NUTRISHOP’s Recommended Recipe: Healthy Shrimp Wraps

It’s hard not to like Mexican food, but the traditional stuff can be hell on your waistline — most of it’s cooked in heavy oils, with greasy meats or tons of white rice and white flour tortillas. Remember: White processed carbs are just as bad for your metabolism as a Snickers bar.

You can still find a way to enjoy some Mexican food within the framing of a healthy diet, though, by focusing on keeping the good ingredients (fresh veggies, dry, low-or-no calorie spices and protein-rich meats) and cutting out the bad ones. That was the plan in this healthier take on shrimp tacos. You’ll make a few substitutions here and there, but all in all, you’ll get a nice complete meal of protein, healthy fats and slow-digesting carbs, on top of the vitamins and nutrients that come with plenty of vegetables.

This recipe is super-easy to pull off, and you can easily increase the amount to serve more people. Perfect for a summer pool party, or just a quick dinner idea.

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John’s Getting Better With Age Thanks to NUTRISHOP!

John Klasinski
Chico, Calif.

At age 47, John’s motivation to achieve a healthier body lies in his desire to continue playing competitive sports — softball, snow skiing, any activities where he can be outdoors enjoying himself like he used to when he was younger.

“I love playing, just in general, and I remember being in my 20s and a guy in his 60s was in better shape than me at a softball game,” John recalls. “That’s kind of a big motivator, too, is just having a strong body to be able to keep doing the things I want to do as I get older.”

On top of looking to add to performance, John had an ACL replacement surgery to deal with recently. In January, he started working out at upstart Freestyle Fitness — a frequent client of NUTRISHOP Chico — and along with a healthy diet and consistent supplementation, has seen an 11-pound weight loss on top of increased muscle tone and strength. He turned to Nu-Tek’s Pro5 protein powder and BCAAs to make sure his muscles were supporting the work he was putting in.

“My body really changed. I started in January being able to do maybe three pull-ups, and now I can do four sets of 10,” John says. “My abs are a lot stronger; my whole body feels stronger. I feel really good and look at lot better.”

Even as a customer who had an idea of what he was looking for when he started looking into supplements, John was still impressed with the knowledge he found at NUTRISHOP in Chico. He’d done his research on protein powder and BCAAs, and found that NUTRISHOP’s certified employees could further help him with his knowledge and lead him on the right path.

“The people were really helpful, with no pressure to buy a certain thing or anything like that,” John says. “I felt like the information I was getting was good and went along with what I already knew. I felt like it was a solid experience that was going to help me.”

NUTRISHOP Workout of the Week: Full-Body Athlete Workout

Lift, run, rinse, repeat — it gets boring; worse, it doesn’t really train athletes in a practical manner.

Sure, bodybuilders and power lifters will definitely find benefits to single-joint movements, or even compound exercises, but those looking to get better overall performance out of their bodies need to challenge themselves with more explosion-oriented training.

NUTRISHOP’s Workout of the Week this week will focus on a specially designed program from Bay Area-based personal trainer Chris Wood, NASM CPT-, CES- and PES-certified with a BS in Exercise Physiology. His approach to this workout and with many of his clients is simple: To improve athletic performance, work on athletic movements.

“It’s athletic-based movements, while building strength and increasing power,” Wood says. “The ability to move your body with coordination is the most important thing to an athlete, and this workout makes sure you’re doing that, in addition to great basic strength lifts.”

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The Guinea Pig Blog — Month Completed!

Hey Nutrishop Fans,

Today, a month after I started my stack of N’FUZE, Pro7ein Synthesis and BCAAs, I’m pretty happy to be saying that I’ve seen some good results with these products and a solid workout and diet plan.

I didn’t quite get to 205, but my waking weight today was 203 (and I still have three days until my target date of June 20!). The thing is, though, that I’ve lost quite a bit of fat, perhaps because of the calories I’ve been able to burn despite eating more because of the intensity of my workouts. I’m not sure. I’ve rarely done any cardio, other than super- or giant- sets. I’m still sure I just have a fast metabolism, so a 3-pound gain isn’t the worst thing for me. It’s almost a pound of muscle a week, and my body fat’s dropped from 10.6 percent at the start to 9.8 percent now! Fat loss wasn’t the exact thing I was after, but it’s a pretty  nice side effect to have.

Strength-wise, I feel almost like a new person. It’s hard to imagine some of the weights I’m daring myself to go after now when I know it wasn’t that long ago I wouldn’t have even tried them, which sounds crazy but is true. I’ve noticed a bit more fluctuation between my strength levels from workout-to-workout, especially when my last one was particularly intense, but even on a “weak” day now I’m stronger than I was at the beginning.

