Dr. Oz’s Worst Recommendations, and Our Better Alternatives

Earlier this week, we looked at the popular claims made on the Dr. Oz Show and what he has recommended that we would endorse. But just because you see a guy wearing scrubs on TV, that doesn’t mean everything he’s going to promote is going to be the best product for you. We take a look today at some of his more flimsy recommendations, and direct you toward better alternatives.


Found in the skin of red grapes, this compound is claimed by Dr. Oz to have anti-aging effects along with cancer-reducing properties. Supporters of it point out that it’s the chemical found in red wine that’s responsible for its supposed heart-healthy effects. Some studies have even shown it to have anti-cancer properties in lab mice.

The Problem: None of those studies have been peer-reviewed, and the research behind Resveratrol simply isn’t there yet; on top of it, it hasn’t undergone nearly enough examination as a supplement to make anti-aging claims. We think it’s a bit irresponsible to promote a chemical that doesn’t have the proper studies behind it.

The Alternative: NATURE’S FUEL is a great option for anybody, not only because of its multivitamin properties that give you a well-rounded intake of nutrients you need, but because of its detox abilities. Those two characteristics, together, are great to fight the aging process. Another option, for men, is 1-XD or ANITEST. These pro-testosterone products help return your body to a state it was in when you were 17 — in growth mode, ready to build new cells and get your vitality back.


Dr. Oz has promoted this as a carb-blocker and a helpful treatment to fight off obesity. Interesting, of course. His claim that you can take it to help ease the punishment for cheat meals, though, raises some red flags. What he’s basically saying is that you can go ahead and scarf a piece of cake, as long as you pop some white kidney bean extract, and it’ll be like you never had it. If that sounds like a too-good-to-be-true supplement, then you think like we do.

The Problem: Again, scant research. The Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database says there’s insufficient evidence to even rate white kidney bean extract, and the stuff that does exist on it is conflicting. None of its positives have been verified or peer-reviewed.

The Alternative: HYPERCOR, LIPOCOR, PHENADREN and ADICOR, all at NUTRISHOP, feature all-natural, research-backed ingredients that are proven to actually suppress the appetite. Let’s not kid ourselves — if you eat crappy food, you’ll pay the price. These products don’t pretend to be “bad food blockers,” but they do help you control your cravings for them. And that’s the real battle, isn’t it?


Yep, artichokes come from the earth, and you can eat them and be fine. Dr. Oz has recommended the extract supplement, though, as a gastrointestinal product that can not only improve digestion, but also have a positive effect on blood pressure and lower cholesterol.

The Problem: Almost none of the positive claims or affected ailments that come with artichoke extract have been researched or proven, including water retention, kidney problems, anemia, arthritis or liver problems. Plus, it HAS been proven to increase the production of bile, meaning an increased risk of gallstones.

The Alternative: When we talk about improving digestion, we immediately think of GLUTACOR. Glutamine’s famous for being a super-repair supplement that helps rebuild the lining of the gut, actually helping the cilia in the intestines grow for better nutritional absorption, and it also thickens the lining of the stomach.

Workout of the Week: Prevent Injuries and Stay in the Gym

Almost anybody who’s been training for an extended period of time has probably experienced it. You’re in a good rhythm, keeping your workouts consistent, seeing significant gains, getting stronger, and then, without warning, you tweak something during a workout.

Injuries are a risk of exercise, but only if you’re not taking the right precautions. We’ll show you some tips for keeping yourself spry and healthy to make sure you don’t get laid up with an injury. After all, you can’t work out if you’re hurt.

