Workout of the Week: Be Negative!

We typically put a lot of emphasis on the lifting portion of our exercises. Most of the time we’re worried about the concentric phase of the exercise, or the part where you’re doing the muscle’s primary function (think pushing the bar up on a bench press). And that’s great — after all, if you can’t do the actual pushing movement on the bench, you’d get pinned, and that’s a problem — but muscle gain doesn’t stop with just the concentric part of the lift.

Lowering the weight is the "negative" or "eccentric" part of the lift, and it's hugely important to strength gains.

You also have to focus on the eccentric part of the movement, or the lowering of the weight, in most cases. So say you’ve just pressed that weight up off the bench — now, as you lower it, that is the eccentric, or NEGATIVE, part of the exercise. And it’s very important. Because while your muscle fibers are lengthening as they go back away from their contracted state, they’re doing so under resistance tension, meaning they will break down faster, and that’s what we’re after in the first place.

This week’s Workout of the Week isn’t so much a full-length program as much as it is a way to add some intensity and effectiveness to your lifting sessions. But with a greater focus on the negative portion of your lifts, you’ll be able to see big results from a relatively small change.


Particularly good if you haven’t gotten quite the intensity you wanted from a session, this is a good method for making sure you leave the gym having gotten your money’s worth.

Negative Burnouts are a mini-set added on to the end of the last exercise you’ve done for a given muscle group. Say, for example, you’re doing biceps, and you’ve just finished off your third different exercise. A great way to get even more out of your workout is to tack on Negative Burnouts — you’re done with the concentric part of the lift. But you can still get some amazing burn out of some negatives. Here’s how:

Immediately after your last set, have a spotter “reset” the weight at the TOP of the lift (or, if you don’t have a spotter, use single dumbbell curls, and use your free hand to assist the dumbbell up). Then, simply focus on SLOWLY lowering the weight. Try to hit three different checkpoints on the way down, holding the weight there for three full seconds before lowering it to the next one.

Each complete eccentric movement is one rep; do three sets of 5-7, and you will be sure to be leaving the gym with your muscles on fire!

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NUTRISHOP Workout of the Week: Shoulder the Load

Could you have shoulders like NBA star Dwight Howard? (Getty Images)

One of the most overlooked muscle groups in the body is the shoulders — and because of their importance, they really shouldn’t be. A strong set of shoulders will give the body a wider, more imposing look, as well as help support upper-chest movements and allow for greater width in the upper arms.

Athletes and gym rats alike should pay a little more attention to the entire deltoid area, and not just because well-developed shoulders can round out a strong physique. The shoulder is one of the most oft-injured joints in the body for athletes, and it usually is due to joint wear and tear caused by weak supporting muscles. This workout is designed to not only add on some size and detail to the delts, but also help prevent against crucial shoulder injuries by strengthening the rotator cuff, a group of four small muscles that is nevertheless hugely important.


Start off by activating the deltoids, a three-muscle group on each shoulder responsible for moving your arms up and forward, laterally and backward. You’ll be working with a mix of strength and refining movements (in that order), and one tri-set to really emphasize the idea of your whole shoulder group working together to create the biggest gains.

  • Standing barbell push press (4×8)
  • Upright rows (3×10)
  • Seated dumbbell shoulder press (3×10)
  • Tri-set: Front dumbbell raises/lateral raises/rear delt raises (3 total sets). Use a weight that allows you to get 7 reps for each phase of the tri-set, for a total of 21 per set.

Finish by engaging the rotator cuff. You don’t need much weight to get these activated, and in truth, you really shouldn’t be handling a lot of weight in this area anyway. Five to 10 pounds is about as heavy as you want to go for cuff work.

  • Cable external rotation (3×10)
  • Cable internal rotation (3×10)
  • Cuban presses (3×10)

Got your own workout plan? Send it our way (just post it on our wall) and we could feature it as our Workout of the Week!

A Closer Look: N.O.XP3’s Pump Blend

We took a look earlier this week at ForzaOne’s new pre-workout product N.O.X-P3, a formula designed to enhance blood flow for a great pump and amazing workout. We detailed the five blends in N.O.X-P3, but one in particular deserves a much closer look. Why? Simply put: It’s awesome.

We’re talking about the Pump Blend in N.O.XP3, and it deserves your attention if you’re looking for an outstanding nitric oxide pre-workout product that actually works the way it’s supposed to.

