NUTRISHOP Workout of the Week: Torch the Fat with HIIT

Time to redefine what you think of when you hear “cardio.” Many hear it and immediately picture themselves plodding along on the treadmill for an hour, a boring jog with the TV on overhead or the iPod plugged in.
Sound familiar?

Up the intensity on cardio to super-charge your fat loss.

Let’s get to the heart of why we even bother with cardio: It burns fat. But like almost any other exercise, when you give it half (or less!) of its potential intensity, its effectiveness drops dramatically. It’s why we’re going to focus on high-intensity interval training (HIIT) for this week and really target the body’s ability to cut the fat — an HIIT workout that lasts just 5-10 minutes has been shown to burn up to nine times as many calories, with post-workout burn lasting up to 48 hours, than a moderate-paced workout that lasts half an hour. Work harder, work smarter, you see? The next time you check out a track meet, check out the differences in body type between the sprinters and the distance runners. It’s not even close.

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Get Your Nutrients the Right Way with NATURE’S FRUITS

The USDA has a pretty good idea of what a standard healthy diet should look like — remember the food pyramid from grade school days? While we know now that your “base” shouldn’t be carbs, we can also acknowledge that the fruits and veggies part of it is pretty right on.

Fruits offer us a ton of benefits that we can’t get in an unvaried diet. The vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and energy found in most fruits are essential to the body; for some reason, however, many of us don’t get the proper amount in our diet. The USDA suggests 5-9 servings, and when you consider the peeling an orange or banana, or cutting open a melon, or skinning an apple, it becomes clear that doing any of it 5-9 times a day doesn’t always fit in.

NATURE’S FRUITS by Nu-Tek solves the fruit problem the healthy way — it’s not like those preservative-loaded “alternatives” you can find in any middle aisles of any grocery store. Those products are filled with very little fruit juice, and tons of sugar and additives. NATURE’S FRUITS is different.

NATURE’S FRUITS is 100 percent certified organic, and it’s freeze-dried. And here’s why both are so important.

  • Certified organic: NATURE’S FRUITS is produced in a GMP certified facility and is certified organic by the California Certified Organic Farmers. Before you conjure up an image of some yuppie farmer’s market shopper reeking of patchouli oil, consider why organic is vital when it comes to fruit.

Conventional produce generally has to travel long distances and be grown in huge quantities for its producers to make a profit; the problem is that most produce also can’t stand up to the conditions that crowded crops or travel present. You get bruised tree fruits, or under-ripe bananas, or boxes of apples crawling with worms. To make up for this, conventional produce farmers use pesticides or artificial fertilizers to protect their crops.

The problem with this is two-fold: One, there’s a good chance you’re going to be ingesting some of those pesticides, and while most are human-safe, why even risk it? Many artificial fertilizers are meant to grow produce in conditions that wouldn’t otherwise be natural — even flooded crops with stagnant water, which is a huge E. coli risk to leafy vegetables or ground fruits like strawberries.

The other issue is that many chemical elements can actually affect the nutrients in many fruits, negating the whole reason you’re eating them anyway. Even buying “organic” in the store isn’t always a safe bet — exposés have shown that poorly monitored produce departments in even the most popular of grocery store chains often wash organic produce in the SAME SINK they’ve previously washed conventional produce in. You can bet CCOF doesn’t approve of that.

  • NATURE’S FRUITS is freeze-dried. The alternative many “other” wannabe whole food supplements use is to heat-dry the fruits into a powder. Well, while that may be cheaper and more efficient for them, it essentially cooks the nutrients right out of the fruit, making it a waste of money to YOU. Freeze-drying it is a much more advanced technique that preserves the nutrient profile of the original whole foods used, while cutting out the calories and sugars you would get out of, say, a handful of blueberries. Over 35 whole fruits go into this blend, all ORGANIC, and much more waistline-friendly than actually consuming all the fruits themselves.

In fact, one serving of NATURE’S FRUITS provides over at least 100 percent of your daily value in 10 different vitamins and minerals, while you take in just 25 calories — you could burn that just with the act of stirring it in cold water! Getting your 5-9 servings of fruits every day is tough — make sure you’re doing it the right way and getting the nutrients you need and that NATURE’S FRUITS can provide.