  • Don’t Smoke Your Joints: Any time you lift, you put a great deal of stress on the joints: knees, shoulders, elbows, etc. If the muscles surrounding these areas aren’t developed enough, an injury is inevitable.
    The fix:  Work joint-strengthening exercises into your routine. A few sets of internal and external cable rotations will help strengthen the muscles around the shoulder (the rotator cuff).  Work in side lunges, or even the abductor/adductor machines (just don’t let your friends see you do these ones!) to strengthen the groin and hips. A bonus: A stronger shoulder socket can lead to a bigger bench and more powerful upright pressing movements.
  • Form, form, form: One theme you’ve probably noticed in all our workouts of the week is that we always preach to keep strict form and not worry as much about the weight. There are two reasons for that (three, if you want to count “bad form makes you look dumb”). First, improperly doing exercises robs your muscles of the benefits of doing them in the first place; secondly, and maybe more importantly, you could seriously hurt yourself by lifting with bad form.
    The fix: Leave the ego at home. With the exception of people who aren’t focusing enough on their own lift sessions, nobody is paying attention to the weight you’re using.  It’s one thing to push your limits, but if your first three reps of a set feel like you can’t complete the whole thing without cheating on form, it’s too heavy. Another fix: Visualize what proper form looks like while you’re doing it. So if you’re doing squats, remember what you’ve seen from squats with perfect form: Head up, eyes fixed on a spot on the wall, chest up to lock the upper back, butt out to lock the lower back and the bar across your lower traps.
  • Stay Hydrated: Your body craves water while you’re exercising — you already knew that. But while 20-60 oz. of water (that’s 1-3 NUTRISHOP bottles during a workout) while you train might be the obvious route, it’s also important to hydrate beforehand. The fix: Drink at least two glasses in the two hours leading up to your workout. Cells function best when they’re fully hydrated, and this means your muscles will be more pliable, your joints more flexible and oxygen more available to the bloodstream.
  • Get Some Shut-Eye: Sleep is one of the most underrated aspects of good health there is. Your body desperately needs to recover from intense exercise, to begin processes like muscle repair and important hormone release, to name a couple. But the big one is immunity: A run-down body simply won’t have the immune function a healthy one does, and you WILL get sick, if you don’t get hurt first. You should be getting at least 7 hours a night, up to 9. If you don’t occasionally wake up before your alarm goes off, that’s probably a good sign that you’re not going to bed early enough.
  • The fix: Avoid caffeine, sugars or stimulants after 5 p.m., and avoid carbohydrates after 8 p.m. for the best results. This will keep your energy from any unnecessary spikes before bedtime. A protein shake in whole milk or some cottage cheese before bed, both of which contain the amino acid tryptophan, can help you fall asleep, too.

Which Dr. Oz Supplement Tips Are Legit, and Why

Many NUTRISHOP customers have been asking about Dr. Oz, who weekly makes recommendations for new supplements, weight-loss tips and anti-aging processes for his viewers. Of course, the important thing to remember is that not all the advice he’ll come up with is ground-breaking stuff, and some of it is even detrimental depending on who it’s directed at.

An example: Last week, Dr. Oz had Deepak Chopra on his show for some stress-reducing, “healthy” tips of his own. His breakfast was a single hard-boiled egg, sliced cucumber and sliced tomato. Obviously, NUTRISHOP wouldn’t recommend such a nutrition-deficient breakfast, even if it is incredibly lean. There’s not enough protein, and really, not enough calories to sustain the rest of your day if you plan on exercising or even just running your daily errands.

The same principle applies to his supplement recommendations: Take them with a grain of salt. We’ll show you today some of the best ones he’s made, and where you can get them at NUTRISHOP for the best results.


  • Why it’s good: Dr. Oz has long been a proponent of this for not just weight loss, but for overall health, and we completely agree. Its role as an anti-inflammatory is well-researched and it is proven to improve skin, hair and nail health on top of helping the body rid itself of harmful fatty acids.
  • Where NUTRISHOP has it: Some of our best fatty acid supplements are loaded with Omega-3, including LIPOCOR, NATURE’S EFAs and, of course, OMEGA-3.


