The new Crossover Pre-Workout is here!

The new Crossover Pre-Workout is here!
With only 50mg of caffeine, this is a very low-stimulant pre-workout designed to increase VO2 max and make you more efficient. It has been shown to increase oxygen retention and keep the heart rate lower, meaning more work can be done.
Crossover is powered by two key ingredients: PeakO2, which studies show increases power output, fatigue threshold and your ability to take in oxygen; and elevATP, which helps support the production of ATP, a critical cellular energy source that primes power output, muscle size and strength and athletic performance.
Additionally, other ingredients like coconut water and electrolytes help fuel and hydrate, to fuel more grueling workouts. The harder and longer you can sustain your training session, the faster you’ll see results! Plus, it has no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners, making it a great choice for those with allergies or those who simply want to avoid artificial ingredients.
This product is great for CrossFit-type training, triathlons, Spartan races, Mudders, fitness classes, having better endurance and focus, and getting more output out of your workout.

Friends of Nutrishop: Slick Rock Tanning & Spa!

9479-newTime to share more love for our Transformation Challenge partner-sponsors. Today we want to introduce Slick Rock Tanning & Spa!
Great folks over there at Slick Rock, and they are offering a $250 one-month VIP All-Access package to our first-place finisher, and a $90 VIP Day to second and third place!
As always: PLEASE support locally owned businesses. Every dollar you spend here stays right here in the CDA area – help support our community!

Friends of Nutrishop: Elements Massage!

elements-massage-logo-fullWe love spreading the word about our amazing Transformation Challenge partner-sponsors!

Up today: Elements Massage!

Elements is offering a 90-minute massage to our first-place finisher, and a 60-minute massage to second place — THANK YOU, friends!

We really can’t overstate how much it means when you support locally owned businesses. Every dollar you spend here stays right here in the CDA area – help support our community!

Friends of Nutrishop: Snap Fitness!

We want to dedicate this week to bragging about our Transformation Challenge partner-sponsors!
Our friends at Snap are donating a 6-month membership for our first-place finisher, and 1-month memberships for our second- and third-place finishers!
Additionally, Nutrishop customers can try Snap free for a week and get $0 enrollment!

Our Spring Transformation Challenge Women’s Winner: Brandi Lish

unnamedOur women’s winner of the Spring Challenge is Brandi Lish! Brandi lost 19 pounds of fat and 7.6 percent body fat, and she gained .8 pounds of muscle!

Brandi’s fitness journey began when she met Lisa from Nutrishop out in the community, and the two started talking fitness and supplements. Brandi has Crohn’s disease, which comes with a lot of stomach irritation, and Lisa encouraged her to look into products she could take and a diet that would work for her. Once Brandi learned about the challenge, she thought it sounded like a great opportunity, and came in to meet Carly and DJ to get going! With her husband Cody also doing the challenge alongside her, they were ready to go.

“We got the lowdown of how it all works, and we’ve done other diets and challenges, and they were hard to stick to,” Brandi said. “This seemed like one we could make into a lifestyle and keep it, so we signed up and started it and really enjoyed it. The meal prepping wasn’t overbearing – it was doable.”

Brandi and Cody came into Nutrishop once a week to keep themselves accountable, and Brandi in particular wanted to see if she needed to change anything.unnamed (1)

“Carly and Lisa were awesome and supportive, and at one point during the challenge about halfway through my weight was creeping up and I wasn’t feeling the best,” she said. “They switched my diet up a little bit and I was back on the track of losing weight.

“They pointed out I was in the lead, and that really kept me motivated and wanting to continue on,” Brandi said. “I love my pizza and desserts and everything, but they kept me on track!”

Brandi did face her challenges – Cody recently graduated from college, and with that came a big party. Brandi asked us, “Can I have cake?” Carly put it to her this way: “Brandi – is $1,100 worth of prizes worth a piece of cake?”

“They really helped me keep myself focused,” said Brandi, who complemented her diet with training at Peak several days a week. She switched her workout schedule to the mornings, having never been a morning person, and found she loved the freedom it allowed her the rest of the day. She could finish her spin class or boot camp early in the morning, get her evenings back, and know she got her work in.

“I’m feeling a lot better after the challenge,” Brandi said. “I was kind of was in a slump of feeling down; I’d gained weight; I felt bloated and ‘ugh,'” she said. “I wanted to get back to my go-getter self. This has definitely helped me do that.”

Portion control and not having junk or processed food were the primary factors in her new outlook, she said. The food you eat definitely fuels your activity, and Brandi said she can feel that difference now.

“It’s hard – it can be hard to step in those doors and start something, but Nutrishop, after everything I’ve tried and done, is totally a family,” Brandi said. “They want you to have the life you want – they ask what your goals are, what will make you happy, and they help you get that.”

Science Agrees: BCAAs Are Awesome

FO_BCAAsport_WatermelonAs experts in the supplement industry, we are intimately familiar with concerns and questions customers and the paying public may have about products.

Do they work? (To wildly varying degrees, yes – buy the good ones.) Are they safe? (Buy from reputable vendors like Nutrishop, and they couldn’t be safer – we don’t hesitate to yank inferior products off our shelves.) What exactly do they do?

We like to turn to science and study when it comes to answering all of those questions. ln recent years, what’s come to light specifically about one certain supplement is extremely encouraging. Not only do BCAAs stand up as an excellent product for fat loss and muscle gain in non-biased, scientific review, but they routinely make regular customers’ shopping lists each time they visit us. A lot of products will come and go – only the best ones stick around when the hype wears off and results are all that’s left. And at the end of the day, BCAAs are always left standing.

