Add Muscle Mass with a New Diet Plan

NUTRISHOP isn’t just about slimming down, vitamins or pushing products like some other supplement stores. We want to help you achieve all your nutritional goals, from start to finish. The start is usually with your diet, and that’s why our certified employees will put together a free meal plan for you!

Maybe you’ve got a thinner build than you’d like and you want to gain some muscle mass. Not a problem! We can put together a no-nonsense diet plan specifically catered to that goal, too, while going over some crucial checkpoints for you to meet every day to get your results.

Let’s look at three key points you need to focus on if you’re trying to build muscle:

  1. WHAT. The answer to this question is how “clean” your bulk will be. Do you care about body fat, or do you just want SIZE, NOW? (This answer might surprise you, but you can do both!) And, some macronutrients are more important than others – we’ll show you which ones to focus on, and why.
  2. HOW MUCH. Caloric intake is probably the biggest factor when it comes to putting on size. Some people are thrilled to find just how much they are allowed to eat on this particular diet!
  3. WHEN. Yep, this matters the same as it does for fat loss, but for different reasons. The times you eat determine how you use the fuel you’re consuming.

Luckily, our certified employees know their stuff and they can break it all down for you with a free daily meal plan. They show you what foods to eat, how much to eat and when to eat it, and will explain the thought process behind it all. Stop in and get yours! And if muscle gain is your goal, definitely sample one of our best gainers: GAINER7.

Workout of the Week: Hamstring Hammerer

The glutes and hamstrings are often overlooked in the general physique, right? Oh wait a minute — wrong! Guys and women are checking each other’s backsides out all the time! So why is it getting ignored in the gym?

Get off the bench for a day — trust us, it’ll be OK, just walk away, nice and slow — and put the barbell on the ground. It’s time for a workout that will give some severely needed attention to the part you can’t see in the mirror but that gets so much attention from the opposite sex. Strong, toned hamstrings and glutes are essential to a balanced body, overall strength and fat loss. Such a large muscle group demands training, and doing it will pay off with a faster metabolism.


Sumo Deadlifts: 5×5

Romanian Deadlifts: 3×12 (Use a lighter-than-normal weight, considering you did actual deads right before, and use strict form.)

Lying One-Legged Glute Ham Raise: 3×10 per leg. Lie on your back, your heel anchored to the ground and close to your butt. Bend the knee on your other leg so your heel is pointed toward the ceiling. Use your planted foot to drive your hips upward as high as possible. Yes, it will look funny, but yes, you will sweat.

Lying Hamstring Curls: 4×12. Use either a one- or two-legged foot attachment, focusing on “flexing” the hamstring and not just bending the knee. Control the weight all the way through the movement.

Trying to Lose Body Fat? It Starts in the Kitchen

A lot of people tend to think of supplement stores as places that cater just to gym rats who want to “get pumped” or add tons of muscle. Indeed, some shops actually are like that. But NUTRISHOP’s true expertise is in the nutrition side of things, with certified employees who can show you the right way to eat, regardless of your goal. Fat loss, muscle gain, overall health, injury recovery — our folks know their stuff. So yes, we can help the gym rats bulk up. But we can also help you fit into your tux better, or get down to a healthy body fat percentage, or just set you up with a plan to keep you eating smart foods as a habit that will keep you in good health the rest of your life.

Probably the most common goal we hear is from people who want to lose excess body fat. Smart choice! Excess body fat is often the calling card of obesity, hypertension, heart disease, metabolic syndrome and myriad other diseases and ailments. Plus, it’s not attractive — 18th-century England might think so. Today’s world, not so much.

So, what things are contributing to your body fat? Likely, it’s these three major ones:

  1. WHAT. Seems obvious enough — like they say, you are what you eat. And if you are eating a lot of junk, well…
  2. HOW MUCH. Also another biggie. Maybe could even be 1A. Simply put, more food = more calories, and more calories are harder to burn than, well, fewer calories. Calories that aren’t burned are calories that are stored. And it’s usually going to be as, you guessed it, fat.
  3. WHEN. Here’s the tricky one. The time of day you are putting food in your face actually has a big effect on your waistline. Not only does the time matter, but the time related to the type of food plays in to the equation as well. Sound complicated? To be honest, it can get that way.

Luckily, our certified employees know their stuff and they can break it all down for you with a free daily meal plan. They show you what foods to eat, how much to eat and when to eat it, and will explain the thought process behind it all. Stop in and get yours! And if fat loss is your goal, definitely sample some of our best fat-burners: THERMOVEX, HYPERCOR, PHENADREN and the brand-new FEM-FIRE.

Let Us Share Our Knowledge with a Free Meal Plan

Learning to ride a bike is easier with training wheels. Very few people can master it without first starting with the basics and heavy assistance. In the same way, learning how to develop great eating habits and a clean diet is tough to just pick up on your own. For those reasons, we’re focusing this week on one of the most overlooked services NUTRISHOP provides: Our FREE meal plans.