  • Why it’s good: Another good one from the doctor, raspberry ketones signal the release of norepinephrine and adiponectin in the body, causing a endothermic effect in the cells. This actually raises the body temperature slightly, creating a fat furnace.
  • Where NUTRISHOP has it: Our top fat-burner, HYPERCOR, is a multi-stage system that hinges on its thermophoric properties. This is due in part to the raspberry ketones.


  • Why it’s good: Gamma linoleic acid has been touted by Dr. Oz as a great fat-loss supplement, and again, we agree with him. Why? GLA is a remarkable anti-inflammatory that helps reduce the size of fat cells themselves.
  • Where NUTRISHOP has it: Check out the formula LIPOCOR can boast — as a natural lipid replacement supplement, it hinges not only on Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids, but also GLA. It replaces the harmful fatty acids that build up as adipose tissue, shrinks the existing fat cells and provides healthy acids your body needs.


  • The way Dr. Oz’s show put it: Forskolin helps “explode” fat from the cells. We don’t know about that, but we do know that forskolin is a highly researched natural supplement. It has undergone peer-reviewed studies as recently as 2005; an article from an obesity research journal observed that forskolin played a role in significant fat loss and lean muscle gain.
  • Where NUTRISHOP has it: The multi-phase fat-burner PHENADREN’s first phase is about creating a better fat-burning environment within the body by slightly raising the temperature to help eliminate excess body fat stores. The same effect from forskolin is also found in HYPERCOR!

Operation Spring Break Bulk-Up: Add Muscle in Just Three Weeks!

Spring break is just one month away — will you have the body you want by then?

Before you say “no,” know that you can build some serious muscle in three-to-four weeks’ time — for many people, in fact, this is a pretty standard window in which you can expect to see significant, noticeable results. But the fast track to an awesome body isn’t easy. It takes a lot of discipline, a solid plan of attack and hard work. If a bigger, stronger physique is what you’re after, read on.

While everyone’s individual results will vary, we can almost guarantee that if you are hitting the gym consistently, using the proper supplements and cleaning up your diet, the image you see in the mirror will be different in one month’s time. So what specifically do you need to do to make that happen by March 16? We’ll show you.


You’ve got to really go for it. Load up on clean calories and keep yourself in the gym, and lean muscle mass is easier than you think. You need to boost both your calorie and your protein intake. Many bodybuilders and weight lifters exceed 4,000 calories a day, with more than a gram of protein per pound of body weight! So, if you’re a 170-pound guy trying to add muscle, 185-200 grams of protein a day isn’t a bad place to start.


If your goal is to pack on the size and strength, bringing a bigger, stronger you to spring break this year, then check out our guide on diet and exercise specifically made for just that purpose.


Again, we’re going for muscle, so we need a lot of protein and calories, plus the drive and focus to get us through super-intense workouts with heavy weight. Go with the Advanced Hard Gainer Stack for the best results. Here’s what a sample schedule would look like on these supps:

GAINER 7: Immediately post-workout in cold water. Optional: Before bed.

N’SANE/CODE-3/VASOCOR: 30 minutes before your workout.

N’FUZE: 30 mins before and immediately after your workout (or with breakfast and lunch on non-workout days).

NATURE’S FUEL: Upon waking, before breakfast.

GLUTACOR: Upon waking, before bed, post-workout.

N’RAGE: Pre-workout.

BCAA: Upon waking, before bed, during/before long workouts.

That’s a basic outline of how to bulk up some by spring break, but everyone is different. To get a plan that’s 100 percent customized to YOU, come in to NUTRISHOP and get a personalized diet plan and the advice of our certified staff. A new spring break body awaits you!

Workout of the Week: The Brutal Persuasion Method

Your muscles don’t build the same way regardless of what kind of lifting you do. Each type of muscle fiber is a “specialist,” so to speak, and it has a role to play depending on what it’s expecting your body to put it through. Basically, what you do on a consistent basis sends messages to your muscles: “We need to get stronger,” “we need to endure longer,” etc.

In other words, your body will only do what you convince it it has to. Because of that, your workouts should be persuasive — forcefully persusasive.