The problem with most nitric oxide products available now is that they are almost entirely based on stimulants that have the opposite effect desired when an athlete takes a pre-workout supplement. You’re going for a more effective way to bring blood to the muscles; the expanded blood vessels are what’s responsible for the vascular look and the benefits that come with it. Conversely, too many other products build their formulas with stimulants that have the opposite effect — they constrict the blood vessels, which in turn forces the heart to work harder. This simulates a pump, but make no mistake, it’s not what you want — you shouldn’t be tweaking out on stimulants that jump-start your heart during your workout. Go with a more natural and effective way.

The Pump Blend in N.O.X-P3 accomplishes this with a key ingredient: Citrulline nitrate. Citrulline is an amino acid that does a few things, including helping support L-Arginine in the body and also serving as a precursor to nitric oxide production. Imagine there is a line of dominos that has to fall before the effect of nitric oxide can take place — the presence of Citrulline is one of the first dominos. The end result of taking a Citrulline Nitrate product is gains in strength, endurance and faster recovery. And recent studies have shown that citrulline helps to relax the blood vessels.

This is quite different from a lot of pre-workout products that are devoted to pure, fast-intake energy. Unfortunately, it’s not usually accomplished with an ingredient like Citrulline; instead, ungodly amounts of caffeine or other stimulants are the chief ingredients in other formulas. This is what makes N.O.X-P3 unique — its Pump Blend actually opens the gate for nutrient-rich blood to reach the muscles quickly and help you get the benefits of your supplements, rather than a twitchy, coffee-binge-like buzz.

The effectiveness doesn’t stop there. The Pump Blend also features AAKG, an amino acid salt that helps metabolize nitric oxides. Consider it another important domino in the production chain for vascularity. Remember, no nitric oxide supplement actually contains nitric oxide — it’s already in your body. What the ingredients in the Pump Blend of N.O.X-P3 do is simply to allow the nitric oxide to metabolize and let your body achieve huge gains.

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Stop Tweaking, Start Growing — N.O.XP3 is HERE!

Looking for a jittery ultra-dose of heart-pounding chemicals before your workout? We didn’t think so. Before investing in one of those pre-workout formulas that speed up your heart and give you a false pump based on vasoconstriction, be sure to check out ForzaOne’s N.O.XP3, designed to increase lean muscle mass with a formula meant to actually increase blood flow.

What you’re looking for with a nitric oxide supplement is a product that will improve your body’s ability to deliver nutrient-rich blood to the muscles — that’s the “pump” effect we’re talking about. The problem with many products is they don’t actually dilate the blood vessels to do this; instead, they constrict them, providing a higher heart rate and a fake pump. That’s NOT what you’re after — you actually want the blood moving!

Five blends in N.O.XP3 are designed to help promote the pump and gains in strength, size, vascularity and workout focus:

Pump Blend: This is the crown jewel, so to speak, of N.O.XP3! This blend is aimed at increasing blood flow, not just simulating it, with a specifically dosed blend of L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AAKG), Citrulline Nitrate and GlycoCarn, among others. Citrulline Nitrate (more on it later this week) is an important, natural precursor to nitric oxide, AAKG helps to metabolize nitric oxide faster and also helps in protein synthesis, and GlyoCarn is quite simply one of the best nitric oxide boosters available.

Power Blend: With Beta-Alanine and Kre-Alkalyn as some key players in this blend, your system gets a shot of ATP-boosting creatine to improve muscular strength and endurance during your workout and the benefit of an energy “buffer” in Beta-Alanine, which will also help provide energy and strength.

Performance Blend: A Modified Glucose Tri-Polymer Blend, along with Phenylethylamine HCI (PEA) and Caffeine Anhydrous, make for the energy-boosting effects needed to have outstanding focus from a pre-workout product. PEAs are well-known for mood-boosting properties and non-liquid-form caffeine is effective for focus as well.

Recovery Blend: L-Taurine and L-Glutamine AKG are amino acids that help rebuild your muscle tissue AS you work them — not many pre-workout formulas can also help you DURING your lifts! Your muscles need high-quality recovery acids to build and keep you anabolic if you want to grow and prevent injury.

Electrolyte Blend: The four ingredients in this blend are all about keeping your most important cells hydrated during your workout so as to maximize their function.

Don’t miss out on this outstanding pre-workout N.O. product, and stop spending your hard-earned money on products that just wind you up and speed up your heart. Get the real pump you’re after. Stop in to NUTRISHOP to check out N.O.XP3 for yourself!