Meet the Nutrishop Team: John Mackey

John is 64 and still crushing it!

One of our new employees, John, was looking for a way to keep making some extra cash and continue to fuel his passions in retirement. We were so pumped to bring him on board after five years of AMAZING progress!

We hear all the time that people think they’re too old to get in shape, but John is 64 and still making gains! He’s sitting at 109 pounds of muscle at 6.8% body fat, and always improving!
“As my interest in fitness and nutrition expanded, I developed a close relationship with (store owner) Toby,” John said. “He and his staff have guided me toward my goal of better health, greater fitness and pride in my appearance. Yes, I lost my ‘dad bod’ at 64 years of age, and I have never been stronger!”
Like many who come to work with our team, John wanted to be part of the team that puts people on the right path. He saw it firsthand–he did the work, but Nutrishop helped him find the right direction. Now, he can share his experience and use it to help others!
I wanted to be part of the team that can put people on that path. I did the work, but the Nutrishop Team cleared the path and built the bridges. Now, I can share my experience and help others. He’s eager to develop the one area that’s always excited him about Nutrishop: gaining knowledge.
“No question, the team at Nutrishop, through research and experience, know the science of nutrition and the inside track of fitness,” he said. “Toby’s background as a competitive bodybuilder saved me a lot of trial and error in both the gym and the kitchen.”

John, before he transformed his body and life!

Now, John can pass on what he’s learned through his own incredible progress, whether it’s his workout plan and strategy, or his favorite supplements. He likes Thermovex for losing unwanted pounds and a lift pre-workout; Stance BCAAs that helped him get through his intermittent fasting; ForzaPro for the taste and its role in helping him put on 15 pounds of muscle over the past five years; and N’Ject (“What a great feeling as I reluctantly walk out of the gym after my workout – I can’t wait to come back!”, he said!). He also is dedicated to staying interested in his progress, so the InBody machine has been one of his best friends and motivators.

Adding years to his life by focusing on his health has given John the increased opportunity to also add life to his years. He made his living as a home designer and Navy pilot, but in retirement, he likes to work out, ride his bike (or shovel snow, depending on the season), and even ballroom dance. He enjoys the Eagles Lodge (Aerie) for dancing and Honeysuckle Beach year-round for the view and some occasional peace and quiet.
John is a really cool dude who walks the walk, and we are thrilled to have him on our team!

Meet the Nutrishop Team: Christina Barbieri

We have a newly appointed assistant manager! Many of you know Christina, and why she’s a great person for the job. If you haven’t gotten the chance to meet her yet, here it is!
We did a quick Q&A session with her to find out what makes her tick!
NS: What first made you interested in working for Nutrishop?
CB: The people, and how they care about each and every person that walks into the store! I love building relationships with clients and striving to help everyone be the best version of themselves.
NS: What do you like most about working with Nutrishop staff and clients?
CB: Each and every staff member is part of a team and a family. We have each others’ backs, and learn from each other as we help clients reach their goals. All of our clients become friends and continue to reach out to us for any help they need.
NS: What are your Top 5 favorite Nutrishop supplements?
CB: BCAAs, Hypercor, Lipocor, Liver Complex, and Nature’s Fuel. There are more! But these are just a few of the supplements I take to help me feel at my healthiest.
NS: What interests do you have outside of work?
CB: Spending time outdoors with friends and family! I love spending time camping, hiking, fishing and so much more while making memories and learning new places in my beautiful Idahome.
NS: What is your favorite thing to do or place to go in CDA? 
CB: I love hiking Tubbs Hill and the beautiful views, and I love getting out in nature and enjoying God’s creation!
We hope you all get a chance to say hello to Christina the next time you stop by!

Meet the Nutrishop Team: Alexa Derby

We are pleased to introduce a new member to our team, Alexa!
Like many of our staff over the years, Alexa started as a customer and grew to see what makes us tick. She wanted in, and we are happy to have her on board!
“Nutrishop has made a big impact on my life as far as nutrition goes,” she said. “I have always been drawn to the fact that they focus on whole health and nutrition, as well as how important supplements are to reach your goals.”
Expanding her knowledge base will be huge for Alexa, who plans on attending school to earn a degree in nutrition or health coaching. With hands-on experience every day here, she is getting a leg up on her education as she works to help our community.
“I love the fact that I get to help people every day in achieving their health goals,” she said. “I love getting to know all the clients and being a part of their journey with diet and nutrition.”
With a fondness for hiking, snowboarding, running, yoga, and spending time on the lake and in the mountains, Alexa is right at home here in Coeur d’Alene, with plenty of inspiration and activity to help her stay active. She fuels her active lifestyle with some of her favorite supplements, including BCAA, Detoxin, curcumin/hemp, Nature’s Fuel, and Fiburn!
She’s a valuable and talented addition to our team, and we’re pumped to have her with us!
“I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to work for Toby and Lisa,” she said. “They are so knowledgeable in nutrition and they make the workplace a very positive atmosphere for the employees and clients!”

Frank is down 125 pounds and counting!

Frank Quates, 47, finally reached his breaking point this last January, almost a year ago: He was sick and tired of being big.

“I was either going to die a young man with a large coffin, or I was going to change my lifestyle,” Frank said. “I started to seriously pursue that change, and that started with the advice of the folks at Nutrishop.

