval training. The workouts will be listed the rest of the week!

DAY 1: Push and HIIT

5-6 Giant Sets: Explosive Plyometric “Clapping” Push-Ups to Failure/12 Alternating DB Standing Presses (per arm)/Triceps Dips to Failure/12 Incline DB Flys

Follow with 15 minutes of HIIT, with a 45-15 split — that is, 45 minutes of a brisk run, followed by 15 seconds of an all-out sprint intensity.

 DAY 2: Pull and HIIT

5-6 Giant Sets: Pull-Ups to Failure/12 Alternating One-Arm DB Rows (per arm)/Close, Reverse-Grip Chin-Ups to Failure/12 Standing Barbell Curls

Follow with 15 minutes of HIIT, with a 45-15 split — that is, 45 minutes of a brisk run, followed by 15 seconds of an all-out sprint intensity.

DAY 3: Legs and HIIT

4-5 Giant Sets: 8 Squats/12 Stiff-Legged Deadlifts/12 Alternating Forward Lunges (per leg)/Squat Jumps to failure

Follow with 15 minutes of HIIT, with a 45-15 split — that is, 45 minutes of a brisk run, followed by 15 seconds of an all-out sprint intensity.

DAY 4: Shoulders/Arms and HIIT

4-5 Giant Sets: 12 Standing Overhead Press/12 Incline DB Curls (per arm)/12 Overhead DB Triceps Extensions/Dips to Failure

Follow with 15 minutes of HIIT, with a 45-15 split — that is, 45 minutes of a brisk run, followed by 15 seconds of an all-out sprint intensity.

The NUTRISHOP Tight-and-Toned Women’s Training Plan

If a strong-but-slim body is what you’re after and you’re tired of finding only workouts that resemble either a women’s bodybuilding plan or the training regimen of an elite athlete, look no further. We get it — you want to tighten and tone, finding a nice middle ground for your figure that includes not only burning fat, but building the muscle that comes with a sleek, lean look. That’s why we’ve put together this workout plan: The NUTRISHOP Tight-and Toned Training Plan for women.

For a .PDF version of this file you can print out and take to the gym with you, click here!

With five days a week of weight training (three lower-body, two upper-body), followed by a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) session, the focus will be on short-but-effective workouts that limit rest periods. Keep them to no longer than 60 seconds between sets; if a superset is listed, you take no rest between exercises within the superset and rest only after the superset is complete.

You want "tight and toned?" We've got you covered.

You want “tight and toned?” We’ve got you covered.

After every workout, perform 15 minutes of HIIT, using a 45-15 method — that is, go 45 seconds at 70-75 percent effort, followed by 15 seconds of all-out effort. Then ramp it back down and repeat.

We’ve included recommended supplements to take as well, and the timing of them, to maximize your results.

Pre-Workouts: THERMOVEX, 1 serving of BCAA SPORT


5 Supersets: 12 Stiff-Legged Romanian Deadlifts/12 Alternating Forward Lunges (per leg)

5 Supersets: 12 Wide-Stance Goblet Squats/12 Alternating Backward Lunges (per leg)

3×12 Jump Squats

3×12 Hamstring Curls

*Take 5 minutes to stretch quads and hamstrings, and have 1 serving of BCAA SPORT*

15 mins HIIT



Pushups-for-training-the-upper-bodyPre-Workouts: THERMOVEX, 1 serving of BCAA SPORT

5 Supersets: 12 DB Incline Bench Press/12 Pull-Ups (or assisted pull-ups)

5 Supersets: 12 Bent-Over BB Rows/12 Push-Ups (or modified push-ups)

3×12 Overhead DB Press

3 Supersets: 8 DB Curls/12 Triceps Rope Pushdowns

*Take 5 minutes to stretch pectorals and lats, and have 1 serving of BCAA SPORT*

15 mins HIIT



Pre-Workouts: THERMOVEX, 1 serving of BCAA SPORT

4 Supersets: 8 Front Squats/8 Lying Hamstring Curls

5×5 One-Legged Romanian Deadlifts (per leg)

4×6 Lateral Lunges (per leg)

4x :30, Planks

4×8, Hanging Leg Raises

*Take 5 minutes to stretch quads, calves and hamstrings, and have 1 serving of BCAA SPORT*

15 mins HIIT




Pre-Workouts: THERMOVEX, 1 serving of BCAA SPORT

3 Supersets: Alternating One-Arm DB Bench Press (8 per arm)/Alternating One-Arm DB Rows (8 per arm) — on the bench press, hold two dumbbells, with the off-hand stabilizing one just above your chest, not resting on it, while the other works.

