What Are Your Vitamins Doing For You?

“Loaded with vitamins and minerals” is a popular catch phrase in seemingly every healthy food or supplement choice these days, it seems, but what exactly are you putting in your body, and why? Understanding why it’s important to fill in certain dietary gaps with a supplement is one of many aspects to achieving better overall health.

Of course, sometimes it seems easier with some vitamins than others. For example, we all know vitamin C is good for the immune system, and therefore we try to boost our consumption of it with plenty of fruits and veggies or, in case of emergency, we might load up on a vitamin C supplement to try to chase off a common cold or flu. What if we had that kind of basic, no-brainer response to more of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are just as important?

That’s the aim of our blog this week: To highlight some of the more important vitamins that can be obtained through regular supplementation. Today, we’ll start off with the underrated, under-consumed powerhouse mineral magnesium.

The USDA claims that only 32 percent of the American population meets the daily requirements for magnesium, and this could be one of many telltale signs behind American obesity rates — magnesium is required for ALL cellular energy (ATP) production, and a lack of it is directly related to a lack of energy, and we all know how tough it is to work out when you can’t bring yourself to get off the couch. Moreover, proper magnesium consumption is shown to reduce risk of stroke and heart attack, while shortening the length and severity of migraine and PMS symptoms. To these ends, magnesium is readily available in NATURE’S FUEL, which is almost completely bioavailable and is one of the most potent daily multivitamins available.

Another important role magnesium plays is in the sleep cycle — simply put, enough of it helps aid sleep while a deficiency hinders it. Stress is often a noted cause of sleep deficiency, and this is partially due to the hormonal response caused by lack of magnesium; when stress hormone levels are elevated, the body’s magnesium and calcium stores are depleted, causing a lack of physical energy but also mental restlessness.  This is why many sleep-aid supplements, like 1-XPM, rely on magnesium as part of their blends to aid recovery and growth hormone production as well.

Magnesium can mostly be found in leafy greens, as it’s abundant in chlorophyll, but is also available in spices, nuts, coffee, cocoa and tea, and taken as food, is almost impossible to over-consume. A good magnesium supplement can go a long way!



naturesEFAWe’ll spare you the long scientific name, but DHA is commonly found in essential fatty acids, particularly fish oils and some fruits and nuts. Perhaps known best for its anti-inflammatory properties, DHA-rich EFA products (like NATURE’S EFAs) are directed at preventing bloating and excess body fat retention. But it has other valuable benefits, too.

Some research suggests that DHA deficiency is linked to ADHD, cystic fibrosis, phenylketonuria and myriad mental imbalances; most of these can be explained by the brain’s dependency on DHA for not only childhood development, but adult maintenance. Found abundantly in fatty fish like salmon and mackerel, DHA’s role in the body seems to be largely beneficial — a decrease in it is linked with the proliferation of Alzheimer’s, and some studies back EFA-rich foods as prevention against hypertension, arthritis and even some cancers. (Source)


One underrated facet of maintaining good health is caring for your bones — honestly, when was the last time you mindfully took a supplement or ate any kind of food with your skeleton as the motivation? Yet bone density is an important part of longevity and health, and can also help prevent injuries and promote the support of more more skeletal muscle.

K2′s largest claim to fame to date is its strong correlation to fighting off osteoporosis. Originally, a calcium deficiency was thought to be the main culprit, and indeed it does play a role in brittle bones, but in cases where there was actually calcium build-up (calcification) around the heart but not the arteries, osteoporosis was still present despite a heavy calcium content in the body. Newer research has shown that this is because of Vitamin K2 deficiency. In one Japanese research example, a particular region of the country that did not eat large amounts of the K2-rich soybean food natto was found to have significantly more broken hip cases.

The relatively rare occurrence of K2 in foods makes it somewhat difficult to get into one’s diet regularly, though. It is found most in natto, which is actually fermented soybeans, but also shows up in other curdled or fermented food protein-rich foods, like cottage cheese. More easily, of course, it can be found in NATURE’S GREENS.

The AGF-X Stack

AGFX is the latest testosterone boosting supplement to hit the Nutrishop shelves. AGF-X will help your strength gains and muscle growth go to the next level. This product is jam-packed with testosterone boosting elements, thanks to the combo of 1-XD and 1-XPM.

The best part of this new formula, is that this product works while you sleep. Testosterone boosters that work when you are sleeping are the best for muscle growth. In addition, your body already naturally produces testosterone when your sleeping. This product maximizes the amount of testosterone your body can produce when you are asleep.

The Thermovex Stack

The Newest Nutrishop Stack is available. Thermovex PM used in conjunction with Thermovex provides optimal results.

So what are the benefits of stacking these two products together?

The term stacking refers to grouping supplements in order to achieve an enhanced supplementation. Stacks combine  supplements that provide benefits that work well together to achieve desired results.