The Guinea Pig Blog — After One Week


Just over a week in from the start of my month-long program I’m supplementing with Pro7ein Synthesis, N’Fuze Krealkalyn and Vitasport BCAAs.

Over the last seven days I’ve gotten in five good workouts, using a push-pull-legs split. I’m trying to keep things fairly balanced between strength gain and muscle growth, so I’ve been alternating heavier workouts with shorter rep ranges and then going a bit lighter and upping the ranges for the next workout.

Again, I’d already seen good gains from the creatine before for a month, but this week I’m starting to really feel the changes strength-wise. I’m finding I can take a much more aggressive mindset into the gym with me when it comes to what kind of weight I think I can handle — I’m changing the limits of what I can do. Before, I’d get ready for a set of bench press and think, “I know I can do 195 10 times, so let’s stick with that and get my reps in.” My last chest workout, I put 205 on the rack to start with, told myself I’m going to get at least eight, then was able to squeeze out a ninth. It’s not a dramatic improvement, but to me it’s an encouraging step to just be handling more weight in general.

I was going to hold off on any kind of measurements until the end of the month, because that way I could see what the entire program looked like, but I was pretty pleased to be able to say I’ve put on a pound this week (up to 201) while dropping a marginal amount of body fat (down to 10.2 percent). Check out the photo comparison from just a week ago, and compare it to this week:



I actually borrowed two of the workouts of the week from the Facebook fan page, as well, and will be incorporating them throughout the month. The legs and back workouts are very tough but totally worth it when you’re all through them.

As far as the supplements go, I’ve been taking all three like clockwork: On workout days, I have a Pro7 shake an hour before I lift, then a half-hour later I’ll take the BCAA’s with the N’Fuze. Immediately after the workout, I’ll take the N’Fuze and another Pro7, and then an hour later I’ll go for the BCAA’s, on top of a healthy meal. On off days, I’ll start my day immediately with BCAAs and the N’Fuze, on an empty stomach, and I do the same thing before I go to bed. I find that I have to really be responsible about getting the water I need, which is good, because I’m probably somewhat guilty of not drinking enough of it to begin with.

Diet-wise, I’ve been pretty consistent the past week, making sure to get breakfast every day (it’s a must as far as I’m concerned), and I try to take in 200 grams of protein a day — though I admit that’s tough to do. Lots of chicken, milk, cottage cheese, Pro7, canned tuna, sliced turkey, even lean beef jerky — it all adds up. I’ve done a better job of keeping the simple sugars to only post-workout and post-waking up; usually it’s a banana in a Pro7 shake or a glass of orange juice first thing in the morning. Other than that, I stay away from the simple sugars if I can.

That’s about it for this week. Hopefully next week I’ll have more good news to share!

The Guinea Pig

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Jake Lost 25 Pounds in ONE MONTH with NUTRISHOP’s help!

Jake Scheele
Chico, Calif.

As the owner of his own upstart gym, Freestyle Fitness, Jake knew he had to serve as an example to all his potential clients if he was going to be taken seriously.

One enormous part of that was proper supplementation, considering Jake’s hectic schedule. With clients all day long to train, he knew he could turn to NUTRISHOP for his own nutritional needs. It worked two ways for Jake: He lost 25 pounds alone in January, cutting into ideal shape to be a good example for his clients, and also can take in all the right nutrients to fuel his system as he works hard day-to-day.

“I wanted to be a better role model for my clients. With the help of Toby and his supplements, I was able to do it,” Jake says. “I myself can be the biggest motivator for my clients now.”

Jake’s experience with NUTRISHOP is so solid that he’ll even take his clients in to completely fine-tune their diets and supplement programs to go hand-in-hand with his training programs.
“The help from them is great. I take all my people there,” Jake says. “I tell them, ‘You’re paying me good money to work out, so you better make sure the diet’s on-point.’ And Toby can really take it from there and develop that trust, even with some more stubborn clients. They can know he’s for real.”

For Jake, though, no other aspect is as important as constantly making sure his body is fueled correctly, and he swears he couldn’t do it without NUTRISHOP. Between holding focus mitts for boxing clients, or training with grapplers or just lifting, Jake doesn’t have time to eat a full, clean meal whenever he should. But he can fill in the gaps with the correct products.