What makes Branched Chain Amino Acids such an effective supplement? For starters, BCAAs are incredibly versatile.  Typically, supplements can reasonably claim to address one or two goals – strength, muscle mass, fat loss, or athletic performance. BCAAs can help with all of them. 

A randomized, double-blind study, published in the Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition, was performed to “evaluate the efficacy of consuming a supplement containing branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) during an eight-week resistance-training program.”  The conclusion:

Ingestion of a supplement containing BCAAs while following an 8-week resistance training program resulted in a greater decrease in percent body fat, an increase in lean mass, and 10-RM strength gains on the bench press and squat vs. ingestion of a whey supplement or a sports drink. In addition, the ingestion of a whey protein supplement resulted in greater lean mass gains than ingestion of a sports drink.

What does that mean? In short: Regular use of BCAAs as a supplement to your diet and training program make you leaner and stronger. Less fat, more muscle, more strength.

Benefits don’t stop there. In 2006, The Journal of Nutrition published a study that found BCAAs to play a role in reducing exercise fatigue – meaning that if you took BCAAs before and/or during your workouts, you could go more intensely, or longer, to get more out of your exercise. The same study found that “Branched-chain amino acids also positively influence the metabolic response of muscle to exercise.”

Translation: BCAAs slow your metabolism’s feast on your muscle tissue when you’re working out.

Even when you’re not training, though, BCAAs have the same effect. So if you’re taking a break, trying out anabolic fasting diets, going on vacation or suffering an injury that keeps you out of the gym, knocking back BCAAs regularly will help slow the muscle catabolism (your body using muscle for energy) or atrophy that would otherwise occur. That phenomenon was proven out in a study published in Nutrition Research in 2012.

It’s not snake oil, folks.

For years, the most-researched and trusted supplements in this industry were whey protein and creatine. Doubters cropped up all over the place at first, but as the scientific method consistently proved them wrong, these products clearly developed staying power. Well, it’s time to add BCAAs to that list. Study after study is showing that amino acids are not only just an emerging powerhouse supplement, but a must-have for all ranges of athletic ability – from elite athletes to first-day beginners.

Meet the Nutrishop Owners: Toby Schindelbeck

12042909_10200940510070784_8204265187318159705_nToby Schindelbeck owns and operates Nutrishop Coeur d’Alene, along with his wife of 16 years, Lisa. Toby began his fitness journey in 1997, when he decided to get serious about losing fat. After putting together his own supplement, workout and meal program, he lost 40 pounds and 6 inches in his waist in only four months.

Toby became a personal trainer and started working at a local GNC in the fall of 1997. In March of 1998, Toby bought the Max Muscle Sports Nutrition store in Riverside, California. He became the youngest franchise owner in Max Muscle history at the age of 20, and was the No. 1 store out of 180 for the next 3 years straight.

After marrying Lisa in 2000, they opened a gym called Accelerated Results next to their flagship Max Muscle store, and over the next five years they opened four more Max Muscle locations in the Riverside area.

In 2006, tired of the traffic and crowds in Southern California, they sold their Riverside locations and moved north to Chico, California, where they opened a Nutrishop Sports Nutrition store in January of 2007. They built that store into the No. 1 Nutrishop out of 145 for the next three years. They opened a second Chico location in 2010, and sold both locations in 2013 to move to beautiful Coeur d’Alene. Their Coeur d’Alene Nutrishop is currently the No. 2 store out of over 230 locations.

Toby’s passion for helping others is why he loves what he does.

“My Oma (grandma) had Type 2 diabetes for most of her adult life, and complications from the disease eventually killed her. She had diabetic necropathy in her foot for eight years, glaucoma that required five laser eye surgeries, and eventually was put on dialysis. Her diabetic nutritionist told her she needed more potassium and fiber, so he recommended eating bananas and cereal! That would obviously cause a blood sugar spike, so his answer was ‘just take a couple extra IU’s of insulin.’ This just made her much worse.

“I was just getting into nutrition near the end of her life, and as I learned more about endocrinology, I knew that I could have helped her beat that disease, or at least improved her quality of life. Type 2 diabetes can be controlled, and I have helped many of my clients reduce or eliminate their need for diabetes medication through proper meal planning and supplementation.”

To him, fitness isn’t just about gaining muscle or losing fat; it is also about improving the quality of his clients’ lives.

“At a certain point, it becomes less about how you look and more about your quality of life and health. Being able to enjoy your kids and grandkids, being active and enjoying everything God has blessed us with. If I can help someone reduce the amount of medication they are on, have more energy to spend with their family, and generally improve the quality of my clients’ lives, then I am happy.  I see my job as my ministry, and using the gifts that God gave me to help others.”

Toby has competed in three bodybuilding competitions, placing fourth in two contests and second in one (with the huge help of Lisa’s cooking!). He also holds the California state record for deadlift in the drug-tested WABDL powerlifting league, with a deadlift of 602.5 in the 242-pound weight class.

Toby has also held numerous personal training and nutrition certifications, including as an International Sports Sciences Association personal trainer, Dave Palumbo’s S.M.A.R.T. certified trainer/nutritionist, and currently holds an International Fitness Association Sports Nutritionist Certification.

When he isn’t working at the shop, Toby loves to enjoy North Idaho’s beauty from the bow of his fishing boat. He also loves to hike Tubbs Hill and take long walks with Lisa and their two pups, Fiona and Ellie.