Frank Quates came to us in January of 2018 weighing more than 100 pounds than his last weigh-in!

Frank came to us at 335 pounds last January 17, and today weighs in at 210 pounds! Equipped with a healthy meal plan and regular exercise program, he knew he had to be in it for the long run to see success.

“I wanted to be the tortoise, and not the hare,” he said. “That was my attitude, just to maintain consistency throughout the past year. It’s paid off.”

Frank helped his own cause by supplementing his lifestyle change with some key products, specifically chosen for his goals and meal plan. Throughout this time working with us, he’s supplemented with Hypercor, 1-XD, Stance BCAAs, ForzaPro protein, N’Rage, Detoxin and Lipocor. He would sip BCAAs during and after his workouts, meal replace breakfast with protein to supplement a keto diet, and then adjusted once he switched to the Clean Eating plan.

While all the credit of course belongs to Frank for his hard work, he said there certainly were noticeable benefits to the products he tried.

“The 1-XD really made a huge difference, and I know for sure some workouts wouldn’t have gotten done without the N’Rage,” Frank said. “It really helps my energy level and performance. But the biggest thing was that I wasn’t taking anything that I felt wasn’t going to help me. Some stores will sell you anything whether you need it or not.”

That approach is ultimately what helped Frank know he was in the right place to make progress. He said he immediately noticed that we made a “personal investment” in him when he came in, and that he felt like an individual who could make real changes. The encouragement was immediate.

“In any organization, the way customers feel comes from the top down,” Frank said. “Toby and his wife practice what they preach. They believe it’s their mission to help people be healthy and they have a caring attitude that helps them do that.

“I recommend them all the time,” he continued. “My energy’s up, my self-esteem is better, I’m no longer depressed, lethargic. I have restored passion for the things I love. Hiking, being physically active, are things I can do again. I fit into clothes I haven’t worn in 20 years.

“I see people who haven’t seen me for a year,” Frank said, “and they see me now and say, ‘What the hell happened to you?’ I tell them, ‘Nutrishop did.'”

Customized Meal Guidance with FitManager!

In addition to the FREE tracking and goal-setting portion of the FitManager app, we have worked with them to develop a completely CUSTOMIZED Meal Guidance section that will calculate your macros based on your EXACT Basal Metabolic Rate! How does this work and what is included?

View the short video below to see how it actually works!

Here are the details:

~Come in and do an InBody weigh in. Your results will be uploaded to your FitManager app, and it will use your Basal Metabolic Rate (the amount of calories you burn per day at rest) as a baseline for your caloric needs.

~Then you choose either Lose Fat, Transform (gain muscle AND lose fat) or Gain Muscle. Based on what you choose, the FitManager app will then determine your new calories and macros (percent of protein, fats and carbs per meal) to fit your goal.

~Once that is done, then you can choose how many meals you want to eat per day and the app will automatically fill in how much of each food that you need to eat per meal.

~The best results will be with the foods that it initially recommends, but you can CHANGE any food choice if you want some variety.

~You will get a Weekly Shopping List, which will tell you exactly how much of each food you will need to shop for per week!

~This app changes as you do! Every time you do an InBody weigh-in, your new BMR will be uploaded automatically to the FitManager app and it will adjust your meal plan to fit your new BMR!

~You can even set the app to send you reminders of when to eat. No more missing meals! As your Coaches, the Certified Sports Nutritionists here at Nutrishop can adjust your macros and calories as needed. So if you aren’t seeing results from the initial meal plan macros, we will go into our end and adjust them to keep you on track! We provide all of the support that you need to get results!

~All of this is available for only $25 per month, NO contracts! You can try it for a month and see if it’s for you with no strings attached!

~There are other “nutritionists” in town that charge anywhere from $130 to $300 per month for the same services we provide for only $25/month!

~If you scrolled past the first time, go back and check out the 4-minute video where I show you my personal FitManager app and all of the functionality of the Meal Guidance portion of the new FitManager app.

The new Crossover Pre-Workout is here!

The new Crossover Pre-Workout is here!
With only 50mg of caffeine, this is a very low-stimulant pre-workout designed to increase VO2 max and make you more efficient. It has been shown to increase oxygen retention and keep the heart rate lower, meaning more work can be done.
Crossover is powered by two key ingredients: PeakO2, which studies show increases power output, fatigue threshold and your ability to take in oxygen; and elevATP, which helps support the production of ATP, a critical cellular energy source that primes power output, muscle size and strength and athletic performance.
Additionally, other ingredients like coconut water and electrolytes help fuel and hydrate, to fuel more grueling workouts. The harder and longer you can sustain your training session, the faster you’ll see results! Plus, it has no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners, making it a great choice for those with allergies or those who simply want to avoid artificial ingredients.
This product is great for CrossFit-type training, triathlons, Spartan races, Mudders, fitness classes, having better endurance and focus, and getting more output out of your workout.

Friends of Nutrishop: Slick Rock Tanning & Spa!

9479-newTime to share more love for our Transformation Challenge partner-sponsors. Today we want to introduce Slick Rock Tanning & Spa!
Great folks over there at Slick Rock, and they are offering a $250 one-month VIP All-Access package to our first-place finisher, and a $90 VIP Day to second and third place!
As always: PLEASE support locally owned businesses. Every dollar you spend here stays right here in the CDA area – help support our community!