Try this lower-body workout that will get the muscles breaking down and rebuilding in no time. Perform it just once a week, for four weeks on the same day for your legs day, and not only will you see stronger, more developed quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves, but you’ll also notice increased core strength. Additionally, you’ll enjoy a bone-deep burn that is the signature product of any good workout.

We're not usually crazy about the leg press machine, but since you're already doing "real" squats in this workout, we'll make an exception.


This workout combines three different rep ranges to provide a complete lifting session that will challenge your endurance of strength and give the legs an almost-aching pump. Get all your reps with great form and we promise you’ll be sore! If you can bring a workout partner, even better.

Squats: 20, 15, 10, 5×5. Obviously, your first two sets will be much lighter than you typically lift. On the higher ranges, try keeping your feet within shoulder width to really hammer the outer sweep of the quads, and widen your stance a bit as you go up in weight, particularly for the 5×5 portion. And be sure to challenge yourself with the weight, but keep it reasonable. After the first set of 20, you shouldn’t have a so-called “easy” rep, but you don’t want to go so heavy you can’t keep proper form.

Stiff-legged deadlifts: 20, 15, 10, 5×5. Same set-rep scheme here. Form is crucial, so don’t get too crazy when you go heavy on the 5×5 portion, particularly if your hamstrings are lagging behind (or if you never do deadlifts). Keep an alternating grip on the bar, hands a little wider than shoulder-width, and , keeping a natural arch  in the back — butt out, chest out, head up — lower the weight down as if you’re going to set the bar on your shoelaces. Then, squeeze your glutes and hamstrings and simply stand up, keeping your back arched. This hits the hamstrings and glutes, as well as the lower back strengthening muscles.

Squat Press Machine: 20, 15, 12, 10, 8. A pyramid set here, so bump up the weight with each decreasing-rep set. Keep your feet high up on the sled in a wide stance, your toes pointed slightly out, and lower the sled deep into your chest with a controlled movement. Then, drive with your heels. This type of stance targets the quads, but also does some good work for the hamstrings and glutes.

Leg Extensions: 25, 20, 15, 10. Again, raise the weight as you drop the reps. Don’t “kick” the weight up, and don’t lock out your knees. Control the weight all the way through.

Hamstring curls: 25, 20, 15.

Calf raises: 4×25. Alternate the direction your toes are pointing for each set — out, and then in, for two sets of each position. This works different portions of the calves. Don’t be afraid to go heavy here, as your calves are used to toting you around for miles every day. You really have to hit them hard to get results.

Recovery is extremely important for any intense exercise, and this program is no different. Make sure you drink 20 oz. of water during your training session, and immediately afterward, have a blend of protein (we recommend PRO7EIN SYNTHESIS), glutamine (GLUTACOR) and an amino acid blend (BCAA). Additionally, if you are looking for enhanced muscle growth, consider a high-quality carbohydrate blend too, such as MASS FUZION.

How GLA and Raspberry Ketones Work Together

We’ve been looking into Dr. Oz’s claims that GLA and raspberry ketones are “miracle” fat-loss supplements throughout the week, and some pretty interesting research has backed him up. Of course, we knew they worked longer before he said so on the show — that’s why NUTRISHOP has Katalyst’s HYPERCOR and LIPOCOR, two products that contained GLA and raspberry ketones already anyway!

The cool thing about each of these natural compounds is not only how it works synergistically with the other ingredients in each product, but how they work together when combined.

Because they’re two different products after the same end result — fat loss — you can definitely stack HYPERCOR and LIPOCOR. With the first being a thermostimulating fat-burner and the second being a natural lipid replacement system, there is no overlap and no danger of overdoing the effects of HYPERCOR (this is why we don’t recommend stacking two like fat burners). The difference is in how they work, and we’ll show you why you can combine both effects.

