The Best Supplements For Losing Body Fat

So you’ve got a solid workout plan in place and your diet is starting to come around. Awesome! Results are headed your way. But what if you want them a little bit sooner, or you want to get even more noticeable results? That’s where supplements (and we) fit in.

Check out the Extreme Fat Loss Stack, developed to help burn off fat stores and prevent the body from taking on new fat cells. Those seeking the most extreme, rapid results will want to strongly consider the entire stack, because each supplement is designed to work in conjunction with the other ones. But, honestly, any one by itself will make a big-time difference. We’ll go over the types of product you’ll see here, explain why it will help you lose fat fast, and give some examples of the best options you can buy from NUTRISHOP:

  • Protein Blend: Simply put, this is a must-have for would-be lean bodies everywhere. A low-calorie, high-protein supplement will help build muscle, burn stored body fat and speed up the metabolism.
  • Multi-Stage Fat Burner: Through a series of all-natural herbal compounds, vitamins and metabolism-boosting effects (be it stimulants or thermogenics), a fat-burner is one of the quickest ways to shed fat when diet and exercise just aren’t getting it done fast enough.
  • Complete System Detoxifier: The kidneys, liver, gall bladder and colon hold toxins and build-up that can severely hinder the body’s ability to synthesize protein, burn fat and eliminate waste — the end result is distention, bloating and sluggishness. A detox system is a great way to make your digestive system more healthy and efficient.
  • Night Time Sleep Aid/Fat Burner: Your body needs deep sleep to repair muscles and burn fat most effectively. This important sleep stage is responsible for much of the positive growth and recovery we experience. A sleep aid that helps develop good deep sleep patterns and doubles as a fat-burner while in this stage is an important addition for those serious about burning fat fast.
  • Fat-Burning Lipid Replacement: Not all fat is bad — just the kind fat people tend to eat. Your body needs fats for many important processes, including multiple organ, skin, nail and hair health; the reproductive system’s health is hugely dependent on healthy fats. But trans and saturated fatty acids are much more harmful than these; a lipid replacement supplement helps flush out these dangerous fats by providing the Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-9, EPA and DHA the body can actually use. The effect you can see: A loss of body fat and better muscle tone.
  • Multi-Vitamin: Quality matters with your multi, and so does absorption. A full spectrum of vitamins and minerals is crucial to overall health and digestive efficiency.
Type Product
Protein Blend Protein 7
Pro 5
Multi-Stage Fat Burner Hypercor
Complete System Detoxifier Detoxin
Detox LGC
Night Time Sleep Aide/Fat Burner Somnilean
Metabolix PM
Fat Burning lipid replacement LipoCor
Natures EFA
PNR Omega 3
Multi-Vitamin Natures Fuel

Workout of the Week: Full-On Body Fat Assault

If you’re like millions of Americans and still sweating out gravy from Thanksgiving, then you know what everyone else does: The holiday months are here, and with them have come the pies, cakes and every other delicious-yet-destructive food you can imagine, and they’re not going away anytime soon.

Our question is: Why wait until New Year’s to take a look at your bulging gut or brand-new chin and decide that then is the time to change? Get a head start now and use your resolution on something even better — start your full-on assault on body fat today, in the gym, and we’ll give you the diet and supplement tips the rest of the week, too, to help launch you into the new year with a body well on its way to fitness.


The key to your workouts, especially while the sugary, buttery foods of the holiday season are being piled up around you, is to attack body fat with a dual-pronged approach: 1) You need to build more muscle as a habitat for a faster metabolism, and 2) you need to get your heart pumping to burn the excess calories you’re surely going to shovel into your face. This full-body workout, done 3-4 times a week with at least one rest day in between, will help accomplish that.

Keep your rest periods minimal (no longer than 60 seconds between full sets, and no rest between super-, tri- or giant sets), challenge yourself, and watch your body transform. And if you’re thinking, “Jeez, that’s a lot of leg work — thanks, jerks,” well, we’re sorry. Actually, no we’re not. Enjoy!

3 Supersets: Power Clean-to-Front-Squat x 4/Broad Jump-to-Jump and Tuck x 1

4 Supersets: Barbell Front Squats x 6/Romanian Deadlifts x 6

3 Supersets: Perfect Pull Ups x failure/Perfect Push Ups x failure

3 Supersets: Dumbbell Alternating Lunges x 20 total/Seated Calf Raises x 20

3 Supersets: Barbell Bench Press x 12/Seated Cable Row x 12

3 Tri-Sets: Hanging Leg Raise x 8/Planks 45 sec./Alternating Side Planks x 20 sec. per side

Cyber Monday Progressive MEGA SALE!

We had a HUGE response for our Black Friday sale, but we also heard from customers who couldn’t make it because they were visiting family or friends out of town.