3 Tri-Sets: 8 DB Standing Press/8 Flat-Bar Triceps Cable Pushdowns/8 Reverse-Grip Pull-Ups (use the assisted pull-up machine if necessary)

*Take 5 minutes to stretch pectorals and lats, and have 1 serving of BCAA SPORT*

15 mins HIIT



Pre-Workouts: THERMOVEX, 1 serving of BCAA SPORT
4 Supersets: 5 Squats/12 Leg Extensions (heavy on squats, light on extensions)

4 Supersets: 5 Deadlifts/12 Hamstring Curls (heavy on DLs, light on curls)

3 Supersets: 8 Alternating Forward Lunges (per leg)/8 Seated Calf Raises

*Take 5 minutes to stretch quads, calves and hamstrings, and have 1 serving of BCAA SPORT*

15 mins HIIT



Focus on Nutrition and Supplements to Fight Aging

photos.demandstudios.com-getty-article-117-94-87322955_XSAs we age, our bodies’ important systems slowly start to become less and less efficient. This is true for just about everything — and, as it turns out, this includes how well we can metabolize and use the nutrients we’re eating.

A 2013 publication from Germany hypothesized that older people needed to increase their protein intake to make up for a diminished ability to create muscle (slowed anabolic response to food), and then brought forth evidence backing up this claim:

New evidence shows that older adults need more dietary protein than do younger adults to support good health, promote recovery from illness, and maintain functionality. Older people need to make up for age-related changes in protein metabolism, such as high splanchnic extraction and declining anabolic responses to ingested protein. They also need more protein to offset inflammatory and catabolic conditions associated with chronic and acute diseases that occur commonly with aging.

Today begins our series on nutrition and supplements for those 50 and older. Many forget that NUTRISHOP does not just cater to athletes, but to a wide range of people who simply are trying to optimize their nutrition to live the best, healthiest lives possible. Right off the bat, we can tell you this: Increasing your protein intake, as suggested in the study above, will work wonders for improving your livelihood even as you age.

Our two most popular options, PRO7EIN SYNTHESIS and FORZA PRO, are popular for a reason: They work. Ensuring you have enough protein in your daily diet is key to not only improving the way you look, but how you function and feel on a day-to-day basis.

There’s more to feeling healthy than just your muscle tone, of course: body fat, joint health, vitality, etc. We will hit all those topics this week, right here in this running blog entry. Stay tuned!


According to the University of Rochester Medical Center, the older we get, the less effective our bodies get at absorbing critical nutrients. We also just eat fewer of them:

…Several aspects of aging may increase the likelihood of a deficiency in key vitamins and minerals, according to the National Institute on Aging. These include having a reduced sense of taste and smell; spending more time indoors; difficulty chewing; following a restricted diet because of a health condition; eating alone; experiencing loss of appetite; and taking medications that may prevent absorption of vitamins and minerals. Older adults also are at higher risk for dehydration because they may not notice when they are thirsty. (Source)

This might not only be applicable to senior citizens, too; even as young as 50, these aspects may start affecting our diets. That said, one of the best vitamin investments you can make to account for deficiencies in calcium, vitamins A, C and E, vitamin B12 and vitamin D, is NATURE’S FUEL. Its formula is among the best in terms of complete efficacy and there is no match for its absorption, meaning you get what you pay for when you take your vitamins. And for those who would tell you multivitamins are useless, we beg to differ: The American Cancer Society, referencing Harvard research, noted that over an 11-year study involving more than 14,000 subjects, there was an 8-percent decrease in cancer risk for men 50 and older:

Harvard researchers have found a possible link between taking a daily multivitamin over a long period of time and a small reduction in cancer. They analyzed data from the Physicians’ Health Study (PHS) II, which tested the effects of multivitamins in 14,641 male doctors 50 years of age or older. PHS II participants received either a multivitamin or a placebo for an average of about 11 years. The study was published early online Oct. 17, 2012 in the Journal of the American Medical Association. (Source)


