Why GLUTACOR is the Best Glutamine Option

We took a look earlier in the week at the awesome supplement glutamine and all the benefits it has. A quick recap:

  • Improved immune function
  • Decreased soreness
  • Better muscle recovery
  • Improved digestion
  • Enhanced intestinal repair
  • Improved nitrogen retention
  • Promotes protein synthesis

Not a bad product, right? Of course, some supplements are better than others. NUTRISHOP believes that Katalyst’s GLUTACOR is the best glutamine product you can get, and here’s why:

The blend of glutamine in GLUTACOR is more bioavailability than regular L-glutamine. What this means is that your body is more capable of absorbing it, and that a higher percentage of the product you ingest will actually be used and not converted to waste. GLUTACOR is superior to conventional forms of L-glutamine thanks to its special mega-dosed Multi-Phase Musculo-Recovery Technology formula. This includes 1,2 and 3 Phase Recovery Complexes that helps ensure the highest bioavailability of the product possible; typical glutamine supplements are destabilized as soon as they’re consumed and often, only about 20 percent of the glutamine is actually absorbed. This is not so with GLUTACOR!

On top of its great bioavailability, Katalyst’s product allows for more enhancements to the benefits of glutamine with other ingredients as well. An advanced leucine blend aids in muscle growth and recovery, again two huge properties of glutamine to begin with, so the muscle repair benefits you get from straight-up glutamine are enhanced even more.

GLUTACOR also relies on GlycoCarn to set it apart from conventional glutamine products. GlycoCarn is one of GLUTACOR’s main ingredients and has antioxidant properties to further help remove metabolic waste. So on top of helping your body increase its immune function, this supplement can also help eliminate toxic build-up in the system to allow for better product intake. Fewer waste products in the blood, especially during exercise, enhance blood flow and allow your body to fully and quickly get the benefits from glutamine and any other supplements you might stack with it.

To finish it off and make sure GLUTACOR is the best glutamine product available, Katalyst has enhanced this product with an Electrolyte Hydration Blend. Electrolytes are crucial to athletic performance; on top of cellular hydration being a must, multiple functions of the body depend on the body’s fluid balance.

Katalyst could have made just another L-glutamine supplement and left it at that. Instead, GLUTACOR has all the benefits of glutamine, in high, stable doses and with benefits no other glutamine supplement can claim. Check it out at either Chico NUTRISHOP location!

The Many Ways That Glutamine is Awesome

Whether you’re addressing sore muscles, an injury or just looking for better rebuilding of muscle tissue after an intense workout, the ultimate recovery product for any athlete is glutamine.

We’ve taken a look before at glutamine before, and the studies behind it that make it a great supplement. But the laundry list of benefits an athlete can get from glutamine — especially Katalyst’s GLUTACOR — deserve a second look. Protein is great, and a must for those looking for muscle building and repair, but don’t overlook glutamine as a prime way to recover.

L-Glutamine is the most common amino acid found in the body, because it HAS to be present to help the body repair itself. When athletes subject themselves to increased bodily stress, though, that glutamine gets used to help with muscle repair and less is available to fight sickness. This is why athletes MUST replace glutamine stores in their bodies.


  • Immune system improvement: Studies have shown that the presence of muscular injury, or cellular sickness, is usually highlighted by a lack of glutamine in the muscle tissue. Glutamine has tremendous immune properties that help your body fight off illness (you can’t lift if you’re sick), injury (you can’t train if you’re hurt) and soreness. A University of Liverpool (UK) study in the British Journal of Nutrition (2002) highlighted the importance of glutamine: “A striking feature of the cells of the immune system is that despite their differing function and cell biology, all are dependent on glutamine in a similar manner.” Translation: ALL immune cells NEED glutamine to do their jobs.
  • Decreased soreness and muscle recovery: Glutamine’s properties as a recovery supplement help it target broken-down areas of muscle. This applies to weight lifters and athletes as a tool to reduce soreness by speeding up the process of muscle recovery. It is the presence of glutamine ITSELF in muscle tissue that is responsible for how sore you are after an intense workout. Even bed-ridden patients in hospitals are given excess glutamine to make sure their muscles don’t waste away while they’re off their feet. So, the more glutamine that’s available, theoretically, the less sore you will be.
  • Improved digestion: Glutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid, found in the body nearly everywhere under “normal” conditions. But of course, athletes’ bodies aren’t normal. They require a lot more healing power, in the form of glutamine, than your average couch potato. One huge reason it’s more important for active people to supplement with glutamine, though, is to replace the stores in the body needed for digestion. The intestinal tract greatly depends on glutamine to function. The American Nutrition blog has recognized glutamine as a key to intestinal repair, and one claimed benefit of Katalyst’s GLUTACOR is that it will actually thicken the stomach lining and help improve intestinal absorption.
  • Improved nitrogen retention: This is key to muscle-building. The presence of amino acids in the system will usually indicate high nitrogen balance in the body, so obviously you want to retain nitrogen if you can. One double-blind study in Germany showed that subjects given a glutamine supplement showed that “nitrogen balances were significantly better,” and concluded that improved nitrogen retention went hand-in-hand with “enhanced muscle protein synthesis.”

