The Perfect Addition to the N’FUZE Stack: IBCAA!

CellShock’s N’FUZE Kre-Alkalyn is a terrific creatine source for those looking to add muscular size, strength and endurance. As seen earlier this week, and as many of its users can attest, the buffered form of creatine allows for almost 100 percent absorption, meaning none of the wasteful byproducts traditional creatine offers and more of desired results.

A match made in heaven: IBCAA stacks perfectly with N'FUZE.

You can maximize those results, however, by nailing down both WHEN you take N’FUZE and WHAT you take it with. NUTRISHOP’s recommended CellShock stack has appeared often on our blog: By stacking the trifecta of products (N’FUZE, N’SANE AND N’RAGE), you can achieve optimal blood flow, outstanding nutrient delivery and a great supply of muscle-building Kre-Alkalyn to your system all at once.

However, those really looking to add a fat-burning aspect to this stack still can tack on. With the knowledge that your muscles are directly receiving creatine and improving ATP with N’FUZE, along with enhanced nutrient delivery to the muscular cells themselves, it makes sense that your muscle fibers are working extremely hard (if they’re not, you should reconsider your workouts!) to repair themselves.

This is why you should consider adding IBCAA to your stack. Branched-chain amino acids are metabolized in the muscle almost immediately, meaning your body doesn’t have to turn to valuable proteins and muscle cells inside your body to repair the fibers doing the work. Instead, your muscles can repair themselves using the amino acids you provide them with IBCAA, leaving your body to turn to its fat stores for energy instead. When that happens, your muscles not only get the benefit of lasting longer during your workout, but you can also effectively target your fat stores.

To achieve the full benefit of IBCAA in your N’FUZE stack, take them both a half an hour before and immediately after your workout. The timing of both will allow for both increased energy during the workout and fast recovery after, when your muscles are scouring your system for nutrients to rebuild your broken-down muscle fibers.

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NUTRISHOP Workout of the Week: The Best Time for Cardio to BURN FAT!

With the exception of athletes who simply just love running, most people turn to cardio specifically with a purpose: to burn fat. So what do they do? They get to the gym, and then head to the treadmill before hitting the weights.

To understand why this is fundamentally incorrect if the goal you have in mind is fat loss, we can consider energy — what your body wants to use to function — in four different forms. Your system can turn to many sources of fuel during your cardio sessions, but it will use the easiest ones to burn first. Generally speaking, those sources are carbs (from the food you’ve eaten during the day), oxygen, proteins (taken first and foremost from your muscles) and, lastly, those stubborn fat stores.

The fix for most people who are lifting and doing cardio is simply to switch them around. NUTRISHOP owner and NAHA-certified personal trainer and cardiovascular instructor Toby Schindelbeck recommends this step, and explains why at the NUTRISHOP Facebook fan page. Check it out!

Add Muscle Size and Strength with N’FUZE

One of the most researched, proven and effective muscle-building supplements ever is creatine. Naturally occurring in meats and also within the human body, creatine is a nutrient derived from amino acids that increases the amount of cellular energy within the muscles.

Even the word “creatine” comes from the word “meat” — and chances are good that if you’re taking creatine, that’s exactly what you’re trying to pack on to your frame anyway. Creatine’s best, most useful attribute is simple: It adds muscle size, strength and endurance.

While creatine is a fantastic supplement, its most basic form, creatine monohydrate (that’s the white chalky stuff you can find on the cheap almost anywhere), has a major drawback: It breaks down into creatinin, a toxic byproduct of creatine, very quickly once ingested. This is why many people who have tried creatine have reported bloating, gas or other problems, not to mention them not getting the exact results they’re looking for.

CellShock’s N’FUZE addresses this problem with a creatine product that provides a buffer between the creatine itself and your system, meaning you get nearly 100 percent of the creatine you’re taking without the bloating effects of monohydrate. This buffered version of creatine is known as Kre-Alkalyn, which studies have shown reduces nearly all of the creatinin conversion. The bottom line: You get more pure creatine to your muscles, to maximize strength, mass and endurance gains in the muscle without having to take ungodly doses of it.

Another area where N’FUZE stands apart from regular creatine monohydrate is in its other blend elements, including:

  • Beta-Alanine: It’s a celebrated non-essential amino acid that peer-reviewed research suggests boosts Carnosine. The major benefit here is in cellular endurance thanks to an additional boost to ATP (cellular energy) as well as strength output.
  • L-Taurine AKG: Another amino acid, this form is more readily available for absorption and aids in providing muscular volume through hydration. A University of Arizona study dating back to 1996 notes that “taurine is essential for cardiovascular function, and development and function of skeletal muscle, the retina and the central nervous system.”

There’s more to N’FUZE, but those are the main points — obviously, it’s one of the most effective strength, size and endurance builders you can add to your supplement regimen. Stop in to either Chico NUTRISHOP store and get more information on this revolutionary form of creatine.