So, since we don’t sell online, we decided that we will have a Cyber Monday sale in-store. This will be the same exact sale that we ran on Friday, so the earlier you get in the more you save.

***If you can’t make it in, just call either store during the sale and we can lock in your discount at the time of your call with a credit card!! So don’t worry, if you work all day, just call before 12pm to lock in the 30%!
ITEMS WITH 30% DISCOUNT (From 10am to 12pm)  

                          sale price            amount saved
1-XD                     $48.97                        $20.98
HYPERCOR        $62.97                         $26.98
DETOXIN            $ 31.47                         $13.48
SOMNILEAN       $27.97                         $11.98
N.O. XP3                $48.97                        $20.98
FUZION                 $41.97                         $17.97
N’SANE                  $34.99                       $14.96
N’FUZE                  $38.49                        $16.46
PHENADREN        $45.47                         $14.98
ARABOL                $55.99                         $ 23.96
ANITEST                $48.97                         $20.98
NATURES FUEL     $24.49                      $10.46

***These are just a few examples of all of our best-selling products!
ITEMS WITH 25% DISCOUNT (12pm to 3pm)  

sale price            amount saved
1-XD                     $52.42                        $17.53
HYPERCOR         $67.46                        $22.49
DETOXIN            $33.71                        $11.24
NOXP3                $52.46                         $17.49
FUZION              $37.46                         $12.49
VASOCOR          $44.96                          $14.99
N’SANE              $37.49                          $12.49
N’FUZE             $41.21                           $13.74
PHENADREN       $47.46                       $12.49
ARABOL             $59.99                         $20.00
ANITEST            $52.49                         $17.46
NATURES FUEL    $26.24                    $8.71

***These are just a few examples of all of our best-selling products!
ITEMS WITH 20% DISCOUNT (3pm to 7pm)

 sale price            amount saved
1-XD                    $55.72                      $14.23
HYPERCOR       $71.96                      $17.99
DETOXIN          $35.96                      $8.99
NOXP3              $55.96                      $13.99
FUZION            $39.96                      $9.99
VASOCOR         $47.96                     $11.99
N’SANE             $39.99                     $9.96
N’FUZE              $43.99                    $10.96
PHENADREN    $51.96                     $12.99
HGH – 191          $39.96                      $9.99
ARABOL             $55.99                      $13.96
NATURES FUEL   $27.99                      $6.95

How to Fight the Effects of Alcohol Weight

The “beer belly” is a different kind of fat than just regular adipose tissue. It’s why just about everybody, no matter their build or metabolism, puts on weight when they drink in excess.

As we’ve talked about throughout the week, this begins the time of year for “festive drinking” — parties, dinners, holidays with alcohol ingrained into them. And sure, they can be a lot of fun. But they are also a quick way to derailing all the progress you’ve made since you vowed on New Year’s to tone up, lose 15 pounds or drop a pants size or two.

The thing about alcohol is that it not only stops the body from processing fats and synthesizing proteins, thus leading to more body fat, but it also leads to waste build-up in the body that includes harmful toxins and leads to bloating and water retention. So, on top of making you more fat, it also makes you LOOK fatter on top of that. Fun!

Toxins from just about every conceivable source are filtered through the liver, with this important organ acting like a catch-all to the bloodstream. It does the best it can, but over time, it becomes a victim of waste build-up. With your liver being overworked, handling all the cider you’re shoving down the hatch, it becomes less effective at its metabolic priorities. This leads to unwanted water retention, overworked glands and organs and body fat.

It’s estimated that the average person is holding up to 20 pounds of waste in their system — that’s a lot! But most of it is in the form of collections of glycerides around the body, toxin build-up around the organs, etc. Yes, some of it will be visceral fat and adipose tissue. But often when you lose weight and start to lean out, much of what you’re losing isn’t fat at all; it’s just that a dietary correction usually allows the liver to better process existing waste products in the system finally.

If you’re planning on having a good time with some adult beverages this holiday season, but don’t want to prove it to everyone with your waistline, you should look into DETOXIN. It flushes the system naturally with a blend of ingredients designed to support the liver, gall bladder, colon and kidneys, obviously the big players in the digestive and metabolic processes that not only determine your body fat, but your overall health in general.

5 Tips for Holiday Eating and Drinking Health

It’s November, and soon Thanksgiving will be upon us. We all know what that means — “holiday eating season,” that magical time of year where our waistlines expand and the whole year of hard work is slowed down by sweets, booze and massive portions.

That is, of course, if you aren’t prepared. But NUTRISHOP has come up with a list of tips to keep you not just saving your general health, but becoming stronger and MORE fit even as the pies, cookies, cider and egg nog is all around you.