Another effect I’ve noticed is that I have tons more muscle stamina during workouts: Before, I’d go about 45 minutes for a complete workout, then feel tired and call it a day. Doing the same workouts now, I get through four exercises for a muscle group and find that group’s still not completely exhausted — I can do more, and can do it more intensely. And harder work makes for the potential for more strength and size, right? I’m hoping so.

Before (left) and after (right): One month of work and the right stack helped me make pretty decent gains.

Check out the before and after photos — a couple areas I’ve noticed I’ve really been able to address is the size of the arms overall, detail in my back (can’t really see it in the photos, sorry), and some better slope and size on the traps, which I just started working recently. My abs got a little bit more definition; before, I wanted to keep the shirt on because it wasn’t too flattering without it!

The bottom line, to me, at least: These supplements have worked about as well as I could have hoped. I’ve worked my butt off the last month, but even so, I know I haven’t been perfect. Sometimes pizza sounds too good to pass up, after all. But knowing that I have the right supplementation has been a big boost mentally and obviously physically, and I definitely feel like this stack was money well spent.

Candace Lost 15 Pounds in Two Months with NUTRISHOP’s Help

Candace Lang
Chico, Calif.

Candace had been into exercise for years, but in the past year she really decided to pick it up and set herself up for a healthier life. She started hitting the gym more and really honed in her diet. Another step she took that she says she couldn’t have done without: Candace visited NUTRISHOP in Chico and got the advice and supplements she needed.

The end result from talking with Joseph, one of NUTRISHOP’s certified employees? A 15-pound fat loss.
“Thanks to Joseph and the NUTRISHOP crew, I lost 15 pounds,” Candace says. “I look great. The supplements helped me lose the weight. I just never gave up and got what I wanted.”

While Candace’s revamped approach started a year ago, she only started taking the key fat-loss supplements two months ago, including detox products. She cut the weight in those two months alone.

“Joseph helped me out and gave all the tips as well,” Candace says. “I work out and go to school part-time and work part-time too. NUTRISHOP’s great — knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.”

The fixes seemed to all fall into place once Candace started executing them, so she was thrilled to see NUTRISHOP’s products and knowledge paying off.

“Everything just works when you do it right,” Candace says. “It can be very simple but I can’t thank them enough for helping me.”

Maximize N’SANE With a Premium Stack

If you’ve been looking into taking CellShock’s outstanding pre-workout formula N’SANE, you undoubtedly are looking to get the most out of your workouts. Why not get the most out of N’SANE itself?

CellShock’s line of products are all designed to work in conjunction with each other, for optimal increases in strength, lean muscle mass and performance in both aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

Ideally, you would want to stack N’SANE with N’RAGE, a premium blood flow enhancer that will optimize the delivery of your other supplements to the body and really provide a massive pump and vascularity, and N’FUZE, a concentrated dose of KreAlkalyn buffered creatine compound.

By stacking these three products, you will get the most effective total dosage of each important compound and allow them to work with the others to their maximum potential. You will not only be providing your body with the formulas necessary to increase results, but also its ability to shuttle those formulas to the muscles. The result: Massive increases in power on explosive lifts, focus and intensity throughout an entire workout, and the ability to recover faster and come back better-prepared for your next workout.

One thing you might notice between all three of these products is some overlap between the compounds — that’s why they work so well together. Both N’RAGE AND N’SANE contain L-Arginine AKG and the GlycoCarn compounds, but with staggered release timing and precise amounts of each, they complement each other to maximize the benefits of each formula.

Likewise, both N’SANE and N’FUZE contain the buffered creatine product KreAlkalyn, but again, in different levels of concentration so your body can handle and use the most creatine possible over the course of your intense workout.

Talk to a certified NUTRISHOP Chico staff member and find out what stack works best for you, then watch the muscles start to grow.

NUTRISHOP Workout of the Week: Mix it Up With Pyramid Sets

“Three sets by 10.”  Tried and true, sure, but do it long enough consistently and not only does it get boring, but your body adapts to it, creating plateaus. Why not mix it up and avoid it?

There are different set-rep schemes to implement that can help you stay away from the same-old, same-old. This week’s workout will focus on an all-around great strategy for increasing both strength and muscle mass: Pyramid Training.

The main benefit of Pyramid Training is that you are working with a wide range of weight and reps over the same muscle group, targeting every possible fiber type within the muscle in the same set. Traditionally, Pyramid Training is a great precursor to volume training, where the sheer amount of work you’re doing combined with the weight-set-rep scheme will bring about the most results. Because it’s usually so much work involved, you wouldn’t necessarily want to pyramid-volume train as your primary program, but instead switch to it on and off once a month or so.

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