There are a lot of good supplements out there, but the glutamine you’ll get from GLUTACOR is one of the best all-around, multi-purpose products you can buy. Check it out at NUTRISHOP today!

Make Your Other Supps More Efficient with CODE-3

With PNR’S new preworkout formula CODE-3 standing out as a great way to increase focus and pump for your workout, you can still find ways to improve its effectiveness — and you’ll also see that it can help make your OTHER supplements more effective when you take them together before your workout!

By looking at the properties and ingredients of CODE-3, we can figure out what would be the best way to stack certain supplements before you lift. For instance, we know CODE-3 contains L-histidine, an amino acid that aids in rapid digestion. What better way to make sure your muscles receive branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) than INSTANTLY? So we see that taking these two together is beneficial in that your muscles can be prevented from catabolism more rapidly by stacking BCAAs with CODE-3.

Here’s a recommended pre-workout stack, with our reasoning below:

  • Katalyst’s IBCAA: As we just mentioned, as you prepare for an intense lift, you want to promote anabolism and stop your body from turning to protein and muscle cells for fuel. IBCAAs prevent against this. Taken in conjunction with CODE-3, you can make sure the amino acids reach your muscle cells rapidly and close the window of catabolism your muscles are subjected to during your craziest workouts.
  • CellShock’s N’FUZE: CODE-3 contains creatine to aid in immediate boosts to ATP, and it stacks beautifully with this Krealkalyn product that aims to promote strength and size increases. With more ATP, your muscle cells can generate more power and endurance within your workout. Remember, one or two tough reps at the end of a set is usually the difference between a good lift session and a bad one. You don’t want to be short on energy or strength for those reps, do you?
  • PRO7EIN SYNTHESIS: Technically, you’ll want to take this 30 minutes to an hour before you take CODE-3, but we’ll throw it in the stack because it’s so important to muscle-building. With your system turning to fat, and not blood sugar or muscle, your body will be free to synthesize proteins and continue to build muscle while you break them down in your workout. CODE-3 and the ICBAA will let your protein powder do its job without burning up protein for fuel, which is ideal for muscle-building.

Got your own favorite stack? Tried this one and like it? Want something else? Tell the certified specialists at NUTRISHOP.

Get Cut Now — NUTRISHOP’s Fat-Burning Tips and Principles!

You’ve made progress gaining muscle and your diet is in check, but you’re still not losing the fat you want to after all this time. You feel like you’re trying all the newest workouts and diet tips you can get your hands on, but still you’ve reached a fat-burning plateau. This isn’t uncommon.

In fact, many athletes are jealous of beginning weight trainers because they see results so fast — remember, though, that your body is incredibly adaptive. The reason beginners see results so fast is because their bodies simply aren’t used to it, and must compensate for the added stresses of clean dieting and exercise, in a hurry. But the person who has been working out and dieting for five years? Often time it’s easy to lose sight of what your goals are after you’ve been at it for awhile.

This week, our Workout of the Week is a bit different in that we’re paring it down to basics. Instead of introducing a new exercise or workout plan, we’ve compiled a list of principles to keep in mind as you try to burn fat. Following these principles will give you smaller goals to follow, which can be the difference in your progress.

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A Better Preworkout: Meet CODE-3!

You’ve tried other preworkout formulas before, ones that promise tons of energy for your workout, but they leave you with a caffeine crash and a jittery buzz. Not ideal for carrying around heavy weight or pushing your body to its athletic limits.

Say hello to CODE-3 by PNR, a powerful preworkout CNS-Carnosine ATP-Amplifier designed to give you increased energy and a focused pump for your workouts. Compare this product with USP Labs’ popular preworkout, Jack3d, and you’ll find you just might want to try CODE-3 instead — and then stick with it forever once you do.

One reason is the additions CODE-3 has made to its formula. By including PEAs (phenylethamines), a natural stimulant designed to promote feelings of well-being and happiness, CODE-3 not only gives you a great workout but helps you maintain a positive energy during it. PEAs are the substance in chocolate that gives it its properties of well-being. Another ingredient PNR has added is L-histidine, an essential amino acid necessary for improved digestion. What this means is that your preworkout will also help you absorb the nutrients you’re taking better, to help your body function more smoothly and get the full effect from your preworkout formula.

Available in fruit punch and apple flavors, CODE-3 contains 372 mg of caffeine in a serving, so its ability to improve alertness and focus isn’t in doubt. However, unlike Jack3d, CODE-3 doesn’t include another form of caffeine known as 1,3 dimethylamylamine, a substance that Nutra-Ingredients USA warned may be banned by the FDA soon (Reference). Jack3d has received good reviews in general, but CODE-3 compares favorably to this product and then some by not containing this disputed ingredient. NUTRISHOP’s stance on it: It’s currently banned by all sports (NCAA, NFL, NBA, the IOC and more). No athlete can, or should, take 1,3 dimethylamylamine.

Instead, CODE-3 adds micronized creatine as well, an instantly absorbing form of creatine that works perfectly with the L-histidine to ensure proper, fast digestion and instant results for your workout. That means increased ATP (cellular energy), on top of the focus boost and pump you naturally expect from your preworkout formula.