  1. MAKE A DIET PLAN. Better yet, have US make it for you. By setting up a strict schedule with exact macronutrient portions with a goal in mind, you’ll be more likely to know why you’re eating the foods on your plan and, in turn, become more likely to follow it. Plus, it’s free at NUTRISHOP — any certified nutrition expert will get you on track. And even if you have the rare forgivable lapse in judgment or decide that all your food needs whipped cream on it during the holidays, the huge majority of your intake will be healthy food. And your body will handle that much better than the other way around.
  2. HELP YOUR LIVER. Look, you’re going to drink. Holiday parties pretty much demand it. As the beer, wine and cocktails abound, though, it puts a lot of stress on the liver, and when your body detects alcohol in the system, it puts every other metabolic process on the back burner in order to flush it out — this includes hydration, fat burning and protein synthesis. Invest in a bottle of LIVER THERAPEUTICS. With the ages-old remedy milk thistle as a primary ingredient, this popular liver tonic is not only great as a hangover helper, but for general health too.
  3.  CHOOSE PROTEIN. The best way to keep your metabolism running optimally under the presence of fats and sugars is to make sure there is enough muscle building via protein synthesis occurring as well. Whether this means choosing cold cut platters over crackers and cheese, or an extra helping of ham or turkey instead of whatever that pineapple Jell-O thing is, the more protein you can give your system, the better. And, of course, throwing in one or two protein shakes a day (PRO7, PRO5, HYDROPRO) won’t hurt, either.
  4. GET YOUR WORK IN. Acknowledge you’re going to let the reins slip a little in your diet, if you must, and just make sure you are not giving an inch when it comes to your gym schedule. Keeping your metabolism up and burning food, while keeping the muscles active, is the best way to combat a less-than-perfect diet. If you need quick workouts, NUTRISHOP has a ton of them. Just pick your favorite and get it done!
  5. STAY HYDRATED. Yep, helping your liver again. Hydrated cells burn fat faster, synthesize proteins better and generally are just more effective overall in keeping you lean. Bonus: The act of your body warming up cold drinking water burns more calories — and if you’re inhaling whipped cream all holiday season, you need all the calorie-burning you can get!

Get to Sleep and Lose Fat: SOMNILEAN

The nighttime metabolic agent SOMNILEAN is known for a powerhouse combination of four ingredients: Melatonin, L-Theanine, 5-HTP and GABA. While all great in their own rights, today is meant to focus on GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid). Why? Because it’s the one most directly responsible to helping you catch those all-important Zs at night.

GABA is often referred to as the brain’s natural calming agent. Technically an amino acid, GABA helps in controlling the firing of neurons from the brain that create anxiety, restlessness and the mile-a-minute thought patterns that come from stress and other factors. Of course, when they happen while you’re trying to sleep, it becomes a problem.

By helping to alleviate over-firing neurons that cause these symptoms, GABA essentially serves as a sleep aid, with a huge added bonus: Studies have shown it to increase the amount of growth hormone production, which plays a large role in muscle tone and growth, indirectly leading to fat loss via improved metabolism. One 2008 collegiate study out of Virginia found that “GABA elevates resting and postexercise (growth hormone) concentrations.” (Source)

So, knowing that 1) you need sleep for a bolstered immune system, energy, fat loss and muscle growth, and 2) that SOMNILEAN helps get a better night’s sleep, what are you waiting for?

A Recap of 1-XPM: How It Helps You Sleep to Grow!

If you’re serious about maximizing your sleep periods for muscle growth, you already know that 1-XPM is an all-star lineup of outstanding ingredients that make it one of the most potent nighttime anabolic agents around. You already know about Zinc, Magnesium Aspartate and B-6, but there is more behind this brand-new muscle-building product. Check it out.

Gamma Amino Butyric Acid (GABA): It’s an amino acid that tells your pituitary gland (that crucial part of the body that regulates hormone production and release) it’s time to release some growth hormone. Your body releases, it produces Somatotropin (think of it as “good” GH) and Somatostatin (“bad”) in order to balance them out. The “bad” one basically wants to immediately break down the good GH. One Italian study showed that GABA supplementation keyed growth hormone release to the bloodstream by  as much as a 5o0-percent increase.
What’s In It For Me?: Elevated GH without the inhibition, meaning more lean muscle, less fat. 

Colostrum: Colostrum is a nutrient power pack of an ingredient. Now, the bovine colostrum in 1-XPM is FOUR TIMES more potent than human colostrum when it comes to immune function, and also has more growth factors. Sometimes called “the promise of life,” colostrum, simply put, is amazing. With over 5,000 studies backing it, some have shown it to stimulate cellular muscle expansion and regeneration, increase growth hormone levels that correlate to lean muscle gain, help with bone integrity and mass, improve anaerobic strength and help immune function. It might sound familiar; you probably know it better as “first milk.” That makes sense, because it is the first natural food every human takes in. It is crucial to the immune system and growth.

What’s In It For Me?: A super-boost to immune function and muscle growth, the natural way.