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The Guinea Pig Blog — Month Completed!

Hey Nutrishop Fans,

Today, a month after I started my stack of N’FUZE, Pro7ein Synthesis and BCAAs, I’m pretty happy to be saying that I’ve seen some good results with these products and a solid workout and diet plan.

I didn’t quite get to 205, but my waking weight today was 203 (and I still have three days until my target date of June 20!). The thing is, though, that I’ve lost quite a bit of fat, perhaps because of the calories I’ve been able to burn despite eating more because of the intensity of my workouts. I’m not sure. I’ve rarely done any cardio, other than super- or giant- sets. I’m still sure I just have a fast metabolism, so a 3-pound gain isn’t the worst thing for me. It’s almost a pound of muscle a week, and my body fat’s dropped from 10.6 percent at the start to 9.8 percent now! Fat loss wasn’t the exact thing I was after, but it’s a pretty ¬†nice side effect to have.

Strength-wise, I feel almost like a new person. It’s hard to imagine some of the weights I’m daring myself to go after now when I know it wasn’t that long ago I wouldn’t have even tried them, which sounds crazy but is true. I’ve noticed a bit more fluctuation between my strength levels from workout-to-workout, especially when my last one was particularly intense, but even on a “weak” day now I’m stronger than I was at the beginning.

Another effect I’ve noticed is that I have tons more muscle stamina during workouts: Before, I’d go about 45 minutes for a complete workout, then feel tired and call it a day. Doing the same workouts now, I get through four exercises for a muscle group and find that group’s still not completely exhausted — I can do more, and can do it more intensely. And harder work makes for the potential for more strength and size, right? I’m hoping so.

Before (left) and after (right): One month of work and the right stack helped me make pretty decent gains.

Check out the before and after photos — a couple areas I’ve noticed I’ve really been able to address is the size of the arms overall, detail in my back (can’t really see it in the photos, sorry), and some better slope and size on the traps, which I just started working recently. My abs got a little bit more definition; before, I wanted to keep the shirt on because it wasn’t too flattering without it!

The bottom line, to me, at least: These supplements have worked about as well as I could have hoped. I’ve worked my butt off the last month, but even so, I know I haven’t been perfect. Sometimes pizza sounds too good to pass up, after all. But knowing that I have the right supplementation has been a big boost mentally and obviously physically, and I definitely feel like this stack was money well spent.

The Guinea Pig Blog — Week 3


Three weeks in to my stack of Pro7ein Synthesis, N’Fuze Krealkalyn and BCAAs now, and I’m really starting to feel the results in terms of my strength on my core lifts and also my muscular endurance.

I’ve found that every time I go into the gym, the workouts I’ve been doing previously and getting results with don’t tire me out anymore — I feel like I can go another hour! Of course, I don’t have that kind of time, so instead of going longer, I’m going more intense by upping the weight, or the reps, or changing the weight schemes to really challenge myself while I’m there.

I got in two “push” workouts, two “pull” sessions and one legs day this week, with two days of ab/core work. That’s a bit misleading, since I incorporated deadlifts into one of my back workouts; I actually really wanted to target both my deadlift and squat numbers as areas of improvement on pure weight. I went for 215, four sets of six, on deadlifts, and had enough energy left afterward to get one more set of five. This is encouraging to me, since I know now that I can go even heavier on, say, a 5×5 routine next week, and that’s my overall goal.

For squats, I want to stick with the higher rep ranges and full range of motion, because to me a half-squat is worthless. While I want to up the weight, I’m not ready to sacrifice form for it. I shot for and got four sets of 10 with 215 — don’t laugh, it’s pretty heavy for me considering I’ve never had big leg lift numbers — although in reality my last set probably saw my last few reps suffer in form, and I really had to drive out of my last rep to avoid having to drop the weight.

More good news on bench, as I added another five pounds to my eight-rep max and sustained it for two sets. I had to drop the weight to get eight reps on the last set, but again, I really wanted to make sure I was taking the bar to my chest and maintaining form. I feel much stronger on pulling movements, too, something I’m proud of because they’ve been a weakness of mine for a while. Also working in some shrugs to build my traps up a bit, a group I’ve never worked whether it’s out of laziness or just stupidity — either way, I have the energy and strength to get a full back workout in now, and it seems dumb to let this imbalance keep happening.