Stop in to either NUTRISHOP Chico location and find out more about your new favorite preworkout formula!

Dave’s Representing NUTRISHOP Well — From Afghanistan!

Dave Seel
Afghanistan (Chico customer)

An Electronic Warfare Technician at Science Applications International Corporation in Afghanistan, Dave has been a NUTRISHOP Chico customer since 2008. Currently working toward his goal of being competitive in power lifting, he has to work around limited nutrition options. He even orders from overseas, buying from the Chico store he knows and trusts.

Dave Seel’s RAW 505 bench

“It’s difficult in a way that nutrition is limited at the dining facility because the offered nutrient sources aren’t what you would preferably pick as your best sources so you have to just look and find what the next best source is and pick that,” Dave says. “As far as training, you are limited depending on your location and fitness facilities available since you may not have everything you are used to equipment-wise back home.

“There is a creative flow amongst the avid lifters and Cross Fit trainers deployed, and we share ideas and help each other to make our goals happen.”

By using creativity — and with some help from NUTRISHOP — Dave is able to approach his fitness goals more and more. In looking to lower his body weight but increase strength, Dave has picked up guidance about nutrition, exercises and the right supplements. He’s gotten success in strength additions with the “trifecta” stack — N’SANE, N’RAGE and N’FUZE — and also supplemented his recovery and prevented catabolism with IBCAA and Pro7ein Synthesis.

“Before talking to (owner) Toby at NUTRISHOP Chico I was lost with a conglomerate of random and sometimes misinformation about nutrition, supplements and lifting routines,” Dave says. “He has helped me gain the knowledge needed as well as the motivation to continue my knowledge in those areas.”

On top of it all, he’s used DETOXIN, ADICOR and SOMNILEAN to go from 320 pounds at 38-percent body fat in October of last year to 270 pounds and 19-percent body fat now. He’s achieved RAW lifts of 505 on bench, 545 on deadlift and a 605-pound squat.

“My experience with NUTRISHOP is they are true professionals and experts in their field,” Dave says. “No other nutritional or supplement store can bring everything you need to make your goals together in one store, plus provide superior products you won’t find anywhere else. It doesn’t hurt that they are customer-friendly as well!”

Obviously we all wish Dave good luck as he continues to represent us in Afghanistan, and would like to share a message he left with us:

“I want to give special thanks to Toby Schindelbeck at Nutrishop Chico for everything you have done to help me achieve short term goals and continue to strive towards my over all goals. Also for your dedication and support you have given the men and women in uniform I’ve worked with past and present in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan. Also a special thanks to Nutrishop for being an outstanding American enterprise and for providing the best in service and quality!”

Maximize ARABOL with the Right Diet, Stack

We took a look on Tuesday at the revolutionary possibilities available with CellShock’s ARABOL, which contains a product that holds a U.S. patent for increasing human muscle mass. Obviously, this product’s promise to be an anabolic booster for the system makes it an ideal supplement for anybody hoping to gain strength, size or endurance.

But as usual, there is no one magic supplement that will help you get bigger just by taking it, and as great as ARABOL is, you’re wasting time if you take it and don’t put in the work or necessary planning to take full advantage of its amazing formula.

Here are several strategies to maximize the effects of ARABOL, including one way to include it in your supplement stack.

  • Increase the protein, increase the calories: When the main ingredient in ARABOL, AA, goes to work, it’s going to first and foremost tell your muscles to build and repair by signaling to your anabolic hormones that they need to hit the muscle tissue. However, it’s tough to do that if your body doesn’t have the right tools handy. By increasing clean calorie intake and upping the amount of protein you consume, you are providing your system with enough fuel to spark the muscle growth process.

NUTRISHOP’s recommended additions: Lots of lean protein and clean carbs, GAINER7, PRO7EIN SYNTHESIS

  • Stay anabolic and target fat for fuel: You don’t want to waste the precious protein in your muscles on metabolic energy — let the fat stores you have take care of that instead. ARABOL is designed to improve protein synthesis, but it’s an expensive process for the body to go through in terms of muscle proteins and amino acids. A steady supply of branched chain amino acids will help you stay anabolic and slow wasting of muscle fiber for energy.

NUTRISHOP’s recommended addition: IBCAA by Katalyst

  • Boost testosterone production: ARABOL will give a boost to “T” production, but its main function is in “showing” the body where those anabolic hormones need to go to work. It’s tough for testosterone to go to work, however, if you don’t have the proper amounts of testosterone available in the system. Remember, much of the testosterone in the body is unavailable for use because of its bond to proteins.

NUTRISHOP’s recommended addition: CellShock’s ANITEST. Anitest unlocks the bind between T cells and the protein, making it available to your muscles for increased growth within the cells. With more free testosterone in the system and ARABOL telling it to get to work in repairing and growing muscle, this is the one supplement you really MUST stack with ARABOL for the most effective results.

For more information on how to get more results from your supplements, ask anybody at either Chico NUTRISHOP location, or visit our Facebook fan page.