As we age, the moving parts in our bodies that consistently are worn down, every day, little by little, start to go. Our joints are first and foremost on this list; it’s estimated that 37 million Americans suffer from some form of arthritis and that by 2020, it could be such an impactful malady that it could even affect the nation’s workforce:

 In 1994 the Centers for Disease Control reported that by year 2020, when one out of every two Americans will be over the age of 50, there will be a larger increase in new cases of arthritis than of any other disease in the United States. Among the leading causes of disability, arthritis heads the list; osteoarthritis is the most prevalent form and has the greatest economic impact. (Source)

JOINTHTHERAPEUTICSObviously, joint health is a huge concern. How can you help save yours? For starters, perfecting your exercise form and movements can help a great deal, making sure you are not exerting undue stress on joints or ligaments as you train. And while getting that down may take some time, there’s an easier fix still: supplementing for joint health.

JOINT THERAPEUTICS is the strongest, most complete joint support formula available designed to support healthy joints, relieve sore joints, improve mobility, strengthen and repair cartilage and connective tissue as well as reduce inflammation that leads to joint pain and discomfort. On top of actually helping to strengthen your joints for the future, JOINT THERAPEUTICS provides inflammation relief as well. Inflammation, one of the body’s responses to irritation or injury, has been associated with many conditions. It usually includes pain and sometimes redness and swelling in the area of the damage. The pain relieving, anti-inflammatory ingredients in our Anti-Inflammatory Complex are designed to support healthy joint function, assist in the healing of minor sprains, strains, muscle injuries, and the pain, swelling and tenderness that accompany sports injuries. This is accomplished by significantly reducing inflammation which can also bring effective relief to arthritic and sore joints as well as improve flexibility and mobility. These properties make this a popular alternative to prescription painkillers for the treatment of pain associated with arthritic joints.


We discussed earlier how muscle maintenance is important via diet, and why protein is so vital. However, as older people age, it does become more difficult to consume the same amount of calories and keep weight off, simply because exercise becomes more difficult (either to perform, or to schedule in). The deterioration of muscle tissue to fuel the body’s energy supplies is called “catabolism,” and it is a significant concern of fitness-minded folks — we call it “muscle-wasting,” as an example of how we view it.

The reasons someone 50 or older might worry about muscle-wasting include general day-to-day movement, easing the stress on joints and ligaments and decreasing pain and increasing agility associated with full-body movements you do routinely (standing up, getting out of bed, getting into a car, etc.). One newer supplement that is becoming more and more popular with the plus-50 crowd is HMB — even drinks like Ensure are now including it. And it’s the star of BETABOL at NUTRISHOP.

betabolHMB is a naturally occurring compound produced when our bodies metabolize the amino acid leucine. Its main role has been found to be the repair, growth and preservation of muscle tissue, as well as the capacity to burn fat. The body spends precious resources with muscle repair — each rep you do results in microscopic muscle-fiber tears; the regrowth of these tears puts a huge energy strain on the body. Leucine is the only essential amino acid with the capacity to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, but it is essentially used primarily to repair muscle damage incurred while lifting. When it is metabolized, HMB is produced as a natural byproduct and aids in recovery.

What if, however, you could “free up” the leucine to stimulate muscle protein synthesis to develop NEW muscle, instead of merely repairing the damaged tissue? That is precisely where an HMB supplement like BETABOL comes in. An increase in HMB is designed to allow essential leucine to build new muscle tissue, in turn burning more fat.

In the Journal of Applied Physiology,  an Iowa State University study from 1996 examined the effects of HMB in detail, providing specific ratios to test subjects who engaged in weight-training exercise and also supplemented with protein (rich with leucine). The conclusion: “Supplementation with either 1.5 or 3 g HMB/day can partly prevent exercise-induced proteolysis and/or muscle damage and result in larger gains in muscle function associated with resistance training.” (SOURCE.)

The study points out that the muscle-building benefits of leucine have been scientifically backed for the 45 years, but that only recently has the byproduct HMB gotten any attention for its role in the process. By the end of the study, researchers found that the subjects that were using enhanced doses of HMB were experience higher levels of anti-catabolism, more fat loss and an increase in strength, muscle volume and recovery speed.