Diet-wise, I’m trying to focus on making myself eat as much as I can given my schedule and naturally small appetite to begin with. I really have to force myself to eat when I’m not hungry, but the last week or so has been productive. I’m finding the supplements really set up a timetable as to when I can and should eat, and since I like to workout in the late morning, it works perfectly so that I can eat a full breakfast, take my pre-workout supps, get my work in, take my post-workout supps, and be set up to taper my meals off the rest of the day, with one big lunch soon after my recovery shake.

No real significant body fat or weight gains this week, interestingly enough. Not sure if that’s due to the slight uptick in calories, or if my body’s just slowing its adaptation some, but still hoping for 205 by the end of next week — three pounds in a week could be tough, so I’ll really have to be a vacuum if I want to reach that mark. As far as the body fat percentage, it’d be great if I could drop into single digits, though the increased calories might have a say in that. If I can really keep an eye on my carbs, though, it’s not outside the realm of possibility, especially if I can get five solid workouts in this upcoming week.

Stay tuned,

The Guinea Pig

The Guinea Pig Blog — Getting Stronger, Two Weeks In


Continuing to work hard, watch the diet and keep the supplementation going with Pro7ein Synthesis, N’Fuze Krealkalyn and BCAAs.

Definitely feeling a lot stronger and have better muscle endurance in my workouts this past week. I really wanted to target heavier workloads on my power lifts (squats, deadlifts, bench) and complement those with higher rep ranges on auxiliary lifts (most arms, shoulders and core stuff).

In the last week, I’ve been able to add five pounds to my 8-rep max on bench, and 15 on my 10-rep max on squats and I decided to really challenge myself on deadlifts, adding 20 pounds to the bar for 6 reps. I’ve been sore all week, but the good kind — the nice thing is that I can almost feel myself getting stronger and bigger with each workout. Added bonus: I’ve been sleeping much better, too.

Weight-wise, I’m still hovering around 202, which is a slight gain, but I see myself leaning out even more. I’m down to a flat 10 percent body fat. While it’s exciting to shed fat, my concern is more toward muscle mass gain. I think that will come well after my strength continues to pick up and I’ll be handling more weight, so I’ll just try to be consistent and stick with the plan. A possibility is to up the calorie intake, as I’m taking in about 2,800 a day now, and worry about the body-fat percentage after I put on the mass I’m looking for.

Not much in the way of “visual” change this week, so no photos to share. Hopefully next week, with a couple more heavy workouts under the belt, there will be a bit more muscle to show off.

Until then, I can say I’m really enjoying the effects of the supplements I’m taking and they fit perfectly into a workout and diet schedule. The timing of all the supplements really helps me make sure I get to the gym and have my meals on time.

See you next week,

The Guinea Pig

The Guinea Pig Blog — After One Week


Just over a week in from the start of my month-long program I’m supplementing with Pro7ein Synthesis, N’Fuze Krealkalyn and Vitasport BCAAs.

Over the last seven days I’ve gotten in five good workouts, using a push-pull-legs split. I’m trying to keep things fairly balanced between strength gain and muscle growth, so I’ve been alternating heavier workouts with shorter rep ranges and then going a bit lighter and upping the ranges for the next workout.

Again, I’d already seen good gains from the creatine before for a month, but this week I’m starting to really feel the changes strength-wise. I’m finding I can take a much more aggressive mindset into the gym with me when it comes to what kind of weight I think I can handle — I’m changing the limits of what I can do. Before, I’d get ready for a set of bench press and think, “I know I can do 195 10 times, so let’s stick with that and get my reps in.” My last chest workout, I put 205 on the rack to start with, told myself I’m going to get at least eight, then was able to squeeze out a ninth. It’s not a dramatic improvement, but to me it’s an encouraging step to just be handling more weight in general.

I was going to hold off on any kind of measurements until the end of the month, because that way I could see what the entire program looked like, but I was pretty pleased to be able to say I’ve put on a pound this week (up to 201) while dropping a marginal amount of body fat (down to 10.2 percent). Check out the photo comparison from just a week ago, and compare it to this week:



I actually borrowed two of the workouts of the week from the Facebook fan page, as well, and will be incorporating them throughout the month. The legs and back workouts are very tough but totally worth it when you’re all through them.

As far as the supplements go, I’ve been taking all three like clockwork: On workout days, I have a Pro7 shake an hour before I lift, then a half-hour later I’ll take the BCAA’s with the N’Fuze. Immediately after the workout, I’ll take the N’Fuze and another Pro7, and then an hour later I’ll go for the BCAA’s, on top of a healthy meal. On off days, I’ll start my day immediately with BCAAs and the N’Fuze, on an empty stomach, and I do the same thing before I go to bed. I find that I have to really be responsible about getting the water I need, which is good, because I’m probably somewhat guilty of not drinking enough of it to begin with.