In this case, Thermovex Provides:
-Lower Blood Pressure
-Reduced Muscular Inflammation
-Improved Cardiovascular Health
-Fat Loss and Definition

Thermovex PM Provides :

-Optimized Resting Metabolic Rate

-Increased stored body fat utilization

– Improved sleep patterns and preserves lean muscle


Combining these two excellent supplement will allow for quicker weight loss, muscle retention and a healthier, more muscular and leaner body.


hydropro (1).png27 grams of the purest, fastest absorbing protein, with ZERO sugar, ZERO fat and ALL RESULTS!

At EVOchem™ we understand that maximum protein utilization is essential to aiding muscle recovery and maintaining a positive nitrogen balance, which is critical during periods of exhaustive training. Now it is time to feel confident that you will be fueling your hardworking muscles to their fullest potential!†

HYDRO-PRO™ is a pure, advanced, rapidly absorbed Hydrolyzed – Isolate Whey protein formula you can trust! HYDRO-PRO™ has been formulated for serious athletes who will not compromise or settle for less when it comes to a quality, fast-acting protein supplement. By utilizing Hydrolyzed protein in this premium formula, we’ve created the fastest-acting whey protein formula available. The process of Hydrolysis breaks larger proteins into smaller, more absorbable structures enabling muscles to start rebuilding like never before! For maximum effectiveness, HYDRO-PRO™ is enhanced with Aminogen® in order to dramatically increase nitrogen retention as well as amino acid absorption and uptake. HYDRO-PRO™ is rapidly absorbed at by hard working muscles at an incredible rate in order to expedite unparalleled lean muscle growth and recovery.†

Why Aminogen?

Aminogen® a vital ingredient in high-quality protein supplements, is clinically proven (Journal of The International Society of Sports Nutrition) to increase the BCAAs from your protein by over 250%, raise your Amino Acid levels by over 100% and boost your Nitrogen Retention levels by an incredible 32% to dramatically stimulate protein synthesis and muscle growth. Aminogen® is a patented, Bio-Active Enzyme System which breaks down protein and greatly improves amino acid absorption which equates to greater results. A natural, plant-derived enzyme, Aminogen® is ideal for increasing lean body mass and strength and promoting deep muscle recovery. And Aminogen® does all this while supporting protein digestion. Bottom line: When it comes to digestive enzymes in a protein supplement, Aminogen® ranks at the top of the list.†

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



Tired of wasting your hard earned dollars experimenting with today’s over-hyped and over-promising market saturation of natural testosterone “boosting” products only to end up feeling short changed when you finish your bottle that in the ad promised you huge gains? The sad reality is that the vast majority of these “test-boosting” products have NO real science behind them. These supplement companies prey on the naivety of consumers who take these ads promising huge muscle gains as gospel. The time for change is NOW! Stop wasting your hard earned dollars on inferior and ineffective so called “test” products, riddled with “fluff” ingredients that occupy valuable capsule space and render the user NO results.†

1-XD™ is a no-nonsense approach designed for serious athletes and bodybuilders looking to elevate testosterone levels, increase strength, improve libido and pack on muscle mass while keeping estrogen levels in check! 1-XD™ is an advanced, comprehensive, properly-dosed, testosterone boosting agent available consisting of proven compounds in their purest form. Each of these compounds plays a vital role in creating the proper anabolic environment.†

FORZAONE™ respects the intelligence of consumers and WILL NOT make outrageous claims based merely on tests performed on lab rats as others do, but base our claims on actual human research. A key component in 1-XD,™ D-Aspartic Acid (DAA), has been clinically studied in humans that an approximate dosage of 3 grams of DAA per day for 12 consecutive days produced an increase in Luteinizing Hormone levels by 33% and Total Testosterone Serum by a whopping 42%! Did you catch that key phrase above…clinically studied IN HUMANS to provide measurable results! And the added combination of properly dosed vitamin co-factors in 1-XD™ has been shown to help enhance the utilization of DAA within the body for maximum effectiveness.†

Promote Muscular Growth & Strength with 1-XD’s Clinically Researched Dosage!†

In addition to the clinically researched dosage of 3g of DAA, 1-XD’s Proprietary Extract Complex of 883 milligrams of key supporting extract ingredients in their purest form (not inferior herbal powders as others do) is a highly concentrated blend formulated in calculated ratios with the power to yield strong androgenic, anabolic and adaptogenic effects. Using only extract concentrates, each serving is maximized by avoiding root or aerial part powders. For example, the Eurycoma Longifolia at a Super concentrated 50:1 is equal to 2,500 milligrams of standard Eurycoma Longifolia found in other products. 1-XD™ also contains a super-concentrated extract of Shilajit Moomiyo Extract which is also known as “Russian Black Anabolic” used for increasing strength and muscle mass as well as its recuperative properties. So as you can see, the same result oriented concentrate extracts of each herb has been selected to optimize the serving size and benefits. This method would be equivalent to 4,248 milligrams of aerial part herbal compounds.†

1-XD™ has also incorporated two potent anti-estrogenic compounds which yield a two-fold effect of controlling estrogen while increasing testosterone by reducing the estrogenic “rebound” effect often experienced with androgenic cycles. This is designed to help you retain your hard earned gains and keep body fat levels in check. So not only can 1-XD™ be used as a powerful AND natural Testosterone booster and a true pro-hormone replacement, it can also be utilized as an extremely effective PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) for an individual coming off a synthetic testosterone cycle. In fact, 1-XD’s Proprietary Extract Complex of 883 milligrams is so potent that it would actually be highly effective as a stand-alone product!†

1-XD™ is VERY effective in cycles. Regular intense weight training combined with a high-protein, anabolic diet will maximize the effects of 1-XD.™ The more consistent you use 1-XD™ the more pronounced your results will be.†

If you are subject to testing for performance enhancing compounds do not use this product under any circumstances. User assumes all risks, liabilities, and consequences related to performance enhancing testing and use of this product.