People are better off knowing how to do things for themselves than having short-term gratification. The problem is that many people don’t get the right knowledge off the bat, or the long-term answer is too confusing or difficult, so many seek shortcuts instead. In the fitness sense, this takes place in the form of sacrificing a sensible diet plan for crash diets that are destined to fail.

What’s better than the solution? How about the solution for FREE? Many people still don’t know that NUTRISHOP in Chico offers dietary plans for free with any purchase, and when it comes to your health, knowledge is definitely power. Not sure what to eat, or when, or how much? Don’t worry, because NUTRISHOP has years of certified knowledge and expertise condensed onto one sheet of paper. The best part? NUTRISHOP will customize it just for you, so when you hang it on your fridge to plan your day, you’ll know you’re on the track that’s best for your needs.

For instance, you may be trying to gain (or lose) weight, but you’re not sure how many calories or meals you should be taking in in a given day — how much protein, for instance, is a huge factor in most meal plans. That’s where NUTRISHOP comes in. Not only will you find out how much to eat, but you’ll find out which sources (here’s a hint — lean poultry and fish are important) are the best, and when to eat them, on top of what foods you can complement them with.

On top of it all, NUTRISHOP can help you figure out how to plan around your workouts, where to fit in your supplements, and specific times during the day that you should eat to accommodate your schedule. Not bad for free, right?

Stop into NUTRISHOP Chico and get your personalized diet plan, and watch the results roll in. We’ll be addressing specific needs throughout the week, but if you want your own goal met before that, come in today and we’ll get you set up!

FEM-FIRE: The Safer Pre-Workout Meant for Women

Ever since supplement companies using DMAA 1,3 in its pre-workout formulas were warned by the FDA after cases of heart attack, increased blood pressure and other complaints, the pre-workout market has been under some change. DMAA is a form of caffeine that was used commonly used in pre-workouts like Jack3d and Hemo Rage, among others. For a full list of which companies have been warned to stop marketing this product as a safe, active ingredient, just click the link above.

We warned long ago that DMAA was facing scrutiny (check it out here) and categorically noted that it is unsafe, and recommended against it. At that time, all major sports institutions, professional and collegiate, had already banned it, and now the FDA is against it, too. Now, those other companies have reformulated their products, and many are noting they’re not getting what they paid for anymore. That doesn’t mean there are no safe pre-workouts, though!

The great thing about FEM-FIRE, the newest pre-workout at NUTRISHOP that’s designed for women, is it was formulated well after the FDA’s warnings and didn’t have to come up with new tweaks on its ingredients just to get it OK’d — in fact, its entire ingredient list is posted on the NUTRISHOP USA website, and we’ve shared it here. No secrets with FEM-FIRE!

If you’re looking for a pre-workout to try and you don’t want to worry if it has harmful ingredients or about its efficacy, come in and sample FEM-FIRE before your next workout.

Build a Fat-Burning Stack with FEM-FIRE

So you’ve got your workout plan set up and you’ve picked up your FREE diet plan and FEM-FIRE from NUTRISHOP. Now what?

If you’re serious about losing body fat and toning up your body, you should consider grouping this awesome pre-workout with a few other supplements, to enhance its effects and boost your results.

As a caffeine stimulant, FEM-FIRE will help you achieve sharp focus during your workouts, meaning you can really focus on your pace, form and rest periods, and the energy boost you also get will allow for better workout performance — strength, endurance of strength and stamina. As you lift heavier, or more, or at a higher intensity, the body breaks down more fully. This is a plus, since microscopic muscle tears mark the beginning of growth. But the big second stage is recovery.

Accelerate that stage by pairing FEM-FIRE with BCAA SPORT during your workout, to both replenish electrolytes, keeping you hydrated, and speed up muscle recovery by fighting off catabolism (muscle wasting). A hydrated cell is a better-functioning cell, and when its function is muscle-building, you want them working at their best.

After your intense workout, down a PRO7EIN SYNTHESIS shake with a scoop of GLUTACOR or GLUTAMIC. A complete, well-rounded protein source like PRO7 provides immediate muscle recovery fuel and also a “slow-drip” source for up to eight hours, as your body continues to rebuild muscle and burn fat well after your last rep. And pairing it with a glutamine supplement is an even more complete way to speed up your recovery, meaning you can go at your next workout with just as much intensity.

Workout of the Week: Fat-Burning Legs Day

Want a great, effective workout you can get done in 40 minutes that will both burn fat and challenge your muscles? Here’s our Workout of the Week, a lower-body day that will test muscular endurance while building strength, toning and burning fat. Print it out and take it with you!


All straight sets, but keep your rest periods between sets to 60 seconds at most and 90 seconds between exercises.

Squats: 4×12

Hamstring Curls: 4×12

Bulgarian Split Squats: 4×6 each leg

Romanian Deadlifts: 3×8

8 minutes of High-Intensity Interval Training — Treadmill, elliptical or swimming, do 30 seconds of moderate pace (this would be a jog), 30 seconds of 90-percent effort (sprint), 2 minutes of 75-percent effort (run), 1 minute of 85-percent effort (sprint). Repeat twice.