Diet-wise, I’ve been pretty consistent the past week, making sure to get breakfast every day (it’s a must as far as I’m concerned), and I try to take in 200 grams of protein a day — though I admit that’s tough to do. Lots of chicken, milk, cottage cheese, Pro7, canned tuna, sliced turkey, even lean beef jerky — it all adds up. I’ve done a better job of keeping the simple sugars to only post-workout and post-waking up; usually it’s a banana in a Pro7 shake or a glass of orange juice first thing in the morning. Other than that, I stay away from the simple sugars if I can.

That’s about it for this week. Hopefully next week I’ll have more good news to share!

The Guinea Pig

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The Guinea Pig Blog – The Beginning


So this is the first installment of “The Guinea Pig Blog.” As the name would imply, I’m going to start a program using supplements from NUTRISHOP, tracking my results, and seeing just how much they can help me in an effort to share some of the knowledge with anybody who’s maybe on the fence or trying to decide which supplements are right for them.

A little about me: I’ve been fairly involved with exercising since I was about 21, when I realized sitting on my butt and then going out and drinking wasn’t going to get me the health or body I wanted. I started by actually getting in touch with a high school weight training coach who got me going on a very basic program, much like what you might have seen while you were in school.

Since then, I’ve come to realize it’s much more about what you eat and I’ve really tried to clean up my diet as much as I can. I’m not an expert — I’d definitely recommend you to NUTRISHOP’s employees if you’re looking for one, though — but I have taken some pretty basic steps in making sure what I eat isn’t going to give me a body I don’t want. I’m not perfect and I won’t pretend to be, but I do know the difference between Good and Evil when it comes to food.

The basics about me: I’m a 27-year-old guy with a pretty naturally lean frame. I’ve never been “overweight,” but I have definitely been “skinny-fat,” that dreaded state for guys where we don’t look good with our shirts off and clothes look weird on us. That’s mainly what I want to avoid, but I know other guys are worried about losing weight. There is a TON of information NUTRISHOP can help you with, no matter what your goal or body type is. For me, they know my deal, too: I’m 6-foot-2, 200 pounds as of this writing AFTER a month of using their Pro7ein Synthesis and Vitasport Krealkalyn — that is eight pounds heavier than just a month ago. The thing is, I’m sure I can add on even more muscle.

Here’s me, from Day One:


  • Waking weight: 200 lbs
  • Body fat: 10.6% (mean between caliper measurement and electronic measurement)
  • Bench press 10-rep max (with form): 195 lbs. This is actually the heaviest bench I’ve ever had for this rep range. Obviously I can do heavier with smaller sets, but I am training for growth before strength. Still, one goal I’ve always had but never been able to achieve is to do working sets with two plates a side. I’m not interested in “one-rep max” here. Ten pounds over 10 reps is a lot to ask for in a month, but I’ll give it a go. Even if I can add 10 pounds over eight hard, good-form reps, I’ll be happy.
  • Unweighted pull-ups max: 12
  • Deadlift and squat, 5- and 10-rep max: 205. I’ll be honest here — these are weak lifts for me. Hopefully I can really get them stronger over the next month, but my focus is going to be on muscle growth and physique more than strength. I’m not a bodybuilder or powerlifter, but I do like to have the ability to perform athletically and I know leg strength is key to that. These will definitely be areas to key in on.

So that leads me to this blog. Starting today, May 20, I will carry out a four-week program that revolves around a strong diet, consistent workouts and “guinea pig” supplementation with NUTRISHOP products. I have already picked up a new tub of Pro7, plus CellShock’s N’Fuze Krealkalyn (Joe at Forest Ave. recommended it to me over the Vitasport brand — thanks Joe!) and the Vitasport BCAAs. My goal is to put on another five pounds, at least — so it’s 205 by June 20. I actually got a lot of information on these supplements just from this site alone, and also on the Facebook fan page.

Here’s hoping you’ll follow along with my progress. I’ll update every Friday for the next month, and hopefully these products can help out all the hard work I’m going to need to do to get the results I want. I’ll be tracking my diet, exercise and supplementation, so hopefully we can see together any changes I can go through.

Wish me luck,

The Guinea Pig