The raspberry ketones in HYPERCOR help raise the body’s temperature by releasing norepinephrine and also limits the amount of available blood sugar by signaling the release of adiponectin. What this does is 1) create a warmer internal temperature that encourages fat melting and 2) limits the available blood sugar that is most easily converted to fat stores. HYPERCOR actually has six stages that address fat loss, but these two are where Dr. Oz’s recommended raspberry ketones come in to play.

With that in mind, as your body creates this environment for the actual removal and prevention of adipose tissue, the GLA in LIPOCOR — along with the other healthy fatty acids like Omega-3, Omega-6, ALA and LA — work to encourage your body further to let its unhealthy fat stores dissolve. GLA’s primary reason for its renown is that it drastically decreases inflammation in cells, particularly in adipose cells. This is our old “water balloon” example: Once it’s created, the balloon (fat cell) will always be there. But GLA helps let the water (fat) in the cell out, thus shrinking it. And with the body’s temperature in a more fat-burning zone because of the raspberry ketones, the unhealthy fat that is released is burned off rather than restored.

Hundreds of NUTRISHOP Chico customers have seen firsthand how GLA and raspberry ketones can work together in LIPOCOR and HYPERCOR. If you’re trying to get ready for spring ASAP, you should check out this stack as well and see if it’s right for you.

How GLA and Raspberry Ketones Work in LIPOCOR and HYPERCOR

Earlier this week, we took a look at a couple of the “miracle” fat burners Dr. Oz has recently promoted — GLA and raspberry ketones — and explained what it is, exactly, that each one does. After all, we wouldn’t expect anyone to just blindly follow what someone on TV says without doing some research of their own first.

We also showed you that NUTRISHOP has two great fat-loss products that incorporate the use of each. LIPOCOR includes a dose of GLA, and HYPERCOR contains raspberry ketones. Here, we’ll show you how each product’s unique, advanced formula uses each natural supplement to its full potential in each product.


Because LIPOCOR is not necessarily a fat-burner, but instead a healthy lipid replacement system supplement, GLA fits perfectly into its profile. With a blend containing ALA, LA, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, LIPOCOR is centered around providing your body with the healthy fats it needs so it can burn off the unhealthy stored fats it doesn’t.

Where GLA comes in is in that exact stage — the shrinking of the fat cells themselves. GLA is known to reduce cell inflammation, including fat cells, so as LIPOCOR provides all the necessary fatty acids your body wants to function, it also is readily available to rid the system of the left-over fat cells that have accumulated. Remember, adipose tissue usually is stored in the first place because the body has gone into “hoarding” mode — it’s saved the fats (and sugar, converted to fat) it’s received because something in the diet signaled that there would be no better option coming. LIPOCOR provides the better option, so your body will freely release the unhealthy fatty acids that have been stored, while also shrinking the existing cells that contained them. Think of each cell as a water balloon — once created, the cell (balloon) never goes away, but it can shrink significantly as the water (fat) is released from it. That’s the GLA effect in LIPOCOR.


Dr. Oz’s main claim on this supplement was that it actually increases the body’s temperature, and simply stated, fat burns quicker in a warmer environment. It comes as no surprise, then, that HYPERCOR includes raspberry ketones. In this fat-burner, the metabolism runs faster, appetite is suppressed and hormones are released throughout the body that indicate that it is time to burn existing fat deposits and also prevent further fat tissue storage.

The role of raspberry ketones in this process is that it helps release norepinephrine, which raises the body’s internal temperature ever so slightly — hence the phrase “Thermo-Lipolysis Blend.” They also release adiponectin, a hormone that decreases blood sugar. As we mentioned before, excess glycogen (blood sugar) is one of the most easily converted forms of energy in the body when it comes to substances the system can save as fat stores.

So, while the rest of the formula in HYPERCOR is focusing on making the fat-burning process more efficient, the raspberry ketones in it are actually playing a big role with the whole process — helping to improve the body’s temperature for a more efficient fat-burning environment and also regulating blood sugar levels so the system won’t be encouraged to store more fat.