On the Go? Meal Replacements Are a Must

You can plan out the perfect diet and make sure you’re hitting the gym regularly, but one of the more overlooked aspects of putting together a successful fitness plan is time — for many of us, there’s just not enough of it.

Even the best-laid plans can be torpedoed by a hectic schedule. Meal prepping is great, as bodybuilders and athletes alike will tell you. But when you’ve got places to go, or just a minute or two to eat, it’s not always feasible to eat a high-protein meal. And that’s where meal replacements (or MRPs) come in.

This week we want to give you a few options on MRPs that can keep you building muscle, even when you don’t have time to cook up a chicken breast or tilapia fillet. In truth, most of the time, you’re really only a shaker cup or health bar away from providing your body with adequate nutrition between meals. But first, let’s examine why it’s so important to eat every few hours.

Nutrition and Metabolism article, published in 2012, showed a study examining the important of not just total protein eaten throughout the day, but the importance of frequency of protein intake. Basically, the study showed that eating protein every three hours would yield better results than any other timing interval:

 We conclude that the pattern of ingested protein, and not only the total daily amount, can impact whole-body protein metabolism. Individuals aiming to maximize NB would likely benefit from repeated ingestion of moderate amounts of protein (~20g) at regular intervals (~3h) throughout the day. (Source)

So, with that knowledge, stay tuned this week as we give you some great ideas for filling in those gaps between sit-down meals with the proper calories and protein levels you need to build muscle and lose fat.

  • Athletes put on serious muscle with Gainer7, but it also is a great choice as a healthy meal replacement.

    Athletes put on serious muscle with Gainer7, but it also is a great choice as a healthy meal replacement.

    GAINER 7:  The bottom line for you if you want to add muscle is this: YOU MUST EAT. Many hard gainers make the common mistake of undereating because they don’t want to gain body fat, a reasonable concern. However, take into consideration that you are skinny for a reason! You’re blessed with a fast metabolism and the amount of calories will almost never be an issue as long as the quality of calories is premium. If you’re serious about adding muscle, your workouts will be so intense and you’ll gain enough muscle that you won’t gain significant levels of fat, and that just leaves you with the task of using food for building material. Muscle just doesn’t come from thin air — new tissue needs to come from a source. It’s food, in the form of quality proteins, fats and carbs.

    What GAINER 7 does is provide quality calories in high quantity, making it not just perfect for muscle-building athletes to consume after an intense workout, but also great in a pinch as a meal replacement. Up to 54 grams of protein, 700 calories and 108 grams of carbs (just 7 of them as sugar) make GAINER 7 a smart choice for athletes who need to get some calories in a hurry to break the fast between meals while also providing the protein and nutrients necessary to rebuild muscle and recover.

  • PRO7EIN SYNTHESISSimilar to GAINER 7, PRO7 is a Vitasport shake that delivers fast nutrition in the time it takes to fill up a shaker bottle. The difference is in your goals — if you’re looking to lose fat in a hurry while still building lean muscle mass, PRO7 is a fantastic choice as a meal replacement.With seven different types of protein, all at different absorption rates, PRO7 ensures that you get a quick delivery of muscle-building protein between meals and also sets your body up for anabolic activity for hours to come. You can pair PRO7 with a piece of fruit or a bowl of instant oats, for example, if you are running late in the morning and need a quick breakfast option; PRO7 mixed in fat-free milk right before bed makes for an outstanding anabolic nighttime snack.

    NUTRISHOP recognizes that PRO7 is indeed a popular choice for snacking, and with good reason. The hardest thing about making healthy choices between meals is time (this is why fast food has always made such a killing, right?). NUTRISHOP can provide small canisters and the shaker bottles for you to take on the go to fight that problem!

  • dcc_3dstorerenders_v2_250_compQUEST BARS: In a pinch, nothing’s more convenient for fast nutrition than simply unwrapping a protein bar. The problem with most is that they’re loaded with fillers and unnecessary calories and sugars. You’ll notice NUTRISHOP loads up on one brand in particular though – Quest Bars are among the best choices you can make if you need to go the pre-packaged route. With just 1g of sugar and 20g protein – not to mention 16 g of fiber! – this is a great, nutritionally sound product to have between meals or even as a dessert or snack. Plus, the multitude of available flavors means that you can add some variety to your healthy diet.