Workout of the Week: Chest Chiseler

The pectoral muscles, when well developed, can present one of the most impressive aspects of an athletic body. A broad, well-defined chest is often regarded as the hallmark of a strong upper body. But, as with any muscle group, there is more to building it than just one exercise, one set-rep scheme and one approach.

Do this chest workout, once a week for four weeks, to get a great mix of heavy work and volume exercises in. You won’t sacrifice strength and you’ll engage all three types of muscle fibers to get through it.


Barbell bench press: 5×5

Incline barbell bench: 5×12

Lying dumbbell flys: 5×5 (stretch for 5 seconds at the bottom)

Standing cable crossovers: 5×12

Plyometric push-ups: 3×10. Set up a weight plate on the ground in front of you, under your face as you get in push-up position. Then, keeping your toes in place as a pivot point, perform an explosive push-up off the plate, driving your upper body up as hard as you can. While in the air slightly rotate to one side to land with one hand on the plate and the other on the floor; as you land, drop back into push-up position. Drive yourself back up explosively again, and switch sides, alternating sides for each rep.

A Great New Workout Amplifier: Meet PREWORK

NUTRISHOP just got in its newest pre-workout product — XP2’s PREWORK!

Another great way to improve workout endurance, strength, vascularity and pumps, Prework has been compared to a nice middle ground between HEMOVEX and N’SANE — with products included in both of those and several great flavor options, it’s worth a try.

The key ingredient with Prework is citrulline malate, a compound that helps aid nitric oxide production and that helps in the production of critical ATP. Increasingly, studies are showing that this form of citrulline is beneficial to active athletes for workout performance because of its ability to produce intra-cellular energy. In 2002, a French study reviewed in the Journal of Sports Medicine found through testing that citrulline malate accomplished this:

The rate of muscle oxidative ATP production during exercise and the rate of PCr recovery after exercise both increase in subjects supplemented for 15 days with citrulline/malate.

Additionally, citrulline malate has been shown to help produce plasma arginine — proven to play a crucial role in cardiovascular and immune function. This wonder compound is what makes Prework a great pre-workout option — be sure to stop in to NUTRISHOP today to try it out.