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Metabolic Spike


NOTICE: Specifically designed to enhance fat loss by utilizing stubborn body fat for energy during your workout.† 

What is Metabolism?

Metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories to sustain life. It should also be noted that your body is designed to burn calories 24 hours a day, everyday, regardless of whether or not you workout. Remember that your body needs energy all the time, even while you’re asleep. That is why skipping meals is the absolute worst thing you can do if your goal is to lose weight (body fat).†

Does your metabolism need a “SPIKE”?

Remember ‘back in the day’ when you could eat pretty much whatever you wanted and whenever you wanted it without gaining a pound?  Can you still do this today? If the answer is no, then your body may need a METABOLIC SPIKE™! Or perhaps you have always struggled with excess body fat and a slow metabolism. You exercise and you eat clean but you still struggle with your weight.  Sound familiar?  If so, maybe it’s time you gave your body aMETABOLIC SPIKE™!†


METABOLIC SPIKE™ is specifically formulated to be the most versatile, caffeine-free metabolic boosting supplement available today! Using a unique, dose specific blend of the finest and most potent ingredients of their kind, METABOLIC SPIKE™ can be taken by itself, can be added to virtually any powdered supplement or taken be in conjunction with most fat-loss supplements whether in capsule, liquid or powder form for increased fat burning effects. So take it alone or go ahead and SPIKE your favorite pre-workout supplement to enhance fat-loss while working out! And because it’s caffeine-free, you can take it morning, afternoon or evening!†

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Don’t Believe the Anti-Sweetener Propaganda

Because many Nutrishop clients have the goal to lose body fat, it’s not uncommon for our products to contain sugar substitutes that provide sweetness and great taste without the calories and negative effects of sugar, be it fructose, dextrose or any other kind of simple, fast-burning carbohydrate. One of the most commonly used sugar substitutes, not only in our products, but in diet foods and kitchens all over the world, is aspartame.

There are many who would demonize aspartame as a “chemical,” going so far as to link it to cancer. First of all, water is technically a “chemical,” so don’t be sucked into someone’s argument by their use of that word. Secondly, the American Cancer Society itself has already stated that aspartame, while dangerous to people with phenylketonuria, has no other known health risks, including cancer:

Most studies in people have not found that aspartame use is linked to an increased risk of cancer.

One early study suggested that an increased rate of brain tumors in the US during the 1980s might have been related to aspartame use. However, according to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the increase in brain tumor rates actually began back in the early 1970s, well before aspartame was in use. And most of the increase was seen in people age 70 and older, a group that was not exposed to the highest doses of aspartame, which might also make this link less likely. Other studies have not found an increase in brain tumors related to aspartame use.

In the largest study of this issue, researchers from the NCI looked at cancer rates in more than 500,000 older adults. The study found that, compared to people who did not drink aspartame-containing beverages, those who did drink them did not have an increased risk of lymphomas, leukemias, or brain tumors. (Source)

On top of that dismissal, the great people at Science-Based Medicine (all following references were obtained here) have also weighed in on aspartame’s supposed health risks, breaking many down systematically:

People who are absolutely convinced they get adverse effects from aspartame have been proven wrong. For instance, the New England Journal of Medicine published a study of people who reported having headaches repeatedly after consuming aspartame. When they knew what they were consuming, 100% of them had headaches. In a double blind crossover trial, when they didn’t know what they were getting, 35% had headaches after aspartame, and 45% had headaches after placebo.

SBM, unlike many other ranting, raving Internet sources, doesn’t make many claims without quite a bit of research and evidence behind them. That said, you can probably take it to heart that aspartame is safe when its detractors are confronted with mountains of testing:

Aspartame has been found to be safe for human consumption by the regulatory agencies of more than ninety countries worldwide, with FDA officials describing aspartame as “one of the most thoroughly tested and studied food additives the agency has ever approved” and its safety as “clear cut.”

When the European Commission’s Scientific Committee on Food evaluated aspartame, they found over 500 papers on aspartame published between 1988 and 2001. It has been studied in animals, in various human populations including infants, children, women, obese adults, diabetics, and lactating women. Numerous studies have ruled out any association with headaches, seizures, behavior, cognition, mood, allergic reactions, and other conditions. It has been evaluated far more extensively than any other food additive.

In fact, aspartame has significantly more research and testing behind it than even stevia, which has been promoted as the most “natural” of the sweeteners yet still hasn’t been approved by most European health agencies. It is the sweetener with the most American hype behind it, which doesn’t make it good or bad, but its lack of testing and research compared to aspartame actually make it least trustworthy.