“It’s paramount, man. Basically, the supplementation has to happen,” he says. “You have to have the right nutrients or there’s no way my body will have the fuel I need. In my line of work, if I get run down, that’s how I get hurt. With the training I do, my body’s constantly breaking down so I don’t have the regeneration time a normal person would have. Ninety percent of the time I’m on the go, and NUTRISHOP’s stuff makes it a lot easier.”

Jake passes along the knowledge to his clients — all of them are on Pro5 protein powder — and is grateful for NUTRISHOP’s help.
“I’d like to thank Toby for helping me and my clients out,” Jake says. “I can be in the shape I need to be so my clients can see that I can help them, too.”

Get Happy — HYPERCOR Provides Clean Energy and Elevated Mood!

HYPERCOR, Katalyst’s marquee fat-burner, not only addresses the level of fat in your body but also can serve to adjust one of the sources: Cortisol…. otherwise known as “Stress”. Particularly with the patented Adrenal-Cortical Suppression Blend, which is designed to actually work with your own metabolism and control your cortisol levels, HYPERCOR is a way to stop cortisol from raging in your system, which is making you fat.

HYPERCOR works in another way, too — as an effective mood-booster and alertness formula….. a Happy Pill! How do you get through the day most of the time? A jolt of caffeine here and there, right? HYPERCOR is more effective — and you don’t need to take in a bunch of whipped cream on top of a blended chocolate coffee drink to get it. And with the stress-relieving properties we know HYPERCOR has because of its cortisol management, you can enjoy that “buzz” only without the jitters.

This is what we in the nutrition biz call “clean energy”- GREAT all day energy without the jaw-clenching jittery feeling or crash associated with “other” fat burners.

With the patented Neuro-Phoric Blend in HYPERCOR, this product brings on physiological effects that boost alertness and mood during your waking hours. It’s designed to promote fast-acting, long-lasting increases to energy, alertness, mood and well-being. It does all these things thanks to key ingredients in the “Hyper-Thermophoric” blend that’s turned HYPERCOR into the best fat-burner, appetite suppressant and mood elevator available.

Some of them include:

Beta-Phenylethylamine: You can call it Beta-PEA, or just “the happy neurohormone.” Its main job is to provide a clear, steady mood elevation without the crash that caffeine provides. It does this by increasing the effects of dopamine in the body, making for a much stronger feeling of well-being.

R-Beta-Methylphenylethylamine: Big word, big effect. It’s a stimulant that effects the levels of norepinephrine in the brain, increasing energy and decreasing appetite. High energy, controlled appetite: Doesn’t sound like the qualities of a fat person to me!

N-Beta-Methylphenelethylamine: A part of HYPERCOR’s blend that focuses on energy production. It naturally occurs in the body and even in chocolate — that “feel-good” chemical you hear about in dark chocolate? This is it, only the pure form — no need to inhale a Hershey’s bar and take on the calories, either.

These ingredients highlight HYPERCOR’s ability to help improve the mind’s sense of well-being, alleviate stress and, in turn, aiding the body in cutting fat. But you can find out exactly how potent it is by trying it for yourself. Many satisfied customers have found success with fat loss by taking HYPERCOR.

Talk to any Certified Sports Nutritionist at NUTRISHOP Chico and find out how you can do the same. We have all tried it….. and it works!!

NUTRISHOP’s Workout of the Week: Supersize Your Gains With Supersets

One great way to up the intensity, as well as really sustain a good pump and develop muscular strength and endurance, is to incorporate supersets into your workouts. Supersets — two sets of exercises performed consecutively, with no rest — can save you a ton of time without sacrificing any of that necessary intensity required for a solid workout.

The great thing about supersets is they can serve a few purposes depending on which movements you choose to do in succession. You could work antagonistic (opposite) muscle groups for an amazing rush of blood to a specific area for a huge pump (think biceps followed by triceps, or chest and then back), or superset two like exercises to focus on muscular endurance (two consecutive chest exercises, for example). You can even work an upper body exercise in directly after a legs movement to force a cardio effect as your blood rushes to all areas of your body.

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