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Cesar Cut 30 Pounds and 6 Percent Body Fat with NUTRISHOP’s Help!

Cesar Camacho
Chico, Calif.

A year ago, Cesar recalls, there were two things about himself he didn’t like.

“I was kind of fat, and I was drinking almost every day,” he says. “I needed change. It was just time for me.”

Today Cesar, 26, has a year of hard work under his belt and, even more importantly, the knowledge to with it thanks to NUTRISHOP in Chico. Cesar had seen the store’s fliers and T-shirts, and even NUTRISHOP owner Toby working out at his own gym, and made the decision to check it out.
The move paid off. Cesar got set up with a brand-new diet and customized workout to help him lose weight, and he saw immediate results, he says.

“It was pretty much all just trying to lose a big gut,” says Cesar, “and I did go from 180 pounds to 150 now. But my chest also got bigger and my abs started to show. It was definitely very helpful for me.”

Cesar, who had been lifting and exercising before but not getting the results he wanted, saw the changes almost as soon as he fixed his diet and supplementation, with NUTRISHOP’s help. He cut 6-percent of his body fat and now is dedicated to the time and effort to achieve the body he wants.

More impressive still is that Cesar admits he was pretty unknowledgeable about the entire aspect of dieting and supplementing until he went in — “I was kind of braindead about that stuff, trying to figure out what I wanted, what to take,” he says — but NUTRISHOP put him on the right course. He hasn’t looked back since.

“Ever since I started, it’s made me more happy,” he says. “To see where I started and where I’ve gone, it’s all worth it.”

The Supplements EVERYONE Should Take — Omega-3 and Nature’s EFA

Bulking, cutting, toning, leaning out, eating “green,” cutting carbs, etc, etc.

Everyone has their own individual set of goals when it comes to nutrition (and of course there are some with zero goals at all — they’re called “obese”).   And every different type of plan comes with a different set of foods to take in and a different set of supplements.

But if you were to take each of those types of plans, hopefully you could put them all under one big roof, with one big goal in common, and that one sounds very easy: Just being HEALTHY.

It’s a goal that can really apply to everyone, even if they’re not willing to completely overhaul their diet or start a new eating program. Regardless of what you’re trying to do, it’s usually done with the idea in mind of prolonging and improving your life.

With that said, one of the easiest supplements to recommend to ANYBODY is essential fatty acids — omega oils (3, 6 and 9), EPA and DHA. We saw earlier in the week and pretty frequently on the NUTRISHOP page the benefits of fish oil to humans, but we never mind recapping. In short, the checklist goes:

  • Improved skin, hair and organ function
  • Decreased levels of body fat and bad cholesterol
  • Decreased risk of heart attack, heart disease and other cardiac issues, including high blood pressure
  • Reduced swelling and pain in joints and tendons

And those are just the main ones. While NUTRISHOP’s newest fish oil product, OMEGA-3 by PNR, is a giant, heart-healthy dose of the omega-3 acids you need, there is still room to improve the quality (and quantity) of healthy fat you can consume without taking in the calories that usually come with it.

Nu-Tek’s NATURE’S EFA, highlighted on the NUTRISHOP blog before because of its outstanding DHA and EPA profile, as well as other sources of natural fats, serve as a terrific complement to OMEGA-3 when it comes to covering all the bases. With the correct fatty acids in your system, your body can function at optimal levels without the caloric intake that would definitely defeat the purpose — and not many people can honestly stomach that much fish anyway.

Almost every well-rounded “healthy” diet can find some room for improvement, and usually closer inspection will show that dieters have been told to limit their fats. Wrong! When you take in the RIGHT kinds of fats, like OMEGA-3 and NATURE’S EFA, your diet takes one more step toward that ultimate goal for almost everybody: Being HEALTHY.

Check with any of the NUTRISHOP certified staff and have them take a look at your diet, and give you a new one — for free! They can show you the best way to work OMEGA-3 and NATURE’S EFA into your daily plan.

NUTRISHOP Workout of the Week: Power-Explosion Legs Workout

We know it’s important to work out your legs in order to increase overall muscle mass and rev up your metabolism, on top of building an impressive lower body. But what about function? All the things your legs do — jumping, running, etc. — depend on not only the strength in your legs, but the explosiveness as well.

This workout is designed to address both and help you increase your vertical leap and sprint speed (added bonus: the faster you can move, the faster your heart works to help burn fat!).


For this workout, you’re going to develop not only the strength of the jumping muscles (quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves), but the explosive properties triggered by fast-twitch movements. You will be supersetting one strength (controlled resistance) movement with an explosive or plyometric movement with little to no rest. Do each superset in the order listed.

Be sure to wait 2 minutes between each superset.

Want the whole workout, FREE? Get it at the NUTRISHOP Facebook fan page, the ONLY place you can find it!